Chapter 613: Tier 7 Pill Emperor

    Chapter 613: Tier 7 Pill Emperor

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    Purifying the immortal herbs, removing the impurities, extracting the essence, separating the essence...

    Mo Wuji wholehearted placed all his effort into this batch pills, up till four hours later when Mo Wuji was hauling the pills, a muffled explosion came from his pill furnace.

    Another failure. Mo Wuji regained his countenance, but he wasn't half a bit disappointed. Previously, he had tried concocting many Tier 7 pills, spending 100 over Tier 7 immortal herbs in the process. However, he had never had a batch of pills that could reach the pill hauling stage. But now, right when he understood what a Tier 7 pill needed the most, his first batch of pills reached that stage. Clearly, his conjecture was right; a Tier 7 pill did indeed need to contain some heavenly dao energy.

    If it was some pill refiner that had yet to advance to the Immortal King Stage, they would probably have given up when they knew of that. After all, to insert the heavenly dao energy of Immortal Kings and above into the pill required one's cultivation to be of a certain level. Moreover, knowing was one thing and being able to do it was another. There was no need to talk about how cultivators below the Immortal King Stage might not understand, or even have any contact with an Immortal King Dao, even if they knew about it, they would require large amounts of Tier 7 immortal herbs to practice on. Not everyone had so many Tier 7 immortal herbs like Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji wouldn't give up. Even without spiritual roots, he was still able to cultivate and he even reached the Grand Yi Immortal Stage. How could he be fazed by the difficulty of concocting a Tier 7 immortal pill? Moreover, the Immortal King Dao that others understand might not necessarily be more profound than his own Dao.

    His Dao was making the mortal, immortal; turning the impossible, possible.

    Second batch, Trio Revolution Solitary Blood Pill: pill hauling - fail!

    Third batch, Trio Revolution Solitary Blood Pill: spirit condensing - fail!

    Fourth batch, Trio Revolution Solitary Blood Pill: pill retrieval - fail!

    Fifth batch, Green Bodhi Pill: pill retrieval - fail!


    17th batch, Wind Scar Blood Pill: pill retrieval - fail!


    29th batch, Green Bodhi Pill: pill retrieval... Success!

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's entire body was covered in pill dust. However, all his attention was on the pills in his hand. As he looked at the four immortal pills in his hand, Mo Wuji was incomparably excited. Over the past few months, he had never stopped concocting pills. After every failure since his third batch, he would stop to ruminate for a day, or even several days. After understanding where he went wrong, he began to work on his next batch of pills.

    The reason why he concocted 29 batches of immortal pills at one go was because after every batch he attempted, he would always have an improvement. Even though the improvements were very minute, Mo Wuji continued practising.

    Fortunately, he had large amounts of Tier 7 immortal herbs which was sufficient for him to spend extravagantly. Originally, Mo Wuji intended to use 50 batches of herbs, but he never expected that he would be successful in concocting four Tier 7 immortal pills on his 29th attempt.

    Even though the four pills were low grade Tier 7 immortal pills, to Mo Wuji, it was a huge success. Over these 29 batches, he tried four to five different kinds of pills but he still managed to succeed.

    After half an incense's time, Mo Wuji kept the four Tier 7 immortal pills. A full batch of Tier 7 pills was six pills. Even though Mo Wuji managed to concoct four low grade pills, it did not mean that he was a true Tier 7 Immortal Pill Emperor.

    After cleaning himself up, Mo Wuji went into seclusion and contemplated on his insights. Ten days later, he started concocting his 30th batch of Tier 7 pills.

    This time, Mo Wuji went back to Trio Revolution Solitary Blood Pills. Following the same steps, Mo Wuji did not face any obstacle as he concocted a batch of Trio Revolution Solitary Blood Pills.

    This batch only contained five pills. Even though it was not a full batch, it contained an intermediate grade Trio Revolution Solitary Blood Pill.

    Mo Wuji finally heaved a sigh of relief; he was very clear of his own standards of the Pill Dao. As long as he succeeded, he wouldn't encounter any sort of unstable scenarios. A primary reason was due to his purification of immortal herbs. For those old fogies, their stability in concocting pills was due to their experience and understanding towards the Pill Dao. But for Mo Wuji, more than his understanding towards the Pill Dao, his stability in concocting pills was due to his purification of the immortal herbs.

    After concocting another 15 batches of Tier 7 pills in a row, Mo Wuji finally concocted six unique grade Bodhi Pills on his 15th batch. Mo Wuji knew that he was a true Honored Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor now.

    It wasn't far from his prediction. It was roughly half a year since he made his promise to Han Long.

    Looking at the energetic Grade 7 Scholar's Heart in his hand, Mo Wuji felt really emotional. His cultivation was merely at the Grand Yi Immortal Stage but he actually became a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. Indeed, adversity and pressure was what allowed a person to grow. If not for his urgent need to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, he would probably need a few decades to achieve his success today.

    Mo Wuji didn't immediately go out. Instead, he cleaned his pill furnace and brought out a Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit as well as a pile of other herbs. Next, he was going to attempt to concoct the Tier 7 Draining Immortal King Pill.

    The Draining Immortal King Pill was not the hardest pill to concoct among Tier 7 pills, but its value was definitely the highest among Tier 7 pills. It was the pill desired by every Grand Luo Immortal; countless of Great Circle Grand Luo Immortals were unable to even obtain a Draining Immortal King Pill in their entire life time.

    Mo Wuji, who had already concocted more than ten batches Tier 7 immortal pills, was already very expereinced. He placed the immortal herbs in toto the pill furnace and started purifying them.

    After two hours, Mo Wuji already started separating the pills. After four hourse, Mo Wuji started condensing spirituality. Thereafter, comes pill retrieval...

    Without surprise, Mo Wuji retrieved four red and white pills. The six pills, which were roughly of the same size, landed in Mo Wuji's palm. Even though they looked incredibly ordinary, Mo Wuji knew that they were all unique grade Draining Immortal King Pills.

    Every single Draining Immortal King Pill was enough to cause a crazy riot. However, he was able to concoct six of them so easily. In the future, if he ran out of immortal crystals, he only needed to auction some of these Draining Immortal King Pills and the immortal crystals would come rolling in.

    Four hours later, Mo Wuji retrieved his second batch of Draining Immortal King Pills. They were also all unique grade.

    Mo Wuji placed the six pills into a jade vase, but he didn't store the jade vase in his ring. He knew that he could go out now.

    Keeping his pill furnace, and releasing his seals, he discovered that Han Long didn't enter closed doors, but was gazing at those withered immortal herbs.

    "Pill Master Mo, you're out?" Han Long clearly wasn't observing those immortal herbs, but paying attention to Mo Wuji's situation.

    Mo Wuji knew the feelings of anxiety in Han Long's heart. He handed the jade vase in his hand to Han Long and said, "Dao Friend Han, things went well. I already concocted a batch of Tier 7 Draining Immortal King Pills."

    "Ah..." In her excitement, Han Long even forgot about her decorum as she directly grabbed the jade vase and opened it. Thereafter, she exclaimed, "They are actually all unique grade Draining Immortal King Pills, Pill Master Mo... Eh..."

    "What's the matter?" Mo Wuji saw Han Long's expression turn from glee to astonishment, and he asked puzzledly.

    Han Long's glee had suddenly disappeared. Her expression was weird as she said to Mo Wuji disappointedly, "Pill Master Mo, your Draining Immortal King Pill might not work..."

    The disappointment in her heart could not be expressed using words. She had clearly obtained unique grade Draining Immortal King Pills, but she actually discovered that these might not even be true pills. It would be weird if she could conceal her disappointment.

    "Why?" Mo Wuji furrowed his brow and looked at Han Long in confusion. He had put in much effort to concoct these Draining Immortal King Pills, and he had even integrated his own understanding of the Dao into the pills. Morever, with his purification, he did not even waste a hint of the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit's medicinal properties. Mo Wuji believed that not every Tier 7 Pill Emperor could do the same as him.

    But now, Han Long was telling him that his pills were useless. This left Mo Wuji's heart feeling rather uncomfortable.

    The reason why he was so fervent in researching and improving his Pill Dao was indeed because he had thoughts of engaging in a trade with Zhuo Pingan. However, it was also because he wanted to repay Han Long. Han Long had helped him greatly, so he urgently wanted to help Han Long advance and become an Immortal King.

    Han Long could see Mo Wuji's discomfort and she hurriedly explained, "Pill Master Mo, a true Tier 7 Draining Immortal King Pill would have a faint pill fragrance and it would also emit a dao energy."

    Han long didn't continue speaking. The pills that Mo Wuji concocted only looked like a Draining Immortal King Pill, but they didn't have the other qualities; Mo Wuji's pills didn't have the pill fragrance, nor exude dao energy.

    When Mo Wuji heard Han Long's words, he was also slightly dumbfounded. He believed that Han Long would have a deep understanding of the Draining Immortal King Pill. After all, Han Long wholeheartedly desired to become an Immortal King, so how could she not understand what a Draining Immortal King Pill was? However, he didn't encounter any problem when he concocted the Draining Immortal King Pills? And he even inserted his own understandings of the Dao in during the process.

    However, his Dao had always been derived from his dao revelation channel and his Immortal Mortal Technique. He had didn't really interact with other Pill Emperors so he didn't know the unique characteristices of the Draining Immortal King Pill.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji said directly, "Dao Friend Han, I'm still confident with the pills that I concocted. If Dao Friend han believes me, then try one of the pills. If it really doesn't work, then Dao Friend Han can tell me what was wrong. I still have some Draining Immortal King Dao Fruits on me, so I can continue trying."

    Han Long promptly said, "I will naturally agree. Later, I will try to break into the Immortal King Stage so I still need Pill Master Mo's help to defend me."


    Half an incense later, the two were at a protruding reef on the Great Desolate Sea Domain. Mo Wuji had helped Han Long install a spirit gathering array and was acting as Han Long's defender.

    From within the spirit gathering array, Han Long nodded towards Mo Wuji. Then she carefully poured out a Draining Immortal King Pill from the jade vase, kept the jade vase, then placed the pill into her mouth.

    The reason why she was acting so carefully was because she wanted to tell Mo Wuji that regardless whether Mo Wuji's pills worked or not, she still respected them. After all, a pill refiner had entered seclusion for so long just to concoct the Draining Immortal King Pill for her. If she behaved carelessly, she would only cause Mo Wuji's heart to swell.
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