Chapter 614: Da Huang

    Chapter 614: Da Huang

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    The moment the Draining Immortal King Pill dissolved in her mouth, Han Long sighed; it was worse than she had predicted. Previously, she guessed that while this pill might not increase a person's chances of advancing into the Immortal King Stage, it should at least provide some immortal spiritual energy for her to cultivate. So because of that, when she swallowed the pill, she also started circulating her cultivation technique. It wasn't because she wanted to induce the Immortal King Tribulation, but because she didn't want to waste the pill that Mo Wuji worked so hard for her.

    But in reality, the moment the pill entered her mouth, nothing happened. There wasn't even half a bit of immortal spiritual energy or medicinal properties. That meant that the pill that Mo Wuji created was just like an ordinary pill with some red coloring added on it. Oh, it should be said Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit red coloring.

    Just when Han Long wanted to stand up, a dao will suddenly appeared within her mind. She suddenly felt like she was back to when she first started cultivation; she experienced the wonder and excitement from when she absorbed her first strand of spiritual energy. How many years ago was that?

    Thereafter, within Han Long's body, she felt the sensation of her first spirit channel opening, then her second, then her third...

    Thereafter, she transcended mortality, she formed her Yuan Dan.

    Soon, she re-experienced the feeling of just stepping into the Worldly Immortal Stage, then Earthly Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal...

    Han Long clearly already had those cultivation, but as she was preparing to enter the Immortal King Stage, the feelings when she entered those past stages portrayed themselves again in the deepest part of her heart. It was like she had went back to becoming an ordinary mortal and she was slowly walking on the path to immortality.

    She had finally advanced to the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. The time Han Long spent in the Grand Luo Immortal Stage was the shortest, so the feeling of advancing was still familiar. At this instant, she felt that familiar sensation again.

    Soon, she felt the Dao of an Immortal King; it was a sort of energy from the Heaven and Earth; it felt like a new Heaven and Earth where she shed the shackles of her body.

    As long as she advanced into the Immortal King Stage, she would become a true expert, someone with a strand of chance of controlling her own fate.

    Han Long didn't have time to think whether these sensations were due to the Draining Immortal King Pill. At this instant, her insights on the Immortal King Stage were getting deeper and deeper; it was so deep to the point that Han Long had never envisioned herself ever having such a clear understanding towards her own great Dao.

    Even if she stepped into the Immortal King Stage, she didn't expect herself to have such a profound understanding of her own Dao. That understanding seemed to etch itself onto her brain, allowing her to step into that stage with but a single thought.

    The spirit gathering array finally showed its use. Because at this instant, Han Long was furiously drawing in boundless amounts of immortal spiritual energy. The sky dimmed, seemingly brewing ominous and intense lightning clouds.

    Han Long's eyes were tightly closed as both her hands rapidly formed various enigmatic hand seals. At this instant, her aura was continuously getting stronger.

    By the side, Mo Wuji also heaved a sigh of relief. He extended his hand and threw a million immortal crystals into the spirit gathering array.

    Previously, he got a shock when Han Long said that there was a problem with the Draining Immortal King Pill that he concocted. From the looks of it, there shouldn't be any problems, otherwise, Han Long wouldn't be beckoning for the Immortal King Lightning Calamity.

    How could Mo Wuji's Draining Immortal King Pill have any problem? If Han Long could speak right now, she definitely wouldn't hesitate to say that this was the number one Draining Immortal King Pill in the entire world. No, this should not be considered a Draining Immortal King Pill; the Draining Immortal King Pill did not have such an intense Pill Dao energy,

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Multiple thick lightning bolts came descending down. Mo Wuji knew that it was all up to Han Long now.

    Only Han Long herself knew how long she longed for and prepared for this day. The moment the lightning bolts came, she unhurriedly took out a defensive treasure, then she continuously condensed her immrotal elemental energy.

    By the side, Mo Wuji looked at the lightning bolts and he was thinking: Meh. If he was the one facing Han Long's Immortal King Lightning Calamity, he could pass it, and he could pass it at a more relaxed way than Han Long.

    The Draining Immortal King Pill that Han Long was gaining insights from was concocted by him, so Mo Wuji wasn't really interested in the heavenly dao energy that was currently in the surrounding. These things could be said to be mere leftovers.

    He directly took out that immortal puppet, then placed the green crystal into the puppet's crystal groove. The moment the crystal entered the immortal puppet, there did not seem to be any change on the puppet's surface, it was still incredibly ugly. However, Mo Wuji could immediately feel the change within the puppet.

    A sort of energy which seemed capable of destroying the heavens and splitting the earth appeared within his spiritual will. At this instant, Mo Wuji had a feeling that if he wanted it to, he could easily order this immortal puppet to do just that. That might just be an illusion, but it also demonstrated that this puppet was truly impressive.

    If not for Mo Wuji's worry that the immortal puppet would expend too much energy from the crystal, he would have wanted to try his puppet out, to see how powerful one of its punches was.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand and carressed this immortal puppet's head, wondering whether this immortal puppet was enough to block that b*stard Lun Cai.

    "Shuai Guo, you come out too." Mo Wuji saw that Han Long's tribulation would still take some time so he directly threw Shuai Guo out.

    Shuai Guo merely glanced at Han Long for a moment before he lost interest. In its eyes, Lord Mo's tribulation was much more spectacular.

    "My lord, that ugly lump looks really stupid, could..." Shuai Guo landed on that immortal puppet's shoulder and said.

    But before it could finish this sentence, that immortal puppet snorted, "You're the ugly lump. Your whole family are ugly lumps."

    Shuai Guo wasn't the only one startled. Even Mo Wuji was shocked. He didn't know that this immortal puppet could talk, it was truly quite intelligent. It was good that it could talk, but why did the way this fella talked sound rather familiar?

    "You can speak? Then why didn't you feel anything when I was refining you?" Mo Wuji asked in astonishment.

    Even though Mo Wuji seemed to be asking an innocent question, his heart was already on guard. If it could speak, it meant that it had its own intelligence, And if it had its own intelligence, it meant that this puppet would have its own opinions. A puppet that had its own opinions wasn't terrifying, the terrifying part was if he didn't have full control of the puppet. Unless this ability to speak was due to some computer chip, he wouldn't be at ease.

    The immortal puppet spoke in a low and muffled voice, "I have always been able to speak. This thing has been sealed by that fella Han Yi. Only if the crystal enters, than I can vomit it out and let it be refined by you."

    When it finished speaking, the immortal puppet opened its mouth and vomited a palm-sized object that was engraved with runes and handed it to Mo Wuji.

    The moment Mo Wuji accepted this object, he knew that this immortal puppet wasn't powered by some computer chip, but an artificial equipment spirit.

    This artificial equipment spirit seeemd to be made from some unknown material; it actually contained some hints of vitality. That means to say, if this immortal puppet was washed in some heavenly dao energy, it was possible for this artificial equipment spirit to become a true equipment spirit. Since this immortal puppet possessed life and intelligence, it wasn't impossible for it to come alive.

    What impressive forging skills; Mo Wuji sighed with emotion as he started refining this artificial equipment spirit. In merely half an incense's time, Mo Wuji refined this artificial equipment spirit. Only at this time, did Mo Wuji finally let his guard down.

    He learnt that this immortal puppet wouldn't turn on its owner. He also learnt that this artificial equipment spirit was the source of life for the immortal puppet. With a single thought, he could completely destroy this immrotal puppet.

    Mo Wuji also ginnaly understood why Han Yi would seal this artificial equipment spirit, requiring the green crystal for it to be accessed. As long as it wasn't a descendant of the Han Clan, they wouldn't be able to make use of the immortal puppet even after they obtained it, because they wouldn't have the green crystals. Within the Han Clan blood, the storage ring wouldn't recognise an owner. Forcefully opening it would cause the space within the ring to collapse and the things inside would be destroyed.

    When he understood this logic, Mo Wuji felt a lot better. He then placed the artificial equipment spirit back into the immortal puppet's mouth and said, "You can take this back. Oh, I offended a late stage Immortal Emperor. Are you able to beat him?"

    The immortal puppet spoke in contempt, "A late stage Immortal Emperor only counts as fart."

    Mo Wuji didn't think any further. When he heard those words, he immediately patted the immortal puppet's head in delight, "Not bad, not bad. In the future, I will call you..."

    Mo Wuji started thinking of a name for the immortal puppet. If he knew that the meaning behind the immortal puppet's words was that it had seen far too many late stage Immortal Emperors before, and not that the power of a late stage Immortal Emperor was only fart compared to it, perhaps Mo Wuji wouldn't have the mood to think of a name.

    "My lord, why don't you call him Shuai Wan. I'm Shuai Guo, and he can be called Shuai Wan. " When Shuai Guo saw that Mo Wuji was thinking of a name for that ugly lump, it immediately thought of that rotten idea. In its eyes, a pot is more important than a bowl. [1]

    "My lord, then I will be called Shuai Guo too." The immortal puppet kept its equipment spirit and spoke unhesitantly. It even began to learn from Shuai Guo the way to address Mo Wuji.

    "That's impossible. Shuai Guo is my name. You can only be called Shuai Wan. And lord is for me to call. You are just a puppet, so you must call master." When the mosquito saw that this lump actually dared to steal its name, it was instantly enraged.

    "But I want to call my lord, lord, lord, lord..." The immortal puppet continued to diss Shuai Guo with a 'what-can-you-do-about-it' face.

    Shuai Guo's breath started getting heavy. Unfortunately, while it had been following Mo Wuji for quite some time, it was still a Class 7 beast. Compared to this immortal puppet, 108,000 li was but a step in the distance between them.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "I will call you Da Huang then. Anyway, I found you in the Great Desolate Sea Domain. This name is not bad." [2]

    "Many thanks master, in the future, I will have the name Da huang, which is slightly better than the name Shuai Guo." The immortal puppet did not dare to be impolite to Mo Wuji.

    "Brother Da Huang, don't you know about respecting your elders. You only just came, must you stand on top of my head and sh*t on me? Do you believe that I will eat you up in a few bites?" The puppet's words infuritated Shuai Guo. How could there be a better name than Shuai Guo?

    Da Huang was about to rebut, but Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "Everyone, stop fighting. We still have to help each other in the future."

    Mo Wuji was very clear of Shuai Guo's origins. Perhaps Da Huang didn't think much of Shuai Guo's words. But Mo Wuji knew that Shuai Guo was a descendant of the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito, so he knew that Shuai Guo's words were true. This big mosquito really did have the capability to eat Da Huang.

    If one day, this mosquito waits for an opportunity when Da Huang didn't have any crystal powering it, and when he was cultivating, to eat Da Huang, then it would truly be a huge loss.

    [1] Guo is pot, while Wan is bowl. So maybe Mo Wuji's future pet could be a fork? Or maybe a knife.

    [2] Da Huang is the Hanyu Pinyin for Great Desolate.
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