Chapter 615: Come To My Peace Resthouse

    Chapter 615: Come To My Peace Resthouse

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    Half a day later, Han Long's Lightning Calamity gradually dispersed. Mo Wuji didn't even need to look at Han Long, he only needed to feel her energy to know that Han Long had already advanced to the Immortal King Stage and was currently absorbing immortal spiritual energy to stabilize her cultivation.

    Mo Wuji wasn't in a hurry; he started to converse with Da Huang. It was just that Da Huang knew little; it only knew the person who forged him was a green robed man. It seems like that green robed man was forging a magic treasure and had some leftover materials so he casually used those materials to forge Da Huang.

    As for the green robed man's appearance, name and location, Da Huang didn't know anything The only thing it knew was that after that green robed man forged it, he didn't seem too satisfied. After some time, that person felt that Da Huang really looked too unsightly so he casually threw it into the void.

    Initially, Mo Wuji admired this green robed man, as he was able to easily create such a powerful immortal puppet. But when he heard that the green robed man casually threw Da Huang away just because he wasn't satisfied, Mo Wuji's recognition of this person fell by a bit.

    If Da Huang was an ordinary immortal puppet, then so be it. But the key thing was that Da Huang had an artificial equipment spirit, which meant that it was something that had the possibility of life. Casually throwing such a puppet away was really different from the way Mo Wuji would have done things.

    The big mosquito Shuai Guo was very discontented with the way Mo Wuji was treating Da Huang. In its heart, it was thinking of ways to show Da Huang who was boss. Of course, all this had to wait till Lord Mo wasn't around.

    Three days later, Han Long had tentatively stabilised her cultivation and the first thing she did was to find Mo Wuji. She bowed to Mo Wuji emotionally, "Pill Master Mo, many thanks for your Draining Immortal King Pill, this was the best Draining Immortal King Pill that I have seen, Other Draining Immortal King Pills, even unique grade ones, would only increase a Grand Luo Immortal's chance of advancing to the Immortal King Stage by 30 to 40%, but yours was at least 90%. No, it would definitely allow a Grand Luo Immortal to become an Immortal King with 100% certainty."

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "I was entrusted by Dao Friend Han to concoct this pill so I would definitely do my best. However, in this world, there's no Draining Immortal King Pill which could allow a person to become an Immortal King with 100% certainty. It was just that Dao Friend Han was much better prepared."

    After Han Long advanced to the Immortal King Stage, her breasts were recovered. Now, she had the curves that a beauty should have. This left Mo Wuji rather satisfied; he did really want to help Han Long. Compared to Da Huang, ten batches of Draining Immortal King Pills wouldn't even be worth anything. The value of a Draining Immortal King Pill was nothing compared to Da Huang.

    Han Long continued with a serious expression on her face, "No, I was wrong previously. Your Draining Immortal King Pill is indeed different from the ones concocted by other Pill Emperors, it allowed me to feel extraordinariness from within the ordinariness, it even contained an eternal and lasting dao energy. That allowed me to naturally step into the Immortal King Stage without any sudden interruptions, and it didn't even require much."

    These words of Han Long were genuine; she really felt the unordinariness from Mo Wuji's Draining Immortal King Pill. No, it should be said that this ordinary pill was actually able to create such unordinary dao effects. Originally, she intended to use 50 years to charge to the Immortal King Stage. She didn't expect that not even a year passed but she was able to advance to the Immortal King Stage. Her current feelings of gratitude towards Mo Wuji simply couldn't be described with words.

    After saying that, Han Long took that jade vase out, "Pill Master Mo, with such a powerful pill, only three is enough. The remaining three can be returned to you.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, indicating that Han Long could keep the pills, "I'm a Honored Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor. These pill really don't mean much to me, so you can keep it. Now, let's return back to the Cape of Peace, then I intend to make a trip to Sharphorn Ruins."

    When she heard that Mo Wuji wanted to return to the Cape of Peace, Han Long hurriedly said, "Pill Master Mo, we really can't return back to the Cape of Peace now. If you don't want to stay in the Great Desolate Sea Domain, we can skirt around the Cape of Peace and find some other place to hide."

    There was no need to talk about Mo Wuji, even Han Long knew that she, herself, couldn't return to the Cape of Peace. She was the one who brought Mo Wuji out of the Cape of Peace. If she were to return, those experts would definitely force her to reveal Mo Wuji's whereabouts.

    Mo Wuji patted Da Huang and said, "Previously, we couldn't go out. But now we can."

    "You're going to depend on this immortal puppet?" Han Long looked at this puppet that was only half the size of a person and asked in astonishment.

    "That's right. It is now called Da Huang and it can help me. So this time, I should be the one grateful to you. If you hadn't brought me to the Great Desolate Sea Domain, I wouldn't have met Da Huang." Just like how Han Long was grateful towards Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji was also feeling deep gratitude towards Han Long.

    "But even if this is a Grade 9 immortal puppet, it wouldn't be able to match against an Immortal Emperor. Pill Master Mo, you should know that an ordinary immortal puppet couldn't be compared to a dao body of the same grade..."

    Before Han Long could finish speaking, Da Huang interrupted her with its low and muffled voice, "Who says I'm an ordinary puppet? I'm no lesser than a dao body. Immortal Emperor, so what? In my eyes, they only count as fart!"

    "..." Han Long stared at Da Huang in shock. It was only after some time that she muttered, "You can speak? You are a dao body that contains life?"

    Dao body. It refers to beings with life and intelligence which could cultivate to grow.

    "It's no sh*tty dao body. It's merely an artificial equipment spirit," Shuai Guo shot a diss from the side.

    Shuai Guo was currently lamenting its low cultivation. If it was a little stronger, if anyone dared to be disrespectful to it, this heroic and handsome bird, oh, it should be this big mosquito, Shuai Guo would show that thing what this mosquito could do.

    "Han Long was disrespectful just now. I hope that you would forgive me." When Han Long knew that Da Huang had its own thoughts and didn't even place Immortal Emperors in its eyes, she immediately clasped her fists in apology.

    In the eyes of a cultivator like her, an expert was an expert and a weakling was a weakling. In front of Da Huang, she was a weakling.


    Cape of Peace.

    After the battle between Grand Emperor Lun Cai and Zhuo Pingan, this place seemed to gradually regain its original appearance. When some of the Immortal Kings and Immortal Emperors knew that Mo Wuji wasn't in the Cape of Peace, they took their leave.

    When Mo Wuji and Han Long returned to the Cape of Peace, they didn't really cause a big stir. There were some people who didn't even recognise him.

    Even though the other experts had already gone, there was still a Zhuo Pingan. During the first time, Zhuo Pingan had ignored Mo Wuji, allowing Mo Wuji to come and leave from his territory. He definitely wouldn't allow such a thing to happen again.

    So the moment Mo Wuji returned to the Cape of Peace, Zhuo Pingan immediately knew about it.

    "Let's go the Peace Hotel first. I still have some friends in Peace Hotel, so before leaving with you, I would need to bid my farewells." Han Long said as they stepped onto the pier of the Cape of Peace.

    Mo Wuji was also about to say that he intended to bid his farewells to Gai Guangyi and co. too, when a gentle voice rang beside his ear, "Pill Master Mo, I am Zhuo Pingan. If Pill Master Mo doesn't have anything to do, come to my Peace Resthouse for a talk."

    "What's the matter?" Han Long hurriedly asked when she saw the disoriented expression on Mo Wuji's face.

    Mo Wuji said helplessly, "Zhuo Pingan invited me to Peace Resthouse for a talk."

    Zhuo Pingan didn't use the word 'invite'; he was very forceful in asking Mo Wuji to go over.

    "Ah...." Han Long exclaimed. Thereafter, she immediately transmited a message to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, you definitely can't directly address him as Zhuo Pingan. You must call him Grand Emperor Pingan, or Senior Pingan."

    Mo Wuji smiled slightly; it wasn't that he wasn't willing to call Zhuo Pingan as Grand Emperor Pingan or Senior Pingan. But he was intending to have a trade with Zhuo Pingan. If he addressed Zhuo Pingan as a senior, then they wouldn't be on equal terms during the trade.

    "I will follow you over." Han Long didn't even wait for Mo Wuji to reply as she hurriedly added.

    "There's no hurry. I will first go to Peace Hotel to greet a few friends before heading to Peace Resthouse. After going to Peace Resthouse, I will be leaving the Cape of Peace," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Han Long was speechless but since Mo Wuji said that he wanted to see his friend first, there was nothing else she could say.

    When Mo Wuji and Han Long returned to Peace Hotel, they discovered that Gao Guangyi and co. had already left Peace Hotel a few months ago. They also seemed to have gone to the Great Desolate Sea Domain.

    Mo Wuji could only leave a message behind and entrust the attendant at Peace Hotel to pass it to Gai Guangyi and co.


    At the same time, on the highest floor of Peace Resthouse, a pale looking youth smiled in disdain, then he muttered to himself, "Zhuo Pingan, keke, how many years had it been since a junior dared to call me like that? Leave the Cape of Peace? Probably in your next life."

    In his eyes, now that Mo Wuji was here, Mo Wuji would have to concoct pills for him. Leave? This Mo Wuji must be dreaming.


    "Han Long, this place is much richer in immortal spiritual energy than your Peace Hotel," Mo Wuji sighed as the two of them arrived at the entrance of Peace Resthouse.

    He was already familiar with Han Long, so the way that he talked to her had also become more casual.

    Han Long laughed self-deprecatingly, "That Peace Hotel isn't mine. I'm only a worker there."

    "Pill Master Mo has arrived?" An attendant welcomed them with a face full of smiles. As for Han Long, this attendant directly ignored her.

    "Yes, that's me." Mo Wuji nodded.

    The attendant hurriedly said, Pill Master Mo, please follow me."

    Mo Wuji gestured to Han Long and the two brought Da Huang and Shuai Guo into Peace Resthouse. There was an expert like Zhuo Pingan inside, so if Da Huang wasn't by his side, Mo Wuji really wouldn't dare to enter.

    The attendant directly brought Mo Wuji to the entrance of the fifth floor and said, "Pill Master Mo, please enter. I will be taking my leave now."

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji, Han Long and Da Huang entered and arrived in a huge room.

    There was only a pale youth sitting in the room. In front of him, there was a cup of immortal tea, and by the tea set, there was a folding fan.

    This youth's skin was truly too white; Mo Wuji could not help but notice it.

    And this room was also too empty. Besides the tea set and the chair that the youth was sitting on, there was nothing else. There weren't even any chairs for Mo Wuji and Han Long to sit on.
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