Chapter 619: Ping Fan

    Chapter 619: Ping Fan

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    Zhuo Pingan was like a little chicken as he nodded eagerly, "Yes, yes, we will naturally follow according to Pill Master Mo's words. Moreover, these six Five Runes Glimpsing Pills are enough for me to last several years."

    Zhuo Pingan did not know that Mo Wuji was feigning it, because he knew that concocting the Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill required a pill refiner's vitality. That's why he did not feel that following Mo Wuji for 20 years in exchange for Mo Wuji's services was a huge price. Moreover, Mo Wuji still had to help him concoct the true Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill twenty years later.

    "If Dao Friend Zhuo doesn't have any matter to tend to, then please follow me to make a trip to the various Immortal Domains." When Mo Wuji saw that his pill had taken effect, as well as Zhuo Pingan's attitude, he knew that he should not face any problem if he were to make such a request.

    Mo Wuji believed that with his Pill Dao standards, as well as Zhuo Pingan's desire for the Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill, even if he dragged this this fella around for a hundred years, he would still be absolutely willing to do it.

    However, Mo Wuji did not want to do that. The path to immortality was like sailing against the currents; it required fate and resilience. If he had these two peak experts constantly by his side, he would achieve everything smoothly without any danger or challenge; even if he were to become an Immortal Emperor, he would only be an average one.

    Only by sailing through adversity and facing different challenges would one be able to improve. Of course, within the danger and challenges, he might have to face the possibility of death. But since he had chosen the path of cultivation, Mo Wuji knew that this was necessary.

    Getting Zhuo Pingan as his bodyguard wasn't merely because he wanted to protect himself, he also wanted to search for Cen Shuyin and make a trip back to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. For these two places, he would need to go there outrightly. And if he didn't have any experts following him, he would definitely be killed.

    If he was lone, he did have some methods to avoid that b*stard Lun Cai.

    "I don't have any matters to tend to. Is Dao Friend Mo thinking of going to Gods Immortal Domain?" Zhuo Pingan said unhesitantly. Even if he wasn't personally in the Cape of Peace, his immortal crystals would still continue rolling in.

    In fact, even if Mo Wuji didn't want him to tag along, he would want to follow Mo Wuji closely. If he were to lose contact with such a godly Pill Emperor like Mo Wuji, he would never be able to live with the regrets.He wanted to constantly be by Mo Wuji's side for these twenty years.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I don't need your help to deal with Lun Cai. When the time comes, I will go to him by myself..."

    Mo Wuji thought that Zhuo Pingan asked him about Gods Immortal Domain because Zhuo Pingan was worried about him searching for Lun Cai. Han Long, however, knew that Zhuo Pingan wasn't worried about that. She hurriedly said, "Senior Zhuo is referring to the opening of the Gods Tower in Gods Immortal Domain. What he's asking is whether you will be going to the Gods Tower."

    Mo Wuji jolted and asked hurriedly, "Han Long, you're saying that Gods Immortal Domain's Gods Tower will be opening soon?"

    Mo Wuji had two unique tokens on him; one was the Heaven Seeking Token and the other was the Universal Peak Token. The reason why he had these two tokens was because he promised the white whiskered elder back at Heaven Seeking Palace that he would take these two tokens to Gods Tower, then save Ji Li from the immortal sealing array.

    Since he had already made this promise, Mo Wuji did not intend to renege on it. Now that he knew that the Gods Tower was in the Gods Immortal Domain, and that it would be opening soon, Mo Wuji felt that he would have to make that trip to Gods Immortal Domain.

    "It should only be two to three years to the opening of Gods Tower. I heard that it's extremely hard to enter the Gods Tower; everyone that entered would need to possess the Gods Token. It's rumoured the Gods Tower was the battleground of ancient gods. As a result, there are several ruins and treasures inside. So, each placing to enter the Gods Tower is extremely precious. Typically, the big sects in Gods Immortal Domain are the ones in control of who gets the Gods Token," Han Long explained.

    When Mo Wuji heard Han Long's explanation, he did not hesitate for a single moment as he said, "We will first handle some matters, then head to Gods Immortal Domain and host an auction. I don't believe that a Honored Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor like me wouldn't be able to obtain a Gods Token."

    Zhuo Pingan, who was acting ignorant by the side, sighed as he took out two black tokens and said, "I have two Gods Tokens here. I have been to Gods Tower before, there are indeed many treasures inside. However, it is also a place of great danger where one could easily perish. I'm giving these two tokens to Pill Master Mo. As for the auction, there's no need to organise one."

    Deep in his heart, Zhuo Pingan did not wish for Mo Wuji to go to Gods Tower. However, he knew that if Mo Wuji was to publicly announce his status and even his ability to concoct unique grade Tier 7 pills, then it truly wasn't difficult for Mo Wuji to obtain a Gods Token.

    Since that's the case, he had no use hiding his Gods Tokens. After all, he did not want for Mo Wuji to announce his prowess with the Pill Dao. If other people know that Mo Wuji was a Honored Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor, then there would be too many people requesting Mo Wuji for pills. That would not be good for him.

    Mo Wuji was clear about what was going through Zhuo Pingan's mind; he did not care too much about it. Now that Zhuo Pingan had taken out the tokens, he said delightedly, "Indeed, there are many benefits when being with an Immortal Emperor. Such a priceless token could be casually taken out just like that. Han Long, I will give one to you."

    "Thank you, Wuji." Han Long excitedly accepted the token. She had never thought that there would come a day when she could obtain the token to Gods Tower. This was simply unbelievable. One must know that such a thing could only be obtained by peak experts or peak sects.

    "There's no need to be so courteous to one another. We'll first go to Devil Moon Immortal School, then to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. Our final destination will be Gods Tower," Mo Wuji said as he waved his hand towards Han Long.

    "Wuji, when Gods Tower opens, there will be many powerful sects present. You're a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, and you have exceptional talent. I suggest that you join a powerful sect. That way, Emperor Lun Cai wouldn't be able to do anything to you," Han Long said as she kept the Gods Token.

    She was especially clear of how talented Mo Wuji was. She really didn't want a cultivator of such talent to get killed by an expert for no apparent reason.

    Zhuo Pingan was indeed very strong, but Zhuo Pingan would only follow and protect Mo Wuji for 20 years. To an immortal, 20 years were as short as a blink of an eye. After 20 years, Mo Wuji would no longer have the protection of an Immortal Emperor. What would he do then?

    When he heard Han Long's words, Zhuo Pingan immediately frowned. He discovered that he detested this little girl, to actually come out with such a rotten idea. What's so good about joining a sect? Being free and unfettered so much cooler.

    "I still believe that it's better to be free and unrestrained. There's so many stupid restrictions when you join a sect. There's nothing good that would come from joining a sect." Zhuo Pingan did not want Mo Wuji to join a sect.

    Because Mo Wuji had an immortal puppet, he wouldn't be in too much danger in Gods Tower. But the moment Mo Wuji joins a sect, then the sect will interfere with his interaction with Mo Wuji. That wouldn't be any good to him.

    Mo Wuji did not respond immediately. Instead, he brought his flying shuttle out and said, "Everyone, hop on my flying shuttle then."

    After Zhuo Pingan boarded the flying shuttle, he waved his hand and a pathway opened in the array protecting the island. Thereafter, he said, "We can directly fly out."

    After Han Long got on the flying shuttle, Mo Wuji controlled the flying shuttle to charge out of the Cape of Peace. Only then, did he speak in a serious tone, "I don't intend to join any sect. I intend to form my own sect. Originally, the sect was supposed to be called Tian Ji Sect. But now, I will call it Ping Fan. Tian Ji Sect will be a branch of my Ping Fan."

    Mo Wuji originally wanted to rebuild Tian Ji Sect. But now that he had certain success in the Pill Dao, he was able to temper his physique, he had stepped into the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, his own technique had been improved and he had accepted some disciples, Mo Wuji's idea changed. He could ignore the fact that he was the not the one to personally establish the sect, but he could not ignore his legacy, and the legacy that he would pass down was not related to Tian Ji at all.

    Following this change in his attitude, Mo Wuji began to see things more clearly. Even if he rebuilt Tian Ji Sect, not every person of Tian Ji Sect would be grateful to him. Moreover, he wanted to pass down his own legacy, his Immortal Mortal legacy.

    Since his legacy was unrelated to Tian Ji Sect, if he were no longer around, would his disciples inherit Tian Ji Sect or inherit his Immortal Mortal Technique? The most terrifying prospect was if a sect head like Yuan Gu appeared in Tian Ji Sect, then the successors of his Immortal Mortal legacy might simply be extinguished.

    Whether it was from a public perspective or a private perspective, he would need to establish his own direct sect. As for Tian Ji Sect, it could be a branch of his Ping Fan.

    If the disciples of Tian Ji Sect don't agree, then he would just cut that branch away.

    "Not bad, not bad, establishing your own sect is much better than being a guest at some other person's house. Pill Master Mo, I support your decision to establish your own sect. When the time comes, I, Zhuo Pingan, will be there to support you. The name Ordinary [1] is full of character. We'll go with that." When he heard that Mo Wuji wanted to establish his own sect, Zhuo Pingan did not hesitate to show his support.

    "Ordinary?" Han Long looked at Mo Wuji quizzically. What kind of sect would have such a name?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "It's not Ordinary, but Ping Fan [1]. It's the Fan from Sanskrit."

    "This seems to have some links to Buddhism?" Han Long was even more confused. According to her understanding of Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji did not seem to have any sacred arts of the Buddhist Dao among his skills.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Actually, it is supposed to be Ordinary, but Ordinary doesn't sound cool enough, so I changed it to Ping Fan. The technique that I cultivate is very ordinary, which was why I chose that name."

    Zhuo Pingan blushed slightly in embarrassment. But he immediately clapped his hands and said, "Good, good. The name Ping Fan sounds more imposing; it has the grand demeanor of the Heavens and Earths."

    This time, even Shuai Guo could not help but roll his eyes, "I say, Dao Friend Pingan, aren't your bootlicking skills a little too subpar? Even Da Huang is slightly better than you."

    When Da Huang heard that Shuai Guo was talking about it again, it immediately jerked its shoulder, throwing Shuai Guo off. Then, it grunted, "The most capable bootlicker here is you. I, Da Huang, don't do such things; I depend on my true capabilities."

    When Han Long heard Mo Wuji's words, she immediately recalled the Draining Immortal King Pill that Mo Wuji concocted. That pill was just as Mo Wuji said, ordinary without any form of dao aura or pill fragrance. However, the effects were still the same; when it first entered the mouth, it seemed to be some ordinary pill, but then, it displayed some unordinary effects.

    As she thought of this, Han Long smiled, "Pill Master Mo, if I don't have anywhere else to go in the future, can I join your Ping Fan?"

    [1] Ordinary is also Ping Fan in Chinese. The Ping is the same but the Fan is different.
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