Chapter 620: Luring Lun Cai Out

    Chapter 620: Luring Lun Cai Out

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    Devil Moon Immortal School could be considered one of the big sects of Six Paths Immortal Domain. Even though it wasn't one of the peak sects, it was a sect that had an Immortal Emperor.

    When Mo Wuji and co. arrived at Devil Moon Immortal Sect, it no longer had its grandeur as a big sect. The sect's protecting array wasn't even repaired yet, and there was only one disciple standing guard at the entrance. As he stood there, he gave people the impression of defeat.

    "Do the few of you have some business here?" When this disciple saw Mo Wuji and co., he hurriedly bowed and asked modestly.

    Mo Wuji stopped, "I'm here to find Moon Seeking Mountain's Summit Lord Shi Gulan. Please report our arrival."

    "Senior, Moon Seeking Mountain no longer exists in Devil Moon Immortal School, and Summit Lord Shi Gulan has disappeared without a trace." When this disciple heard that Mo Wuji was searching for Moon Seeking Mountain's Shi Gulan, his tone became even more modest.

    "Then is Lin Gu here?" Mo Wuji continued asking.

    That disciple replied, "Senior Sister Lin Gu was already gone for several years before the Moon Seeking Mountain itself was destroyed. She currently isn't in the immortal school."

    When he heard that Lin Gu hadn't returned to Moon Seeking Mountain, Mo Wuji's heart eased slightly. From this disciple's words, Mo Wuji could tell that Lin Gu had not returned since their trip to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji said to Zhuo Pingan, "I want to make a trip to Six Paths Ruins. Before we get to Six Paths Ruins, I still need to get some placings to enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond."

    Zhuo Pingan did not know why Mo Wuji wanted to go to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, but when he heard that Mo Wuji wanted a placing, he said proudly, "There's no need. I have plenty of placings to enter Six Paths Ruins' Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. Let's head there straight away."

    Even though Mo Wuji still did not have any news about Cen Shuyin, he could not help but be impressed with the cards that these Grand Emperors had; they truly had the placings for everything. Previously, when he wanted to go to Gods Tower, Zhuo Pingan was able to take out two placings. Now, he wanted to go to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond and Zhuo Pingan even had the placings for that. From the looks of it, when he becomes powerful, he would need to keep these placings constantly by his side. That way, he would not need to search all over for one if he ever needed it.


    Three months later, the group was in a private room in Starlying Resthouse, the biggest immortal resthouse in Starlying Immortal City.

    All three of them were present. Additionally, Da Huang was standing behind Mo Wuji. At this moment, even the garrulous and talkative Shuai Guo did not dare to speak.

    Everyone could tell that Mo Wuji was in a bad mood. Even though Starlying Resthouse's immortal wine was amazing, Mo Wuji did not even touch the wine gourd in front of him.

    Zhuo Pingan was also silent; he knew that Mo Wuji did not find the person he was looking for in the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. In his perspective, this matter wasn't as important as a bad constipation. If the two of them didn't already have an agreement, he really would have looked down on such a fainthearted Pill Emperor.

    Han Long also knew that Mo Wuji was looking for a person called Cen Shuyin. She saw that the atmosphere was slightly gloomy, so she sighed and said, "Wuji, perhaps Shuyin had already left the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. In the future, when you establish your sect, she would definitely receive news about it and she would find you at Ping Fan Sect."

    Previously, Mo Wuji promised her that she could join Ping Fan as long as she was willing too. Since then, she had subconsciously treated Ping Fan as her own sect.

    Zhuo Pingan sneered in his heart. He did not know exactly how Mo Wuji was able to escape unscathed after entering the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, but he was sure that Mo Wuji had some unique methods. However, he was sure that few would have methods like Mo Wuji. It was unlikely that Cen Shuyin and Lin Gu had left; they were probably already buried deep in the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. If he was the one that fell into a place like that, even he would have to put in 120% of his effort. Even then, he would still face the danger of death. However, he was lazy to say such words to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's true. Since that's the case, let's head over to Gods Immortal Domain first. Then we would find a suitable location to establish Ping Fan."

    Originally, Mo Wuji intended to make a trip to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. But after his trip to Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, he felt that it would be useless for him to go to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. Any lucky survivors of Tian Ji Pill Court were unlikely to remain in Sharphorn.

    "Good. Pill Emperor Mo is truly an adaptable person. Starlying Immortal City was plenty of transfer arrays. There's even one that leads to Gods Immortal Domain. We can head over any time you want." Zhuo Pingan purposely emphasized on the word 'Good'.

    This time, even Da Huang shot Zhuo Pingan a look of disdain. After interacting with Shuai Guo, Da Huang had also become sharp and sarcastic with its words. Zhuo Pingan's noob bootlicking really made it cringe.

    Mo Wuji stood up, "Since that's the case, we'll head to Gods Immortal Domain now..."

    "Bang!" Before Mo Wuji could even finish his sentence, the seal over their private room was smashed apart.

    A green faced man appeared in the room. He looked coldly at Mo Wuji, then swept his gaze across Zhuo Pingan and Han Long. As for the immortal puppet and Shuai Guo, he directly disregarded them.

    When he looked at Zhuo Pingan's sickly appearance, he also dismissed him. Only Han Long's Immortal King aura left him slighly shocked.

    "Han Long, it looks like someone doesn't want us to go to Gods Immortal Domain." Mo Wuji could see through this green faced man's cultivation; he was also in the Immortal King Stage, and his cultivation was even slightly higher than Han Long's.

    The green faced man then brought his gaze back on Mo Wuji. His voice was icy cold as he said, "You won't be going anywhere. You will follow this king back to Unfettered Emperor Palace. Remember, this king's name is Lai Yi."

    "You are Lun Cai's lackey?" Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding when he heard the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    "Courting death. How dare you be to disrepectful to a Grand Emperor. Just because..." Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Lai Yi was instantly infuriated.

    When Mo Wuji heard that this fella was Lun Cai's lackey, why would he still want to be polite? Before Lai Yi could finish speaking, he had already slashed forward.

    Anger and fury flashed across Lai Yi's eyes. He heard that Mo Wuji was only a Xuan Immortal, but this Xuan Immortal actually dared to attack an Immortal King like him? If not for the fact that this fella was needed to treat the Emperor's concubine, he would have directly smashed Mo Wuji's brain into juice.

    This slash of Mo Wuji's was not sharp. In fact, it did not contain any sacred art dao energy, only killing intent.

    This slash, to Lai Yi, would only hurt as much as an itch. Lai Yi's lips curved into a smile of contempt. He did not even move as he intended to use his immortal elemental energy to suspend Mo Wuji in the air.

    He had a good idea, but when Lai Yi was conjuring his immortal elemental energy, he found that his energy had been sealed by a majestic and boundless aura. He had been following by Grand Emperor Lun Cai's side for so many years, how could he not know that this was the aura of an Immortal Emperor?

    Before Lai Yi could even react, Mo Wuji's blunt saber light landed on his skull, directly slashing him in half. Immediately after, a lightning bolt slammed down on him. Lai Yi's primordial spirit wasn't even able to flow out before it was exploded by the lightning bolt.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Zhuo Pingan. Just now, he had made a sudden and casual move because he wanted to see whether Zhuo Pingan was constantly ready to assist him. Indeed, Zhuo Pingan didn't disappoint him. The moment he slashed with his saber, Zhuo Pingan's Immortal Emperor Domain had already restrained Lai Yi. That way, Mo Wuji's saber was easily able to decapitate Lai Yi.

    "Crash!" After killing Lai Yi, Mo Wuji continued to slash randomly with his saber light. Starlying Resthouse's array had been completely ripped apart. The second floor of the resthouse collapsed, followed by the third floor.

    Han Long lowered her head. She was sure that Mo Wuji was doing this intentionally.

    Mo Wuji was indeed doing this intentionally. He had just entered the resthouse and Lai Yi had already come chasing after him. Naturally, he could deduce that someone in the resthouse had leaked news about him.

    This actually wasn't the reason why Mo Wuji was so angry at the resthouse. The main reason was that Lai Yi was even able to find his private room.

    One thing could be confirmed, the resthouse had specifically told Lai Yi of his location, and had even allowed Lai Yi to battle him.

    Logically, they were the customers of the resthouse. If someone was looking for them, even if the resthouse wasn't able to stop the other party, they should have at least informed him about it first; even a early warning would have been good.

    "Friend, why are you purposely destroying my Starlying Resthouse?" A middle-aged man landed in front of Mo Wuji and co. Noticing Lai Yi's corpse on the floor, he spoke with an especially warm tone.

    The Starlying Resthouse's second and third floor had collapsed. Everyone, including Mo Wuji and co., were all in the first floor hall.

    Starlying Resthouse was one of the best resthouses in Starlying Immortal City. Naturally, this resthouse would have a strong backer. Mo Wuji had actually destroyed the second and third floor of such a resthouse. Thus, many cultivators remained in the first floor hall, to see who exactly was the tyrant that dared to do such a thing.

    Mo Wuji unhurriedly placed his saber on his back. Then he said, "These words of yours are wrong. Which one of your eyes saw me destroying the resthouse? Just now, that lackey of Lun Cai's tried to attack me. I could not help but retaliate, which was why I accidentally broke some tiles and bricks. This fella is an Immortal King. I guess I will have to compensate somehow, so I will give his corpse to your Starlying Resthouse."

    As Mo Wuji finished speaking, he opened his palm and Lai Yi's storage ring got drawn into his hand.

    Lun Cai's lackey?

    When they heard these words, a majority of the immortals hurriedly retreated, then silently left the resthouse. It was better if they avoided this kind of trouble. Who didn't know that Lun Cai was a mad man. If they dared to stay here to watch the show, Lun Cai might suddenly appear and kill each and every last one of them.

    This person was clearly courting trouble. The middle-aged monk's pupils constricted slightly. Anyone that would find trouble with Lun Cai was not someone his Starlying Resthouse could offend.

    Mo Wuji was indeed courting trouble. He was waiting here for Lun Cai. He believed that with if Lun Cai was nearby, he would immediately receive news of his lackey's death and immediately come here. This place was a suitable place to have a battle with Lun Cai. In fact, he was afraid that Lun Cai wouldn't come.

    After all, he would eventually have to battle with Lun Cai. If Lun Cai didn't come, then this battle would have to be postponed at Gods Immortal Domain. But Lun Cai was a powerhouse of Gods Immortal Domain. Fighting there would be extremely disadvantageous to him.

    "You are truly bold. You actually dared to kill my, Lun Cai's, man. Today, let this emperor see how robust your soul is." A faint voice could be heard in the distance. Right when this voice was heard, a tall and thin man with a crown on his head started to walk towards them from mid air.
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