Chapter 621: Gods Heavenly Chasm

    Chapter 621: Gods Heavenly Chasm

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    Almost the same instant that Grand Emperor Lun Cai's voice appeared, the cultivators that were looking from the sidelines all left. When an Immortal Emperor came raging, would you stay there to wait for death? Moreover, this Immortal Emperor was one well known for having a weird temperament, Grand Emperor Lun Cai.

    "Da Huang, remember what I said. When the time comes you must give that guy a dirty blow." Mo Wuji slashed his saber at Grand Emperor Lun Cai right after sending this message to Da Huang.

    The saber radiance rose to five meters high, and illuminated a radius of tens of meters.

    "Ha ha ha, this is the first time I've seen..." Seeing Mo Wuji's saber radiance, Lun Cai broke into a laugh. This was indeed the first time he met an ant that dared to attack him.

    However, before he could finish, he had to swallow his words, because at the same time, a blanket of dense aura came pressing down on him. It directly suppressed his domain, following which a fan came swinging down on his head, with the countless fan spines forming a formation of spears that secured the space between them while blasting straight at Lun Cai.

    Every single fan spine encompassed the frightening roar of a type of ancient beast, seemingly swallowing up the heaven and earth, and Lun Cai was just a mere leaf within this space.

    When Lun Cai appeared, even if Mo Wuji wasn't present, Zhuo Pingan would have attacked anyway. This b*stard destroyed a good part of his Cape of Peace and randomly killed people there, which made him lose a lot of face. Hence, he had to get some payback today.

    "It's you..." Once Zhuo Pingan made his move, Lun Cai recognised that this sickly scholar was him, a Grand Emperor no weaker than him.

    After seeing Zhuo Pingan, Lun Cai's heart sank. If Mo Wuji had Zhuo Pingan's protection, he really couldn't take him away.

    Regardless whether he could bring Mo Wuji away or not, anyone that made a move against him, Lun Cai, had to die. Also, no matter how impressive Zhuo Pingan was, he would only be able to hide at his Cape of Peace.

    A Blazing Babel Pillar was lifted up by Lun Cai, and it exploded instantly, filling the entire area with flames, and causing small spatial cracks. The sea of flames covered half of the sky of Starlying Immortal City. Countless buildings turned to dust under the effects of the Blazing Babel pillar.

    Deep rumbling echoed throughout the city, and booming sounds of Zhuo Pingan's fan spines clashing with the sea of flames could be head periodically.

    In such a large scale battle, other than the initial attack, Mo Wuji could not interfere at all. Han Long similarly shied to one side.

    After the both of them backed up, Da Huang stepped forward instead. Wild immortal elemental energy continuously exploded around his body, and the flames of the Blazing Babel Pillar swept over his body one wave after another, but to him, they were no different from someone scratching an itch of his.

    He always kept Mo Wuji's words in mind: to strike this noble piece of sh*t with all his strength when the moment was right.

    "Zhuo Pingan, what do you want..." The Blazing Babel Pillar almost engulfed the entire Starlying Immortal City, but Zhuo Pingan's fan was still not affected.

    Lun Cai clearly knew that this situation was disadvantageous to him. Even if it were advantageous, he wouldn't be able to kill Zhuo Pingan. One could say that once he met Zhuo Pingan, there wasn't much difference whether he fought this battle or not.

    However, Zhuo Pingan did not speak. He knew that based on Mo Wuji's style, if he didn't take this chance to fight Lun Cai one on one now, he wouldn't be able to take on Grand Emperor Lun Cai either.

    Indeed, Zhuo Pingan's guess was spot on. Lun Cai stopped mid sentence as he felt an endless wave of immortal elemental energy coming his way. No, this elemental energy was even a little stronger than immortal elemental energy.

    Even Zhuo Pingan might not have been able to create such frightening power. Could this be another Grand Immortal Emperor?

    In response, Lun Cai wildly tore at the restrictions on him, but no matter how wild he was, it was still a little too late.

    "Boom!" Da Huang's fist landed on Lun Cai's chest, creating a crater of blood. Lun Cai spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body twisted a few times in mid air before disappearing completely.

    As Lun Cai vanished, so did the Blazing Babel Pillar.

    If it weren't for the scene of destruction left behind and the countless buildings that were incinerated, everyone might have thought that nothing had happened. They had left as quickly as they arrived.

    "Let's go, we can't use the transfer array here anymore. Everyone, board my flying ship, we'll fly straight to the Gods Immortal Domain." Zhuo Pingan had become much paler after he landed on the ground.

    "Roger." Mo Wuji replied. Although they didn't manage to kill Lun Cai this time, but at least he got seriously injured. In the near future, this guy would definitely not dare to act against him. While Mo Wuji really wanted to find an opportunity to exact revenge against Lun Cai, but he knew that the time was not ripe yet.


    Heavenly Chasm City. In the entire Gods Immortal Domain, this was the most famous city.

    The Heavenly Chasm City was not only famous because it was big, but because it was close to the number one heavenly chasm in the Immortal World: Gods Heavenly Chasm. It was rumored that this heavenly chasm was left behind after the War of the Gods. No one knew how long or wide this heavenly chasm was. All that was known about it was that this heavenly chasm passed through the Gods Immortal Domain, and extended into the endless void.

    As for its width, no one could really cross the Gods Heavenly Chasm, and thus no one knew what domain was at the other side. All that was known was that the opposite side of the heavenly chasm would regularly face spatial disturbances, which would bring top grade equipment forging materials and immortal herbs to the Gods Immortal Domain.

    On top of that, there were some floating pieces of land in Gods Heavenly Chasm where you could find many good stuff normally.

    As a result, countless people flocked to this area to try their luck, or to purchase some immortal herbs or materials.

    Naturally, the Heavenly Chasm City flourished with activity, but all this was not what really propelled the city to fame. Most immortals came for the Gods Tower, which was located in the center of the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    Before the Gods Tower opened, its surrounding area remained blurry, and only after it opened up would it become clear for all to see.

    Mo Wuji and co. arrived outside of Heavenly Chasm City, and the first thing they saw wass a gigantic display array outside of the city.

    The word 'Invitation' was at the top of the array, followed by the following message below, "Gods Tower is about to open. Heavenly Chasm Resthouse welcomes all immortal friends coming to Gods Immortal Domain. In the three years before Gods Tower opens, there will be a large scale trade forum at the hall on the top floor of Heavenly Chasm Resthouse at the end of the ninth month. As long as you are staying at the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, you will be able to enter for free."

    "The Gods Immortal Domain sure are generous, to actually provide free lodging. Just that we don't know what the conditions for that are." Mo Wuji gave rare words of praise after seeing the larg display array.

    He was very clear that in such a situation, resthouses would be the most profitable, and this was when they could strike it rich. Having gone into many secret domains in the past, including the opening of Broken World's third level, Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition, etcetera. The most expensive thing was always accomodation.

    "He he, generous? Wait till you've moved in, then you'll know how well Heavenly Chasm Resthouse does business. But back to your point, the way that Heavenly Chasm Resthouse does things is very commendable. Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy to find somewhere to stay at this kind of time. Moreover, Heavenly Chasm Resthouse is the number one resthouse in Heavenly Chasm City, so they weren't boasting about that." Zhuo Pingan casually commented.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji agreed with Zhuo Pingan's comments. With so many people coming and going, it would be rather difficult to find a slot in an above average resthouse.


    Heavenly Chasm Resthouse was not boasting indeed. The moment Mo Wuji set foot into the resthouse, he could sense extremely dense immortal spiritual energy. The entire resthouse was very grand and spacious too.

    "Fellow dao friends, Heavenly Chasm Resthouse is currently only serving guests who have a Gods Token, so could you please..." Once Mo Wuji and co. entered the place, they were promptly stopped by a member of staff.

    Before the guy could even finish speaking, Mo Wuji took out his Gods Token and said, "We are guests who have Gods Tokens. Three rooms please."

    Without any prompting from the staff member, Han Long took out her own Gods Token, while Zhuo Pingan drew out a black card. After the staff member saw the black card, he suddenly became much more respectful. As fast as he could, he helped the three of them check in with their Gods Token numbers, and brought them upstairs.

    "The room is indeed quite good." After Mo Wuji entered the room, he nodded his head while praising it. Not only did the room have dense immortal spiritual energy, there were many different types of cultivation rooms that came with it.

    The staff member spoke with a smile, "This is our resthouse's VIP room. Since the three of you are VIPs, it's only natural that you are allocated the VIP room. I'll make a move first, if you need anything, just call for me."

    Once the staff member left, Mo Wuji chuckled, "It's rather good to have an Immortal Emperor travelling with you, we even got the VIP room for free."

    Zhuo Pingan replied, "Next month it will be the end of the ninth month. There's many good things at the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse's trade forum. I suggest that you refine some top grade Tier 7 immortal pills, otherwise you'll have nothing to exchange for something that you want."

    Knowing that Mo Wuji would not miss out on such an opportunity, Zhuo Pingan casually dropped some hints, giving him a free favour.

    Even without Zhou Pingan's reminder, Mo Wuji already planned to attend the trade forum at the end of the ninth month. Those who could stay in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse were obviously not ordinary people. If they weren't Immortal Emperors, then they would be a leader of their own area. Top grade items would only appear with such people. As he was in Grand Yi Immortal Stage, the cultivation resources he needed were of higher quality, so there wouldn't be a point to attend normal trade forums.

    On top of that, he wanted to promote himself as a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor. If he were alone, then he wouldn't have cared whether his reputation was good or bad. But now that he wanted to build a sect, it couldn't be done just with words. He had to have a certain status, and at the same time also have a proper network of connections.

    For his status, he did not even fear Lun Cai. And for connections, he would naturally rely on his status as a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor.
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