Chapter 622: Scr*w Off

    Chapter 622: Scr*w Off

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    As a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor, he was already well versed in refining Tier 7 immortal pills. Within a few day's time, the pills he concocted included the Draining Immortal King Pill, Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill, Green Bodhi Pill, and tens of other valuable Tier 7 immortal pills. Every single one of them were unique grade without exception.

    There was still a good half a month before the end of the ninth month, but just as he stopped making Tier 7 immortal pills and was about to start to try concocting Tier 8 immortal pills, a voice suddenly rang in his ears, "Heavenly Chasm City's Castellan, Ku Zhu, welcomes all esteemed immortal friends to Heavenly Chasm City.

    Heavenly Chasm Resthouse set the exchange forum to be held at the end of this month, because Master Xu has come out from closed door cultivation and successfully advanced to Grade 9 Smith Emperor. Master Xu intends to forge an extremely important magic treasure, and came to Heavenly Chasm City as a guest. To welcome him, and to entertain all of the immortal friends staying in Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, the exchange forum will be brought forward to tonight. Other than the immortal friends from Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, some other immortal friends from Heavenly Chasm City will get the chance to join in. Finally, I hope that all friends that made their way here will be able to leave satisfied."

    Regarding when the exchange forum would be held, Mo Wuji didn't care. What he really cared about was Master Xu, who actually was a Grade 9 Smith Emperor. Wouldn't this mean that Master Xu could forge Grade 9 immortal equipment? Although he had just started learning smithing, but he could only forge Grade 2 immortal equipment at best.

    How revered a guest an Smith Emperor that could forge Grade 9 immortal equipment must be, Mo Wuji could imagine. Just for this Smith Emperor, Heavenly Chasm Resthouse brought forward the exchange forum, even inviting all experts in Heavenly Chasm City. All this made sense.

    To Mo Wuji, if he could get acquainted with this Master Xu, it would benefit him tremendously.

    That grey saber had already become insufficient for his uses, and now he had the Half Moon Halberd Blade and the Tian Ji Pole, so if he could combine both items into a top grade halberd, it would be the best outcome for him.

    All of his blade dao sacred arts, Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun, when unleashed with a halberd would have a sort of oppressive and grand aura about it. After all, the halberd was the true king of the battlefield.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji quickly packed up his pill furnace and changed into a fresh set of clothes, deciding to leave for the exchange forum's location.

    "Pill Master Mo is preparing to go to the exchange forum now?" Once Mo Wuji opened the restrictions on his door, Zhuo Pingan was standing right outside his doorway.

    He nodded, "Yes, Dao Friend Zhuo, let's go over together."

    However, Zhuo Pingan shook his head, "I'm not going. This exchange forum doesn't have much that's worth exchanging for me. Moreover, such exchange forums are very safe, so even if Da Huang doesn't tag along, no one will dare to do anything to you. I'm just here to remind you, no matter what, do not offend Xu Suren."

    "Xu Suren?" Mo Wuji asked with a puzzled tone.

    Zhuo Pingan nodded his head, "Xu Suren is that Master Xu, the Grade 9 Smith Emperor. You just have to remember what I said. He can't be compared to Lun Cai. For Lun Cai, if you offended him, then that's about it. But if you offend Xu Suren, unless you're already not in Gods Immortal Domain, otherwise it would be very difficult to leave Gods Immortal Domain."

    "Dao Friend Zhuo, don't worry. I'm already intending to make friends with him, so how could I offend him?" Mo Wuji immediately replied. If what Zhuo Pingan said was true, then all the more he had to get acquainted with Master Xu. Why would he offend a Smith Emperor with such power? Just that this guy's name had such an ordinary feel to it, to be actually named Xu Suren [1].

    "Wuji, since Elder Zhuo is not going, why don't we go over together. There's bound to be many people there tonight, so if we're late, we might have to sit in the corner." Han Long swiftly approached them. At such an exchange forum, Han Long would very likely not exchange anything, but for such an event, she really wanted to go to take a look.

    One could imagine that those who attended such an exchange forum were top notch experts from various large Immortal Domains, or at least people who were the leaders of some large organisation.

    "Good, let's go Da Huang." Mo Wuji patted Da Huang who was on his side, walking towards the top floor with Han Long.

    Even if it were safe, he wouldn't allow Da Huang to leave his side. As for Shuai Guo, there wasn't much use for him to attend such a function, so he was sent into te Undying World.


    Heavenly Chasm Resthouse's top floor's doors had already been opened, and over 10 beautiful immortal women of Xuan Immortal and above were lined up on both sides. These immortal women seemed to have been handpicked, and if you picked any one of them by random, that woman would still be prettier than Han Long, who was already considered rather ravishing.

    Mo Wuji walked through the front door with Han Long, and no one checked the identity cards. In reality, as long as one could enter Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, one would have qualified to attend this exchange forum.

    The interior of exchange forum location was like a rather flat pot, with a large piece of white jade of radius three meters in the center. All of the seats surrounded this large piece of white jade, and extended outwards row by row, from low to high.

    Other than the first two rows, the seats had been occupied to the fifth row already. Hence Mo Wuji quickly brought Han Long to sit at a more prominent spot at the fifth row.

    There were many seats here, but the space in the room was definitely sufficient. Moreover, there was a white jade table in front of every seat. A few immortal women slid between the rows non-stop, serving tea and water for the people who were seated. In such spacious environment, there would be no issues even if one wanted to move around freely.

    Although this exchange forum didn't really look like some social event, but with the amount of space and level of service provided, it wasn't much different from one. Many immortals were even bringing cups of wine and going around to chit chat with other people.

    The moment Mo Wuji and Han Long sat down, tens of eyes turned their way immediately.

    While the rest of the room still had vacant seats, the fifth row was considered to be one of the front rows, which was not somewhere all those that arrived early could sit at. And Han Long's cultivation level of Immortal King might have had some weight in a small town, but here, it was nothing to write home about. There were simply too many Immortal Reverents and Immortal Kings around. Even Immortal Emperors could be spotted from time to time.

    "Greetings, my name is Yan Wei. I'm from Luo Ling Immortal Domain's Waterfall Immortal Sect. May I ask how I should address my fellow dao friend? And which upper immortal estate you're from?" Mo Wuji hadn't sat down for long before a young man behind him took the initiative to ask him some questions while bowing respectfully.

    This guy was actually an Immortal King, which made Mo Wuji quite shocked. Yan Wei didn't look like a talented person, and was wihout much spirituality, but in the end he was an Immortal King. It seemed like Yan Wei was a little younger than Han Long too.

    Mo Wuji responded by bowing respectfully as well, "I'm Mo Wuji, a rogue cultivator. This is my friend Han Long, also a rogue cultivator."

    As for the Waterfall Immortal Sect, Mo Wuji had heard of it before. Their sect head, Immortal Emperor Wen Lan, whose dao was created from a waterfalls, advanced to Immortal Emperor before subsequently founding the Waterfall Immortal Sect. The sect itself wasn't a small one.

    At the same time, Han Long could sense that Yan Wei's strength was higher than her own, hence she swiftly returned the bow.

    "Dao Friend Mo, you're a rogue cultivator?" Upon hearing that Mo Wuji was a rogue cultivator, Yan Wei was stunned momentarily. A rogue cultivator dared to seat at the fifth row? He dared to sit on the sixth row not because he was an Immortal King, but as the Waterfall Immortal Sect was at least a large sect with an Immortal Emperor. Moreover the sect founding sect head of Waterfall Immortal Sect was Immortal Empress Wen Lan, one of the famous Immortal Emperors of the seven great immortal domains.

    "That's right, I'm a rogue cultivator." Mo Wuji replied.

    This caused Yan Wei's expression to change slightly, and he spoke in a hushed tone, "Dao Friend Mo, if you trust me, Dao Friend Han and you should occupy seats from the 10th row onwards."

    When Mo Wuji turned around to take a look, in the short period of time, the first ten rows had already been fully occupied. Sitting at a seat further back wasn't something he was very keen on doing either. He had a motive for coming here, and that was to promote his upcoming new sect. If he were so low key, what sect could he set up then?

    Before Mo Wuji could say that he was comfortable in his current seat, a gentle voice appeared by his ears, "Friends, would you be willing to give up these two seats for me. I'll naturally not disadvantage you either."

    A slightly pale youth stood in front of Mo Wuji and spoke with a smile on his face. Beside this youth was a lady wearing a light green dress.

    After hearing this guy's words, Mo Wuji knew that he had heard what Yan Wei said, otherwise, he wouldn't even dare to ask for the seat. Even if he wanted to, he would have to ask about Mo Wuji's background first.

    On the other hand, the lady was extremely beautiful, and based on Mo Wuji's estimates, she wouldn't lose out to Cen Shuyin at all. It seemed like this youth wanted to find a seat in the front rows for the pretty lady.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji did not answer, the youth began to frown, and asked once more while bowing respectfully, "I'm Yan Zhenjiang, from Gods Immortal Domain's Dao Seeking Palace. This is Green Immortal house's Mo Xianmo. If you're willing to give me some face, I will owe you a favour."

    "Dao Friend Mo, Dao Seeking Palace is one of the big sects in Gods Immortal Domain. Its strength is unparalleled. If we offend Dao Seeking Palace, it would be difficult for a rogue cultivator to leave Gods Immortal Domain. Green Immortal house is even more well connected, and has greater influence in Gods Immortal Domain than Dao Seeking Palace. That Mo Xianmo is also one of the seven immortal women of Green Immortal House." Yan Wei frantically sent a message to Mo Wuji's ears.

    Gazing at Mo Xianmo, Mo Wuji couldn't believe that he would find someone of the same clan around here.

    But as she saw that Mo Wuji was looking away, she frowned slightly, with a tinge of disdain appearing in her eyes.

    Mo Wuji didn't even care about Mo Xianmo's look of disdain. It was only a surname, so this woman was still equivalent to a stranger, hence he casually replied, "O'm sorry, I don't intend to give up my seat. Both of you please find a seat somewhere else."

    "Don't try to push your luck." Yan Zhenjiang said. However, Mo Wuji's position did not change, hence his expression immediately changed. He had gone through so much trouble to invite one of the seven immortal women of Green Immortal house, and wanted to use the exchange forum to get acquainted with her. Who knew a rogue cultivator wouldn't even give up a seat to him.

    In his original plans, when he, a member of Dao Seeking Palace, asked a rogue cultivator to give up a seat for him, the rogue cultivator should have happily stood up and bowed respectfully while vacating the seat. But now not only was there no bowing, but the rogue cultivator had given him a slap to the face.

    "Scr*w off." Mo Wuji scolded directly. His gaze never even fell on Yan Zhenjiang, and had always been fixated on Lun Cai who was walking over, while at the same time, Da Huang was preparing to attack. He could ignore Yan Zhenjiang, but not Lun Cai. Who knew whether that psychopath would start attacking him here?

    [1] The Suren in Xu Suren is , which means ordinary man.
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