Chapter 623: Scr*w Off Again

    Chapter 623: Scr*w Off Again

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    "Eh, it's you?" A surprised voice broke Mo Wuji's concentration.

    A beautiful white haired woman walked over swiftly, and looking at the happiness in her eyes, one could sense how elated she was to see Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji knew this white haired woman, and her name was Nai He. He also knew why she was so happy to see him: because he had the Immortal Seeking Token and Universal Peak Token.

    Thus, Mo Wuji wasn't that excited to see her. Just based on the fact that Nai He wanted the two tokens on him, he didn't have anything to say to her, much less after they clashed in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. This woman was rather talented, to have reached Grand Yi Immortal Stage just like him after a short period of time.

    "Junior Sister Nai He, you know him?" Yan Zhenjiang naturally knew Nai He, but when he saw her so excited upon arriving, he became a little suspicious about whether Mo Wuji was truly a rogue cultivator.

    Yan Zhenjiang was aware of Nai He's background as one of Gods Immortal Sect's core disciples. Who would actually dare to claim that Gods Immortal Sect was lousy while inside of Gods Immortal Domain? Gods Immortal Sect was once the top sect in Gods Immortal Domain, and even though it had fallen from its peak, it was still one of the large sects. This sort of large sect had very strong foundations, so it could rise again at any moment.

    Hence, although Dao Seeking Palace was very popular now, Yan Zhenjiang couldn't be disrespectful towards Nai He.

    "Pill Master Mo, greetings from Emperor Lun Cai." At this moment, Grand Emperor Lun Cai also walked over, and to Mo Wuji's surprise, Grand Emperor Lun Cai actually bowed respectfully towards him.

    Regardless whether it was Nai He, Yan Zhenjiang, or Mo Xianmo, all of them were stunned. How could they not know who Grand Emperor Lun Cai was? This was a rather bipolar Grand Immortal Emperor with an eccentric side. Moreover, he was also extremely strong, and loved to do things that angered others.

    Finding absurd reasons to kill someone was not beyond him. So why would such a person bow respectfully towards Mo Wuji, a mere rogue cultivator? Did they see things wrongly?

    "Grand, Grand Emperor..." Yan Zhenjiang stuttered as he bowed respectfully, while Nai He and Mo Xianmo followed suit at the side, not even daring to breath.

    Dao Seeking Palace, Gods Immortal Sect, and Green Immortal House did not fear Lun Cai, but sects were sects, and they were themselves. If Lun Cai's unusual temperament got triggered, what would stop him from killing them? With a casual strike they would be disabled, and no one would listen to their cries of bitterness.

    In her heart, Nai He regretted. Once she saw Mo Wuji, she immediately lost sight of her surroundings. If she had seen Grand Emperor Lun Cai earlier, she definitely would not have come for Mo Wuji that quickly. Since Mo Wuji had come here, he would not leave that soon.

    She was equally shocked about how Lun Cai treated Mo Wuji too, as she knew much more about what happened between Lun Cai and Mo Wuji. Even if Mo Wuji was a Honoured Grade Immortal King of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, it would be impossible for Lun Cai to bow respectfully to him. So what exactly was going on today?

    By the next moment, most of the people's attention was focused towards Mo Wuji's area.

    "I know that your name is Lun Cai, there's no need for introduction." Mo Wuji stood up, and went one step back, while Da Huang took one step forward at the same time. Now Da Huang, who was originally behind Mo Wuji, was half a step in front of Mo Wuji.

    The reason he stood up was not out of respect for Lun Cai, but out of worry that once Lun Cai attacked, he would lose the initiative by being seated.

    As for Lun Cai's bowing, Mo Wuji knew what was going on. In his heart, his respect for Lun Cai grew. This guy actually liked his concubine that much, to the point that he could put aside his pride as an Immortal Emperor to bow respectfully at Mo Wuji. However, the enmity between Mo Wuji and Lun Cai could not be resolved through apologies. Someone that killed his friends, had to pay with blood.

    "I offended you previously because my beloved concubine was severely ill. I would like to invite you to lend a helping hand as a doctor, considering that we're all on the same path of immortal dao." After speaking, Lun Cai bowed respectfully once more.

    Mo Wuji stared coldly at Lun Cai. If this were anywhere else, he would immediately summon Zhuo Pingan, and kill this bast*rd.

    Cure your beloved concubine? Ha ha, Lun Cai, you must be joking.

    As the surrounding crowd saw Mo Wuji remain silent, they were very worried for him. Grand Emperor Lun Cai actually treated an ant-like character with such dignity and respect, but this ant didn't even care in the slightest.

    While this place had rather strict rules, if Lun Cai killed Mo Wuji, nothing would happen to him at all, and he would still be able to attend the exchange forum.

    Sometimes things like rules were like a circle, and there would always be some people outside of this circle. Lun Cai was one of the experts outside of the circle.

    "Pill Master Mo, you should reply Grand Emperor quickly..." Nai He could sense the killing intent emanating from Lun Cai, hence she frantically sent a message to Mo Wuji. Once Mo Wuji was killed, the items on him would be taken away by Lun Cai for sure, so she wouldn't be able to get anything.

    Similarly, Mo Wuji could feel Lun Cai's killing intent, but he was not afraid. He and Da Huang already had a plan. If Lun Cai dared to make a move on them, they wouldn't allow him to leave as easily as before. As long as Da Huang could occupy Lun Cai, Zhuo Pingan would come within a breath's time. Then he would take the time to set up all kinds of trap arrays, and even if his trap arrays could only trap Lun Cai for one tenth of a breath, to Da Huang or Zhuo Pingan, that would be enough.

    "Heng Jun, who is that? He actually made Grand Emperor Lun Cai bow respectfully?" Not that far away from Mo Wuji, an elegant youth ask at the front row.

    A middle aged man with a head of red hair sat beside this youth, and that middle aged man was Pill Dao Alliance's Tier 7 Pill Emperor, Heng Jun.

    "Alliance Head, he's Mo Wuji." Heng Jun respectfully replied. His voice had a hint of confusion, as he had heard that Lun Cai wanted to kill Mo Wuji, but in the end Lun Cai turned out to be rather courteous towards Mo Wuji instead.

    The elegant youth suddenly stood up, and asked in shock, "He's that Mo Wuji? The Tier 5 Honoured Grade Pill King? The one that Hu Zhenyu gave up on?"

    There was another sentence that he did not say, which was that after he had come out from closed door cultivation, there was another error their judgement.

    Nodding his lowered head, Heng Jun didn't even want to speak any more. In the Pill Dao Alliance, he and Gong Yangxue knew the extent of Mo Wuji's talent in pill dao the best. Back when they consulted with Mo Wuji, he and Gong Yangxue both gained quite a bit from the exchange, and after that, his success rate at refining Tier 7 immortal pills increased. In short, it was all due to Mo Wuji. Based on his assessment, Mo Wuji's understanding of purification was number one in the Immortal World. Even the Pill Dao Alliance's Alliance Head that sat by his side, in the peak of Tier 8 Pill Emperor, Xiao Lishi, was still beneath Mo Wuji in this aspect.

    If he knew that Mo Wuji did not die, he would have helped Mo Wuji out with Tian Ji Pill Court..

    "Heng Jun, let's go take a look too." Xiao Lishi took in a deep breath, before he spoke again.

    "But Alliance Head, didn't you ask the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to secretly get rid of him..." Heng Jun asked, puzzled.

    Although the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had not succeeded yet, but this sort of thing would be made known to Mo Wuji sooner or later. Since that was the case, what was the point in getting on his good side?

    Xiao Lishi took in another deep breath, then he explained, "I believe that I shouldn't have given that order. I should have first taken a look at what kind of person Mo Wuji was. This guy does not falter in front of Grand Emperor Lun Cai, not even being courteous towards him at all. He must be a very intelligent man, so if my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance makes an enemy out of him, it would be difficult to predict the outcome. On top of that, he has that immortal puppet, which seems rather extraordinary, by his side."

    "..." Heng Jun still did not really understand the intent behind these actions. No matter how intelligent Mo Wuji was, he was still an ant. So shouldn't everything be fine and dandy after killing him?

    Sighing, Xiao Lishi understood what Heng Jun was thinking about. However, the part that he left out was that it was not impossible to kill Mo Wuji. Even someone as crazy as Lun Cai had to bow respectfully towards Mo Wuji, so there should be a power behind Mo Wuji that was no weaker than Lun Cai. Otherwise, based on Lun Cai's personality, how could he be so nice?

    Since Mo Wuji had strength rivalling Lun Cai's, then he was no longer someone that they could easily wipe off the face of the world. Hence, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had to change their plans.


    "Pill Master Mo, as long as you give the word, I will bring Ding Zhu here, and I won't complain at all. As for your compensation, just tell me what you want. As long as I, Lun Cai, can do it, I will not go against my word."

    However, Mo Wuji replied coldly, "Lun Cai, we'll settle out debts slowly. The debt for your murder of my disciples of Tian Ji Pill Court will not be forgotten. I'll give Heavenly Chasm Resthouse some face today, and not touch you. One day, I, Mo Wuji, will flatten that dog kennel of yours."

    Once Mo Wuji's last word landed on his ears, the veins on Lun Cai's face popped up. If he could kill Mo Wuji, he would have attacked immediately. But he didn't dare to, not because he was afraid of the rules here, but as he knew that Zhuo Pingan was also around. Moreover, that ugly puppet's immortal elemental energy seemed to be stronger than his own.

    If he acted first today, perhaps he really wouldn't be able to leave Heavenly Chasm City. The injury from his last clash with Zhuo Pingan had not fully healed yet, so he didn't have the ability to fight once more.

    Indeed, his temperament was a little odd and he was rather arrogant, but this arrogance was built on the premise that he wasn't in any danger. Once his life was at risk, these traits would disappear completely.

    "Good, very good, I, Lun Cai, will wait for you to come to my Unfettered Emperor Palace to take revenge." Lun Cai clenched his fist tightly, but he still did not dare to fight here.

    "Scr*w off!" Seeing that Lun Cai dared not attack, Mo Wuji shouted without hesitation.

    No one knew, and no one believed that when Mo Wuji and Lun Cai clashed, Lun Cai was the weaker party.

    In reality, Mo Wuji hoped from the bottom of his heart that Lun Cai would attack. Once Lun Cai made the first strike, he would be the defending party, and as the defending party, he could call out Zhuo Pingan, without anything holding him back, to teach Lun Cai a painful lesson. If his luck was good, Lun Cai would die or get injured to the point that his cultivation level dropped, then he would be able to eradicate the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    However, Lun Cai actually dared not attack, so it would seem that his usual personality was faked. Even those unreasonable bursts of anger were intentional. This sent a signal to everyone: he, Lun Cai, did not function logically, and could get angry for no reason.

    As he thought about this, a shiver went down Mo Wuji's spine. These old guys were indeed not simple.
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