Chapter 624: Scr*w Off No.3

    Chapter 624: Scr*w Off No.3

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    Seeing that Lun Cai also turned around and left after Mo Wuji asked him to screw off, Yan Zhenjiang's heart froze.

    This bast*rd is a rogue cultivator? Even Grand Emperor Lun Cai had to obediently leave in front of this rogue cultivator, so wouldn't he, Yan Zhenjiang, not be recognised at all?

    "Pill Master Mo, it was my mistake just now. I'll take my leave now!" After Yan Zhenjiang finished speaking, without waiting for Mo Wuji's response, he sped off. As for the title 'Pill Master Mo", he had borrowed it from Lun Cai.

    Nai He's heart also sank. She was here to find Mo Wuji for the Universal Peak Token. Logically speaking, since he did not have the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance as a backer anymore, it should have been easier for her to negotiate. However, he could even ask Lun Cai to scr*w off, so what could her, a mere Grand Yi Immortal, do?

    Initially back in the cultivation world's universe, she was sure that Mo Wuji's future achievements were immeasurable, but this was a little too fast wasn't it? How long had it been only, and Mo Wuji already grew so much?

    Although she knew that taking the Immortal Seeking Token and Universal Peak Token from Mo Wuji was as hard as reaching the heavens, but she couldn't stop. These two tokens were too important to her, much too important.

    Mo Wuji didn't really care about these guys, and once again, a familiar face approached him.

    Heng Jun, Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 7 Pill Emperor.

    Truthfully, Mo Wuji still had a rather good impression of Heng Jun and Gong Yangxue previously. This had nothing to do with the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance at all. The impressive part of the both of them wasn't their cultivation level, but their pill dao. Initially, when he had discussed about pill dao with these two Pill Emperors, he didn't hide anything. They were only constrained by time, so the two Pill Emperors had taken away a limited amount of information from him.

    For the incidents that followed, it made him very disappointed. Pill Dao Immortal Alliance gave up his pill court in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, and Gong Yangxue might have really not known about the issues surrounding Tian Ji Pill Court, as this old fart was obsessed with pill dao, not caring about anything else. But if one said that Heng Jun did not know anything, Mo Wuji wouldn't really believe it.

    Since Heng Jun knew, then he should have helped on the basis of their relationship from the pill dao exchange. If it were Mo Wuji, if he knew that Heng Jun's or Gong Yangxue's family members had any problems, he would lend a helping hand to them.

    However, Tian Ji Pill Court was still destroyed by Lun Cai, and the people of the pill court were killed by Lun Cai too, hence it seemed like Heng Jun didn't help at all.

    "Pill Master Mo, it's been a long time since we've met." Heng Jun bowed respectfully from a distance. Before he even walked over, laughter could be heard.

    Mo Wuji's face was expressionless, not even with a smile. Neither did he bow respectfully, nor did he greet Heng Jun. Since Heng Jun was not worth getting acquainted with, these fake actions were all excessive to him.

    Heng Jun also understood Mo Wuji's intent, hence he awkwardly put his hands down. In reality, he was a little regretful, as back then he did know about Hu Zhenyu giving up on Mo Wuji. Tian Ji Pill Court could not have been saved by him, but saving some of the helpers in the pill court in advance was not beyond him.

    From his perspective, a few helpers dying didn't mean much. But who knew that Mo Wuji actually valued these helpers greatly, otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Lun Cai to scr*w off.

    Yet, Xiao Lishi acted as though as he never saw Mo Wuji ignore Heng Jun, smiling and bowing respectfully while speaking, "Pill Master Mo, I've heard of you for so long. Indeed, you're as good as the rumors say."

    A strong aura hit him right back in the face, while Mo Wuji's squinted that little bit. Mo Wuji felt that this Xiao Lishi wasn't a simply person. Although this guy looked like a youth, by Mo Wuji's guess, he was at least in intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. Why was such an expert being so courteous towards him?

    Regardless, the other party was a Immortal Emperor. Hence Mo Wuji still returned the bow, "Could I ask who dao friend is?"

    Xiao Lishi replied, "Actually it seems like we have rather great enmity between us. Previously I was in closed door cultivation, and only found out about Hu Zhenyu's foolish decision after I came out. I represent Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to apologise to Pill Master Mo. Don't worry, Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's doors will always be open for you, so you can return anytime. As for your loss, the alliance will make it up to you many times over."

    However, Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold, and he was no longer that courteous as before, "You're the Alliance Head of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, Xiao Lishi?"

    "That's right, I am Xiao Lishi." Anger started to build up in Xiao Lishi's heart. After all, he was the Alliance Head of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, and also an advanced Immortal Emperor, so Mo Wuji was still being a little too rude.

    "Alliance Head Xiao, is what you're saying true?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    "Of course, I, Xiao Lishi, never lie. Hu Zhenyu has been sacked from his position as Vice Alliance Head due to your issue." Xiao Lishi explained. While his face still had a kind expression on it, but there was not also the dignity of an Emperor.

    "Then Alliance Head Xiao is also aware of the great enmity between Lun Cai and me?" Mo Wuji asked again.

    Nodding his head, Xiao Lishi replied, "Naturally yes. If Lun Cai dared to make a move just now, I would have acted without hesitation too."

    "Oh." Mo Wuji spoke expressionlessly, "Since that is so, then why could Lun Cai still stand here today? Unless the whole Pill Dao Immortal Alliance couldn't even handle a single Grand Emperor Lun Cai? Or does the alliance not know where Lun Cai's Unfettered Emperor Palace is at?"

    "..." Xiao Lishi didn't know what to say in response. Wasn't Mo Wuji a little too unreasonable? To actually ask something like that in such a setting, didn't it not allow anyone to back down? This was openly disrespecting the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    What Mo Wuji hated the most was this sort of hypocritical fellow who could put on a smiling face while lying. At this moment, after Xiao Lishi was stunned by his line of questioning, he unceremoniously shouted, "Scr*w off!"

    Towards such a hypocritical piece of trash, he couldn't be bothered to waste a single word more. This was still before Mo Wuji was aware that Xiao Lishi wanted to kill him. If he knew, then he wouldn't have just uttered the words 'scr*w off' today.

    "You're asking for it..." Xiao Lishi charged forward out of rage. He wasn't Lun Cai, so even though he guessed that Mo Wuji's immortal puppet was strong, but he never imagined that it would be as strong as a Grand Immortal Emperor.

    A mere Tier 5 Pill King actually asked him, the Alliance Head of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, to scr*w off. Wasn't this asking to die? With an Immortal Emperor's dignity, how could he allow an ant to be so disrespectful?

    Strong waves of energy flew towards Mo Wuji. He wouldn't just attack straight up, instead intending to cripple Mo Wuji with the aura of his domain. Since Mo Wuji couldn't be brought to their side, then he would use this excuse to incapacitate mo Wuji.

    With a cold snort, an equally strong aura was generated from Mo Wuji's side.As both auras clashed in the air, it caused a direct explosion in the air. Two Grand Immortal Emperors, even if no attacks were made, such an explosion was enough to destroy everything in the vicinity.

    However, before the wild energy could spread out, a brown clothed middle aged man landed at the side, and with a wave of his hand, the energy all disappeared completely.

    In an instant, Xiao Lishi's anger vanished. He stared at Da Huang, who was by Mo Wuji's side, in fear. After his strong aura and killing intent shot towards Mo Wuji, it was easily diffused by this immortal puppet. The strength of the immortal puppet seemed to be greater than his own.

    Once they began fighting, he, Xiao Lishi, would lose all of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's face. No wonder even Lun Cai didn't dare to make a move.

    Thus he immediately gave up on the idea of fighting Mo Wuji, bowing respectfully at the brown clothed man, "Castellan Ku, just now I was a little out of hand."

    Obviously, the brown clothed man knew who Xiao Lishi was, and responded with a bow, "I would like to request for Alliance Head Xiao to refrain from fighting here on the account of Heavenly Chasm City. I, Ku Zu, would be extremely grateful."

    "Castellan Ku what are you saying, it was indeed I who was at fault just now. When we have the time I'll make it up to you." Xiao Lishi turned and walked towards his seat after speaking, not looking at Mo Wuji anymore.

    "Mo Wuji greets Castellan Ku." Mo Wuji didn't dare to be disrespectful, hence he also bowed respectfully. Ku Zu's strength was weaker than Xiao Lishi, but from his aura, Mo Wuji could sense that this guy was still an Immortal Emperor.

    Surprisingly, Ku Zu did not use an Immortal Emperor's power to teach Mo Wuji a lesson, instead he broke into a smile while speaking, "Immortal Friend Mo is too kind. Everyone here is a guest of my Heavenly Chasm City. If Immortal Friend Mo doesn't mind, I can arrange for you to sit at the first row."

    Just now, Mo Wuji asked both Lun Cai and Xiao Lishi to scr*w off, and both of them could not do anything about it, hence although Ke Zu did not really know Mo Wuji that well, he could sense that this guy was not simple.

    If Mo Wuji did not want to set up a sect, he would definitely have rejected this opportunity. But now since he wanted to do so, he naturally had to promote himself before his sect could become famous. Moreover, he also wanted to get acquainted with Xu Guren.

    "Thank you Castellan Ku then." Mo Wuji accepted the offer.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had agreed, Ku Zu's was even more impressed with Mo Wuji. Frankly, the first row of such an exchange forum was not that easy to sit at. Sometimes even when someone gave you a seat, you wouldn't dare to sit there either. Since Mo Wuji dared to sit at the first row, it meant that he was powerful enough.

    "Immortal Friend Yan, thanks for just now. I'm a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor, so you can look for me directly if you need any pills refined in the future." Before he left, Mo Wuji turned around and thanked Yan Wei with a bow.

    "Ah... Thank you, thank you very much..." Even though Yan Wei was an Immortal King, he was still rather touched.

    Mo Wuji had asked Dao Seeking Palace's core disciple, Grand Emperor Lun Cai, and Pill Dao Alliance's Alliance head to scr*w off. These three 'scr*w off's displayed Mo Wuji's strength and power prominently, and such a guy actually got acquainted with him.

    No, that was not the point. The main point was that Mo Wuji was also a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor, how heaven defying could he be?

    "Immortal Friend Mo is a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor?" Ku Zu, who had been guessing Mo Wuji's origins became excited. A Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor meant someone equivalent to a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. Based on Mo Wuji's age, eventually advancing to Tier 9 Pill Emperor seemed like a possibility.

    He finally understood why Lun Cai had to beg Mo Wuji. Lun Cai's favourite concubine was seriously ill, so it was definitely to ask Mo Wuji to help with pill refining.
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