Chapter 625: Xu Suren

    Chapter 625: Xu Suren

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    Mo Wuji initially wanted to advertise his status as a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor, hence there was no hint of humility in his words, "Of course, if Castellan Ku needs any Tier 7 or 8 immortal pills refined in the future, you can look for me."

    To Mo Wuji, advancing to Tier 8 Pill Emperor was only a matter of time.

    Once Ku Zu heard this, he felt surprised and happy. What a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. One had to know that in the entire Immortal World, the person with the highest pill dao level was Xiao Lishi, who was at the peak of Tier 8 Pill Emperor. Moreover, Xiao Lishi looked like a youth, but in reality everyone knew that he was an old fart that had lived for millions of years. In terms of talent, Xiao Lishi paled in comparison to Mo Wuji.

    "Brother Mo, please take a seat at the front row." Ku Zu changed his title for Mo Wuji to 'Brother Mo' after he found out that Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor.

    Although he was an Immortal Emperor, but a Tier 8 Pill Emperor's status was no lower than an Immortal Emperor's. As Heavenly Chasm City's Castellan and an Immortal Emperor, there were simply too many reasons for him to borrow the expertise of a Tier 8 Pill Emperor.

    Xiao Lishi might have also been a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, but he was the Alliance Head of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, a much higher social status than him, Ku Zu. If he made a request to Xiao Lishi to concoct some pills, who knew how high a price he would have to pay, even possibly having to beg. However, Mo Wuji was different, as it would be much easier to request for pills from a rogue cultivator. If he could get on Mo Wuji's good side and become friends...

    As Heavenly Chasm City's Castellan, Ku Zu understood this difference. As for Mo Wuji's sworn enemy, Lun Cai, Ku Zu didn't care either. No matter how crazy Lun Cai seemed, he wouldn't dare to anger Heavenly Chasm City.

    With Ku Zu personally escorting him, Mo Wuji went to sit at a prominent spot on the first row. All those around him were either sect heads or various large immortal domain's leaders.

    "Brother Mo, you can sit peacefully. Part of Heavenly Chasm Resthouse also belongs to me, so I have to go to entertain some guests. In a moment, Smith Emperor Xu will arrive, I'll have to receive him too." After Mo Wuji and Han Long sat down, Ku Zu said apologetically.

    Standing up, Mo Wuji replied, "Immortal Friend Ku please do as you please, I'm rather good here."

    Naturally, Mo Wuji understood the intention behind Ku Zu befriending him, and he did not reject it. Ku Zu wanted to make use of his pill dao, and he also needed a powerful friend like Ku Zu. Regardless whether it was in the Mortal World or the Immortal Word, this was reality. Having a few friends who would die for you in your life was already considered very lucky. But most of your friends would definitely come from mutually beneficial exchanges. This was the reality, and also essential.

    With Ku Zu's departure, a few cultivators in the vicinity took the initiative to greet Mo Wuji. His previous declaration that he was a Tier 7 Honoured Grade Pill Emperor was heard by them, so who wouldn't want to get acquainted with one? In other words, their intention was to befriend Mo Wuji while his cultivation level was still low, otherwise they probably would not have the qualifications to befriend him after he grew strong.

    "Welcome Master Xu to Heavenly Chasm Resthouse's exchange forum, and at the same time we would like to congratulate Master Xu for advancing to Grade 9 Smith Emperor and becoming the only Grade 9 Smith Emperor in the seven great Immortal Domains." Ku Zu's voice echoed out in the room. Following which, everyone in the exchange forum location stood up to welcome Master Xu.

    Mo Wuji saw Ku Zu and a few immortals with exceptional auras escorting a skinny man into the room. Upon seeing the skinny man, the first thing he noticed was that this guy was rather similar to him, without any spirituality about him. If he didn't know that this was Xu Suren, he would have assumed that this guy was just another passerby on the street

    Since Xu Suren was a smith, there should have a grand flaming aura about him, or so Mo Wuji thought. Who knew that the actual person differed from his expectations by that much. The skinny man before him didn't seem that old, but had the appearance of a middle aged man.

    "Greetings Master Xu!"

    "Elder Xu..."

    When Xu Suren passed by, all of the people in the vicinity greeted him, and he responded with a smile, which made everyone feel that his gaze fell on them for a good period of time.

    This was a form of respect indeed, and at the same time, Mo Wuji knew that it was also a form of strength. It was apparent that Xu Suren's strength was no lower than Lun Cai.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji decided that he had to raise his cultivation level more, even though he already had achieved a certain level in pill dao. If he were as strong as Xu Suren, who would dare to attack those close to him in his absence?

    As Mo Wuji was thinking about how to raise his strength, he suddenly felt Xu Suren stare at him, hence he quickly bowed respectfully and greeted Xu Suren. Could his senses have lied to him? He felt that Xu Suren nodded at him, but didn't see this with his eyes at all.

    "Welcome immortal friends from all great Immortal Domains to the exchange forum, while I, Ku Zu, thank everyone for attending, I would like to take this opportunity to give everyone a welcome gift. In celebration of Master Xu's advancement to Grade 9 Smith Emperor, the exchange forum will only charge a 5% transaction fee..."

    When he heard this, Mo Wuji was stunned, and he asked, "Han Long, exchange forums charge a transaction fee?"

    Han Long shook her head, "I don't know, but 5% doesn't seem like a lot."

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly. 5% might not be much to other people, but not to him. His main item for exchange were Tier 7 Immortal Pills, and it wouldn't only be for one or two transactions only. If 5% was charged each time, how much would he lose?

    "He he! You can ask Ku Zu to scr*w off too, to actually dare to charge a fee..." Someone behind Mo Wuji let out a round of laughter, seemingly mocking Mo Wuji's previous three 'scr*w off's.

    "Pill Master Mo, I'm very sorry. My sect's disciples are ill disciplined, so please don't take it to heart. I am the Nunnery Head, Yuan Yi, of Buddhist Immortal Domain's Meditation Nunnery, this is my disciple, Su Xi." Before Mo Wuji said anything, an apologetic voice sounded out.

    When Mo Wuji turned around, he noticed that the two people that spoke were actually nuns. The older nun appeared around 20+ years old, and she was stunningly beautiful, with a naturally clear aura. He was sure that this was definitely not her real age, and it wouldn't be unusual for her to be a few million years old, as she had a strong aura, possibly even around the cultivation level of Ku Zu.

    Regarding the young nun that called for him to ask Ku Zu to scr*w off, she seemed like a young girl, and with her shiny bald head, she looked around the age of 14 to 15 years old. Although she was young, but it was difficult to mask her ravishing beauty that would defeat most of the girls her age.

    However, Mo Wuji did not think that this young nun was older than him. But he did not look down on this young girl either, as he could see that her cultivation level was no lower than his own, probably having just advanced to Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Meditation Nunnery, what an old fashioned name, while also a very ordinary name, almost as ordinary as his Ping Fan. Normally people would choose more impressive names for a newly set up sect in the Immortal World. For example, if it were other people naming his Ping Fan, they would likely name it as Great Fan Immortal Sect or Heavenly Fan Dao Sect

    Only when one reached Mo Wuji's level of dao then one would realise than Ping Fan was the most suitable name based on his self made technique's dao. Just like the Meditation Nunnery, one the surface it seemed ordinary, just like Xu Suren's name...

    Eh, Xu Suren? Mo Wuji suddenly recalled that Xu Suren appeared almost like a mortal, just like him, so could it be that this Xu Suren also cultivated with the Immortal Mortal Technique?

    "My apologies Pill Master Mo, I shouldn't have made that joke just now..." Seeing that Mo Wuji did not reply, the small nun, Su Xi, started to worry. This guy was an expert that could ask Lun Cai and Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Alliance head to scr*w off, so her Meditation Nunnery couldn't afford to offend him. At this moment she hated herself for speaking too much. The main reason behind her actions was that Mo Wuji didn't seem scary, just like an ordinary mortal.

    Once Mo Wuji regained his senses, he didn't think Xu Suren any more, chuckling while speaking, "What are you saying Master Yuan Yi, Sister Su Xi was just joking. These small issues are not worth bringing up. After all, Sister Su Xi, you're so beautiful. I'm happy that you would joke with me."

    "Pill Master Mo, you're saying that I'm beautiful?" Su Xi's eyes lit up upon hearing Mo Wuji praise her for being beautiful, and her hands subconsciously moved up to touch her face.

    She was a sheet of paper untainted by the world, Mo Wuji thought to himself. Thankfully it was him that she joked with, if it were that pseudo-crazy Lun Cai, he might have attacked and killed this cute little Su Xi.

    "Su Xi, don't be disrespectful." Yuan Yi chided once more.

    After scolding her, Yuan Yu quickly explained to Mo Wuji, "Heavenly Chasm Resthouse's exchange forum and other auctions all have a transaction fee. Once a transaction is confirmed, the usual rate is 15%, and it's taken from both the buyer and seller. The 5% this time is indeed very little already."

    Taking in a deep breath, Mo Wuji thought to himself, "Why not just rob us?" Each transaction would incur a fee of 15%, and the total of both parties would be 40%. Wasn't this tax a little too high?

    No wonder it was free to stay in Heavenly Chasm Resthouse. Which one of the people who could obtain a Gods Token would be a pauper? These people would definitely attend some exchange forum or auction, and by taking a percentage of the transactions as fees, it would be enough to feed the resthouse.

    "...That's good, I won't continue rambling on. This exchange shall start with Master Xu..." Ku Zu ceased his introductions.

    Mo Wuji finally understood the benefits of sitting in the front row. When you wanted to make an exchange, you could raise your token, but the order of precedence started from the first row.

    For example, if there were multiple people in the first five rows that raised their tokens at the same time, then the person in the first row would be the first to show his goods for the exchange. If all of them were from the first row, then it would be based on one's seat number. Mo Wuji's seat number was 78, which meant that if another person in the first row raised his/her token before him, as long as the other party's seat number was not lower than 78, then he would be able to report the items he was putting up for exchange first.
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