Chapter 626: Something Everyone Wants

    Chapter 626: Something Everyone Wants

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    Xu Suren stood up and clasped his fists towards everyone before speaking out in a pleasantly warm tone, "I arrived late yet I am the first to transact so I would like to thank all the immortal friends here for your understanding. I am only an equipment master with not many extremely useful items with me. I only have eight and nine grade immortal equipments..."

    In the hall of the trade forum, everyone took in a deep breath together. Not many extremely useful items, only right and nine grade immortal equipments...

    "My immortal equipments include defensive, offensive and flying immortal equipments. Besides these, I can also go according to your request and forge any equipment of your wish."

    Xu Suren paused for a moment before continuing, "Of course, I still have an Primal Wood Crystal..."

    Many people were like Mo Wuji as they had no idea what the Primal Wood Crystal was but Mo Wuji noticed that when Xu Suren mentioned this, numerous Immortal Emperors in the first row revealed their desire for it. Who knows what this item was to even get those Immortal Emperors to be this interested.

    Xu Suren chuckled, "Perhaps many of my immortal friends here have no idea what the Primal Wood Crystal is so let me introduce it to everyone. The Primal Wood Crystal is a treasure which can nurture wood attributes. In fact, as long as there is sufficient time, one could even breed the wood elemental bead out of it."

    Mo Wuji heard this and his heart skipped a beat as he remembered about the 11 fire-red crystals he had. A single fire-red crystal was able to turn his Scholar's Heart into a Grade 7 immortal flame yet didn't exhaust much of its energy. It was evident that this fire-red crystal was not simple.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji was also certain that his fire-red crystal was able to breed out a fire elemental bead so could his fire-red crystal be a Primal Fire Crystal?

    "The items I wished to trade for would be two types of materials and a treasure. The first material would be the Underworld Dao Thread and the second would be the Nine Flowers Fire Heartstone. The third item I need would be the Primal Fire Crystal. Of course, my Primal Wood Crystal would only be exchanged for the Fire Crystal."

    Xu Suren's words welcomed a series of discussion because most of them, like Mo Wuji, only knew what the Nine Flowers Fire Heartstone was but not the Underworld Dao Thread.

    Mo Wuji confirmed that there was a high possibility that the 11 fire-red crystals he had with him were the Primal Fire Crystals.

    The entire venue became silent as the first exchange was already stuck with no one answering Xu Suren. This was because nobody was able to bring out the treasures that Xu Suren wanted. Or rather, even if ordinary people were to possess such valuable items, they wouldn't dare to trade it openly.

    Su Xuren seemed to have already predicted this as he simply smiled, "I will be temporarily staying at the ninth floor of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, Room 19A. I will be welcoming anybody to find me within the next three months. I am sorry to have delayed this exchange, everyone please continue without bothering about me."

    Evidently, Xu Suren knew that the items he wanted were far too valuable. Even if he asked for it in a large scale trade forum like this one in the Heavenly Chasm City, he might not get what he asked for.

    The moment Xu Suren finished speaking, tens of tokens from the first row rose up. Cultivators of the further rows were well aware that it was not their time to exchange for their items.

    "May I invite Number 16 of Row 1 to bring out your item for exchange," In less than a second, the chosen cultivator brought his item up for exchange.

    "It is Xiao Lishi," Han Long whispered into Mo Wuji's ears.

    Even without Han Long's reminder, Mo Wuji had already noticed that Xiao Lishi was the one sitting on seat number 16. This proved that the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's position was rather decent.

    Xiao Lishi took out a jade vase before saying, "This is a vase of 4 high grade and 2 intermediate grade Grand Virtual Reverent Pills. What I need would be the Undying Holy Bamboo or other immortal herbs that are similar to the Undying Holy Bamboo. Of course, those who don't want the Grand Virtual Reverent Pill can also approach me and put forward your own personal request."

    It was something he had again. In fact, Mo Wuji had more than one Undying Holy Bamboo with him. However, he would definitely not trade with Xiao Lishi.

    The Grand Virtual Reverent Pill was considered to be a Tier 8 immortal pill which was meant for a Immortal Reverent to use for cultivation. It was capable of helping many Immortal Reverents break through mini bottlenecks for example, from the elementary stage to the intermediate stage or the intermediate stage to the advanced stage.

    For an ordinary Immortal Reverent, this was an extremely useful pill but to Mo Wuji, this was thrash. He might not be able to concoct Tier 8 immortal pills now but he had no need to concoct such pills now. Truth be told, even if Mo Wuji needed the pill urgently, he wouldn't trade with Xiao Lishi.

    The Undying Holy Bamboo was not something that could be easily obtained and even if someone had it, they would be as unwilling as Mo Wuji to exchange it. Eventually, Xiao Lishi didn't managed to exchange anything.

    The third person chosen to bring out their item to exchange was a well built man as he instantly placed a piece of pitch black iron stone onto the white jade table. This iron stone had a volume of one cubic metres and despite it being enveloped by all sorts of arrays in the surrounding, everyone could feel the heaviness when the stone landed on the table.

    "This is a Heavy Rootless Gold?" An astonished voice exclaimed.

    At the same instance, Mo Wuji managed to recognise this Heavy Rootless Gold. A fist sized Heavy Rootless Gold would already be an invaluable treasure let alone such a big piece.

    Even though Xu Suren's item worthed much more than this item, everyone knew that it was impossible to exchange for the Primal Wood Crystal. However, this Heavy Rootless Gold was something everyone believed they would be able to obtain. Some people's eyeballs were already turning red as they stare intensely at this evidently peak Grade 9 immortal material. In the Immortal World, this item was considered to have surpass a Grade 9 immortal material and it belonged to an even higher grade of treasures. This was a supreme material used to forge offensive immortal equipment and its value was not something that could be measured.

    "Thats right, this is indeed the Heavy Rootless Gold. The item I want to exchange for must be of similar value to this Heavy Rootless Gold and it must also be beneficial for me to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage. If you're unable to fulfill this two requests, please don't bother trying. Immortal friends who are interested, please transfer the item for me to inspect and if I think it is suitable, we will strike a deal immediately," The man clasped his fist after putting his item down.

    Even after giving a speech like this, there were still five to six reporting lights that lit up.

    Mo Wuji was also interested because he needed this piece of Heavy Rootless Gold urgently. Xu Suren would be at the Heavenly Chasm City so as long as he managed to obtain this piece of Heavy Rootless Gold, he could request for Xu Suren to help him forge his Half Moon Halberd Blade with this Heavy Rootless Gold into a true Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    Originally, Mo Wuji was intending to melt his Tian Ji Pole to recover the Half Moon Green Halberd but now that this Heavy Rootless Gold appeared, there was no need for him to melt his Tian Ji Pole anymore.

    Unless he was truly desperate, Mo Wuji didn't wish to melt this iconic treasure of the Tian Ji Sect. Furthermore, Su Rou'Er even mentioned that the Tian Ji Pole was related to an extremely huge secret.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't have much items which were of similar value to this Heavy Rootless Gold. The Primal Fire Crystal might be plausible but the value of the Primal Fire Crystal was much more than the Heavy Rootless Gold so Mo Wuji wouldn't want to touch it. Additionally, this Primal Fire Crystal would not be of much use for the man to advance into the Immortal Emperor Stage. As for the Breath of Hongmeng, he would naturally not touch it unless he met something he yearned for the longest time like the Five Elemental Bead.

    Oh yes, he had an Emperor Dao Fruit with him.

    The Emperor Dao Fruit's value was not low but because the opponent's Heavy Rootless Gold was so huge and he only had one Emperor Dao Fruit, the value might still be slightly lower...

    As he sensed the man's energy around his body, Mo Wuji confirmed that he was in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage and that this man was slightly similar to him. His energy were calm and vast and didn't exude any ethereal illusory which the ordinary Immortal Reverents would have. Mo Wuji's physique tempering was almost in the Immortal Physique Stage so it only took a second for Mo Wuji to realise that this man was also an expert who tempered his physique. This was no wonder he was able to sit in the first row despite being in the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    Now that he was aware that the man was an expert who tempered his physique, things should be easier for Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji took out two jade box as he placed the Emperor Dao Fruit and a Undying Holy Bamboo into the two different boxes before shutting it up and pressing his reporting light.

    The moment Mo Wuji pressed his light, it attracted the attention of many people around him.

    Who wouldn't want the Heavy Rootless Gold but not everyone would be able to match the price tag of the man.

    Mo Wuji was merely a tiny ant to think that he could exchange for such a big piece of Heavy Rootless Gold. Ah, this is the true meaning of 'The ignorant is fearless'. If this item could be exchanged for any rubbish, the number of people trying their luck would not be just five.

    Even Yuan Yi, who was seated behind Mo Wuji, shook his head when she saw Mo Wuji trying his luck. Many people came forward to meet Mo Wuji earlier only because they knew he was a Honoured Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor and not because they knew about his cultivation level.

    In everyone's eyes, Mo Wuji's action made him look like someone who hadn't seen much of the world and when he saw a good item, he wanted it immediately. This would be a problem of his character. Secondly, she knew the man who owned the Heavy Rootless Gold. He, Ni Fengnie, was an expert of the number one physique tempering sect, Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect. There were not many fellas who would be able to match Immortal Emperors while being in the Immortal Reverent Stage. The moment Mo Wuji made such a person furious, he would be seeking trouble for himself. As for those who stepped out to make friends with Mo Wuji earlier on, she was sure that none of them would come out to save him.

    "Wuji, I've heard about this person. He is Ni Fengnie of the Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect and I've heard that the Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect is the number one physique tempering sect. If we were to anger him, we..." Han Long transmitted a message to Mo Wuji when she saw Mo Wuji sending his items over for exchange.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Don't worry. I believe the items I offer would be sufficient. If he thinks otherwise, he could just call off the exchange."

    Ni Fengnie had already seen all five of the treasures that were transferred to him and was extremely disappointed. None of these treasures could be comparable to his Heavy Rootless Gold and the difference was pretty vast. Furthermore, these items had no use for him to breakthrough to become an Immortal Emperor.

    Just as he sent all five items back after rejecting them, he noticed yet another item being transferred to him and his eyes lit up. Following which, he noticed that the light at Mo Wuji's seat was still bright.

    If he didn't see Mo Wuji, he would still be full of confidence but when he saw that Mo Wuji was not even an Immortal King, he got off the stage furiously. Does everyone thinks that he, Ni Fengnie, was very nice to lie to? For all of them to use rubbish to exchange for his items?
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