Chapter 627: The Exchange That Everyone Was Jealous Of

    Chapter 627: The Exchange That Everyone Was Jealous Of

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    "My name is Ni Fengnie and I am from the Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect. If your item worth much lesser than my Heavy Rootless Gold and waste my time, don't blame me for destroying it on the spot. If you are unhappy, you can find the Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect directly, I, Ni Fengnie, would accept any challenges from you. For such an invaluable item like the Heavy Rootless Gold, not everyone who yearned for it would be able to obtain it," When the two jade boxes were transferred to Ni Fengnie, he hadn't even open it but chose to stare coldly at Mo Wuji before making a statement like this.

    The crowd turned to stare at Mo Wuji as some were making fun of him while others remained speechless. Those who knew that Mo Wuji was a Tier 7 Immortal Emperor were slightly less obvious in their discussions of Mo Wuji but those didn't know anything started looking down on him without holding back. Nobody knew how Mo Wuji knew Ku Zhu and managed to obtain a seat in the first row but even Ku Zhu would not be able to make a fair judgement for Mo Wuji if Ni Fengnie were to destroy the items of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "If you have the guts, try destroying my items. If you were to destroy my items and still made it out of the Heavenly Chasm City alive, I, Mo Wuji, would deserve it. Of course, you would be free to destroy the items once you hand the Heavy Rootless Gold to me."

    Mo Wuji was not even fearful of Grand Emperor Lun Cai or Xiao Lishi so why would he be afraid of the threatens from a mere Immortal Reverent? Even if he was an Immortal Reverent who tempered his physique, he was still only an Immortal Reverent.

    Perhaps his Emperor Dao Fruit and Undying Holy Bamboo might still be worth slightly lesser than his Heavy Rootless Gold, Mo Wuji believed the difference was minute. More importantly, it would be useful for Ni Fengnie if he wanted to advance into the Immortal Emperor Stage. His Emperor Dao Fruit would help his progress to become an Immortal Emperor while his Undying Holy Bamboo would help the tempering of his physique.

    If Mo Wuji were to look at things from Ni Fengnie's perspective, he wouldn't think that either one of Mo Wuji's item was poor but that his Heavy Rootless Gold was slightly more valuable. However, Mo Wuji wasn't willing to take advantage of others so he decided to take out two items to trade with Ni Fengnie.

    Once he brought these two items out, even if Ni Fengnie was unwilling to exchange, he wouldn't be qualified enough to destroy his items. It would be fine if he was unwilling to exchange and sent his items straight back to him. However, if Ni Fengnie dared to destroy his items, the first thing he would do would be to ask Ku Zhu if the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse was going to intervene and if Ku Zhu said no, he would attack Ni Fengnie immediately. Following which, he would transmit a message to Zhuo Pingan to ask him not to let Ni Fengnie leave the Heavenly Chasm Immortal City. If two Grand Emperors were unable to finish one Immortal Reverent off, Mo Wuji would really deserve it.

    "Hahaha..." Ni Fengnie laughed out loud, "I, Ni Fengnie would really want to see if your methods were as powerful as your words. When I destroy your items, I really do want to see how you're going to stop me from leaving the Heavenly Chasm City."

    Not everyone noticed Mo Wuji's conversation with Lun Cai and his actions towards Xiao Lishi and Ni Fengnie definitely didn't see it. If he saw it, even if he didn't hold Mo Wuji in high regard, he wouldn't say such things to Mo Wuji.

    Lun Cai was sneering in his heart and the person he was mocking was Ni Fengnie. He had always looked down on immortal experts who tempered their physique because he always thought that they were simple minded people. While others might think that Mo Wuji would be unable to stop Ni Fengnie from leaving, Lun Cai was certain that if Mo Wuji wanted to kill Ni Fengnie in the Heavenly Chasm City, it would be as easy a pinching an ant to death.

    "To let you understand that I, Ni Fengnie, is not someone who likes to bully, I will open the jade box for everyone to see..." The moment Ni Fengnie finished speaking, he opened the first jade box.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, bully? An Immortal Reverent really did say he could bully him. Even if Zhuo Pingan wasn't here, Da Huang was still with him.

    Ni Fengnie was already stunned and he wasn't the only one as everyone in the hall was equally stunned. This was because even though Mo Wuji's first item was not worth as much as the Heavy Rootless Gold, it was not some sort of rubbish. This was an Undying Holy Bamboo which the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Xiao Lishi wanted earlier.

    The initially rowdy hall became much quieter and while the Undying Holy Bamboo was really not able to exchange for this large piece of Heavy Rootless Gold, Ni Fengnie would really be bullying if he dared to destroy the Undying Holy Bamboo. An item like this should be returned in one piece if he wasn't interested in exchanging for it.

    Ni Fengnie's expression turned slightly ugly because he needed this Undying Holy Bamboo. While it was not enough to exchange for his Heavy Rootless Gold, he had already said what he said so if he didn't destroy it, he would be viewed as weak.

    The person with the worst expression was Xiao Lishi because this Undying Holy Bamboo was something he really wanted. When he requested for it earlier on, Mo Wuji didn't even bother about him. It seemed like he would be finding Mo Wuji later on because this Undying Holy Bamboo would really be of use to him.

    The first jade box was the Undying Holy Bamboo and even if the item in the second jade box was not worth as much as the Undying Holy Bamboo, it shouldn't be much worse. Everyone was starting to think that Mo Wuji was really not just trying his luck but was actually taking out decent items. At this moment, everyone was focused on the second box on Ni Fengnie's hand as everyone wanted to know what Mo Wuji brought out in addition to the Undying Holy Bamboo.

    Ni Fengnie opened the second jade box in front of everyone.

    A grey fruit was lying in the middle of the jade box and there was pin drop silence throughout the entire hall. Even though this fruit was locked in by countless of seals, everyone could feel the Heaven and Earth Dao spirituality seeping out of the box.

    A few cultivators in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage were so rash that they almost couldn't control themselves from rushing forward to snatch it away.

    Mo Wuji was cursing in his heart at how stupid this fella was. By showing everyone a precious fruit like the Emperor Dao Fruit was simply equivalent to courting his own death.

    However, Ni Fengnie courting his own death would have nothing to do with him. The Emperor Dao Fruit was extremely rare and to be able to find one was already incredibly miraculous, let alone two.

    The moment Ni Fengnie took out the Emperor Dao Fruit, everyone would only find that fool and not think that Mo Wuji had a second one. In fact, Mo Wuji really didn't have a second one.

    "Emperor Dao Fruit..." A breath of cold air was took in by everyone as many more rapacious breaths could be heard. Everyone expected this second item to be something like a tret in addition to the Undying Holy Bamboo and not the other way round.

    In terms of value, the Emperor Dao Fruit might not worth as much as the Primal Wood Crystal but in terms of practicality, the Emperor Dao Fruit was something everyone wanted.

    If one were to place both the Primal Wood Crystal and an Emperor Dao Fruit in front of an Immortal Reverent, he would definitely choose the Emperor Dao Fruit and not the Primal Wood Crystal.

    Many people started to laugh at Mo Wuji in their hearts because they couldn't believe that Mo Wuji actually took out such a treasure for exchange. Not only that, he also added in the Undying Holy Bamboo.

    One must know that the Emperor Dao Fruit should be able to exchange for a Heavy Rootless Gold and even if it was not enough, the difference should be very minute. Furthermore, Ni Fengnie added that he wanted a treasure which could help him with his advancement into the Immortal Emperor so even this made it certain that even if Mo Wuji didn't add in the Undying Holy Bamboo, Ni Fengnie would agree to exchange.

    "Bang!" Ni Fengnie closed the jade box immediately as he banged the table and transferred the Heavy Rootless Gold to Mo Wuji.

    After doing so, he turned and bowed to Mo Wuji before saying, "I, Ni Fengnie, was indeed villain hearted and Dao Friend here is indeed the generous one. To be honest, the Emperor Dao Fruit is enough to exchange for my Heavy Rootless Gold and the fact that Dao Friend added in the Undying Holy Bamboo proved that Dao Friend is really truly an upright person. I, Ni Fengnie, would like to apologise to this Dao Friend here and I hope for your forgiveness.

    But because this Undying Holy Bamboo would be too useful for me, I will accept it shamelessly. I, Ni Fengnie, would owe you a favour and my Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect is a rather decent sect for physique tempering. In the future, if Dao Friend wants to find a place to temper your physique, you can find my Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect."

    Mo Wuji's heart was tempted because he was also a cultivator who tampered his physique. The Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect was the number one sect for physique tempering so they might be of use to Mo Wuji in the future. This Ni Fengnie was really considered bright, upright and had no hesitation in admitting his mistake. At the thought of this, Mo Wuji clasped his fist, "I, Mo Wuji, will definitely find you if I ever need you."

    Ni Fengnie clasped his fist in return before leaving. Now that he had gotten what he needed, there was no need for him to stick around for any longer.

    Too many people coveted for the Emperor Dao Fruit and since he had it in his hands now, he should hurry up to ignite his tribulation with it.

    "This Pill Master Mo is really a fool to think he actually added a Undying Holy Bamboo for free when he could have gotten it with the Emperor Dao Fruit," After Ni Fengnie left, Su Xi, who was sitting behind Mo Wuji, transmitted a message to her mentor, Yuan Yi.

    Yuan Yi was like the rest as he never expected Mo Wuji to actually exchange something so treasured for the Heavy Rootless Gold but she seemed to have thought of something after hearing Su Xi's message, "Su Xi, it is not disadvantageous to suffer some losses at times. This Mo Wuji is not a simple man, you have to show some respect if you ever see him again."

    Yuan Yi was an Immortal Emperor and after his exchange with Ni Fengnie, she could sense the extra admiration everyone held for Mo Wuji. A person who was willing to suffer some losses would always be able to gain the admiration of people around him. Everyone would be more than willing to befriend such a person. Fool? How many fools are there seated here?

    Mo Wuji's addition the Undying Holy Bamboo didn't only win the admiration of the crowd but also Ni Fengnie's friendship and gratitude. He even invited Mo Wuji to the Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect.
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