Chapter 628: The Insidious Elder Of The Lightning Sect

    Chapter 628: The Insidious Elder Of The Lightning Sect

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    The next few items up for exchange might not be as valuable as the Heavy Rootless Gold and the Emperor Dao Fruit, but they were all still peak grade treasures. One of them was a peak grade earth transformation sacred art which was not any weaker than the Emperor Dao Fruit. This sacred art allows the use to turn the surrounding earth elements into other elements. It could also be used for combat on ground or in vile environment hence, it was definitely a peak grade method.

    Mo Wuji had intentions to exchange for this sacred art but he had limited treasures on him. This sacred art was not something ordinary items could exchange for and if Mo Wuji were to bring out extraordinary items consecutively, it would attract unwanted attention from the others.

    Just the few exchanges earlier on proved that this was the most notable trade forum in the entire Immortal World.

    Presently, a male cultivator in purple silk robe stood up and took out a jade box before clasping his hands, "I have a portion of an ancient treasure and I would like to invite everyone to identify it."

    The man opened up the jade box immediately and it contained a grey thick thread. To be exact, it was a lampwick.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the lampwick, he revealed a dignified expression. This lampwick was definitely not an ordinary item because it contained dao energy of the ancient vicissitudes of life. When his spiritual will landed on it, it was as if it landed on a vast ocean with no specific details of anything.

    Upon more detailed observation, the lampwick exuded the feeling of a world and it contained an endless law on the energy.

    As compared to the Half Moon Green Halberd which he received previously, this lampwick was of a slightly higher grade. Because Mo Wuji had already condensed his own Undying World, he only needed one look to realise that this lampwick had a world of its own of decent grade. But because this lampwick had no lamp dish, the world should still be unable to form up.

    Mo Wuji was certain that if the lampwick was able to find its lamp dish, this would be a treasure which value would greatly surpass the Heavy Rootless Gold. This was not just a spiritual treasure because it also brought along a spatial world.

    "Han Long, do you know who this purple silk man is?" Mo Wuji looked at the fella with the lampwick and sensed that he was up to no good.

    He put this lampwick up for exchange because if anyone was willing to exchange for it, it would mean that the lamp dish was with the person. This fella could be searching for the person who had the lamp dish with him and definitely did not want to trade this item away easily. Otherwise, no matter how good the item was, it was still incomplete so what's the point of spending a large amount to obtain it?

    Similarly, since he dared to bring this treasure out for exchange, it showed how emboldened he was.

    "I recognise this man. He is the most powerful elder of the Lightning Sect, Qi Junyi. I've heard this man was very close to being a Grand Emperor and even had a lightning attribute sacred art. He was not someone a normal Grand Emperor would dare to fight with," Han Long whispered to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head subtly because given his strength, nobody would have the guts to harbour intentions of obtaining the lampwick.

    Mo Wuji was confident that no one would stand up to exchange because even if they had the lamp dish with them, they wouldn't want to risk their life exchanging for this lampwick. This was such an obvious trap so unless the person was a fool, he wouldn't reveal the lamp dish in his possession. Or rather, only those who thinks that they are stronger than Qi Junyi would dare to exchange for it.

    Qi Junyi continued, "I am only here in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse's trade forum incidentally. After this ends, I would be leaving the Lightning Sect to look for a secret hideout to undergo my closed doors cultivations for 300,000 years. After I am out from my closed doors, I will not appear in the Immortal World anymore. This lampwick is of no use to me so if anyone is interested, please bring out 50,000,000 high grade immortal crystals and 10 stalks of Tier 9 immortal herbs to exchange for it. Naturally, if you do not have that much, you could use something of similar value to exchange for it."

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, this fella was simply forcing someone to exchange for it. Because if the person had the lamp dish and chose not to exchange for the lampwick in this forum, he might not have the chance to do so in the future. This fella mentioned that he was about to be behind closed doors for 300,000 years and would not even return to the Immortal World afterwards. If someone had the lamp dish, he would rather believe his words because what if he really did go behind closed doors for 300,000 years and not come out after that?

    The regulated time was up and there was still no one interested in the exchange.

    Qi Junyi said with a trace of disappointment, "Since this is the case, I shall take my leave now. I wish that everyone would be able to exchange for something they want by the end of the day."

    After saying that, Qi Junyi really left the hall in a jiffy without stopping by.

    Mo Wuji shook his head at how vicious this fella was. This was evidently a tactic of loosening the reins only to grasp them better. Who knows how many auctions and trade forums he had used this method on?

    As long as one was not a fool, one would definitely not follow him out at this juncture. The moment someone followed Qi Junyi out of the place, wouldn't he be giving himself away?

    Mo Wuji thought that there would be no one foolish enough to follow Qi Junyi out but the reality was the exact opposite. Just as Qi Junyi left the place, Yuan Yi actually brought her disciple, Su Xi out of the place.

    Mo Wuji was slightly astonished at the foolish act of this nun. By following out there like that, even if she didn't have the lamp dish, others would think that she had the lamp dish with her...

    Soon after, Mo Wuji realised that the lamp dish must be with Yuan Yi. Qi Junyi had finally managed to fish for the person who had the lamp dish of the lampwick.

    Mo Wuji could only shake his head because this was something he couldn't and wouldn't interfere with. Even though Yuan Yi was an Immortal Emperor, Mo Wuji was certain that Yuan Yi would not be a match for that sly old Qi Junyi. By following him out, Qi Junyi could have already swallowed even the bones of Yuan Yi.

    Mo Wuji felt pitiful for the small nun, Su Xi, because Mo Wuji still had a good impression of the pure and innocent Su Xi.

    After letting this incident go, Mo Wuji raised his exchange token. And after so many exchanges, it was finally his turn.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a large jade box before taking out over ten different types of immortal pills to put on display, "Fellow Immortal Friends, I am an Honoured Grade Tier 7 Immortal Emperor so I am willing to bring out some unique grade Tier 7 immortal pills which I've concocted. My immortal pills for exchange includes the Draining Immortal King Pill, Wind Scar Pill, Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill, Green Bodhi Pill..."

    While a small portion of people had already found out that he was a Tier 7 Immortal Emperor previously, the entire hall had heard his words now that he used the exchange to announce himself as a Tier 7 Immortal Emperor. This method was evidently more effective.

    Even though Tier 7 pills were considered valuable, it didn't mean much in a venue like this. However, this was not the point of this exchange because the point was that Mo Wuji was an Honoured Grade Immortal Emperor.

    Discussions filled the entire hall because from the exchange between Mo Wuji and Ni Fengnie earlier on, most people already knew about Mo Wuji's origins. However, the news that they received was that Mo Wuji was an Honoured Grade Tier 5 Pill King who was abandoned by the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. How was it possible that Mo Wuji had managed to become a Tier 7 Immortal Emperor in such a short period of time?

    Majority of the people's spiritual wills landed on the immortal pills and everyone was able to tell that Mo Wuji wasn't lying. The reason being that all the pills Mo Wuji brought out were unique grade Tier 7 immortal pills.

    "There is even the unique grade Draining Immortal King Pill..."

    If unique grade immortal pills meant nothing, unique grade Draining Immortal King Pill would definitely not be a simple pill. This was a pill which was worth more than an ordinary Tier 8 immortal pill.

    Even though the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Xiao Lishi brought out the Tier 8 Grand Virtual Reverent Pill, the majority of people here would choose the rare Tier 7 Draining Immortal King Pill over it.

    "Pill Master Mo, I need a Draining Immortal King Pill. What are your requests" Someone couldn't control his excitement as he shouted out.

    "Pill Master Mo, are you able to help concoct a furnace of Tier 7 immortal pills?" Another excited person exclaimed.

    Previously when Xu Suren and Xiao Lishi was on stage, nobody dared to ask questions like these. Given the status of Xu Suren and Xiao Lishi, asking questions in this manner would cause others to think that you're arrogant and even anger the two experts.

    However, things were different with Mo Wuji because Mo Wuji was not that reputable and he was not even a member of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. A rogue cultivator Pill Emperor helping to concoct pills was definitely normal.


    Initially, Mo Wuji wanted to sit throughout the entire trade forum but after watching Xu Suren leave, Mo Wuji changed his mind, he wanted to visit Xu Suren even before this trade forum ends so that he could request for Xu Suren to help forge his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    Mo Wuji stood up and chuckled before clasping his fist, "Fellow Immortal Friends, if I were to exchange for each and every one of my pills, I might waste everyone's time. I thought of an idea and that is after this trade forum ends, those who wishes to exchange for some of my pills or those who wants me to concoct some pills could proceed to the seventh floor Room 6A of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse to find me. I will be staying at the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse for a prolonged period of time so I would be able to help everyone concoct immortal pills.

    Naturally, because this was the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse's trade forum, I will hand out the necessary fees to the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse when an exchange is completed."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, everyone guessed that Mo Wuji had deep connections with the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse. In the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, no matter which level it was, as long as the person lived in the 'A' room, he should be of high status.

    This evidently showed how good Mo Wuji was at conducting himself. He announced his status as a Tier 7 Pill Emperor here, and initiated to help others concoct pills in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse together with the exchange of pills without neglecting the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse. Ku Zhu might have thought highly of Mo Wuji's Pill Dao but Mo Wuji was not willing to take advantage of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse because of Ku Zhu's high regard. Whether he was a true friend or a beneficial friend, friendship and benefits had to be mutual.

    Ku Zhu's voice was heard across the hall, "Pill Emperor Mo would be a friend of my Heavenly Chasm Resthouse in the future so I would warmly welcome anyone who would wish to find Pill Emperor Mo at my Heavenly Chasm Resthouse. As for the fees that Pill Emperor Mo mentioned, my Heavenly Chasm Resthouse would not accept Pill Master Mo's immortal crystals no matter how poor we've become."

    There was still a sentence which Ku Zhu didn't mentioned and that was to say that those who wishes to enter the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse to visit Mo Wuji to concoct pills would still have to pay the fees to the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse to enter.

    Mo Wuji was able to tell Ku Zhu's intentions but was not bothered by it at all. Since they had come to find him to concoct pills, they must not be people of simple backgrounds so if he were to be concocting their pills for them at the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, it was only necessary for the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse to collect the required fees.
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