Chapter 629: Half Moon Weighted Halberd

    Chapter 629: Half Moon Weighted Halberd

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    "Many thanks Castellan Ku and I would like to announce one more news. 10 years later, I will be establishing my own sect, Ping Fan. I would like to welcome Immortal Friends from all over the Immortal World to show your support then. When that time comes, I will be concocting pills for everyone for three months. Ping Fan has a branch sect called the Tian Ji Sect so I would like to welcome all the remaining disciples of the Tian Ji Sect to return home from everywhere you are. From today onwards, enemies of the disciples of the Tian Ji Sect would be enemies of Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji made use of this opportunity to announce his future establishment of his Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji mentioned about the Tian Ji Sect because he did have the capability to protect the survivors of the Tian Ji Sect now. Concurrently, he wanted to let those who have been bullying disciples of the Tian Ji Sect to let go before Mo Wuji vents his anger on them.

    After announcing all these, Mo Wuji brought Da Huang out of the trade forum. As for Han Long, because she had no important matters on hand, she didn't follow Mo Wuji out of the hall.

    Once Mo Wuji left the trade forum hall, he didn't return straight to his residence but went to level 9 Room 19A instead.

    Even before Mo Wuji could touch the sensor of array at the entrance, a gentle voice could be heard, "Since you're here, please come on in."

    The entrance opened up and the first thing Mo Wuji saw when he walked in was Xu Suren working on an equipment which even Mo Wuji had not seen before.

    The restrictions on the door were put in place once again and Xu Suren completed his work on the equipment before placing it to one side when he saw Mo Wuji walked in.

    "Rogue Cultivator Mo Wuji greets Senior Xu," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and greeted with an extremely respectful tone.

    "Immortal Friend Mo, please take a seat. You are a Honoured Grade Tier 7 Immortal Emperor and in time to come, your status would not be any lower than mine. Therefore, there is no need to be so punctilious between us," Xu Suren nodded and said.

    The fact that he left early and was still aware that Mo Wuji was an Honoured Grade Tier 7 Immortal Emperor showed that someone transmitted the message to him.

    Mo Wuji didn't stand on ceremony because in the Immortal World, power comes with respect. However, Mo Wuji was respectful to Xu Suren not because he was a Level 9 Immortal Emperor but because of his character. From the moment Xu Suren stepped into the trade forum till the moment he left, Mo Wuji noticed that he didn't exude or display any aura to pressure others. Mo Wuji was also able to sense that Xu Suren's politeness to everyone was not a pretentious act but a sincere attitude he held with him through his life.

    There was one more point and that was the fact that he cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique because he felt that Xu Suren had a similar type of energy around him.

    After Mo Wuji sat down, Xu Suren noticed the immortal puppet behind Mo Wuji and said, "This immortal puppet is very strong which even I am unable to forge. If my guess is not wrong, it shouldn't be from the Immortal World."

    "Yes indeed, in my eyes, Da Huang is my friend and someone I've met coincidentally," Mo Wuji answered. Mo Wuji was already prepared to let Xu Suren observe Da Huang for a while if he requested for it. After all, it would be very hard for a Smith Master like Xu Suren to be not curious at the sight of Da Huang.

    Looking at how Mo Wuji treated an immortal puppet as his friend, Xu Suren's eyes lit up and formed an even more favourable impression of Mo Wuji. Neither did he continue harping on the immortal puppet nor request for Mo Wuji to let him have a look at Da Huang but took the initiative to ask instead, "May I know why Immortal Friend Mo is looking for me?"

    Mo Wuji took out that piece of Heavy Rootless Gold and the Half Moon Halberd Blade before saying, "Junior would like to request senior to help me smith out a new halberd."

    "Great items," At the sight of the two items Mo Wuji brought out, Xu Suren couldn't help but to praise it.

    The first thing Xu Suren grabbed was not the Heavy Rootless Gold but the incomplete Half Moon Green Halberd. After flipping the incomplete halberd for numerous times to look at it, he placed it back on the table without saying anything.

    Mo Wuji stood up and clasped his fist once more, "Senior Xu, I..."

    Mo Wuji truly wanted a good magic treasure so he intended to use an Primal Fire Crystal to exchange for Xu Suren's help to forge this magic treasure. Naturally, the value of one Primal Fire Crystal would definitely be much higher than someone's help to forge a magic treasure so Mo Wuji was intending to request for a Grade 9 flying equipment from Xu Suren too.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that even before he could complete his sentence, Xu Suren interrupted and said, "Pill Master Mo, are you cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique?"

    Upon hearing Xu Suren's words, Mo Wuji confirmed that Xu Suren cultivated this technique too as he nodded straightaway, "Yes, I am indeed cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique. Could senior's cultivation technique be the same one too?"

    Mo Wuji was indeed cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique but it was not the Immortal Mortal Technique which Xu Suren thought it was. He was cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique which he had modified himself and in fact, it was the exact opposite because his modified technique was the Reverse Immortal Mortal Technique.

    Xu Suren didn't reply Mo Wuji's question but continued speaking, "Pill Master Mo please wait for me here as I would need about five days to forge this magic treasure. During the process of smithing, I would need some of your blood so that this magic treasure would merge much more thoroughly with you."

    Mo Wuji was shocked because Xu Suren didn't mention anything about the price or said anything about whether he was also cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique. He simply agreed to help him just like that?

    One must know that the price and effort to forge out an offensive Grade 9 immortal equipment should be shockingly high. What is the meaning behind these actions of Xu Suren?

    At this instance, Xu Suren was already fully focused on analysing the halberd and Mo Wuji could only wait patiently for him to finish before saying anything else. Fortunately, he still had some items with him which should be able to cover the fees Xu Suren might claim from him.

    Xu Suren analysed the halberd for a full four hours before releasing a flame from his hand.

    A terrifying temperature could be felt and Mo Wuji subconsciously leaned back away from the flame. There was a tint of redness within the violet flame flower and within the flame, Mo Wuji saw nine faint flower buds. This was a Grade 9 immortal flame? Mo Wuji was secretly speechless because he had no idea how many years he would take to advance his Scholar's Heart to become a Grade 9 immortal flame if he didn't obtain the Primal Fire Crystal.

    The violet flame with a tint of red in front of him was actually a Grade 9 immortal flame and Mo Wuji had no idea what kind of flame it was. He wondered why Xu Suren still wanted an Primal Fire Crystal if his flame was already a Grade 9 immortal flame.

    The more shocking thing was that Xu Suren actually threw Mo Wuji's Half Moon Halberd into the flame to start merging it.

    Even though the Half Moon Halberd was a peak grade treasure, with its restrictions being destroyed, the halberd would eventually melt under a Grade 9 immortal flame no matter how strong the material of the halberd was.

    Wasn't he supposed to merge the Heavy Rootless Gold into the Half Moon Halberd to turn it into an improved halberd? If he were to resmith a new halberd from the Half Moon Halberd, would the new magic treasure still be related to the Half Moon Halberd? Wouldn't it be a brand new halberd?

    Xu Suren's hands moved increasingly fast and after the Half Moon Halberd was melted, he sent the Heavy Rootless Gold into the flame.

    Under the Grade 9 immortal flame, the speed at which the Heavy Rootless Gold melted was extremely fast too.

    In just half a day, the melted items had been converted into a distorted liquid. Xu Suren constantly executed all sorts of hand seals and with every seal executed, it seemed as though countless of impurities were crowded out.

    Mo Wuji was also a Grade 5 Immortal Array Master and had been dabbling with restrictions and arrays but he realised that he was still way too far behind the proficiency of this Xu Suren in front of him.

    No wonder it was said that every smith expert would be a top notch array master. Mo Wuji had no idea how good Xu Suren was in smithing but he was confident that Xu Suren was definitely a peak grade array master.

    Following Xu Suren's constant execution of hand seals, the formless halberd started to exude a sharp, murderous intent.

    "Spurt out some blood now!" At this instance, Xu Suren shouted at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had been in contact with Equipment Dao and was even able to forge out a Grade 2 immortal equipment so when Xu Suren shouted at him, he naturally understood what was going on. WIthout any hesitation, he spurted out some blood into the embryo of the equipment.

    After Mo Wuji released some blood, the halberd seemed to have a new life within it. The energy of this new life seemed to have faint connections to Mo Wuji's will.

    "Continue spurting out more blood..." Xu Suren's face was turning pale as the execution of his hand seals were getting faster. At this moment, he started to draw out all sorts of arrays in the embryo of the equipment.

    Mo Wuji didn't dare to waste any time as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

    Under normal circumstances, two mouthful of blood should suffice but Mo Wuji had no idea that this was only the beginning. Because of Xu Suren's instructions, Mo Wuji had to constantly spit out mouthful of blood from time to time.

    Days passed and the embryo started to take the shape of a halberd while Mo Wuji's face started to turn paler by the day.

    If not for the support of his Vitality Channel, Mo Wuji suspected that he might not be able to last any longer.

    When even Da Huang started to feel uncomfortable, Xu Suren shouted, "Collect!"

    "Boom!" A faint cry could be heard and it was gone in the next second. Mo Wuji wasn't too bothered by it as his focus was on the long halberd.

    "Ding!" A clear sound could be heard a two metres long halberd started suspending in front of Mo Wuji. The long halberd's body was faint green in colour.

    However, this green was not sumptuous at all and was in fact, a little ugly because it even looked like there were moss growing on it. About one third of the long halberd had the shape of a half moon and it didn't look very glorious either.

    No matter how he looked at it, this long halberd looked like an extremely ordinary magic treasure.

    Even though he had to grab hold of the halberd, Mo Wuji could feel the connection between the halberd and his heart. Mo Wuji subconsciously opened his palm and the halberd landed onto Mo Wuji's hand automatically.

    An extremely sharp and mighty energy was released as a lofty pride surged in Mo Wuji's chest. He had a sensing that as long as he was willing, he would be able to slice everything apart with this incredible halberd.

    What a mighty feeling! Mo Wuji's immortal energy started circulating and the halberd in his hand let out a metres long green radiance surged with killing intent.

    Mo Wuji hurried to withdraw his immortal energy before bowing excitedly at Xu Suren, "Many thanks Senior Xu for helping junior forge out such an incredible magic treasure."

    This long halberd looked very ordinary but Mo Wuji was well aware of how extraordinary this halberd was the moment it landed on his hands. This was definitely a Grade 9 immortal equipment and could even be an existence which surpass the Grade 9.

    The only doubt he had was that this halberd didn't require him to refine it by himself.

    "Your blood was added into this halberd so there is no need for you to refine and no one would be able to snatch it away from you. This is a halberd belonging to you alone so you should give it a name," The exhausted Xu Suren appeared as if he could read Mo Wuji's mind as he explained to Mo Wuji.

    "I shall call it the Half Moon Weighted Halberd then," Mo Wuji said casually. He knew that he was able to give it a much more creative name but he still felt as though the more ordinary the name was, the more apt it was for his halberd.
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