Chapter 630: The Peculiar Master Xu

    Chapter 630: The Peculiar Master Xu

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    Xu Suren nodded his head, "This name seemed pretty strong. This halberd turned from an ordinary weapon to an immortal weapon so the more ordinary the name, the more suitable it was. Regardless, this long halberd is most suitable for you."

    "Senior, should I change it to a more ordinary name?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask because it wasn't easy to come up with a simple name.

    Xu Suren shook his hand, "The first name that came out from your mouth was already recognised by the halberd. It coincides with the Heaven and Earth's Dao spirituality so there is no need to change it anymore. This would be the name of the halberd."

    Mo Wuji didn't continue speaking because even though he had yet to reach that realm, he could feel the faint laws of that realm.

    "Senior, because you have forge out such an invaluable treasure for me, I have a..." Before the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in front of Mo Wuji, he had no intentions to tell Xu Suren that he was willing to use an Primal Fire Crystal to exchange for his service. After he had seen the Half Moon Weighted Halberd, he changed his mind.

    For a treasure like this, Mo Wuji was even willing to use two Primal Fire Crystals in exchange for it. Perhaps the Half Moon Weighted Halberd would never be worth the same amount as the Primal Fire Crystal, Mo Wuji had already grew a liking towards it. And to Mo Wuji, nothing was more important than his likings.

    What made Mo Wuji stressed out was that Xu Suren interrupted his sentence yet again as he even handed Mo Wuji a jade letter and a communication token, "I am not interested in any of your items so this a communication token from me. In the future, just lend me a helping hand if I ever need your help. The jade letter contains some of my insights towards smithing so you should keep it well too. Alright, I want to rest now so I shall not send you to the door. Please take care."

    He didn't want anything from Mo Wuji and all he needed was Mo Wuji's help in the future? Mo Wuji looked suspiciously at Xu Suren and only when Xu Suren indicated for him to leave, Mo Wuji bowed to show his respect before leaving Xu Suren's residence doubtfully.

    Something feels wrong here because Mo Wuji didn't even say what he was about to offer so why did Xu Suren thinks that Mo Wuji had nothing he was interested in? It would make some sense if Mo Wuji hadn't completed the exchange with Ni Fengnie. However, after he took out the Emperor Dao Fruit to exchange with Ni Fengnie, it could be said that nobody would dare to say Mo Wuji didn't have any more decent items with him.

    How could a reputable figure like Xu Suren make such a mistake?

    If there was no chance of him making such a mistake, there would only be one possibility left. That was the fact that Xu Suren was aware of the valuable items on him and knew that he even had the Primal Fire Crystal but he simply wasn't willing to let Mo Wuji bring them out.

    Xu Suren had clearly just came out of his closed doors and even went to the trade forum in high profile to ask for the Primal Fire Crystal so why was he not willing to let Mo Wuji bring out his items? Besides, he even gave Mo Wuji a jade letter which contained some of his insights and knowledge on smithing? One must know that Xu Suren's smithing insights and knowledge was something as treasured as the Emperor Dao Fruit.

    Mo Wuji was certain that he had no association with Xu Suren in the past and was not aware of his existence before this.

    He lowered his head to look at the communication token before using his spiritual will to scan through it. Following which, he stopped in his tracks before throwing the jade token in his Undying World before leaving in a hurry.

    Mo Wuji was a Grade 5 Immortal Array Master so he was naturally proficient in his understandings towards communication token. The communication token which Xu Suren gave him was a little peculiar because it contained a trace of Xu Suren's spiritual imprint.

    This imprint was not meant to track him but for allowing Xu Suren to meet Mo Wuji once more moments before he dies.

    Given Mo Wuji's smartness, he was able to understand Xu Suren's meaning in the shortest possible time. It seemed like Xu Suren really knew about the valuable items Mo Wuji had with him and was unwilling to take his items and even let Mo Wuji say out what he had.

    When Mo Wuji arrived at the entrance of his own doors, Mo Wuji was astonished at the crowd of people gathered in front of him door.

    "Pill Emperor Mo is back!" The excited crowd rushed towards Mo Wuji at the sight of him.

    Han Long had also walked over before explaining to Mo Wuji, "The trade forum has ended and these people are here to exchange for your immortal pills. Some are even here to invite you to concoct pills for them."

    Mo Wuji's mind had been occupied with the Xu Suren's incident so he really didn't expect so many people to be gathered here to exchange with him. When Han Long woke him up from his daze, he clasped his fists and said, "Fellow Immortal Friends, because I have been concocting pills for someone for the past few days, I am feeling slightly lethargic now. I would need to rest for about three days so may I ask everyone to come back in three days time? I will start concocting pills of your requests or exchange some of the available pills I have with me three days later."

    For the Half Moon Weighted Halberd, Mo Wuji had lost too much blood and what he needed now was rest more than anything else.

    Even though most of the Immortal Friends here were slightly dissatisfied, they could only agree to Mo Wuji's request.

    After sending these cultivators away, Mo Wuji put up the restrictions in his residence before taking out the jade letter.

    The seals on the jade letter were broken easily and the first sentence Mo Wuji saw was, "If a Smith Master requests to take a look at your immortal puppet, you must not agree. For a cultivator who practised the Immortal Mortal Technique, once you've reached a certain standard, it would be extremely easy for you to learn pill concoction or smithing. However, such techniques are easy to learn but hard to master. This is because generally, most pills or magic treasures are made from the most ordinary of materials and herbs and this was similar to the Immortal Mortal Technique in the grand Dao Spirituality. You are the only person whom I have seen managed to cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique and reached the Grand Yi Stage. This is my outline and some insights of the Equipment Dao and I hope it will be useful for you in the future."

    After this would be some of his opinions of the Equipment Dao as there were no other words or hidden meanings.

    Regardless the case, Xu Suren had good intentions in his heart so Mo Wuji kept the jade letter before swallowing some immortal pills to recover his immortal energy.

    Three days later, Mo Wuji had fully recovered the immortal energy he lost as he started concocting and exchanging some Tier 7 pills with the interested cultivators.

    During these exchanges, Mo Wuji's main purpose was to collect a few Tier 8 immortal herbs or some more important Tier 7 immortal herbs as he began his preparations to become a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. As for the pills that he brought out for exchange, Mo Wuji brought out a total of six Draining Immortal King Pills. It was not that he didn't have more but because he was reluctant to bring out too many of such pills.

    The Draining Immortal King Pill was a strategic immortal pill and since he wanted to establish his own sect, he should have more of such pills. Moreover, he had promised some people in the Broken World to help them concoct the Draining Immortal King Pills so in other words, a portion of the Draining Immortal King Fruit belonged to others. Therefore, he would definitely not waste it casually.

    For over ten consecutive days until Mo Wuji announced that he had stopped the exchange, there were still people streaming towards his residence.

    Mo Wuji was no longer willing to continue exchanging because during this period of over 10 days, other than publicising his reputation and exchanging out a bunch of Tier 7 immortal pills, he didn't receive much Tier 8 immortal herbs that he needed.

    "Fellow Immortal Friends, I wish to go undergo closed doors cultivation for a while. I have basically exchanged out all the Tier 7 immortal pills I had with me so the exchange with me has come to an end," Seeing that there were still about seven to eight cultivators who were unwilling to leave, Mo Wuji expressed his intentions to go behind closed doors so as to chase them away.

    Mo Wuji was a Tier 7 Immortal Emperor who was not even fearful of Ni Fengnie of the Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect so now that he was unwilling to exchange anymore, nobody dared to force Mo Wuji to exchange with them. Even if they were slightly reluctant to leave, these cultivators had no other choice but to respect his decision and leave.

    "Why are you still here? I have already said that for the time being, I am not willing to exchange any more pills nor concoct any more pills for anyone," After everyone left, Mo Wuji questioned when he saw a short youth still standing at his entrance.

    The youth cupped his fist towards Mo Wuji, "Pill Emperor Mo, I would only like to invite you to help me concoct a few furnace of Zhi Desolate Pills..."

    ZHi Desolate Pill? Mo Wuji's heart skipped a beat because the Zhi Desolate Pill needed the Heavenly Desolate Grass which both himself and Zhuo Pingan needed.

    Despite his emotions, Mo Wuji's expression remained calm. He was able to tell that this youth had intentionally paused for a moment when he mentioned the Zhi Desolate Pill.

    When he noticed Mo Wuji's calm expression, this youth continued, "If Pill Master Mo is willing to help me concoct the Zhi Desolate Pills, I am willing to tell senior where the Zhi Desolate Grass are located at."

    Mo Wuji maintained his emotionless expression before saying, "My apologies, I have already mentioned that I am not going to concoct any more pills for the time being. Please take your leave."

    The place where the Heavenly Desolate Grass could be found was similar to the Heavy Rootless Gold in which there would be nothing else in the area. Additionally, it was in a place where one without vitality wouldn't be able to find the place with the five elements. Therefore, the Heavenly Desolate Grass was extremely rare.

    Mo Wuji didn't agree immediately because he was certain that this youth would not give up just like that.

    The Zhi Desolate might indeed be a Tier 5 immortal pill but this pill was not something a Pill King could concoct. An ordinary Pill King would find it extremely difficult to perfect the concoction of this pill.

    This youth looked like he was in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage and he would simply be dreaming if he were to think that he was strong enough to request a Pill Emperor to help him concoct the pills. The only way for him to get the Zhi Desolate Pill would be to continue pleading Mo Wuji.

    Indeed, when he heard that Mo Wuji had no opinions towards the Heavenly Desolate Grass, the youth's expression changed slightly and increased the speed of his voice, "Pill Master Mo should know that the Zhi Desolate Pill is used to condense spiritual will and increase the primordial spirit. The reason why I want to concoct this immortal pill was because I found an incomplete scroll and the scroll contained a sacred art to condense the primordial spirit. If Pill Master Mo is willing to help me concoct the pills, I am willing to offer this sacred art to Pill Master Mo."

    Mo Wuji wanted to hear this sentence because Mo Wuji knew that this youth must have had a primordial spirit related sacred art which was why he wanted the Zhi Desolate Pill. Mo Wuji created his own technique to condense spiritual will but it was still full of weak points and had yet to turn into a proper form. Since he wanted to establish his own sect, he would naturally need a sacred art like this.

    After finishing his piece, the youth noticed that Mo Wuji had remained silent and when he was about to continue, Mo Wuji suddenly called out for the youth, "Since this is the case, come on in."

    The moment he entered Mo Wuji's residence, this youth took out the incomplete leather scroll before passing it to Mo Wuji, "Pill Master Mo, this is the incomplete scroll that I've obtained but there are far too many missing parts."

    Mo Wuji took over the scroll and knew at that instance that this youth was not being honest with him. There were simply far too many missing parts of the scroll and that this was merely the introduction. If this really only the introduction, the youth in front of him would never be able to condense his spiritual will and primordial spirit hence, he would not need the Zhi Desolate Pill.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't too bothered by this because his technique was different from everyone else and even if he were to receive a complete sacred art, he would alter it anyway.

    "Star Sea Sacred Technique?" As he saw the name of the sacred art and the next few sentences, Mo Wuji said in doubt, "This doesn't seem like a technique for condensing of spiritual will and primordial spirit ah."
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