Chapter 631: Asking For Help

    Chapter 631: Asking For Help

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    After saying that, Mo Wuji sensed that every word on the scroll seemed to contain an endless amount of dao spirituality within it. Every word was like a technique was its own and even though there were only a few sentences on the scroll, Mo Wuji could feel the vast interaction of the universe. The interlace of the vast universe seemed to be forming a few more words.

    Could this be the letter of Great Dao? The letter of Great Dao was not a simple letter by its own but it is something which looked simple but complicated, turning from complicated to vast and then something simple would be derived from the vastness of the letter eventually.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel seemed to have found a trace of dao spirituality and this spirituality was forming a brand new dao insight.

    The dao energy started to turn into an embryonic form in Mo Wuji's mind as Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. He knew that the item on his hand was definitely not a sacred art to condense spiritual will or primordial spirit but a technique to condense the sea of consciousness.

    From a certain angle, this would be much more rare than a technique to condense spiritual will and primordial spirit. The extent of increase of one's sea of consciousness would be directly related to the cultivator's talent, cultivation technique and his own fate.

    He didn't expect to have found a true technique to condense his sea of consciousness and he believed that this was much more valuable than the Heavy Gold. The youth in front of him only showed him the introduction while keeping the remaining part of it for himself. However, Mo Wuji believed that this was more than enough because if he were to look through the entire scroll, it might affect his understanding towards the sea of consciousness.

    "Pill Master Mo, this incomplete scroll is definitely beneficial to the primordial spirit which is why I wanted to try cultivating it with the Zhi Desolate Pill. If Pill Master Mo is willing to help me concoct the Zhi Desolate Pill, this incomplete scroll would belong to you," The youth said calmly.

    "Alright," Mo Wuji didn't waste any more time as he kept the scroll without any hesitation before saying to the youth, "Bring out the herbs needed for the Zhi Desolate Pill and also the location of the Heavenly Desolate Grass."

    The youth was the astonished one now because he didn't expect the negotiations to be this simple. He thought that Mo Wuji might suspect that he had hidden the remaining parts of the scroll. He had even thought of the excuse to say to Mo Wuji which was why he really didn't expect Mo Wuji to not talk about it at all.

    "Yes, these are the ingredients and the location of the Heavenly Desolate Grass," The youth reacted very quickly as he handed Mo Wuji a storage ring.

    After four hours, Mo Wuji managed to concoct four batches of Zhi Desolate Pills. Because the Zhi Desolate Pill was a Tier 5 immortal pill, it was simply too easy for Mo Wuji.

    "What's your name?" Mo Wuji handed the pills to the youth before asking him abruptly.

    "Tai Shixiao," The youth was still shocked at Mo Wuji's rate of concoction and when Mo Wuji suddenly asked him, he answered subconsciously.

    "Alright, you may leave now," Mo Wuji nodded as he saw Tai Shixiao accepting his pills.

    On his way out of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, Tai Shixiao was still annoyed at why he told Mo Wuji his name.

    After sending off Tai Shixiao, Mo Wuji didn't continue analysing the Star Sea Sacred Technique because an technique like this was not something he could gain enlightenment in just a few days, not even with his dao revelation channel. What he wanted to do now was to leave the Heavenly Chasm Immortal City with Da Huang to visit the Gods Heavenly Chasm.


    "Bang!" Two shadows landed outside the entrance of a merchant house in the Heavenly Chasm City and all the other cultivators gave way at the sight of the splattering blood.

    Those who were aware of the rules in the Heavenly Chasm City sighed because these two people must have been chased by others and ended up with nowhere to run which was why they broke through the restrictions of the Heavenly Chasm City and entered forcefully.

    One must know that the Heavenly Chasm City's defensive arrays would not always be ignited completely and an ordinary Immortal Emperor would be able to break through it.

    However, being able to break through it didn't mean that one would be daring enough to break through it. One had to be held responsible if one were to tear apart the restrictions of the Heavenly Chasm City and anyone who dared to do such things would instantly become the great enemy of the Heavenly Chasm City.

    "I recognised the two immortal nuns; they were there at the Heavenly Chasm City's trade forum a few days ago..." A small discussion was heard from within the crowd.

    "I am also aware of them. They were chasing after the Lightning Sect's elder Qi Junyi and I didn't expect them to suffer such heavy injuries to the extent that they had to force their way back here."


    The one who forcefully broke the restriction arrays of the Heavenly Chasm City was indeed mentor Yuan Yi and her disciple Su Xi, who had left the trade forum a few days ago. However, Yuan Yi's energy was distorted and her entire body was filled with blood stains. Other than this, the immortal energy around her was dissipating and death was looming around her. It was clear to everyone that she was escaping desperately from whoever was after her.

    Nobody would dare to step out at this moment because anyone who was associated with this incident would bring trouble to themselves. Without mentioning the Heavenly Chasm City, even the Lightning Sect was not a sect to anger.

    "Master..." The young nun, Su Xi, was crying in desperation as she held onto Yuan Yi without knowing what to do.

    A few strong forces hurried into the Heavenly Chasm City and two of them brought along killing intent with them.

    Yuan Yi managed to force her eyes open and when she saw the mighty forces which had barged into the Heavenly Chasm City, she appeared to be at a loss.

    Mediation Nunnery don't usually socialise so they wouldn't have much friends here. At this moment, she knew that escaping into the Heavenly Chasm City would give her a glimpse of hope but after reaching her, she had no idea where to go and who to ask for help.

    As the Lightning Sect members were getting closer to her, Yuan Yi suddenly said, "Su Xi, hurry to the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse and get Pill Master Mo to help..."

    Before she could even finish her sentence, she lost her will and the deathly energy which was looming around her grew denser.

    She was not very close with Mo Wuji but after thinking for a long while, she realised that other than the one time fate with Pill Master Mo, she couldn't think of anyone else to ask for help.

    Su Xi had noticed the few people who were approaching them and she was well aware that the moment they fell in the hands of the Lightning Sect, she and her master would be finished. Now that her master ordered her, she didn't even think as she carried her master and ran straight to the entrance of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse. Fortunately, the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse was only half a street away from where they landed.

    At the same time, a few cultivators from the Lightning Sect continued their pursuit and landed right at the entrance of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse too.

    "Pill Master Mo, I am begging you to save my master..." Su Xi no longer cared about the people behind as she kneel while carrying her master in front of the entrance of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse.

    Mo Wuji just walked out of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse and he saw Su Xi hugging her master and kneeling while pleading for help. Following which, he noticed members of the Lightning Sect chasing after them and an extremely angered Elder Qi Junyi was further behind.

    Three disciples of the Lightning Sect, which included two men and one woman, were chasing after Su Xi and her master. Out of the two men, one of them was a Grand Luo Immortal while the other was an Immortal Reverent. The woman was an Immortal King.

    Mo Wuji had lightning attributes sacred art of his own so when he sized the three of them using his spiritual will, he knew that all three of them cultivated lightning attributes sacred art. This was especially so for the Immortal Reverent because even though he was only in the elementary Immortal Reverent Stage, the lightning spirituality around him were forming up well.

    If a cultivator who cultivated the mana technique were to face up against such lightning spirituality, even before the fight, he would have felt a form of innate restraint.

    The reason why the Lightning Sect had such great reputation was not unrelated to the Lightning Sect's cultivation technique.

    The Grand Luo Immortal sized Mo Wuji up and realised that Mo Wuji would not be his match so he didn't hesitate as he took a step forward to grab Su Xi.

    His action was instantly obstructed by the Immortal Reverent beside him as the Immortal Reverent clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Pill Master Mo, these two people surprised attacked the elder of my Lightning Sect, causing him to suffer sevre injuries. My Lightning Sect wishes to capture these two and we hope that Pill Master Mo would not intervene as we have to answer to our higher ups."

    The anxious Grand Luo Immortal stopped in his tracks when he heard the words of the Immortal Reverent. If even an Immortal Reverent of the Lightning Sect had to be this polite and respectful to Pill Master Mo, he must not be someone simple.

    Qi Junyi walked towards them and clasped his fists too, "Pill Master Mo, this is the personal feud between the Lightning Sect and the Mediation Nunnery so I would like to invite Pill Master Mo to stay out of this."

    As he noticed how terrified Su Xi was, Mo Wuji lifted his hand and Su Xi could feel a strong energy holding onto her as she got onto her feets involuntarily. Even though Mo Wuji and Su Xi were in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage, the reality was that Mo Wuji was so many folds stronger than Su Xi.

    "Junior sister Su Xi, your master's primordial spirit is dissipating and her vitality is weak. She is already a dead person and no matter how strong I am, I am unable to bring the dead back to life," Mo Wuji said apologetically and while he was speaking, he lifted his hand and sent a stream of vitality energy into Yuan Yi's body.

    Mo Wuji's words were true because back when Cen Shuyin had fallen, the fortunate thing was that her complete primordial spirit managed to enter the Yin Underworld. However, Yuan Yi's primordial spirit was almost disappearing so how could he save her?

    After receiving Mo Wuji's stream of vitality, Yuan Yi woke up. Even right before her death, she managed to realise how precarious the situation her disciple was in. She took out the ring in her hand and placed it in Su Xi's hand before saying to Mo Wuji, "Pill Master Mo, my Mediation Nunnery always had a direct line of succession so I would like to plead Pill Master Mo to save Su Xi's life. As for the rest, Pill Master Mo could do whatever you want... Su Xi, you have to listen to Pill Master Mo, you..."

    This stream of vitality managed to allow Yuan Yi to say out what she wanted to say in her final breath but the pity was that even before she could say out her complete will, her primordial spirit had been completely dispersed.


    Heavenly Chasm City's Castellan Mansion.

    The person standing in front of Ku Zhu was a grey robe Immortal King as he hurried to say, "Mediation Nunnery's Lord Yuan Yi had torn the restriction arrays of the Heavenly Chasm City apart but was found dead at the entrance of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse. The Lightning Sect including Elder Qi Junyi wants to bring her disciple, Su Xi, away..."

    Ku Zhu nodded his head as he was naturally well aware of the reason for this act. Yuan Yi was simply courting death to think she would actually find Qi Junyi for the exchange. It was her fortune that she managed to make it back to the Heavenly Chasm City alive. However, no one should expect to be alive after having the guts to tear the restriction arrays of the Heavenly Chasm City apart. Since Yuan Yi had fallen, her disciple shall be held responsible for it.

    Just as Ku Zhu was about to order his men to bring Yuan Yi's disciple back to the castellan's mansion, the grey robe Immortal King continued, "Pill Master Mo of the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse decided to intervene as he seemed to have some personal deal with Yuan Yi. He is currently negotiating with the members of the Lightning Sect. Should I bring her here first?"

    "Hold on..." Upon hearing that Mo Wuji was interfering with this incident, Ku Zhu replied, "Go over once their negotiations are over."
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