Chapter 634: What’s Meant To Come, Will Come

    Chapter 634: What's Meant To Come, Will Come

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    The Great Kun Buddhist Sect is very strong. Since you have gotten yourself in this mess, I suggest that you look for Su Xi and ask her for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. Perhaps it might be of some use to you." When Zhuo Pingan entered, he left behind some rings, said these words, then shook his head and left Mo Wuji's room.

    Mo Wuji picked up the few rings. He did feel slightly grateful towards Zhuo Pingan. There was an Immortal Emperor's storage ring among these rings; there would definitely be many good things inside. Zhuo Pingan was actually willing to leave all these things to him. Moreover, the seals in these rings weren't even touched. Clearly, Zhuo Pingan was indeed a straightforward and upright man.

    Of course, Mo Wuji knew the meaning behind Zhuo Pingan's actions. That is if the Lightning Sect were to pursue him, he, Mo Wuji must bear the responsibility for eliminating those people from Lightning Sect.

    Regardless, Mo Wuji had noted this favour in his heart. Even if Zhuo Pingan hadn't given him these rings, he would not deny his involvement in the matter. In reality, anyone with a functioning brain would know that he was the one that killed those people from Lightning Sect.

    Who else would be willing to form an enmity with the Lightning Sect?

    Mo Wuji did not immediately ask Su Xi to show him the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. He knew that Su Xi was still at a loss. He wanted to give this little nun some time.

    Returning to his room and forming the seal on the door, the first thing Mo Wuji did thereafter was to take out Qi Junyi's ring. Qi Junyi had already been killed by Zhuo Pingan so his ring was very easily opened.

    When Mo Wuji saw the things within Qi Junyi's ring, Mo Wuji finally realised how  Zhuo Pingan was.

    The number of high grade immortal crystals was counted in the billions; to be exactly, there were definitely more than 1.5 billion immortal crystals. And that was just a small portion of his fortune. The immortal herbs and smithing materials were at least Tier 5 (or Grade 5 for smithing materials), and a majority of them were Tier 7 and above.

    Immortal euipments, pills, talismans, they all formed huge piles of their own; Mo Wuji even suspected that he was in the treasury of a sect.

    Thereafter, came the technique jade letters. Mo Wuji roughly swept through them with his spiritual will; there were plenty of sacred arts and a plethora of skill manuals.

    This fella was clearly a moving department store; the more Mo Wuji looked, the more Mo Wuji looked, the more excited he got. He even found some lighting crystals; not only could lightning crystals be used by lightning type cultivators to cultivate, it could also be used to forge lightning type magic treasures. This was a Grade 9 smithing material that was simply priceless.

    Finally, Mo Wuji found a green pearl. When his spiritual will penetrated into the pearl, he discovered that this was a moving immortal herb garden.

    This immortal herb garden contained all five elements, and it even had the elements of light and darkness. There was no need to talk about the various immortal herbs inside, just the value of this garden alone was immeasurable.

    However, he soon found that these things still did not count for much. Because within this immortal herb garden, he actually found two huge immortal spirit veins. Mo Wuji only needed to feel the energy to know that there were high grade immortal spirit veins.

    He truly was an Immortal Emperor expert; he's simply too rich. Mo Wuji actually felt that he was considered quite rich, but except for his Breath of Hongmeng and the Primal Fire Crystals, the other things he had wasn't even equivalent to a random corner in Qi Junyi's ring.

    As for the other three cultivators, while they were also quite wealthy, they simply weren't on the same level as Qi Junyi.

    Mo Wuji organised everything nicely, then threw them into his Undying World. Thereafter, he kept a huge pile of immortal crystals in his storage ring.

    Originally, he wanted to continue practising on Tier 8 immortal pills. But now that he had so many high grade crystals, he decided to change his mind.

    With so many immortal crystals, be naturally had to cultivate. The Pill Dao was only secondary in the true path of cultivation.

    Huge piles of immortal crystals were directly thrown out, and using the immortal crystal method, Mo Wuji installed a peak grade spirit gathering array.

    Mo Wuji knew that his cultivation method was different from others; he needed much, much more immortal crystals. If it wasn't inconvenient for him to enter his Undying World here, he would have already used the immortal spirit vein inside.

    Millions of immortal crystals were piled up in this array, and with a hum, the spirit gathering array activated. At that instant, all of Mo Wuji's meridians started to reverse circulate.

    Copious amounts of immortal spiritual energy were sucked out of the crystals, and in a short amount of time, a dense fog of immortal spiritual energy formed around Mo Wuji.

    In merely an hour, all of Mo Wuji's neighbors knew that Mo Wuji was cultivating. This was because Mo Wuji's cultivation was truly causing a huge disturbance. Even in a place like the Heavenly Chasm City, he was able to form a whirlpool of immortal spiritual energy.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji's adjacent neighbors were Zhuo Pingan and Han Long. They both knew of Mo Wuji's extraordinariness and they were already used to Mo Wuji's cultivation method.

    As for Su Xi, it seemed to her that it was only just the previous night when she was with her master. Knowing that Mo Wuji was undergoing secluded cultivation, she arranged her master's stuff and also started to cultivate.


    Two months passed in the blink of an eye. Huge piles of immortal crystals were reduced to dust by Mo Wuji's crazy absorption rate. Even though his cultivation speed had been elevated, he was still far from the intermediate Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Mo Wuji also knew that cultivation was the culmination of ages of hard work. Even with amazing talent, if one didn't encounter a fortuitous event, one could only progress a step at a time. Sometimes, even if one encountered a fortuitous event, he would still need to build a firm foundation. To everyone, cultivation wasn't a simple matter of reaching the Heavens in a single step.

    Mo Wuji chose to cultivate his physique. One reason was his insanely powerful Lightning Calamities, and another reason was that he worried that his cultivation might process much faster than his fleshly body would endure.

    There was still some time to the opening of Gods Tower. Mo Wuji decided to wholeheartedly devote himself to cultivation because he was clear that Zhuo Pingan and Han Long wouldn't interfere with him during this period.

    What left Mo Wuji surprised wa that Han Long clearly knew that he was in secluded cultivation, but she actually sent him a message, saying that he had received Heavenly Chasm City's Castellan Ku Zhu's invitation.

    If it was any other person, Mo Wuji would definitely have dismissed and disregardd it. However, he couldn't do so for Ku Zhu. There was no need to talk about how he had received Ku Zhu's support previously during his trade at Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, but Ku Zhu even implicitly stood by his side during the matter with Su Xi.

    Ku Zhu had helped him repeatedly, but he had yet to pay a visit to express his thanks. Now that Ku Zhu had specially invited him over, he naturally couldn't reject it.

    "Brother Mo, you're going out?" The moment Mo Wuji emerged from his room, Su Xi detected it and she also hurriedly came out.

    After spending two months adjusting herself, she had become thoroughly clear of her current predicament. Besides following Mo Wuji, all other roads undoubtedly led to death.

    Mo Wuji looked at Su Xi and sighed. The innocent little nun was gone; her eyes weren't clear and uncontaminated like before. Instead, there seemed to be a stain of hatred within them. She even changed his salutation from Senior Brother to Brother.

    A piece of white paper might remain pristine and clean for many years, but it only needed a single moment to stain it.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Su Xi, stay here and cultivate. Work hard to improve your cultivation. Here, no one would dare to do anything against you. Of course, that's on the premise that you don't go out."

    Zhuo Pingan was here so Mo Wuji believed that no one would dare to come over to their living area with any malicious intents.

    "Yes Brother Mo. I will stay here." Su Xi bowed respectfully.


    Heavenly Chasm Pond. It wasn't actually an immortal pond, but a park.

    Here, one can drink the best immortal wines and eat the tastiest immortal fruits in the entire Immortal World. At the same time, this was also a great place for a gathering.

    Heavenly Chasm City Castellan Ku Zhu's greatest pride wasn't his Heavenly Chasm City, but his Heavenly Chasm Pond.

    Just as Mo Wuji reached the entrance of Heavenly Chasm Pond, a pretty hostess walked over, "Welcome Pill Master Mo..."

    "You are Pill Master Mo? The same Immortal Friend Mo Wuji that rescued my sect's Yuan Yi's disciple?" A warm and affable voice sounded by Mo Wuji's ear.

    In merely a breath's time, a monk and a nun appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    The monk had a medium built, but he had a face that resembled Guan Yu [1]; handsome and heroic. However, this wasn't what caught Mo Wuji's attention; Mo Wuji noticed that this monk's eyes seemed to be looking into the distance, it was as round as sphere, and it was completely flawless. This was definitely an Immortal Emperor, it's just that it's unknown whether he was at the early stage or late stage.

    The nun was slightly older. Her loose daoist robes made it impossible to see her figure. From her breath and aura, Mo Wuji could deduce that this nun's cultivation was not low either, it should not be lower than Kui Fengyun when Mo Wuji first saw him back in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Mo Wuji knew that Kui Fengyun was a Quasi-Emperor then, so this nun should also be a Quasi-Emperor.

    It seems like what's meant to come, will come. Mo Wuji sighed, but he still clasped his fists in courtesy, "Yes, I am Mo Wuji. You two are?"

    Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of these two fellas. He had Da Huang by his side. He wasn't afraid of Lun Cai, so what more this monk and this nun.

    The monk placed his palms together and spoke using a warm and resonant voice, "This poor monk is Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Guang Ning. This over here is my Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Defender Tai Sha."

    The nun also placed her palm together and gave a buddhist bow.

    "Haha... Your Great Kun Buddhist Sect is actually really wealthy. I heard of your Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Buddhist Herb Valley and that it contains a plethora of peak grade immortal herbs." A loud chortle could be heard. Thereafter, a slender man with a sharp and defined face walked over.

    This man seemed like he was immersed within the clouds; Mo Wuji was completely unable to discern his cultivation. However, just from his voice alone, it evoked a heavy and oppressive pressure. One could clearly see how impressive this person was. Mo Wuji's eyes contracted slightly; he was sure that this man was even more powerful than Zhuo Pingan.

    Behind this man, there was a pretty girl in a red dress. The girl looked very young; her long and lustrous hair was bundled into a bun; her beauty seemed like it was taken out of a painting. She was definitely a gorgeous beauty.

    Guang Nian laughed slightly and he placed his palm together and bowed, "Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Guang Nian greets the Heavenly Emperor. The Heavenly Emperor's sacred arts are increasingly vast and boundless. It's not something that I can compare with."

    Heavenly Emperor? Mo Wuji's heart started pounding. Heavenly Emperor wasn't a cultivation level, but an address for the king of an Immortal Domain. Guang Nian actually called this man a Heavenly Emperor; Mo Wuji started to wonder which Immortal Domain was this Heavenly Emperor from.

    "Very good, very good. Master Guang, please make your way then. I wish to chat with Pill Master Mo," The man said casually.

    Even though Guang Nian still wanted to speak with Mo Wuji, at this moment, he could only say, "Since that's the case, then this monk will find a later opportunity to thank Pill Master Mo."

    With that, Guang Nian brought Defender Tai Sha into the Heavenly Chasm Pond.

    [1] Yes, Guan Yu is the God of War of China.
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