Chapter 639: The Crisis of The Heavenly Chasm City

    Chapter 639: The Crisis of The Heavenly Chasm City

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    "Pill Master Mo, please hold on," Just as Mo Wuji walked to the entrance, he was called back by a voice.

    Mo Wuji stopped to look at the calm looking Lun Cai. Despite all the admiration he had for Lun Cai because of the way he was willing to disregard his own pride to plead his opponent for his concubine, Mo Wuji would never help Lun Cai. If it was some small feud, Mo Wuji could still forget about it. However, ever since Lun Cai killed his people and even caused the disappearance of Cen Shuyin, Mo Wuji had already formed a deadly feud with Lun Cai.

    Upon hearing Lun Cai's call for Mo Wuji, the rest of the people in the Heavenly Pond started paying close attention to the two of them consciously. The main reason was because of Mo Wuji's recent limelight and there were even rumours saying that even Zhuo Pingan had became Mo Wuji's bodyguard. In the Immortal World, even a Heavenly Emperor would not be qualified to hire a Grand Emperor to become his bodyguard. Or rather, even if a Heavenly Emperor managed to hire a Grand Emperor to be his bodyguard, he wouldn't be able to hire Zhuo Pingan.

    "Pill Master Mo, I know that you're in an unfavorable situation as well. Therefore, if you are willing to help me this time, I, Lun Cai, would be standing right next to you whenever you need me. Whatever you request of me, as long as it's within my means, I, Lun Cai will do it without hesitation," Lun Cai walked over to Mo Wuji and took the initiative to clasp his fists.

    Back in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse, his exasperation towards Mo Wuji surged to the maximum and he simply couldn't wait to fight Mo Wuji. The instance Mo Wuji asked him to 'scram', Mo Wuji was already a man he promised to kill personally. However, when he returned and saw his skinny and rugged Xiang Shu and how she couldn't hold on any longer, his immense fury turned into tenderness and heartache. All he could do now was to throw the pride of a Grand Emperor aside to take the initiative to continue pleading Mo Wuji.

    "Pill Master Mo, I am aware of some of your misunderstandings with Grand Emperor Lun Cai. I am aware that some of your men died innocently but dead men can't be brought back to life which is why we should always look forward to the future. I believe that Grand Emperor Lun Cai would definitely agree to your request in rebuilding the Tian Ji Pill House. If Pill Master Mo trust me, why don't everyone bury the hatchet and move on," Qing Yang walked over in an attempt to advise Mo Wuji.

    On the surface, she appeared as if she was helping Lun Cai but only she knew that she was helping Mo Wuji. A few of his men were dead but there was nothing they could do to undo that now but if he were to form a good relationship with Lun Cai, he would have plenty of capable men working for him as long as he requested. Furthermore, there will always be unimportant people dying everyday in the Immortal World so Mo Wuji shouldn't let the death of his men affect his future.

    Mo Wuji was naturally aware of Qing Yang's intentions to help him. He was in a tight spot now and the addition of Lun Cai's help would be equivalent to another layer of strength. However, he was unable to accept Qing Yang's point of view that those few of his men were unimportant. To Mo Wuji, those people were his friends in the Immortal World.

    Back on earth, Mo Wuji had already form his moral values and he was unable and unwilling to change that now. Moreover, Lun Cai forced Cen Shuyin into hiding and Mo Wuji still couldn't find her. This was definitely not a small feud that could be forgotten easily.

    "Mo Wuji thank Landlord Qing Yang for her good suggestion," After Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Qing Yang, he turned to Lun Cai and said, "Lun Cai, I have nothing to say to you. Also, you and I are people from two different worlds and we would never become friends."

    Mo Wuji turned and walked away the moment he finished his sentence.

    "Arrogant little b*stard, you are only a mere Grand Yi Immortal who had dogsh*t luck to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. You won't be able to remain this arrogant for long and think that the entire Immortal World is under your feet," As he watched Mo Wuji neglecting the request of Grand Emperor Lun Cai, Sa Jian grasped the opportunity to curse at Mo Wuji.

    "That's right, he became a Tier 7 Pill Emperor by luck. It seems like you're in luck too so why don't you turn into a Tier 9 Pill Emperor at this instance?" The moment Sa Jian cursed at Mo Wuji, a clear and crisp voice could be heard.

    Sa Jian grunted and just when he was about rebut, he saw the Gai Ao father and daughter pair. Evidently, the one speaking was Gai Ao's daughter, Gai Feiyan.

    He swallowed the words he was about to say and bowed respectfully, "Greetings Heavenly Emperor."

    Gai Ao nodded his head without saying anything. He looked down on people like Sa Jian who was only good at cursing behind the back. If it wasn't for the face of the Great Sword Path, Gai Ao wouldn't even bother nodding his head.


    Mo Wuji hurried back to his residence in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse and noticed that Zhuo Pingan and Han Long were both in his room.

    "Big Brother Mo, members of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect came here to bring me away but was stopped by Senior Zhuo," Su Xi said anxiously.

    Zhuo Pingan added, "It was Hang Ke from the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. His cultivation level was very high and I believe he was only one step away from joining the ranks of the Grand Emperors.

    Mo Wuji clenched his fist because no matter how hard he tried to overestimate Guang Xing's shamelessness, Mo Wuji realised he was still underestimating him. This fella actually came up with a double insurance. Not only did he try to force out the location of Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, he even sent an Immortal Emperor expert to bring Su Xi away.

    The moment Su Xi was brought away and even if the Great Kun Buddhist Sect managed to obtain the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, he would still make Mo Wuji carry the blame. Fortunately for him, Zhuo Pingan was around to protect Su Xi.

    "Wuji, I have to go now," Han Long commented by the side.

    Mo Wuji looked puzzledly at Han Long, "Han Long, aren't you going to the Gods Tower?"

    Han Long explained, "My purpose of coming here was indeed to go to the Gods Tower and I even managed to get one rare slot to enter the Gods Tower out of luck. However, I have something urgent on hand which I've written on the jade letter."

    Han Long handed Mo Wuji the jade letter and the Gods Tower token after explaining to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't look at the jade letter or question Han Long any further because he knew that everyone needed to make their own decision at some point in time. He took out a few bottles of pills for Han Long, "Please take care of yourself and we will meet again if fate permits."

    Han Long nodded, "Once I am done, I will definitely find you at your newly established sect."

    Han Long bade goodbye to Zhuo Pingan and Su Xi before leaving.

    Once Han Long walked out, Zhuo Pingan said, "Pill Master Mo, this Heavenly Chasm City is full of dark storms with all the countless of experts gathering here so we shouldn't stay here for a prolonged period of time."

    Mo Wuji was clear of Zhuo Pingan's intentions because even he knew that staying for a prolonged period in the Heavenly Chasm City would only bring more troubles to them. However, the Gods Tower was about to open and so he shouldn't possibly leave during this period of time right?

    "What does Immortal Friend Zhuo mean by that?" Mo Wuji was able to detect Zhuo Pingan's worrisome tone.

    Zhuo Pingan couldn't be faulted because when he struck a deal with Zhuo Pingan, nobody expected that so many experts of the Heavenly Chasm City would be watching him.

    Zhuo Pingan was mentally prepared to answer so when Mo Wuji asked, he answered straightaway, "Pill Master Mo, I know that you have made a few friends in the Heavenly Chasm City too so forgive me for being direct but I believe that your friends here would not support you in your tough times. Most of them were befriending you because of your pill concoction skills. These people would drink and have fun with you but they will definitely not step out to block a blade for you.

    I have two suggestions. The first would be to get rid of the enmity instead of keeping it alive by helping Lun Cai's concubine and bring him over to your side. The second suggestion would be let Su Xi bring out the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp openly so that we could bring the Great Kun Buddhist Sect on our side. Otherwise, staying in the Heavenly Chasm City would be extremely precarious for us."

    Mo Wuji's expression remained calm but if he agreed to both suggestions of Zhuo Pingan, he wouldn't be the Mo Wuji who made it thus far. In other words, if he would do such things, he wouldn't have form so many disputes with so many people. Regardless, he was still very grateful for Zhuo Pingan because he stood out to help Su Xi even when Mo Wuji was not around. This showed that even though Zhuo Pingan won't put ordinary people in his eyes, he was still a person with character which was as good as gold.

    "Does Immortal Friend Zhuo wish to leave the Heavenly Chasm City?" Mo Wuji asked casually.

    Zhuo Pingan sighed once more, "Pill Master Mo, since I have made my decision to follow you for 20 years, I will not leave so easily. However, even if Da Huang and I were to combine forces, we wouldn't be able to stop these people. Until then, if Ku Zhu were to face overwhelming pressure, we might not even be able to stay in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse."

    Mo Wuji remained silent for a while before taking out his pill furnace suddenly.

    Despite not knowing why Mo Wuji brought out a pill furnace at a time like this, Zhuo Pingan chose not to speak.

    When he saw that Mo Wuji took out a Heavenly Desolate Grass, he seemed to understand Mo Wuji's intention and he had mixed feelings. He and Mo Wuji were basically friends because of the mutual benefits. He would protect Mo Wuji only because he had invited Mo Wuji to concoct pills for him. After spending this period of time with him, he was starting to understand the type of person Mo Wuji was.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji placed a huge amount of emphasis on friendship and loyalty but lacked decisiveness to kill and was too soft. In other words, he shouldn't even get involved in Su Xi and Yuan Yi's problems in the first place. Also, he formed an enmity with Lun Cai because of a few unimportant people and this was definitely not a logical act.

    However, these were the values of Mo Wuji that made Zhuo Pingan confident of Mo Wuji's success in concocting a true Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill 20 years later.

    While Zhuo Pingan was still having his internal conflict, Mo Wuji had already started his purification.

    Even Zhuo Pingan couldn't help but to admire Mo Wuji because watching him concoct pills was like admiring an art; a form of enjoyment.

    Over four hours had passed and Mo Wuji brought out 6 immortal pills.

    How strong was Zhuo Pingan's spiritual will? The moment he saw Mo Wuji brought out 6 immortal pills, he quickly took a step forward and even he couldn't control his trembling hands. If he wasn't wrong, he was sure that Mo Wuji had concocted the pills with seven runes.

    How many years has Zhuo Pingan coveted for the Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill?

    At this moment, he forcefully controlled his urge to question Mo Wuji as he simply looked at Mo Wuji with extreme desire.

    Mo Wuji kept the pill furnace silently before passing the jade vase to Zhuo Pingan, "Immortal Friend Zhuo, I've had some rewards during my closed doors concoction previously. I am finally able to concoct a true Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill so may I invite Immortal Friend Zhuo to check it out."

    Zhuo Pingan's trembling hands opened the jade vase as he really saw six Seven Runes Glimpsing Pills inside.

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you..." Zhuo Pingan seemed to have completely forgotten about the pride, prestige and dignity which a Grand Emperor should have.

    In his eyes, there was only this vase of Seven Runes Glimpsing Pills. Initially, Zhuo Pingan believed that 20 years would flashed by very quickly but now, it wasn't even one year and he received the true Seven Runes Glimpsing Pills.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Zhuo, this is what I've promised you. Now that I've given Dao Friend Zhuo this vase of Seven Runes Glimpsing Pills in advance, I have something to request from Dao Friend Zhuo."
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