Chapter 640: Setting Sun

    Chapter 640: Setting Sun

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    Zhuo Pingan kept his jade vase carefully before taking a deep breath while looking at the roof. He clasped his fists discreetly at Mo Wuji before saying respectfully, "Pill Master Mo, your pill concoction skills and character are the best I, Zhuo Pingan, have ever seen. I, Zhuo Pingan, will avenge and repay when necessary and I will never boast or give empty promises. I, Zhuo Pingan, want to tell you today that no matter what you want me to do, I will do it."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I only have one request which is for Immortal Friend Zhuo to bring Su Xi away until she is capable of protecting herself."

    Zhuo Pingan laughed, "This is nothing at all. I, Zhuo Pingan, guarantee to not let anything happen to her and no one would be able to take the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp away from her. Concurrently, I will continue protecting you for one year so matter how many experts came to obstruct you, I will make sure you enter the Gods Tower safely."

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Thank you Dao Friend Zhuo and just like you mentioned, I won't be staying in the Heavenly Chasm Resthouse anymore."

    Mo Wuji was not carried away by a whim as he knew that staying here would harm both himself and others. The moment the experts of the Lightning Sect and the Great Sword Path arrived, coupled with Lun Cai's help, he would be fraught with grim possibilities. Letting Zhuo Pingan and Su Xi stay here would also harm them.

    Zhuo Pingan didn't expect Mo Wuji to leave the Heavenly Chasm City but if he insisted on leaving, Zhuo Pingan believed that he still had the capabilities to protect Mo Wuji on his way out.

    He agreed with Mo Wuji's intention that leaving the Heavenly Chasm City now would be the most appropriate.

    Even before Zhuo Pingan could speak, Su Xi interjected, "Big Brother Mo, I will not leave with Senior Zhuo. I want to leave with you."

    Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at Su Xi, "Su Xi, I am only in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage and I have no means of protecting your Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. Once we are caught by the opponent, I will not be able to escape with you so by following me, you are simply courting death."

    Su Xi said convincingly, "Big Brother Mo, before my master passed on, she told me to follow you."

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "Your master told you to listen to me and she didn't specify to have you follow me."

    All Su Xi did was to shake her head as she looked extremely resolute in her decision.

    Zhuo Pingan saw Su Xi's unwillingness so he added, "Pill Master Mo, since you're leaving the Heavenly Chasm City, I don't think it would be much of a difference if Su Xi follows you. The Immortal World is vast so even if the two of you were obstructed by one or two experts, they wouldn't be your match if Da Huang is with you. The situation would definitely not be similar to the one in the Heavenly Chasm City where so many experts were gathered together.

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji could only reply honestly, "I have no intentions to leave far because I am planning to head to the Gods Tower."

    Back when he was only an Earthly Immortal, Mo Wuji managed to traverse through the Immortal Chasm between the Half Immortal Domain and the Corner of Yong Ying. Presently, he was in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage and was definitely multiple folds stronger than before. Additionally, he wasn't intending to traverse the Gods Heavenly Chasm but only to cultivate for a period of time in the Heavenly Chasm. There shouldn't be a problem for him to cultivate there while waiting for the opening of the Gods Tower.

    "You want to stay in the Gods Heavenly Chasm to wait for the opening of the Gods Tower?" Zhuo Pingan asked surprisingly when he found out about Mo Wuji's intention.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, that's what I'm thinking."

    "No way! Given your strength, the probability of you staying alive would be slim. There are too many powerful existences in the Heavenly Chasm and these people were all not afraid of spatial splitting. Unless your body was tempered to the Immortal Physique stage but you are only in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage so you are still quite a distance away from the Immortal Physique..." Zhuo Pingan said without holding back.

    "I've already made my decision," Mo Wuji responded because since he had already decided, he would want to try it out.

    As she saw Mo Wuji looking towards her, Su Xi answered coldly, "My life was picked up once by my master and the other time by Big Brother Mo. Following my 'life' to the Heavenly Chasm would be the only reasonable thing to do."

    After saying this, Su Xi bowed towards Zhuo Pingan and Mo Wuji before saying, "Senior Zhuo, Big Brother Mo, please accept my request. My master told me before that whether we cultivate the immortal way, buddhism or even magic, the foundation of it all is to cultivate the heart. If I am unable to even follow my heart, how could I continue cultivating?"

    "Alright," Zhuo Pingan nodded with acknowledgement. This sentence might seem simple but it was in fact, very hard to act on it.

    Mo Wuji saw Su Xi's absolute determination to follow him out so he simply said, "Since this is the case, you will leave with me. Following me would mean that our life and death would be ruled by fate.

    "Yes, Big Brother Mo!" Su Xi was no longer as tender and shy as she were when she first met Mo Wuji.

    "Are you leaving now?" Zhuo Pingan asked.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "No, we will leave tomorrow. Before we leave, there are still two more people I must kill."

    One night had passed and on the morning of the next day, Mo Wuji brought Su Xi and Da Huang out of the Heavenly Chasm City while Zhuo Pingan was no longer around him.

    Even though there were countless of people streaming in and out of the Heavenly Chasm City, news would spread the moment a person like Mo Wuji, who was watched closely by many, walked out.

    Despite being shameful of the actions of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect, Mo Wuji was still not prepared to fight them now. The person he wanted to kill was the Great Sword Path's Sa Jian and his disciple, Ni Ju.

    The Heavenly Chasm City was not that far away from the Gods Heavenly Chasm so Mo Wuji only needed less than half a day on the flying treasure to reach.

    Just as Mo Wuji's flying shuttle was drawn out and after leaving for less than two hours, a yellow flying treasure flew over. Three people stood on the flying treasure and Mo Wuji recognised two of them to be Guang Xing and Tai Sha. Mo Wuji had not seen the third person before but according to Zhuo Pingan's description previously, Mo Wuji guessed that the person should be the Immortal Emperor expert of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect, Hang Ke.

    Mo Wuji felt annoyed because he really didn't wish to meet these fellas.

    "Pill Master Mo, please take your time..." Even before the yellow ship reached Mo Wuji, Guang Xing called out anxiously.

    "Haha..." Yet another laughter could be heard and a sickly scholar landed right in front of the yellow flying ship, "Immortal Friend Hang Ke, we meet again. I was just about to visit you at your Great Kun Buddhist Sect to chitchat for a while so I really didn't expect to meet you so soon."

    As he saw the hidden Zhuo Pingan coming out to block off the Great Kun Buddhist Sect, Mo Wuji was secretly pleased. Perhaps this was the way to get Sa Jian to show up.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji made a sharp turn with his flying ship and flew off.

    After just one hour and when the Gods Heavenly Chasm was right in front of them, a silver flying car stopped in front of Mo Wuji in the shortest possible time.

    "Pill Master Mo, we meet again," Sa Jian and Ni Ju had already stepped out of the flying car as they dashed towards Mo Wuji's flying shuttle.

    "Su Xi, wait for me on the flying shuttle," Immediately after saying this, Mo Wuji brought Da Huang out of the flying shuttle.

    The Tian Ji Sect was obliterated by Sa Jian while the disciples of the Tian Ji Sect were killed by Ni Ju. Now that he finally managed to lead them out, how could he not avenge his disciples?

    "Hold on..." As he watched Mo Wuji came out of his flying ship daringly, Sa Jian took a step forward to stop Ni Ju, who was about to rush up to grab Mo Wuji.

    Logically speaking, Mo Wuji shouldn't dare to come out on his own now that Zhuo Pingan was dealing with the members of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. Could Mo Wuji have any other secret method which he was unaware of? Sa Jian's eyes fell on the immortal puppet beside Mo Wuji and he immediately noticed that this immortal puppet was not simple at all. It could very well be an expert in the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    "Sa Jian, are you the one who destroyed the Tian Ji Sect?" Mo Wuji was so experienced that he didn't bother beating around the bush.

    Sa Jian stopped looking at Da Huang as he stared coldly at Mo Wuji instead, "That's right, I am the one who obliterated the Tian Ji Sect. I've heard that you wanted to avenge the Tian Ji Sect so come straight at me."

    "What was the reason?" Mo Wuji opened up his palm and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared on his hand.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd looked very ordinary but the moment Mo Wuji's killing intent was shown, impressives waves of killing intent surged out from the halberd too.

    Ni Ju felt the incredible waves of killing intent and his eyes lit up immediately, "I want this halberd."

    "Reason? You are not qualified to know," Sa Jian charged towards the immortal puppet beside Mo Wuji almost immediately after saying that. Since he could tell that Mo Wuji was relying on this immortal puppet, he made his decision to finish the puppet off first.

    "Da Huang, fight," Mo Wuji ordered and his halberd slashed out a silver river towards Ni Ju.

    Mo Wuji was aware that Ni Ju was in the Grand Luo stage and was definitely not the average Grand Luo Immortal while Mo Wuji was nearly in the intermediate Grand Yi Stage but was still not there yet. As compared to a Grand Luo Immortal, he was still a few levels away from him. This was the reason why Mo Wuji didn't hold back as he slashed out his Winding River Sacred Art in his first move.

    A bone piercing coldness could be felt and Ni ju subconsciously shivered because he didn't believe a mere Grand Yi Immortal could release such terrifying coldness. However, he had to believe what he experience so even without thinking, he drew out the saber from his back and a space splitting radiance was released towards Mo Wuji's Winding River.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd swept up a bottomless halberd river radiance and Mo Wuji couldn't felt but to feel satisfied. Back when he executed the same move with his saber, he didn't even feel that pleasurable.

    Despite the fact that his Winding River was not completed yet, Mo Wuji could feel that his Winding River was at least one fold stronger than before.

    "Puff!" A stream of blood appeared in front of Ni Ju's eyes as he watched dazedly at his master Sa Jian's blood filled hole in his chest. At that instance, he even forgot to block against Mo Wuji's Half Moon Winding River.

    His master was in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage so what on earth was the immortal puppet? How could the puppet finish his master in less than a move?

    "Ni Ju, hurry up and leave. Tell the sect, revenge..." Sa Jian didn't look anything like an Immortal Reverent now because all he had in his eyes were fear and bewilderment. Only until now, he realised that Mo Wuji's puppet was actually an Immortal Emperor, a very strong and mighty Immortal Emperor.

    At this instance, all he wanted to do was to restrain Da Huang's movement so that his disciple could escape and make the report. Even up till now, he still believed that Mo Wuji was an unimportant ant.

    The pity was that he overestimated his own strength and just when he muttered this sentence out, his primordial spirit was extracted and crushed by Da Huang.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's Winding River landed on Ni Ju's saber and following the immense explosions of the immortal energy, the saber's radiance started to die off. Ni Ju was already in daze when Mo Wuji attacked and if not for his strong domain and saber, his forehead would have been split apart. Nevertheless, Mo Wuji's halberd still managed to slash out a stream of blood off Ni Ju's body.

    What kind of Grand Yi Immortal is this? Ni Ju was feeling a mixture of panic and anger as his saber swept up massive amount of energy as he no longer dared to underestimate Mo Wuji.

    "Setting Sun!" Mo Wuji wielded his halberd as he finally executed his third sacred art.
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