Chapter 641: Pinning Sa Jian And His Disciple

    Chapter 641: Pinning Sa Jian And His Disciple

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    Bottomless halberd radiance exploded and in the next instance, it turned into a brutal silver disc with immense murderous energy overwhelming within in. It was falling towards Ni Ju like a planet which had lost its gravitational pull from the sun.

    Ni Ju was basically trembling because it was at this moment when he felt restrained by an endless amount of halberd radiance while watching this silver disc almost crushing him into pieces.

    "No!" Ni Ju let out a devastating cry as his saber swept up billions of saber radiance. Presently, his saber seemed like an exploding universe welcoming Mo Wuji's halberd silver disc.

    Ni Ju was certain that from the day he started cultivating, he had never unleashed a power like this. In fact, strike of the saber seemed to combine everything he had learnt including those saber dao which had yet to take its shape.

    If it was during any other fight, Ni Ju would be jumping in joy because once he executed this move, it would mean that his saber dao had reached yet another realm.

    "Boom!" The exploding saber's radiance clashed against the silver halberd disc as a mad amount of killing energy was raging ferociously and everything around them had turned into nothingness.

    Even though this clash didn't create cracks in space, it had to be the most powerful clash between two experts under the Immortal King Stage.

    "Puff!" The halberd silver disc split apart and Mo Wuji was blown away while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

    Ni Ju's face turned ghastly as the blood scar caused by Mo Wuji earlier on was torn further apart. He stared blankly at Mo Wuji as he believed that his attack should be frightening even against an Immortal King. However, all it did to Mo Wuji, a mere Grand Yi Immortal, was a mouthful of blood. Is this fella really only a Grand Yi Immortal?

    Mo Wuji wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth before saying to Da Huang, "Kill him off for me. This fella is too strong and I would need to waste too much of my energy to kill him."

    Da Huang raised his hand and Ni Ju's primordial spirit was extracted out by Da Huang and even before Ni Ju could regain his composure from the earlier attack, he was killed by Da Huang.

    Mo Wuji swallowed a healing pill before taking in a breath. His cultivation level was simply too low as he could barely match up against a Grand Luo Immortal.

    He wasn't all too satisfied with the Setting Sun he executed with his halberd. The Setting Sun's silver disc that he enlightened wasn't supposed to look like a falling shooting star. It was supposed to be wrapped with deathly energy and descend like the evening sun while trapping the opponent. The opponent should be killed viciously under the setting sun.

    The moment he executed his Setting Sun, he could feel the vast difference between the sacred art that he enlightened and the one he successfully executed. He was well aware that there was still much more work to be done.

    Once Mo Wuji got hold of both storage rings from Sa Jian and Ni Ju, he grabbed Ni Ju's saber before pinning Sa Jian and Ni Ju up in space.

    Didn't Ni Ju enjoy pinning the disciples of the Tian Ji Sect on his saber? Today, he saw let this master and disciple be pinned up together as well.


    After receiving the message which told him that Mo Wuji had reached the Gods Heavenly Chasm safely, he took the initiative to let go of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect's flying ship. He looked at the faraway Gods Heavenly Chasm before mumbling to himself, "Others might think that you save Yuan Yi and her disciple and offended two big sects for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp but I know you didn't. People like you in the Immortal World should be already extinct. The journey in the Immortal World is long and arduous so I wish you all the best and hopefully, we might meet again in the future."

    After mumbling to himself, Zhuo Pingan disappeared without a trace from his original position. He wanted to return to the Cape of Peace now and now that Mo Wuji had concocted a vase of true Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill for him, he, Zhuo Pingan, wished to stand on the peak of the Immortal World once again.

    Mo Wuji brought Su Xi with him while Zhuo Pingan left. However, there was no peace between the Heavenly Chasm City and the Gods Heavenly Chasm as there was a saber with two fallen cultivators pinned onto it in the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    The two cultivators were the Great Sword Path's Immortal Reverent Elder Sa Jian while the other one was Sa Jian's disciple, Ni Ju.

    Almost everyone on their way from the Heavenly Chasm City to the Gods Heavenly Chasm would have seen this bloody sight caused by Mo Wuji in the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    "This Pill Master Mo is certainly vicious. I can't believe he would actually offend the Lightning Sect and Great Kun Buddhist Sect for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. Now he even killed off the Great Sword Path's Elder Sa Jian so brutally."

    "I think this shouldn't be considered vicious because I've heard that he was the sect head of the Tian Ji Sect in the Cultivation World. Previously, Ni Ju stripped the disciples of the Tian Ji Sect and pierced them through his saber while walking into the city. As compared to that, Pill Master Mo seems to be gentler. As for him offending the two big sects for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, this act is definitely ruthless."

    "I've heard about that Great Kun Buddhist Lamp and that it is an ancient treasure which was the Mediation Nunnery's legislated treasure. This Pill Master Mo is definitely ruthless because if you were in his shoes, you would not dare to take the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp even if it was right in front of you."

    "What Mediation Nunnery? There is no more Mediation Nunnery now, only the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. However, I do believe that Pill Master Mo is a ruthless man. Imagine how much blood was shed for him to advance so quickly into the Tier 7 Pill Emperor."

    "So will Pill Master Mo enter the Gods Heavenly Chasm?"

    "Ah, do you think a person like him would seek death? By pinning Sa Jian and his disciple here is to make others think that he entered the Gods Heavenly Chasm. However, the truth was that as long as he was not an idiot, why would he dare to enter that place?"


    Whether it was the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm or within the Gods Immortal City, there were all sorts of discussions about Mo Wuji.

    At almost the same time when Mo Wuji went missing, the Lightning Sect, Great Sword Path, Mirage Mountain and Great Kun Buddhist Sect all issued the immortal order to capture Mo Wuji. Those with insider news would know that there were many more forces who were secretly finding Mo Wuji even without issuing the his wanted poster. Examples would be Unfettered Emperor Palace's Lun Cai and Pill Dao Immortal Alliance...

    "This person really knows how to cause trouble," In one of the resthouse in the Heavenly Chasm City, Gai Ao shook his head as he drank a sip of immortal tea before continuing, "Feiyan, this person is not a good match for you because you would be certainly be implicated if you stay with him. My guess is that this Mo Wuji would not be able to escape from the pursuit of so many sects and his bones would be smashed into powder sooner or later."

    After saying this, Gai Ao sighed as even he couldn't wrap his head as to why Mo Wuji would have such a strong death wish. Logically speaking, a Tier 7 Pill Emperor like himself should be able to live a free and luxurious lifestyle in the Immortal World yet he chose to offend so many experts in such a short period of time.

    Gai Feiyan lifted her head and looked at her father wishfully, "Father, that is because the sects after him are all too greedy. If Mo Wuji didn't come to the rescue of people, he wouldn't have offended so many experts. Father, do you think there will still be a person in this world who is willing to offend big sects just to save two unfamiliar people?"

    Gai Ao sneered, "Feiyan, you are way too naive. Do you really think that Mo Wuji did that to save the two nuns? He did it for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. The Great Kun Buddhist Lamp might be good but it was the buddhist holy vessel which even I would not dare to fight for, let alone a mere Mo Wuji."

    "No," Gai Feiyan shook her head convincingly, "I believe that he is not a person like that; he didn't do it for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. He truly wanted to help the Mediation Nunnery's small nun and he is a good person. As for the Great Sword Path, weren't there rumours about how Mo Wuji was from the Tian Ji Sect? Sa Jian of the Great Sword Path obliterated the Tian Ji Sect so what's wrong with him avenging his sect? As for Lun Cai, that person killed everyone close to Mo Wuji. Does it mean that Mo Wuji had to get on his knees and accept all his wrongdoings just because Lun Cai is a Grand Emperor? If he really did that, I wouldn't have been so impressed by him."

    Gai Ao stared dazedly at his daughter as he started to blame himself. Ever since he saved his daughter from the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, he had watched over her too closely. Otherwise, why would she think that Mo Wuji was a good person after saving the master and disciple of the Mediation Nunnery for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp?

    Gai Ao stood up and replied helplessly, "Feiyan, there is a recent gathering of experts in the Heavenly Chasm City. Let me bring you there to enrich your experience of crowded places like that. You lack experience and this is my fault because I shouldn't always keep you here at the palace."


    The instance Mo Wuji stepped into the Gods Heavenly Chasm, immense waves of space splitting energy surged towards him and with breaths, two deep scars appeared on Mo Wuji's skin.

    Mo Wuji became anxious because he was in the Great Circle of the Spirit Physique Stage and was only one step away from the Immortal Physique Stage. If even his body was scarred so easily by the space splitting energy of the Gods Heavenly Chasm, how was Su Xi supposed to endure?

    At this moment, Mo Wuji felt a vast and boundless buddhist spirituality. A faint light radiance enveloped Su Xi's entire body and that buddhist spirituality felt like the sanskirt of the horizon as it constantly produced rings of radiance to cover Su Xi.

    "Big Brother Mo, quickly come under my Buddhist Lamp. We would not need to fear the space splitting energy in the Gods Heavenly Chasm under my lamp," Su Xi's voice could be heard.

    Mo Wuji looked dazedly at these rings of faint buddhist spirituality lamp radiance before saying, "This is the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp? Junior Sister Su Xi, you managed to refine the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp already?"

    Su Xi shook her head, "Nope but I have refined half of it and it's lamp radiance is still able to protect me."

    "Incredible," Mo Wuji couldn't help but to praise the lamp and he finally understood why the Immortal Emperor of the Lightning Sect and the Great Kun Buddhist Sect would covet for it. This lamp was simply too heaven-defying; how terrifyingly powerful would it be if it was completely refined?"

    "Big Brother Mo, I've heard from my master that the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp is one of the three great treasures of Buddhism," Su Xi explained immediately when she heard Mo Wuji's gasp.

    Mo Wuji nodded and landed under the lamp radiance of the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp.

    Mo Wuji managed to catch the buddhist spirituality and all sorts of space splitting energies in the Gods Heavenly Chasm disappeared without a trace. Evidently, this Great Kun Buddhist Lamp is truly too powerful.

    Seemed like if Tai Shixiao was able to make it here, he must have had a peak grade treasure with him. He was aware of Tai Shixiao's Star Sea Sacred Art and the fact that the Heavenly Desolate Grass was located in the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    Mo Wuji didn't continue using his spiritual will to feel the buddhist spirituality. He predicted that with his spiritual will in the buddhist lamp coupled with his dao revelation channel, he might be able to enlighten a peak grade buddhist sacred art. However, he didn't like the idea of enlightening some buddhist sacred art because he was still cultivating the immortal mortal Dao.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Su Xi to indicate for her to continue controlling the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp while he took out Sa Jian and Ni Ju's storage rings as well as the jade letter Han Long handed him.

    When Han Long left, she didn't want to say the reason in front of Zhuo Pingan and only gave Mo Wuji a jade letter with her note and reason in it.

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