Chapter 642: Void Nirvana Root

    Chapter 642: Void Nirvana Root

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    Han Long's note was very simple as all she said was that she found a message while tidying up her ancestors' relics. Her ancestors told her that after reading the message, she had to let go of everything on hand to visit the designated place.

    It was no wonder Han Long would pass this message to Mo Wuji using a jade letter because she didn't trust Zhuo Pingan and was worried that Zhuo Pingan might follow her. Even though Mo Wuji didn't believe that Zhuo Pingan would do such a thing, he felt that Han Long's cautious act was the right move. Afterall, Han Long's ancestors must be incredibly impressive.

    Sa Jian's storage ring was also refined by Mo Wuji and he noticed many decent items in it. Nothing much caught Mo Wuji's eye except for a stone tablet.

    Mo Wuji picked up the stone tablet and there were only two words on it: Tian Ji.

    This stone tablet was definitely not the Tian Ji stone tablet which the Tian Ji Sect Sect Head Yuan Yi [1] saw initially. Mo Wuji's guess was that this was a stone tablet which was made with reference to the one the Sect Head saw. Sa Jian must have obliterated the Tian Ji Sect and kept this stone tablet in his storage ring which shows that there were rumours about Tian Ji Sect's origins.

    The obliteration of the Tian Ji Sect might not be as simple as it looked.

    "Su Xi, control the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp and follow closely behind me," Mo Wuji kept the storage ring before ordering Su Xi.

    He wanted to go to the place where Tai Shixiao found the Heavenly Desolate Grass. Even though he had finished helping Zhuo Pingan with the concoction of the Seven Runes Glimpsing Pill, he needed a large quantity of Heavenly Desolate Grass so that he could practice purification and achieved the 99% purity and hence, the Heavenly Nature Grass.

    The Gods Heavenly Chasm was like a black hole and even with Mo Wuji's spiritual will, all he could see was pitch black darkness all around him.

    Some unknown objects would cross his spiritual will every now and then and very soon, his spiritual will was suddenly twisted off by a spatial whirlpool before disappearing without a trace.

    Mo Wuji only took a moment to observe before withdrawing his spiritual will. Under such circumstances, he couldn't possibly leave his spiritual out there for a prolonged period of time because after a while, it would be very exhausting.

    Concurrently, Mo Wuji was cursing Tai Shixiao in his heart because this fella was simply mocking the fact that he had not been to the Gods Heavenly Chasm before. All the landmarks like the tortoise shape floating island or the mobile river stated in the positioning ball given by Tai Shixiao were absolutely inaccurate because he had yet to see any of them. Moreover, inside this pitch black Gods Heavenly Chasm and the lack of usage of his spiritual will, even if there was such a place, he wouldn't have found it anyway.

    It seemed like he could only depend on his luck in the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    "Boom!" The Great Kun Buddhist Lamp's radiance rings were trembling intensely as a formidable force from the outside was countering against the lamp radiance. Su Xi, who was controlling the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp spat out a mouthful of blood as the lamp radiance started fading rapidly.

    "Roar!" A loud roar could be heard and all Mo Wuji could see was a gigantic mouth exuding immense killing intent.

    Without any consideration, Mo Wuji grabbed Su Xi and teleported outwards.

    At times, luck is only a part of fate. If they were in the Gods Heavenly Chasm and didn't meet any spatial gaps, that would be luck. If they were met with spatial gaps, they could only blame it on their bad luck.

    By teleporting in the Gods Heavenly Chasm, Mo Wuji relied entirely on luck. If they were to accidentally bump into a spatial tear, they could either be split into two or turned into fine powder.

    However, when faced against an unknown gigantic mouth like that, Mo Wuji had no other choice but to escape using his teleportation.

    When a spatial tear appeared in front of Mo Wuji, he could only sigh in his heart at how bad his luck was. If he tried to avoid the tear in front of him, both he and Su Xi could very well be left with half a body each.

    At this moment, he had no other options other than grabbing Su Xi and entering this spatial tear.

    Once Mo Wuji entered the tear, he could hear a sharp and mournful roar. He was rejoicing in his heart for his decision to enter the spatial tear because if he didn't they would have been swallowed alive by the unknown demonic beast.

    When he teleported, he actually didn't realise that massive beast was tailing them. If the beast wasn't torn apart by the spatial tear, his guess was that he would be inside the stomach of that beast before realising that he didn't manage to escape from that beast.

    "Big Brother Mo, this place feels deathly..." Su Xi said while shivering.

    Despite her incredible growth after the death of her master, Su Xi was still an inexperienced young girl. The instance she entered this place, she could feel the deathly aura looming all around her.

    Mo Wuji stopped and looked at the surrounding only to realise that this place lacked vitality and there were no elements of life which Mo Wuji could detect.

    "There is no vitality here so I doubt there will be any powerful beast around. Follow behind me while I go and check it out," Mo Wuji instructed Su Xi before he started walking cautiously.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji came to a halt and much to his surprise, he saw a bunch of spiritual herbs suspending in mid air. To be specific, it was a bunch of Heavenly Desolate Grass which was suspended.

    Tai Shixiao mentioned that the Heavenly Desolate Grass originated from the Gods Heavenly Chasm but he was unable to use the positioning ball given by Tai Shixiao. Who would have thought that he managed to find such a large bunch of Heavenly Desolate Grass inadvertently?

    "This is the Heavenly Desolate Grass?" Su Xi was not that clueless as she had heard of the Heavenly Desolate Grass before.

    Mo Wuji nodded excitedly, "Yes this is indeed the Heavenly Desolate Grass which would be extremely useful to me. Wait for me here while I pick up all the other Heavenly Desolate Grass."

    There were a total of over 1000 Heavenly Desolate Grass and were all picked up by Mo Wuji. After keeping all the Heavenly Desolate Grass, he saw a long purple root.

    This long purple root was located under the Heavenly Desolate Grass so if he didn't pluck these Heavenly Desolate Grass out, he wouldn't notice this long purple coloured root.

    "Big Brother Mo, what is that?" Su Xi asked curiously because her knowledge was limited for her age. Despite so, she knew that in a place with no vitality and any of the five elements, other than the unique Heavenly Desolate Grass, it was extremely difficult for any other herbs to survive.

    Mo Wuji picked up that purple root eagerly and the unique energy released by it was instantly captured by him. In fact, he had this strong urge to bring this long root back to the Gods Heavenly Chasm to temper his physique immediately.

    After keeping the long purple root, Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before saying, "This is a Void Nirvana Root, a priceless treasure which I really didn't expect to find it here. Indeed, there would be no rewards without sacrificing."

    If he didn't dare to risk sacrificing his life to stand out for Su Xi and her master, he wouldn't be here in the Gods Heavenly Chasm. And if he wasn't here in the Gods Heavenly Chasm, he wouldn't have found this Void Nirvana Root.

    The Void Nirvana Root was the best treasure to allow an immortal to temper and model his body. If he were to use such a peak grade item to help his advancement into his Immortal Physique Stage, he might not need any more immortal herbs to step into the higher realms in the future.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was intending to use the Undying Holy Bamboo to help temper his physique but now that he had the Void Nirvana Root, he would naturally chose this over the Undying Holy Bamboo. Comparing the potentiality of the two items, the Undying Holy Bamboo was not even the same grade as the Void Nirvana Root.

    The obtaining of the Void Nirvana Root might be purely due to luck but to Mo Wuji, this was also the endorsement of his spiritual soul. Who knows if there is a type of force out in the world which balances the kindness and righteousness of people? He managed to obtain the Void Nirvana Root so soon after rescuing Su Xi.

    "Ah..." Even Su Xi jumped up in surprise because she knew of the Void Nirvana Root despite her lack of experience. This was a gradeless treasure which surpass the Grade 9 treasures.

    "Congratulations to Big Brother Mo," Su Xi was instantly delighted for Mo Wuji as she could tell that Mo Wuji grew very fond of the Void Nirvana Root in such a short period of time.

    "Su Xi, I am intending to go under closed doors to concoct pills here. I suggest that you refine your Great Kun Buddhist Lamp while waiting for me to concoct Tier 8 immortal pills. Once I am capable of doing so, we will find a tear to get out of here," Mo Wuji calmed himself down before telling Su Xi his plans.

    He wanted to concoct pills because he wanted to advance to become a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. His main purpose of wanting to become a Tier 8 Pill Emperor was not to garner reinforcements but to concoct the Tier 8 Dry Wimple Pill.

    The Dry Wimple Pill's only usage would be to alter a cultivator's appearance and aura. As long as he used a Dry Wimple Pill, even people who were most familiar with him might not be able to recognise him. Now that he had offended so many powerhouses, this could come in handy when he is leaving the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    All the masks would never be as good as the Dry Wimple Pill and furthermore, not every cultivator would be qualified to use the Dry Wimple Pill.

    "Alright, I will listen to Big Brother Mo," Su Xi nodded. She is not very talented so cultivating in a place like this would not be very beneficial for her.

    As for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, she needed to continue refining it. As long as she could refine the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp to 50% of its full power, she could at least protect herself in the Gods Heavenly Chasm.


    The periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm had turned into a temporary city square.

    Because the Gods Tower was turning clearer by the day, everyone was aware that the Gods Tower was about to be opened. Once it is opened, there would naturally be many people streaming in to exchange for items. By shifting the entire trade forum to the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm, it would be the most convenient thing to do.

    In the middle of the Gods Heavenly Chasm, a hazy tall tower started to appear. Everyone nearby was aware that that was the Gods Tower. Standing on the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm, one wouldn't be able to tell what's on the top of the tower as well as where the bottom of the tower was located at.

    All they could see were the faint tiles of the tower and the occasional golden lights shining from the tower.

    A short youth stood on the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm as his eyes kept gazing over at the Gods Tower with his eyeballs constantly on the move. If Mo Wuji was here, he would be able to recognise this youth as Tai Shixiao who invited Mo Wuji to help concoct his Zhi Desolate Pill and the one who gave him the Star Sea Sacred Art as well as the location of the Heavenly Desolate Grass in the Gods Heavenly Chasm.


    At the same time, Mo Wuji took out six pure white coloured pills and was feeling extremely satisfied with himself. After over a year, he didn't cultivate at all as he spent all his time on concocting pills and enlightening pill dao. Just when he exhausted all the Tier 8 immortal herbs he had with him, he finally managed to charge into the ranks of a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. With the vase of unique grade Dry Wimple Pills in his hands, he was currently standing at the peak of pill dao in the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji looked at the boundless void outside before thinking about the opening of the Gods Tower and how he must find a way out as soon as possible.
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