Chapter 645: Death Everywhere

    Chapter 645: Death Everywhere

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    As he did not take the bronze ring, the equipment spirit indeed did not chase after him.

    "Da Huang, I believe that this is really where ancient gods battled." After they were a good distance away from the beach, Mo Wuji then spoke.

    Even though Da Huang had an artificial equipment spirit, and was only an immortal puppet, but when Mo Wuji spoke to him, he could only chuckle, without any further speech.

    Mo Wuji started to observe his surroundings. There were many shards of broken rock around, and the immortal spiritual energy was rather sparse too. The borders of his spiritual will was a blur, just like inside Gods Heavenly Chasm, with no sense of direction.

    Frowning, Mo Wuji thought hard. Logically speaking, Gods Tower was very tall, and should have many levels. Even if he was at the lowest level, there should be some entrance to the second level, but his spiritual will could neither give him a sense of direction, nor detect where the entrance was.

    It was a pity that he had exited Heavenly Chasm City so suddenly, otherwise he would have asked for a map of the interior of Gods Tower.

    "Whoosh!" A ear piercing sound echoed through the air, bringing with it intense killing intent. A sort of deathly aura descended upon Mo Wuji, and he didn't even have any means to avoid it.

    Almost instinctively, Da Huang threw out a punch, breaking up the tension in the air. At the same time, he backed up a few steps.

    Mo Wuji's face turned paler. That tension seemed to be a wave of killing intent. This wave of killing intent had been condensed in Gods Tower for an unknown amount of years, to the point that it had such a fearsome aura. If he didn't have Da Huang, he would have become a dead man by now.

    How long had it been since he entered Gods Tower? Not even two hours, and he had already met with wave after wave of danger. Each time, there was no way for him to fight back, and he could only rely on Da Huang to diffuse the situation.

    If entering Gods Tower was so dangerous, who could actually survive?

    "Da Huang, follow me closely and always be alert for dangers around us." Mo Wuji suspected that he had been sent to a special location. Otherwise, if Gods Tower was so dangerous, why wouldn't he have heard of it before?

    As he had lost his sense of direction, he could only choose a direction at random. About half a day of travelling with Da Huang later, there was a heavenly halberd stuck in the ground in front of them.

    The heavenly halberd was dark red in colour, and both sides of it seemed to be unaffected by the passage of time, still exuding a terrifying violent aura.

    Before Mo Wuji even got close to the halberd, he could sense the frightening killing intent. Compared to the killing intent that shot out suddenly previously, this one was many times stronger. Other than the killing intent, he could detect a sort of boundless characteristic of the halberd.

    This made Mo Wuji stop, not daring to proceed any further. With his current cultivation level, he would probably have been torn to shreds before coming close to the halberd.

    While he could not make out the grade of this halberd, Mo Wuji was sure that it surpassed Grade 9 immortal equipments.

    What was this place? Mo Wuji was shocked. There were treasures that surpassed Grade 9 immortal equipment everywhere, and equipment spirits were easily found too. On top of that, killing intent seemed to be sentient, and after a long period of time, the killing intent almost formed its own dao.

    Another question was that, since there were so many good things around, why hadn't anyone refined and taken them away yet?

    His cultivation level was merely at Grand Yi Immortal Stage, and could not refine these top grade treasures that had terrifying killing intent. But those that entered Gods Tower did not have cultivation levels as low as him, even though the rules stated that Immortal Emperors were not allowed to enter. But every time, there were a few that snuck in. On top of that, a large number of Immortal Reverents entered as well.

    "Master, I don't think this a good place." Even Da Huang worriedly voiced his concern.

    How couldn't Mo Wuji know that Da Huang was right? He knew from the start that this wasn't a good place to be. There were many good things lying around, but none of them could be taken away. At this point, he just hoped to leave this place as soon as possible.

    "Da Huang, let's move in a different direction. The killing intent from this side is too heavy..." Mo Wuji decisively spoke.

    Although the land around this halberd was just an empty plain, but Mo Wuji felt as though as he was looking at a graveyard of corpses. The scene before him was so picturesque, it almost seemed like a god was conducting a massacre with the halberd.

    Countless experts had been reduced to dust under this halberd, and their corpses lay behind the man. But in the War of the Gods, there never was one strongest expert that emerged. There were only stronger experts than the ones before. While this man that wielded the heavenly halberd was strong, but he still met an expert even stronger than he was, and ultimately died. Even his halberd also fell from the sky, sticking into the ground here, bringing about killing intent and endless regret to the area.


    At the same time, Su Xi landed.

    The only difference between Mo Wuji and her was that she was with the rest of the crowd, and was sent onto a gigantic plaza.

    Most of the people left the plaza swiftly with their own groups.

    Unsure of her surroundings, Su Xi looked around, but could not find any trace of Mo Wuji. This made her very afraid, as she did not understand why Brother Mo was not sent over with the rest. Without Mo Wuji by her side, even though she had taken a Dry Wimple Pill, she dared not go too close to other people. Thus, she left the plaza after choosing a direction to go.

    Right after she set foot outside the plaza, she could feel a dense and wild spiritual energy... No, this wasn't spiritual energy. Instead it was something even higher quality than spiritual energy. Although it was weak, Su Xi could sense that cultivating in such an environment would be many times better than undergoing closed door cultivation in a cave in the Immortal World.

    Recalling that she was about to break through to intermediate Grand Yi Immortal Stage, Su Xi decided to find a location to consolidate her progress, before studying the Star Sea Sacred Technique.

    She was not the same as other people. The reason that she entered the Gods Tower was not to search for treasure, but purely to be with Mo Wuji.

    When her master was still around, her master was her everything. However, since her master had died, and Mo Wuji saved her, she took Mo Wuji as the only person she could rely on. In her heart, she would only feel safe with Brother Mo around. Tis was also why she was not willing to leave with Zhuo Pingan alone, even though Zhuo Pingan's was much stronger than Mo Wuji, instead choosing to explore Gods Heavenly Chasm with Mo Wuji.

    Now that Brother Mo was not around, she did not want to move around haphazardly. Everything could wait till she found a spot to wait for Brother Mo.


    At the borders of Gods Heavenly Chasm, a flying ship landed, and out came an unassuming man.

    This man not only appeared ordinary, with a slightly yellow face, even his clothes were ordinary too. A body covered with clothes made with hemp cloth, and a pair of hemp shoes. This made him seem like an ascetic immortal cultivator.

    However, his gaze was particularly sharp, and a light aura of blood lingered around him, almost as though as he had just climbed out of an ocean of blood.

    After getting off the flying ship, he quickly walked over to Yi Mingxu, bowing respectfully, "Disciple Huang Sha greets Sect Head."

    Yi Mingxu, who was originally staring at the entrance to Gods Tower with Lei Guyun, loosened up, nodding as he saw he hemp clothed man approach. He spoke warmly, "Huang Sha, not bad, you didn't disappoint your master and the sect. In a short period of time, your dao has become more condensed, and your cultivation level has improved to the peak of advanced Immortal King Stage too. With a little more work, you'll join the ranks of Immortal Reverents. Compared to your lousy master, you're much stronger.

    The man named Huang Sha immediately bowed again, "Disciple's skills are still lowly, I dare not compare myself with master."

    Waving his hand, Yi Mingxu replied, "You need not be that humble. You're also aware of Sa Jian's standard. In Great Sword Path, I look favourably upon both you and Fang Shijiang. Fang Shijiang will be entering Very High Heavens soon, so he'll have his own cultivation in the future. Hence, the future of Luo Ling Immortal Domain's Great Sword Path will lie in your hands."

    "Disciple will not disappoint Sect Head." Huang Sha coldly assured Yi Mingxu.

    Yi Mingxu nodded his head, "My reason for summoning you here today is to let you enter Gods Immortal Tower. It was not easy to obtain this slot. After you enter, you only have to kill one person."

    Before Yi Mingxu could reveal the name of this person, Huang Sha looked up with determination in his eyes, "I will kill Mo Wuji, and avenge my master and junior brother."

    Satisfied with Huang Sha's response, Yi Mingxu added on, "You must remember, the immortal puppe at Mo Wuji's side is not simple, and is very likely an Immortal Emperor expert. There's an elemental energy that supasses spiritual energy in Gods Tower, so with your level of talent, and this pill, I believe that you will be able to advance to Immortal Reverent."

    After speaking, Yi Mingxu took out a jade bottle and a gray array disc to pass to Huang Sha.

    As Huang Sha received the jade bottle, uncontrollable happiness welled up within. His spiritual will had detected that an Extreme Reverent Pill was inside the jade bottle. Extreme Reverent Pills were not run of the mill Tier 8 immortal pills. They could give an Immortal King a 40% chance of advancing to Immortal Reverent. The quality of the Extreme Reverent Pill in his hands was extremely good, almost reaching unique grade.

    With his resources and the immortal spiritual energy in Gods Tower, combined with this Extreme Reverent Pill, one could consider him as halfway in Immortal Reverent Stage.

    "Many thanks Sect Head, just what is this array disc for?" Huang Sha's tone reflected some of his excitement.

    Slightly smiling, Yi Mingxu explained, "Even if you were an Immortal Reverent, you wouldn't be able to fight an Immortal Emperor immortal puppet. This array disc is a Grade 9 immortal equipment, puppet restricting disc. Any puppet type magic treasures will have its spiritual will and immortal elemental energy restricted under the effects of this array disc. You will have enough time to deal with Mo Wuji. Remember, if you can capture him alive, then do so and bring him back. If you can't then kill him, and bring back his treasures. Also, Mo Wuji should have altered his appearance. I trust that you can detect him with your instincts."

    "Roger Sect Head." Joy erupted in Huang Sha's heart. His luck was rather good,

    "Go now, the doors of Gods Tower are about to close." Yi Mingxu gestured to Huang Sha.

    With that, Huang Sha turned around and charged into Gods Heavenly Chasm, entering Gods Tower a short while later.

    "Your Great Sword Path has great geniuses. Regardless whether it's Huang Sha or Fang Shijiang, they're all nine star geniuses with exceptional talent." Lei Guyun commented jealously from the side.

    Yi Mingxu chuckled, "Your Lightning Sect recently took in a super genius. I heard that he's of nine star caliber, don't think that I don't know about it."

    Upon hearing this, Lei Guyun finally smiled. Lei Hongji wasn't just of nine star caliber. Even he had never seen someone as great a genius as Lei Hongji. Compared to Lei Hongji, a nine star genius wasn't much.

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