Chapter 646: Grand Zhi In A Flash

    Chapter 646: Grand Zhi In A Flash

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    Mo Wuji came to a halt again but this time, there were two corpses in front of him. He had no idea how long these two corpses had been dead for but the faint golden radiance within the skeleton was still very eye catching.

    The two corpses were about ten feets away from each other and despite not having their fleshly bodies or their primordial spirits, they seemed to be in some sort of confrontation with each other.

    There was a giant axe stuck across the throat to the left chest of one of the corpse. While the giant axe was driven deep into the skeleton, traces of killing intent were still pervading around the axe. On the other corpse, a Wolf Fang Mace perforated through the lower abdomen of the body and the killing intent encircling it was equally as shocking.

    These two weapons were immortal equipments which surpassed Grade 9. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath because he had seen countless of such situations on the way here but normally, he would simply evade the corpse and chose not to touch these treasures and the corpses itself.

    He was aware that given his current strength, he wouldn't be capable enough to touch it even if he wanted to. The instance he went closer to it, he would be torn apart by the terrifying killing intent.

    This time round, Mo Wuji swallowed his saliva as he stared at the finger of the corpse with his lower abdomen pierced through by the Wolf Fang Mace. There was an exquisite looking storage ring and Mo Wuji could only imagine how incredible the items inside would be if it belonged to an expert like this.

    Previously, it wasn't because Mo Wuji had no intentions of acquiring the other storage rings but because the killing intents of the corpses he met were simply too mighty. He was simply unable to approach any of the corpses even if he really wanted to.

    He was similarly unable to approach this corpse but the storage ring was in a reachable position.

    "Da Huang, help me see if you could retrieve that storage ring back for me. Remember not to force it," Mo Wuji warned Da Huang repeatedly before drawing out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd as he guarded Da Huang anxiously.

    Da Huang let out a 'En' sound before walking cautiously towards the side of the corpse. Mo Wuji watched on with great anticipation as Da Huang's fingers were about to touch the storage ring safely.

    "Boom!" The instance Da Huang's fingers touched the storage ring, a terrifying killing intent surged towards the sky and Da Huang seemed to have been electrocuted as he was blown up into the sky like a kite before falling back down.

    Mo Wuji got worried as he dashed over immediately.

    A natural looking half inch deep groove appeared on Da Huang's chest and the fluctuation of Da Huang's energy turned extremely weak.

    Mo Wuji quickly sent a green crystal into Da Huang's body and Da Huang stood up once again," My Lord, that storage ring is way too frightening for me to retrieve. This man was much stronger than the person who forged me."

    "Forget it, we won't take this," Mo Wuji replied in a hurry because he really didn't want it anymore. He could forget about it if it was something even Da Huang was unable to retrieve. His futile attempt to retrieve the storage ring caused more harm than good because he wasted a green crystal and even caused Da Huang to suffer great pain. To make things worse, he only had three more of the green crystals meant for Da Huang.

    The moment he exhausted all three of the green crystals, he would lose Da Huang's protection and a friend. In Mo Wuji's heart, Da Huang had already been considered his friend.

    After learning his lesson the hard way, Mo Wuji didn't continue coveting for any item in here as he was mainly focused on finding the way out of the place.

    Mo Wuji and Da Huang had been wandering cautiously for over seven to eight days but there were only skeletons, all sorts of treasures or killing intent which were impossible to guard against in this place.

    On this day, Mo Wuji finally sensed a trace of denser immortal energy, no, it was an elemental energy which was similar to the one of the green crystal.

    "Da Huang, could you sense an elemental energy which was similar to your green crystal?" Mo Wuji suspected himself as he turned and questioned Da Huang, who was closely behind him.

    Da Huang said in a low and muffled voice, "Yes, I have indeed felt it. It was like, like..."

    Da Huang seemed to be finding the correct words before saying, "It was like the elemental energy I felt when I was first forged out. However, the energy here was not as dense as the one I first left."

    "Let's check it out," Mo Wuji quicken his footsteps.

    Mo Wuji and Da Huang walked forward and the immortal energy became denser while the number of corpses on the floor was also increasing. Mo Wuji and Da Huang were both trying their best to avoid these corpses and regardless of how strong the magic treasures appeared to be, Mo Wuji didn't bother with any of it.

    After three days, Mo Wuji finally came to a halt as he saw a flight of stairs.

    Logically speaking, Mo Wuji had been searching for a flight of stairs. Since the Gods Tower was a tower, there would be many levels in it. As long as he could find a flight of stairs, he would be able to leave this level. At this moment, Mo Wuji should be elated at the sight of a staircase but Mo Wuji was feeling suspicious and puzzled instead.

    Since he was just transferred into the Gods Tower, he should be in the lowest level according to common sense and the flight of stairs that he found should be leading up to the second level. On the contrary, the flight of stairs in front of him was leading down and his spiritual will was unable to sense the end of the flight of stairs.

    Could this level that he was on be the highest level of the Gods Tower?

    Mo Wuji couldn't wrap his head around this but he chose to stop thinking about it because whether he was on the highest level or not, he didn't wish to stay in this dangerous level for any longer.

    The items on this level were indeed so incredible such that every single one of them would be able to set off a massive uproar in the Immortal World. The pity was that every item here was as impractical as a Dragonsword to him.

    Beside this flight of stairs was a massive and round energy gathering array. Mo Wuji finally realised why the elemental energy throughout the level was so weak because all the energy was gathered here by the array.

    Mo Wuji approached the energy gathering array carefully as he confirmed that there were indeed no danger within the array. Once he confirmed that, he bit his teeth before stepping right into the energy gathering array.

    Extremely dense elemental energy surged over as Mo Wuji took one deep breath in. This was a place which was naturally most suitable to cultivate in because these were elemental energy which were converted from the energy of the green crystal.

    "Da Huang, I am going to cultivate in here for a while. Help me guard the outside," Mo Wuji made his decision not to waste an opportunity like this.

    He had an intuition that cultivating here for a year would be better than cultivating in some other place for tens or even hundreds of years.

    When Mo Wuji started cultivating his reverse immortal mortal technique and formed a massive spiritual circulation with every single one of the 108 small circulations, he found out that he had clearly underestimated the effectiveness of cultivating here.

    It wasn't because of the density elemental energy but the much higher grade of the energy here as compared to the energy of high grade immortal crystals. Even though the layer of energy was not extremely dense here and was even considered slightly thin, the thin layer of energy that was converted into immortal energy filled up Mo Wuji's meridians very quickly. Even the small circulations of all 108 meridians and the large circulation was unable to completely utilise all the elemental energy here.

    This was the first time Mo Wuji was unable to fully utilise the energy in the surrounding for his cultivation.

    As time passed by, this was the first time Mo Wuji's cultivation level soared at an insane rate after the difficult Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    In no time, he was in the intermediate Grand Yi Immortal Stage and in less than a month, he managed to touch the bottleneck of the advanced Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Six months later, Mo Wuji arrived directly at the Great Circle of the Grand Yi Stage and even without using the Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill, he managed to step into Grand Zhi Immortal...

    This isn't right as Mo Wuji stopped cultivating immediately. How could he enter the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage so mysteriously?

    Logically speaking, advancing from the Grand Yi Immortal Stage to the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage should be accompanied by lightning tribulation but yet he didn't feel any lightning tribulation. Could he be trapped in a hallucination after entering this place?

    At the thought of hallucination, Mo Wuji panicked before standing up and letting out a punch.

    His raging immortal energy was countless of folds much stronger than before and he was well aware that this was indeed the strength of a Grand Zhi Immortal. In fact, even his sea of consciousness was expanded tremendously.

    As he looked at Da Huang, who was still guarding the outside, Mo Wuji was in a dilemma. He was unsure if he should continue cultivating because this place was simply too peculiar. The grade of every magic treasure and it's killing intent were extremely frightening while the rate of cultivation was even more exaggerated.

    He could still neglect all these but the key was that neither did he undergo any lightning tribulations nor did he take in any Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill when advancing from the Grand Yi Immortal Stage to the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage. He was really suspecting that this might be an illusion or a hallucination but the realistic display of his strength earlier on proved that it wasn't.

    Should he continue to cultivate? At the thought of this, Mo Wuji noticed that the flight of stairs leading downwards was starting to turn faint as if it was about to disappear any time soon.

    At this moment, why would Mo Wuji continue cultivating as he jumped right towards the stairs while shouting, "Da Huang, follow me. Quick, we are getting out of here fast."

    Despite the great advantages of cultivating here, Mo Wuji knew that he couldn't stay here for long because a place like this could take his life away at any moment.

    At the instance when he jumped onto the stairs, Mo Wuji was already prepared to draw out his Book of Luo when needed. However, he realised that he was simply over thinking because the flight of stairs was extremely safe and was no different from an ordinary flight of stairs.

    Mo Wuji counted and after about 100 over steps, Da Huang and himself were already standing on a flat ground.

    As he looked behind him, the flight of stairs had already disappeared which meant that he wouldn't be able to return even if he wanted to.

    Mo Wuji was not too concerned about the fact that he was unable to head back up because what was the use of going back up? He was not even strong enough to pick up any of the useful items on the top floor and if he was not careful, he could lose his life easily. What he was worried now would be if this level would be the same and filled with dangers.

    Also, where was the immortal sealing array mentioned by the white moustached fishing old man? Or rather, which level of the Gods Tower was it on?

    Mo Wuji took out two tokens: The Immortal Seeking Token and the Universal Peak Token.

    When he received this Immortal Seeking Token, he found out that this token was left behind by a man called Ji Feiqian. Mo Wuji had no idea where Ji Feiqian picked up the Heaven Seeking Staircase from and how it ended up at the Zhen Xing's Heaven Seeking Palace. Additionally, there was also an unknown white moustached fishing old man watching over it.

    Furthermore, the surname of the person the white moustached fishing old man requested for Mo Wuji to rescue was also Ji and the name was Ji Li in full. He had no idea how Ji Feiqian and Ji Li were related to each other too.

    Regardless, since he was already here in the Gods Tower, he had to take a look within it. Mo Wuji said that he would do his best and if it was really out of his means, he should not be held accountable. After all, this Gods Tower was so petrifying that he almost died a few times after just walking one round in it.
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