Chapter 648: I Am Here To Kill Him

    Chapter 648: I Am Here To Kill Him

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    Mo Wuji wielded the Half Moon Weighted Halberd as he swept up a halberd radiance.

    If Dao Feng's blade radiance was falling like leaves in the sky, Mo Wuji's halberd radiance would be like a fierce wind sweeping up a land of gravels.

    The falling leaves brought along forlorn late autumn feels while the gravels swept up the grand and extravagant desert.

    Both of them didn't use their domain because this was not a fight but a duel between a blade dao sacred art and a halberd dao sacred art.

    "Boom!" The falling leaves clashed with the grand desert and the entire sky was overwhelming with radiances. Killing intent could be felt everywhere around them as the sky full of falling leaves turned instantly into tiny blades while the grand desert on land exploded and started raging against the leaves.

    Dao Feng's eyes lit up because this was the type of sacred art he wanted. His sacred art was lacking that type of majesty and vigorous because the moment he executed it, what it displayed was a depressing, miserable and chilly attack, just like a wing forward. While Mo Wuji's Grand Desert's extravagant and vastness was exactly what he wanted.

    Perhaps, today could be the day he obtained what he was lacking the most.

    At this instance, even the cultivators on the outside could feel the bone piercing energy emitting from the duel as they all took a step back.

    Dao Feng's excitement was surging and even though the explosive halberd radiance had already torn his clothing and caused multiple scars on his body, he appeared as if he didn't see it. He continued taking a step forward as he wielded the saber from the inside to the outside.

    "Cross Blade Descending Shadow Autumn.." The blade became even more chilly as it brought along a blade intent as if the world was crying while the cross was struck forward.

    A blade in the shape of a cross was swung forward and the entire space was split into four sections.

    The seemingly scratched space was overwhelming with depressing and chilly energy. If Dao Feng's first blade was the Autumn Falling Leaves then his second blade would be Mournful Autumn.

    Under a space splitting attack like this, everything would be torn apart by the blade. The blade was cold as ice and the strike would definitely not show any mercy on the opponent.

    It was really a blade dao of his own and meanwhile, Mo Wuji swung his Half Moon Weighted Halberd once more and the land of desert disappeared.

    His first halberd radiance attacked from bottom upwards but now, his halberd radiance was attacking from top to bottom. Once the halberd was wielded, it was no longer a radiance but a long, silver river.

    The river started pouring down as it tried to engulf the entire cross.

    "Boom boom boom!" The two sacred arts confronted each other as the sky was bursting in explosions yet again. Blade radiance dissipated while the halberd's shadow started tearing apart.

    The desolate autumn was engulfed completely as all they could feel was extravagance and vastness.

    "Kacha!" Dao Feng's hand was burst apart by the tremendous counter attack of Mo Wuji's halberd shadow but he could only stare blankly at the long river flowing down. This halberd managed to engulf his 'Cross Blade Descending Shadow Autumn' sacred art and turned it into a silver river.

    Just like his first blade sacred art, his second blade lost to Mo Wuji as well and they shouldn't even be compared on the same level.

    The eyes of Qing Ruoyue, who was watching by the side, instantly lit up. When Dao Feng wielded his first strike, she was so close to tears because facing such a terrifying attack, there should be nothing Mo Wuji could do other than to sacrifice his blood. She couldn't figure out what methods Mo Wuji had to defend against this attack or maybe he could dodge it in the nick of time.

    However, when she saw Mo Wuji's river came pouring down, she knew that she was wrong. As compared to the chilly cross blade shadow, Mo Wuji's attack was much more grand and majestic.

    Perhaps, this was the true dao, whether it was the blade dao, halberd dao or even the sword dao.

    Dao Feng was able use the reason of being embarrassed or wounded to escape but he chose to stare at the river pouring down in torrents. If he were to die under a sacred art like that, he would still consider it to be his good fortune. He was a little regretful that he wouldn't have the time to gain proper insights on a sacred art like that.

    "Kacha!" The immortal energy suddenly solidified as blood started appearing on the corner of Mo Wuji's mouth.

    His Half Moon Weighted Halberd stopped in midair as Mo Wuji was utterly speechless. This Dao Feng fella was simply too ridiculous. Even though his halberd river was strong, it wouldn't be strong enough to kill Dao Feng but this fella actually chose not to dodge this attack so that he could feel this halberd sacred art firsthand.

    He didn't wish to kill Dao Feng so he stopped his own halberd river forcefully. It was truly depressing that when going up against a Grand Luo Immortal, Mo Wuji didn't hurt the opponent but hurt himself instead.

    "Great halberd," Dao Feng saw the stationary halberd and couldn't help but to praise it. Instead of thanking Mo Wuji for saving his life, he chose to praise Mo Wuji's halberd.

    Mo Wuji kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd before saying, "Don't find me if you're courting your own death. I've had enough troubles on my plate."

    Dao Feng appeared like he didn't know that Mo Wuji was talking to him as he continued, "I've heard that you still have the third blade... Oh, I meant third halberd sacred art so why didn't you execute it?"

    What can Mo Wuji say to a person like this? He could only calm himself down and said, "I have no hatred against you so I really didn't wish to kill you."

    Mo Wuji was not boasting about this even though Dao Feng was much stronger than Ni Ju. However, Mo Wuji's current strength was so much stronger than when he was fighting against Ni Ju. If he didn't avoid using his third halberd sacred art, even Mo Wuji might not be able to control the last sacred art if it was executed.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Dao Feng revealed a disappointed expression. Following which, he said enthusiastically, "Brother Mo, why was my blade dao only a small stream as compared to your halberd dao's big river?"

    In terms of such theoretical subjects, Mo Wuji's understanding would definitely be a realm greater than Dao Feng. All his techniques were self created and such techniques would definitely not be something Dao Feng could compare to.

    In reply to Dao Feng's question, Mo Wuji chose to be completely honest, "This is because your blade dao only contain blade intent and not blade force. Sacred art with only intent and not force might be effective on some days but it will never become a true, peak grade sacred art. You saw how desolate the autumn was but you didn't see the autumn's rewards, you didn't see the autumn's beauty and you didn't see the autumn's magnificence. What you saw was only one side of the autumn which was why your sacred art only displayed one side of its true power, which lacked the blade force in it."

    Dao Feng's eyes opened so widely as he pondered as to why he didn't thought of all these in the past. If he could think of all these, his sacred art would definitely be countless of folds stronger.

    "Many thanks Brother Mo for your guidance," Dao Feng clasped his fist respectfully before saying in a serious tone, "The reason why I didn't choose to dodge your second winding river sacred art was because I really liked that. Even if I were to die under such an attack, I would be more than satisfied. I believe that in the future, I might be able to see sacred art stronger than your winding river but I will definitely not see a sacred art which could touch my heart like yours did."

    Mo Wuji shook his head because he was unable to understand such beliefs.

    Dao Feng seemed to understand Mo Wuji's meaning so he continued, "Anyway, I would only suffer terrible injuries and I would probably recover after hundreds of years so I might not die. Just like what Brother Mo said earlier on, blade dao, halberd dao, spear dao and sword dao are all killing dao so I would only be able to truly enlighten that if my body experienced the full force..."

    "He is speaking nonsense!" An abrupt voice interrupted Dao Feng's words.

    A medium built man wearing a sesame coloured robe and shoes while carrying a long sword on his back walked over.

    Everyone's attention fell on this man as his looks were as ordinary as his clothing and his face was a little sallow. His sword had no sheath on it as his entire body was exuding blood thirsty killing intent.

    Dao Feng furrowed his brows and before he could ask, the sesame robe man spoke again, "Every dao is unique. The blade dao is the blade dao while the sword dao is the sword dao, how could they be the same?"

    "Who are you?" Dao Feng questioned because his entire life was about blade dao. Now that Mo Wuji simplified everything, Dao Feng started to hold the same view as Mo Wuji because Mo Wuji's words merely expanded his horizon. However, the words of this sesame robe man seemed so blurry and even though it was his previous understanding, Dao Feng was slightly loss.

    "Great Sword Path's Huang Sha," The sesame robe man walked closer to Mo Wuji before coming to a halt. While he was answering Dao Feng, he looked at Mo Wuji instead.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "Are you here to avenge your Master Sa Jian?"

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for Huang Sha's reply as he looked at Dao Feng and said, "Brother Dao, this man is better than you at being pretentious. If you were to wear this sesame coloured robe and shoes, your level of pretentious will increase too. Your yellow...robe is simply too indecent. I suggest that you go back and learn from this pretentious fella."

    Dao Feng didn't understand why he needed to be pretentious but upon hearing Mo Wuji's suggestion, he answered instantly, "Brother Mo is right and I will definitely get it change when I go back."

    To him, everything else was not important in front of his blade dao. The reason why he was wearing a yellow robe was because he casually bought it but not because he chose it specifically. Mo Wuji's previous words were all logical and he was extremely honest so he didn't believe that Mo Wuji was lying to him. Every minute changes would affect his sacred art and this was something that he agreed.

    Huang Sha didn't bother about Mo Wuji's attitude as he said calmly, "You are right but also wrong. You are right because I am indeed here to avenge my master. You are wrong because I suddenly had an important thing to do which is to guide you on what is sword dao. Don't ever put any rubbish dao on the same level as the sword dao. The sword dao is the best dao with no equals."

    "Hahahaha! You are really making me laugh," Yet another voice could be heard and a slightly taller man walked over. Even before he appeared, his laughter could be heard and when he came closer, he pointed at Huang Sha and laughed out loud, "Huang Sha, your Great Path Sword must be really proud of yourself right? An Immortal Reverent actually challenged an Immortal King, no, Pill Master Mo should not be in the Grand Luo Immortal Stage yet right? An Immortal Reverent actually challenged a Grand Zhi Immortal, how shameless!"

    The most attractive part about this man was his pair of purple eyes.

    "I am not here to challenge him, I am here to kill him," Huang Sha finished speaking and his sheathless sword landed on his hand. Following which, he didn't even glance at the purple eye man before taking a few steps towards Mo Wuji.
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