Chapter 649: The Oppressive Immortal Sealing Array

    Chapter 649: The Oppressive Immortal Sealing Array

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    Da Huang took a step forward to stand beside Mo Wuji. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't be able to endure an attack from an Immortal Reverent in the state that he was in. Even if he was an irritating Immortal Reverent, he was still an Immortal Reverent while Mo Wuji was only a Grand Zhi Immortal.

    Furthermore, was Huang Sha an average Immortal Reverent? He had just ascended to the Immortal World and managed to kill 317 geniuses in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Mo Wuji looked cautiously at the approaching Huang Sha and he was ready to escape once he attacked.

    The Great Sword Path was a peak grade sect so they should be able to find out about Da Huang's strength and that Sa Jian was killed by Da Huang. One must know that Sa Jian's cultivation level was much higher than Huang Sha as he was in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage yet he still died. Mo Wuji was unable to kill Sa Jian and it was known that Zhuo Pingan was busy with the Great Kun Buddhist Sect's expert, Da Huang was the only possible one to have killed Sa Jian.

    Since the Great Sword Path was aware of this, Huang Sha must be aware too. And if Huang Sha was aware of this and was still daring enough to approach Mo Wuji with Da Huang by his side, he must have had a secret plan to deal with both Mo Wuji and Da Huang.

    Therefore, Mo Wuji was prepared that the moment Da Huang was restrained by Huang Sha, he would escape to as far away as he could. He might not be stronger than Huang Sha but in terms of escaping, he wasn't afraid of being caught. His wind escape technique was close to the Wind Teleportation Stage so as long as there was wind in the surrounding, he would be able to escape quietly. This was much stealthier than the spatial teleportation because there would be spatial movements during the execution of spatial teleportation. However, for the Wind Teleportation, it made use of wind and after a few seconds, any traces left behind would be blown away by the wind.

    Huang Sha walked a few steps but didn't attack as he simply stared coldly at the purple eye man, "Ling Lunan, are you sure that you want to help Mo Wuji and go against my Great Sword Path? Could this be the intention of your Gods Immortal Sect?"

    The purple eye man, who was addressed as Ling Lunan, chuckled before saying, "Huang Sha, don't exaggerate this matter however you wish. I, Ling Lunan, am just not used to seeing an Immortal Reverent acting against a Grand Zhi Immortal. This is my own choice and it has nothing to do with my sect. You, Huang Sha, only have such tactics? To bring up the sects whenever you like? I've seen too many people like you."

    "Very good," Huang Sha gave Ling Lunan a final glance before leaving even without looking at Mo Wuji.

    To Huang Sha, despite having just advanced into the Immortal Reverent Stage, he was still capable of killing Ling Lunan who was in the intermediate Immortal Reverent Stage. The pity was that he couldn't kill Ling Lunan in a place like this. As for Mo Wuji, Ling Lunan might have saved him this time round, Huang Sha would still kill him in the later days.

    "Brother Mo, thank you for your guidance. I, Dao Feng, shall make my move first," Dao Feng was still extremely grateful for Mo Wuji's teachings.

    Qing Ruoyue also came forward to bid her goodbye to Mo Wuji before heading off with Dao Feng.

    After the few of them left, Mo Wuji came forward and clasped his fists towards Ling Lunan before saying, "Many thanks Immortal Ling for your assistance."

    After Mo Wuji heard that Ling Lunan was from the Gods Immortal Sect, he instantly realised that Ling Lunan came to his rescue evidently for the Universal Peak Token.

    Indeed, Ling Lunan clasped his fists back towards Mo Wuji, "Immortal Friend Mo, I actually came to request for your help. I guess that you must have predicted that Nai He is my junior sister and we are all disciples of the Gods Immortal Sect."

    "Is it for the Universal Peak Token?" Mo Wuji didn't bother beating around the bush.

    Ling Lunan nodded, "Yes it is indeed for the Universal Peak Token."

    Mo Wuji said apologetically, "I am truly sorry because I cannot give you this Universal Peak Token."

    Ling Lunan hurried to say, "I do not need you to give it to me as I only need you to take it out. As long as you take out the token, it would show the entire map of the Gods Tower. I am not intending to go up and it is practically not possible for me to head down so I only need to go somewhere on this level. As long as you can bring me there, I wouldn't need the Universal Peak Token."

    "Where?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "Immortal Sealing Array," Ling Lunan said excitedly as he looked enthusiastically at Mo Wuji with the hope that Mo Wuji would not reject him.

    Mo Wuji was shocked and wondered if Ling Lunan already found out that he was heading there too? However, it didn't seem that way from Ling Lunan's expression.

    "I am also intending to go to the Immortal Sealing Array and since this is the case, we shall head there together," Mo Wuji replied truthfully.

    "Such a coincidence? A trace of suspicion flashed across Ling Lunan's eyes but he hurried to say pleasingly, "Many thanks Immortal Friend Mo, we have to hurry because there is less than two months before the closure of the Gods Tower.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to ask when the Gods Tower would be closing, he didn't expect that Ling Lunan took the initiative to tell him that.

    "Immortal Friend Ling, can I ask if there were a lot of people going above the 18th level every time when the Gods Tower opened?" Before entering the Gods Tower, Mo Wuji knew nothing except for his task, a Immortal Seeking Token and a Universal Peak Token.

    Now that Ling Lunan had already considered Mo Wuji to be his ally, he chose to be completely honest with him as he replied, "Not that I've heard of. Rumours spread that it was impossible to enter the 19th level and even if you managed to do so, it would be impossible to take anything from there. Try imagining, since almost no one had entered the 19th level before, the killing intent shrouding the area must be incredibly strong so it would be impossible to retrieve any of the treasures there. As for the first 18 levels, because so many people had been through it before, the killing intent were not as strong which was why it was so much easier to pick things up at sight."

    Mo Wuji asked again, "Since this was the case, wouldn't the items in the 18 levels keep getting lesser?"

    Ling Lunan shook his head, "It is not like that because from the bottom to the top of the Gods Tower, the area of each level would get smaller and smaller but the highest level would still be immensely boundless. Even though I've reached the 18th level, I have only travelled a small portion of every level on my way up. Therefore, no matter how many times the Gods Tower had been opened before, there would be places which no one had been to before. Taking this 18th level for example, no matter how many times this Gods Tower was opened, there would be countless of places on this level which people had yet to set foot on. This was also why a majority of those who entered the Gods Tower would be lucky enough to obtain a treasure of an ancient expert."

    Mo Wuji recalled the 36th level's sea and if he were to search the entire sea, he would need more than a few hundred years to do so. However, the 36th level was indeed the level with the smallest surface area. Seemed like Ling Lunan's words were true.

    "Immortal Friend Ling, let's get moving then," Mo Wuji drew out his flying shuttle and left for another direction immediately.

    Ling Lunan hurried to get his flying treasure and followed closely behind Mo Wuji.

    After Mo Wuji and Ling Lunan left, a silhouette appeared tens of metres away from them and this person was Huang Sha.

    Huang Sha stared calmly at the direction at which Mo Wuji disappeared to and left in the other direction only after a while. It would only be disadvantageous for him to follow behind Mo Wuji if Ling Lunan was with him. The Gods Tower would only be opened for two more months so he wanted to see where Mo Wuji would run to. As long as it was someone he, Huang Sha, locked on, the person could forget about escaping from his clutches. As for that Ling Lunan, he wouldn't be spared too.


    Two days later, Mo Wuji and Ling Lunan finally came to a halt after countless of turns.

    The two of them stared shockingly at the space in front of them without saying anything. Despite having cultivated to the Immortal Reverent Stage, even Ling Lunan had never seen such majestic energy in the space.

    The space in front of them seemed like it was solidified as it brought along densely oppressive energy. Even if they had yet to approach it, they could feel the difficulty in breathing.

    Standing within a space like this, everything seemed to be bounded whether it was their spiritual will, immortal energy or even their train of thoughts.

    If there was still a word that could describe how the duo were currently feeling, it would be 'tiny'. This was the first time they felt so tiny, so tiny when facing this piece of space in front of them.

    Two massive swords which hilts couldn't be seen was inserted in front of them as the majestic energy and their oppressive feeling seemed to be brought along by these two massive swords.

    The distance between the two massively wide swords was about a thousand feet and it was just like two babel swords rooted onto the ground.

    There was a faint, foggy energy between the swords as the fogs formed a faint word on the swords: Seal.

    "What a mighty Immortal Sealing Array," Mo Wuji muttered to himself. This two swords should be the array base of this Immortal Sealing Array so how could he save someone from such a massive array? What a joke, he, Mo Wuji, didn't have such capabilities.

    "Master had got it wrong..." Ling Lunan was also muttering to himself.

    "You're here to rescue someone too?" Mo Wuji didn't dare to approach because with his pitiful cultivation level, it would be decent enough for him to approach that safely let alone, rescuing someone.

    Ling Lunan regained his composure before looking back at Mo Wuji as he clasped his fist, "Yes indeed Immortal Friend Mo. My senior sister was trapped within this Immortal Sealing Array and my master believed that I could save her as long as I found the Immortal Sealing Array. However, it seemed like I wouldn't be able to enter the Immortal Sealing Array without the Immortal Seeking Token."

    "We can enter the Immortal Sealing Array with the Immortal Seeking Token?" Even though Mo Wuji had two tokens with him, he had no idea what were the uses of it.

    "I've heard that the original name of the Immortal Seeking Token was the Immortal Unsealing Token and it was forged out by an expert from within the Immortal Sealing Array. He was trapped by the Immortal Sealing Array but was still able to forge out the Immortal Unsealing Token..."

    "Hold on!" Mo Wuji interrupted Ling Lunan's words, "Immortal Friend Ling, even that expert was trapped in the Immortal Sealing Array but the Immortal Unsealing Token that he forged could rescue people?"

    Ling Lunan was also slightly loss as he replied, "I am also not too sure because the news that my master received was not very complete. All I know was that the Immortal Seeking Token is forged by someone from within the Immortal Sealing Array and that the Immortal Seeking Token was brought to the cultivation world by an expert called Ji Feiqian. The truth was that without the Universal Peak Token, no one else would be able to locate the Immortal Sealing Array.

    Mo Wuji nodded because when he received the Immortal Seeking Token, he did heard that it was left behind by a person called Ji Feiqian.

    "Immortal Friend Ling, how much do you know about Ji Feiqian?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Ling Lunan was completely honest, "Ji Feiqian was a peak grade expert and back then, he didn't only obtain the Immortal Seeking Token but also the Universal Staircase in the Gods Tower. However, after being severely wounded, he brought the Universal Staircase to the cultivation world.

    Mo Wuji couldn't help but asked once more, "Immortal Friend Ling, I still have two questions for you. The first is how did your master know about this? And the second is that according to what I've heard, Ji Feiqian obtained the Heaven Seeking Staircase and not the Universal Staircase so did I get it wrong or are you wrong?"

    Mo Wuji knew that he couldn't have gotten it wrong because it was Ji Feiqian himself who said that he managed to pick this Heaven Seeking Staircase up.
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