Chapter 650: The Origins Of The White Whiskered Fisherman

    Chapter 650: The Origins Of The White Whiskered Fisherman

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    Ling Lunan shook his head, "Regarding the second question, you are definitely the one that is wrong. Ji Feiqian obtained the Universal Staircase, not some Heaven Seeking Staircase. The reason why I know about it is related to your first question. Back when Ji Feiqian escaped, there was another person with him; that person is my Gods Immortal Sect's founding ancestor.

    Back then, the place that Ji Feiqian and my Gods Immortal Sect founding ancestor escaped to is where my Gods Immortal Sect stands today. Thereafter, Ji Feiqian used some secret method to leave the Immortal World. He said that he was from Zhen Xing; so he wanted to return to his roots. On the other hand, my founding ancestor established the Gods Immortal Sect. Then, the Gods Tower opened once more. My founding ancestor entered the Gods Tower once more; thereafter, there was no longer any news about him."

    "You want to save your Gods Immortal Sect's founding ancestor?" Mo Wuji asked in doubt.

    "No," Ling Lunan answered, "I'm here to save my ancestor. After the Immortal World stabilised and divided to form the various Immortal Domains, my ancestor also entered the Gods Tower. Because my ancestor was from the same bloodline as the founding ancestor, he was able to obtain a part of the location of the immortal sealing array. He went to search for my founding ancestor, but there was also no further news from him."

    "Then how do you know that your ancestor is also trapped in the immortal sealing array?" Mo Wuji asked.

    This time, Ling Lunan didn't answer. Clearly, this involved some secrets of his sect.

    Mo Wuji did not mind either. Instead, he brought his Immortal Seeking Token out and asked, "Immortal Friend Ling, do you know what is the function of the Universal Staircase?"

    Out of Mo Wuji's expectations, Ling Lunan nodded, "I know a bit of it. It's said that the Universal Staircase is a ranking board. No matter what world or domain it appears in, it would be that world's number one ranking board. Moreover, it's rumoured that if you reach the 36th level of Gods Tower, you could borrow the Universal Staircase to refine the stone tablet of Gods Tower."

    Mo Wuji jolted; could it be that he was still not at the 36th level?

    Seeing Mo Wuji's astonishment, Ling Lunan thought that Mo Wuji was regretting that he didn't refine the Universal Staircase. He explained, "Back when you discovered the Universal Staircase, your cultivation wouldn't have been high enough to refine the Universal Staircase. You probably wouldn't have even be able to do anything about it, so there's no need for you to feel so disappointed. Let's take a step back, even if you refined the Universal Staircase, you wouldn't be able to enter the 36th level of Gods Tower."

    "That means that the Universal Peak Token that I have is not from the Gods Tower?" Mo Wuji started examining his Universal Peak Token. It seemed to contain the boundless starry space.

    "No. According to what I've heard, the Universal Peak Token and the Universal Staircase were brought here by an expert that took part in the War of the Gods. After that expert died, the Universal Staircase was picked up by Ji Feiqian. As for the Universal Peak Token, if the Universal Staircase gets brought to a different world and stabilises, your Universal Peak Token will disappear and return back to the Universal Staircase. The Universal Staircase will then become the number one ranking board of that new world." Ling Lunan was clearly more knowledgeable than Mo Wuji regarding this matter.

    "But the Universal Peak Token is able to reflect the situation at each level of Gods Tower?" Mo Wuji said; he really didn't believe that the Universal Peak Token was not related to Gods Tower.

    Ling Lunan smiled slightly, "Actually, every time the Universal Staircase comes to a certain world, the Universal Peak Token would contain the perfect positions and bearings within that world. Otherwise, how could it become the number one board?"

    So it's like that. Mo Wuji hurriedly retrieved a positioning ball and inscribed the positions of the different levels of the Gods Tower. If his Universal Peak Token were to suddenly disappear, he would, at the very least, still be able to find his way around.

    Waiting for Mo Wuji to translate the Universal Peak Token to a positioning ball, Ling Lunan said, "Brother Mo, why don't we enter this immortal sealing array?"

    Mo Wuji was slightly hesitatant. He made an agreement with that elderly fisherman; that is, he would help when he had the capabilities to do so. But this immortal sealing array was releasing such a daunting and boundless pressure; would he be able to escape if he entered?

    Seemingly seeing through Mo Wuji's hesitation, Ling Lunan clasped his fists and said, "Immortal Friend Mo, if you don't want to enter, you can stay here and wait for me. Give this Immortal Seeking Token to me, and when I return, I will definitely return it to Pill Master Mo."

    Mo Wuji, who was still hesitating, said, "It's nothing. Let's go in together."

    He did agree with the white-whiskered old man that he would do it when he had the capability. He did have the ability; at the very least, the dangers hadn't appeared. The moment there was any danger, he could simply retreat. If he were to not enter simply because he was afraid, then he would be infringing on the agreement.

    "Good." Ling Lunan stepped into the space between those two longswords.

    Mo Wuji also walked in, holding his Immortal Seeking Token. A suffocating pressure immediately enveloped him. Mo Wuji was not able to breath. This wasn't a simple lack of oxygen; he wasn;t even able to activate the spiritual energy within his body. If he spent too much time here, even an immortal would die of asphyxiation.

    Even though Ling Lunan's cultivation was much higher than Mo Wuji's, his face also changed drastically. Outside the immortal sealing array, they could only feel the pressure within. But now that they had actually entered the array, that pressure had become suffocating.

    He hurriedly retrieved a talisman and pasted it on his own body. At the same time, he brought out a huge cauldron. The huge cauldron emitted an grand and terrifying energy; it seemed to create an independent space of its own, blocking the pressure around them. Even Mo Wuji felt much better.

    Actually, Mo Wuji didn't really care too much about the suffocating pressure. He had the breath scattering channel; no matter how heavy the pressure was, he would not suffocate as long as he had the breath scattering channel. However, he was really shocked by this huge cauldron of Ling Lunan; this was definitely a treasure that was even more powerful than his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    The cauldron's aura was grand and oppressive; he only needed one look to tell that it was better than a Grade 9 immortal equipment; it was a true ancient treasure. Indeed, he could not underestimate others. Previously, Mo Wuji thought that with Da Huang by his side, he would be able to suppress Ling Lunan if they were to have any sudden conflicts.

    However, now that he saw Ling Lunan's treasure, he knew that it clearly wouldn't be the case. This treasure, which exceeded Grade 9, when used properly, would be equivalent to a turtle shell. Da Huang probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it. If Da Huang was a true Grand Immortal Emperor, then it wouldn't really better. However, Da Huang was an immortal puppet that depended on his green crystals. If it used too much energy, it would eventually become useless.

    His cultivation was much lower than Ling Lunan. If Da Huang was out of the picture, then he could only wait for death in front of Ling Lunan. Of course, he wouldn't wait for Da Huang to run out of energy before he escaped.

    Looking at this huge cauldron, Mo Wuji was reminded of Huang Sha. Huang Sha dared to deal with him; so he should also have a treasure that was similar to this cauldron which could pin Da Huang down. Mo Wuji sighed in his heart; indeed, any form of external power was akin to fleeting clouds.

    "This treasure was left behind by my ancestor. Actually, it was also the treasure of my Gods Immortal Sect's founding ancestor. It should be enough to protect us." Seemingly feeling Mo Wuji's shock, Ling Lunan laughed and explained.

    Mo Wuji also laughed, "Previously, I saw that Huang Sha had killing intent towards you, and I even wanted to warn you about him. From the looks of it, I am merely a frog in a well."

    Ling Lunan thanked Mo Wuji, then he added, "I was waiting for him. I know that Huang Sha is very impressive, and he had killed many other geniuses at the same level. But if he dares to have any malicious intents towards my Gods Immortal Sect, he is still lacking. It's okay if he doesn't come and find trouble, but if he does, I will make sure that he regrets it."

    Clearly, Ling Lunan also knew of Huang Sha's murderous intents towards himself. It was just that he was too lazy to care about it.

    Mo Wuji's heart shuddered. Indeed, no one was a fool. What differed between them was merely their methods.

    Because of the cauldron's protection, the surrounding pressure eased significantly. Mo Wuji and Ling Lunan then turned to the Immortal Seeking Token.

    As expected, a crack appeared on the Immortal Seeking Token. It was like an outer coating had been scraped off; rows of minute words appeared on the Immortal Seeking Token.

    "I am Ji Feiqian, a cultivator from Zhen Xing. During the War of the Gods in Gods Tower, I was fortunate enough to escape with my life, and I even managed to obtain the Universal Staircase. I have brought the Universal Staircase to Zhen Xing, and I believe that after some time, it would become the number one board in Zhen Xing. At the same time, I have placed the Immortal Seeking Token on the replica Heaven Seeking Staircase. Since you were able to get here, you should have already seen my equipment spirit, White Whiskers..."

    When Mo Wuji saw this, he finally came to understand that the Heaven Seeking Staircase was merely a replica. At the same time, he was rendered speechless by the white whiskered fisherman; he was actually an equipment spirit. What was even more shocking was the the Gods Tower was a battlefield of ancient gods.

    "When you stepped on top of the Heaven Seeking Staircase, White Whiskers should have given you the techniques and some items that you could only dream off..."

    "What bullsh*t!" Mo Wuji could not help but curse out loud. Ji Feiqian had clearly gave that equipment spirit instructions to give some benefits to the person that reached the top of the Heaven Seeking Staircase. Not only didn't that old man not give him anything, he needed to barter with that old man for some help. This equipment spirit was clearly a greedy old man.

    In reality, Mo Wuji was really wronging that equipment spirit. It wasn't that he didn't want to give anything to Mo Wuji, but it was because Mo Wuji didn't have any spiritual roots. To the white whiskered fisherman, giving Ji Feiqian's items to Mo Wuji would be wasting those treasures. Since that's the case, he decided to have two separate plans. The first plan was to let Mo Wuji come. The second plan was to leave Ji Feiqian's items to another person. If Mo Wuji failed, at least there would still be a strand of hope.

    As for Mo Wuji's interests, naturally that equipment spirit wouldn't give two sh*ts about that.

    "Even though I am asking too much, since you are here, this Ji would like to request you to save my daughter, Ji Li. My daughter, Ji Li, is also within the immortal sealing array. Her cultivation is higher than mine; so as long as these words could still be seen, she should be fine..."

    Mo Wuji was slightly at a loss. He did come to save Ji Li, but he didn't really have the confidence against this array.

    "I have heard of Senior Ji Li before. She's also in this immortal sealing array. Brother Mo, since you're here to save Senior Ji Li, then we are on the same side." After seeing all this, Ling Lunan came to understand that Mo Wuji was indeed here to rescue someone.
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