Chapter 651: The Directing Senior

    Chapter 651: The Directing Senior

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    "Crack!" Just as Ling Lunan finished saying that sentence, Mo Wuji's token transformed into a pure white pearl; the true Immortal Seeking Token had emerged. An arrow was pointing in a particular direction.

    As Mo Wuji held the pearl in his hand, he could clearly feel the spiritual will contained within the pearl.

    "The direction to walk has appeared. Let's hurry; the immortal sealing array is very big so we might have to take a very long time," Ling Lunan immediately said with glee when he saw the arrow on the Immortal Seeking Token.

    After saying that, Ling Lunan observed that Mo Wuji still staring at the white pearl; so he promptly added, "That's a bloodline seeking pearl; that arrow might pass by Senior Ji Li's location, but it might not necessarily reflect it. The moment the colour of the bloodline seeking pearl changes, it would mean that a cultivator with the same bloodline as Senior Ji Feiqian is nearby."

    "That means you have one too?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Ling Lunan shook his head, "I don't. However, this cauldron of mine was previously refined by my ancestor. As long as I'm near, this cauldron would have some form of resonance. If Brother Mo doesn't mind, I would suggest that you keep your immortal puppet."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head in agreement and kept Da Huang. In a place like this, even if he was any stronger, he wouldn't be able to break through this array. They had to depend on the direction on the Immortal Seeking Token, and if they were to ever get trapped, even a hundred immortal puppets wouldn't be enough to help them.

    Within the immortal sealing array, it was simply a patch of blur. Mo Wuji and Ling Lunan couldn't see their feet clearly, and they weren't even able to spread their spiritual will outwards. The only thing they could do was to follow according to the arrow on the Immortal Seeking Token.

    Mo Wuji did not release his spiritual eye. Even if he was able to see his immediate surroundings, he wouldn't be able to break through this array.

    His spiritual eye was one of his hidden cards; unless it was necessary, he wasn't going to use it in front of Ling Lunan.

    It was just as Ling Lunan had said: the immortal sealing array seemed to be vast and boundless. The two followed the arrow for over ten days but they were still facing a blur with no end in sight. They still weren't able to discern their location, nor did they discover anything.

    "Immortal Friend Ling, if the time of the Gods Tower ends and we have yet to leave the immortal sealing array, then would we be trapped here?" Mo Wuji asked abruptly.

    Ling Lunan went blank; he hadn't considered that question. Under normal circumstances, no matter where a person was in the Gods Tower, he would be transported out when the Gods Tower closes.

    However, they were in the immortal sealing array. Many experts were trapped here. If these experts weren't able to leave, then why would they be able to do so?

    Before Ling Lunan could answer, a terrifying force slammed against the exterior of the cauldron. Ripples appeared on the defenses of the cauldron and some killing intent seeped in. A trail of blood seeped out of the corner of Mo Wuji's mouth.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already landed on his page of the Book of Luo. From the looks of it, it wasn't completely safe in this immortal sealing array.

    Because Ling Lunan was the one controlling the cauldron, when the killing intent invaded, blood also dripped out of his mouth. He hurriedly swallowed a healing pill and said, "Brother Mo, there's no need to worry. This killing intent didn't originate from the immortal sealing array. Instead, it was emitted by the experts trapped within the array. Because they are sealing in this array, they have been constantly roiling and releasing killing intent. This sort of killing intent definitely wouldn't..."

    "Boom!" Before Ling Lunan could even finish his words, another force of killing intent crashed against the cauldron. This time, Ling Lunan directly coughed out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body was almost sent flying.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly extended his hand to grab Ling Lunan and helped Ling Lunan to stabilize.

    When Ling Lunan finally settled down, he said with hints of lingering fear, "Brother Mo, many thanks."

    His cultivation was higher than Mo Wuji, but what kind of place was this? It was the immortal sealing array. If he were to be brought into the depths of the immortal sealing array without the direction from the Immortal Seeking Token, then an intermediate stage Immortal Reverent like him would still die.

    "Brother Ling, something's not right here. Let's hurry and leave..." As Mo Wuji finished speaking, he directly charged away from their location. He was already veering off the direction from the Immortal Seeking Token. It wasn't because he wanted to do it, but the intense threat of death was simply too overwhelming.

    It was to the point that even his bones were trembling; Mo Wuji really didn't dare to continue staying there.

    Ling Lunan also felt the same danger. However, he was slower by a single step. Before he could reach Mo Wuji, multiple forces of killing intent slammed over.

    He had an Immortal Reverent cultivation; with such a cultivation, it was indeed possible for him to go unhindered as he walked around the Immortal World. But in the immortal sealing array, his cultivation was not much different from Mo Wuji's: they were the lowest among the low.

    "Psssh..." When the killing intent struck against the cauldron, it released a peculiar sound. Even though that cauldron had already been completely refined by Ling Lunan, he was still unable to fully control it. The huge cauldron was directly smashed flying. Thereafter, another force of killing intent surged over, sweeping Ling Lunan into the depths of the immortal sealing array.

    Mo Wuji had already retrieved his Book of Luo. Even though he didn't witness the scene of Ling Lunan being swept away, he knew that things definitely didn't bode well for Ling Lunan.

    Ling Lunan's cultivation was much stronger than him, and Ling Lunan also had a much greater understanding of the immortal sealing array. However, even Ling Lunan wasn't able to endure the forces within the array. Then how was he, Mo Wuji, going ot be able to save that Ji Li?

    Moreover, that equipment spirit did not follow the instructions of his master; it actually didn't give Mo Wuji the things that were meant for him. Mo Wuji had already done his part by getting to this stage. Now, what he wanted to do was to get out of here.

    Mo Wuji did not know where he was, and even though his Immortal Seeking Token was still indicating the direction, he did not dare to follow it. He had activated his Book of Luo to envelope himself; so that he could protect himself from any sudden killing intent.

    After calming himself down, Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye.

    Indeed, his spiritual eye was able to see the surroundings within a few tens of meters in radius. Beneath his feet, was some dark brown soil. Mo Wuji tried trampling it and he discovered that it was incomparably hard.

    Roughly seven meters on his left, there was a huge rock. There was a broken sword stabbed into that rock. Four to five meters in front of him, there was a dried up pond; within that pond, there was the skeleton of some peculiar fish. On the right, there was nothing; it was very empty. Behind him, there were some piles of shattered rocks; they seemed to be arranged in a particular order. How peculiar.

    Mo Wuji did not cultivate the Sword Dao, but he could clearly feel the terrifying sword intent within that broken sword. If he were to walk in that direction, he might very likely trigger that sword intent and directly get ripped apart.

    Just when Mo Wuji was contemplating on what direction he could take, a warm voice suddenly sounded beside Mo Wuji's ear, "Young man, since you are able to come here, you must have my immortal unsealing token."

    "Who are you?" Mo Wuji suddenly lifted his head as he stared warily at the empty space on his right. It sounded like that voice was from his right.

    "Who I am isn't important. The important thing that the token in your hands is forged by me. If you want to go out, you need my help. One more thing, when speaking to your senior, you need to show respect and use the proper address," That voice said calmly and steadily.

    So the Immortal Seeking Token was forged by this fella. [1] Even though Mo Wuji didn't know who this person was, or where he was even at, Mo Wuji still asked calmly, "It's true that one must be respectful to seniors. However, I almost died because of this immortal unsealing token, and it's unknown whether my companion is dead or alive. I think that it's more likely that it's the former, and it is because of your immortal unsealing token."

    A sigh could be heard, "Ai, I can't ask too much of people from the lower realm. Your cultivations are just too low. To think that you would be unable to defend against some remnant killing intent; I also don't know whether it was wrong for me to have led you here.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart; this was remnant killing intent? He had came down 36 floors and he knew what remnant killing intent was, and that wasn't remnant killing intent. Remnant killing intent would only come occasionally; it wouldn't be continuously emitted. Just now, that killing intent seemed to come in saves, as though it was specifically targeting Ling Lunan. Otherwise, with the protection of his huge cauldron, any remnant killing intent wouldn't have swept Ling Lunan into the depths of the immortal sealing array.

    "Senior, please direct me," Mo Wuji said sincerely. Since the immortal unsealing token was forged by this fella, Mo Wuji's way out would also be in him.

    "En." That voice seemed to acknowledge Mo Wuji's respect. After a brief moment of silence, it said, "In front of your, there's a pond. Within the pond, there is a green piece of stone. Get that green stone for me. That green stone is an incredibly valuable smithing material; the array disc that I will create cannot lack it."

    Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye and looked at that pond. In the center of that pond, there was still that terrifying set of fish bones. It did not seem to follow any rules as the bones poked out in all the different directions. Moreover, Mo Wuji could feel that those fish bones were rather peculiar. If he were to get stabbed by those bones, he might actually die.

    As for the green stone, Mo Wuji definitely didn't see it.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't move after some time, that voice said, "There's no need for you to worry. At the very least, there's no danger in front of you. Killing intent very rarely comes to where you are currently at."

    These words that were meant to comfort Mo Wuji; actually left Mo Wuji feeling a tinge of anxiety. Just because killing intent rarely comes, it did not mean that it would never come.

    Mo Wuji carefully took a few steps forward, then he asked, "Senior, is there any danger in that pond?"

    The voice chuckled, "The immortal sealing array isn't as impressive as the stories make it out to be. The only impressive things about the immortal sealing array are the two sword array foundations outside. In that pond, there's nothing else besides that green stone. There's no need for you to worry."

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief; this fellas was indeed unable to see his spiritual eye. That meant that this fella knew that he was there, but this fella didn't know what Mo Wuji could do, nor see what Mo Wuji was doing. Otherwise, he wouldn't have lied without batting an eye. There was clearly a set of fish bones in the pond but he actually claimed otherwise.

    Even though he knew that this fella was lying, Mo Wuji still walked to the edge of the pond. Besides the set of fish bones, everything else was as the voice had said: it was just an ordinary looking pond.

    "Senior, I've just reached the edge of the pond. I will be going down now." Mo Wuji hollered.

    The voice in the dark sounded once more, "Go in then. Bring that green stone out. Ai, what a pity that you don't have any treasures similar to the green stone. I might not actually be able to forge the array disc even with this green stone..."

    Even though it sounded calm, Mo Wuji could feel a tinge of excitement in the voice.

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji shrieked, "Senior, I seem to have been stabbed by fish bones..."

    [1] Ok, from how I understand this, Ji Feiqian forged the replica of the Universal Staircase, the Heaven Seeking Staircase. There, he placed the Immortal Seeking Token. It was unknown in 650 whether Ji Feiqian was the one that created that token, but it seems like it's this senior was the actual one.
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