Chapter 652: The Immortal Lattice Stones

    Chapter 652: The Immortal Lattice Stones

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    "What's the matter? Wasn't there supposed to be a green stone inside? How did it become a fish bone?" The voice in Mo Wuji's ear paused briefly before transmitting this message.

    Mo Wuji was constantly paying attention to this voice. The moment he noticed that pause, he knew that the other party seemed to have found some problems with his words.

    "Senior, even though I was pricked, I wasn't injured. My defensive treasure managed to block it off for me. Right, I do see a green piece of stone, it's under the fish bones..." Mo Wuji added.

    This time, Mo Wuji did, indeed, see a green stone below the fish bones. It was unknown how long the green stone had been left there for, but it was still glowing with a faint, green luster. It should be some good stuff. Besides this green stone, there also seems to be a human corpse. To maintain such a complete corpse so long after his death, it could clearly be seem that this person was also a powerhouse back when he was alive.

    The hidden voice went silent; Mo Wuji didn't speak either. Mo Wuji was calmly looking at his surroundings with his spiritual eye. At the same time, he placed Da Huang by his side, preparing for a fight at any moment. Even if he wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight, he still wanted to offer some resistance before he dies.

    After some time, that voice sighed, "I also don't really understand what's going on. Carefully, bring that green stone out from underneath the fish bones. Remember not to get pricked by the fish bones."

    "Alright." Mo Wuji directly transmitted a message to Da Huang, indicating for Da Huang to get the green stone according to his instructions.

    Da Huang could not see the green stone, but Mo Wuji could act as its eyes.

    Da Huang did not hesitate; the moment Mo Wuji gave it the order, it immediately jumped into the pond. However, the moment it went over the pond, it was as though a powerful force had sucked him in. He was stabbed strongly by the fish bones.

    Even though Da Huang was a Grand Emperor level immortal puppet, and this fish seemed to have died for ages, the fish bone was still able to pierce through Da Huang easily, leaving Da Huang impaled on the bone.

    "What's the matter?" The disturbance caused by Da Huang was too big. The voice sounded out once more, this time, with greater emotion.

    A faint white light rose from the fish bones, seemingly trying to suck something out of Da Huang. Unfortunately, after sucking for close to half a day, it did not seem to get what it wanted.

    Mo Wuji had an unsightly expression on his face; he was sure that there was something wrong with this pond. Otherwise, with Da Huang's power and his instructions, Da Huang definitely wouldn't have been impaled by the fish bones. That voice that was giving him instructions was definitely insidious.

    "Nothing much. I was stabbed again. Fortunately, my defensive treasure was able to help me once more." Mo Wuji's tone seemed to be anxious and discontent. He could see that Da Huang did not seem to be able to move.

    "Come up first then." That voice seemed to sigh.

    Mo Wuji instructed for Da Huang to retrieve that green stone the moment it could escape.

    As expected, the moment that the voice spoke, Da Huang was able to easily climb out of the fish bone. It followed according to Mo Wuji's instructions: the instant it sprang out of the pond, it grabbed the green stone.

    A cold snort could be heard. Immediately, Mo Wuji felt shivers throughout his entire body. Fortunately, Da Huang was already out of the pond with the green stone. Mo Wuji hurriedly retreated with Da Huang, then he used the Book of Luo to protect Da Huang and himself. At the same time, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will penetrated into that green stone.

    The green stone was filled with all sorts of complex runes; Mo Wuji's spiritual will was completely unable to resolve those runes.

    "Did you take the green stone?" The voice suddenly asked.

    Mo Wuji calmly kept the green stone, then he blatantly lied, "No. That green stone was too hard to take."

    He believed that the other party knew that he had already taken the green stone. He also believed that, at this instant, the other party also knew that he could see whatever was in the pond. However, he wasn't simply going to confess.

    As expected, after a short pause, that voice suddenly said, "Young man, you're very smart and cautious. If I'm not wrong, you should possess eyes which could see through everything, right?"

    Mo Wuji didn't answer. All this wasn't related to him being able to leave this place; so there was no need for him to reply.

    "Very good, young man. Previously, it was my, Yu Minjiang's, fault. I should not have lied to you. Now, let's make a deal. Return that green stone back to the pond and I will guide you out," The voice that identified itself as Yu Minjiang said slowly.

    While Mo Wuji didn't really understand such a complex array, he was someone who knew a bit about arrays. At this instant, he could already faintly see that there should be various arrays in that pond. That fish bone was very likely able to absorb blood. Unfortunately for it, Da Huang was merely a puppet that did not have a single drop of blood to be sucked.

    The green stone had already been placed into his ring. Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to tell that this thing wasn't simple; he wasn't going to simply return it back to the pond. Moreover, he did not believe that this voice would be so kind as to guide him out.

    He held his Immortal Seeking Token and asked, "You really forged this?"

    "That's right. I was indeed the one that forged that token, and it allows you to walk in and out of the immortal sealing array," Yu Minjiang said solemnly, his tone was neither urgent nor anxious.

    It was unknown whether Mo Wuji was simply over thinking, but he actually felt a hint of anxiety in this Yu Minjiang's voice; he was seemingly anxious that Mo Wuji hadn't returned the green stone.

    "Since you can create such a token, why haven't you left?" Mo Wuji asked calmly.

    "I have been stabbed by a sword, and at the same time, I have been sealed by the array flags of the immortal sealing array. How am I able to get out," That voice said helplessly.

    Mo Wuji suddenly turned to the huge rock on his left; that rock had been stabbed by a broken sword. "So you're this rock."

    "You're indeed able to see through the falsities here. That's right, I am this rock. More accurately, I am trapped within the rock." This time, the voice did not seem to come from an unknown direction, but from that rock itself, "In the immortal sealing array, a rock, a grass, or even a drop of water, can be a trap. You don't understand the immortal sealing array. If you're not careful, you might end up like us: forever unable to get out."

    "So if you were to guide me, I wouldn't fall into those traps?" Mo Wuji said calmly.

    "Of course," Yu Minjiang replied with pride.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "If you're so amazing, then why are you trapped? Aren't you a genius?"

    If not for his spiritual eye, he might really have entered the pond and have all his blood sucked out by those fish bones. Towards such a person, Mo Wuji would not behave courteously.

    Yu Minjiang went silent. He only spoke after some time, "Whether you believe it or not, I had been plotted by someone. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been sealed in the immortal sealing array. If you work with me, you will definitely be able to leave. If you don't, then it wouldn't be of a great loss to me. The immortal sealing array would simply have another unfortunately fool to suck elemental energy out of."

    "First, answer a few of my questions. Then we can discuss about the cooperation." Mo Wuji did not continue behaving sarcastically towards Yu Minjiang. Instead, he said solemnly, "Firstly, is that friend of mine dead? Secondly, exactly what are those fish bones? Thirdly, what's the purpose of you forging the Immortal Seeking Token?"

    This time, Yu Minjiang was very straightforward. "Firstly, the immortal sealing array is called a sealing array because it doesn't have any killing functions. As long as your friend isn't killed by the roaming killing intent, then he wouldn't die. Secondly, that fish is my beast. If it obtains fresh blood, it will recover a portion of its freedom and be of help to me. Thirdly, I created the Immortal Seeking Token because I wanted people to escape. As long as someone leaves, then another person would be able to enter with the token."

    "Then what is the green stone?" When Mo Wuji noticed that Yu Minjiang was very straightforward with his answer, he asked another question.

    This time, Yu Minjiang went silent, not replying to Mo Wuji's question.

    Mo Wuji guessed that he had reached the other party's limits. He did not continue asking about the green stone, but asked, "Since that's the case, then how should we cooperate? What do you need in order to help me get out?"

    Yu Minjiang only started speaking again when he heard that Mo Wuji was interested in cooperating, "Firstly, you need to return the green stone to me, or send it back to the pond. Secondly, you need to find a particular thing for me. When the Gods Tower opens again, pass the Immortal Seeking Token and that thing to another person; then get him to come here. If you swear that you would do these two tasks, I will immediately provide you with the way out."

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "One, I don't return the things that already belong to me. Two, I don't swear casually. Since you aren't willing to work with me, then I will find my own way out."

    With that, Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye and scanned his surroundings with greater caution than before. Yu Minjiang had said it: any grass and tree could be a sealing spot in the immortal sealing array. He definitely needed to be more careful.

    "Alright, I agree. You don't need to swear. As long as you can help me find the consciousness crystal of the ancient gods, then I would guide you out." When Yu Minjiang noticed that Mo Wuji was leaving, he called out urgently.

    Mo Wuji asked in doubt, "Consciousness crystals of the ancient gods?"

    "Yes, the consciousness crystals of the ancient gods. If you go to the battlefields of the ancient gods, you would be able to find some. Wait, let me give you a sample. It was brought in by another fella that entered the Gods Tower previously..." As he spoke, a black, murky stone landed in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will landed on the black stone. Only after verifying that it wasn't a trap, did he pick it up.

    "Immortal lattice stone?" When Mo Wuji grabbed this black stone, he immediately understood what is was. It was the Half Immortal Domain's immortal lattice stone; he had hundreds of millions of them.

    So this was some consciousness crystal of the ancient gods. From the looks of it, the immortal lattice stones weren't simple.

    "You recognise this thing?" Yu Minjiang asked agitatedly.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "This isn't something special; it's just an immortal lattice stone. Many Heavenly Immortals use them to condense their immortal lattice; then advance to a higher level."

    "Do you have any on you?" Yu Minjiang was especially excited.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I'm already a Grand Zhi Immortal. Why would I need this thing?"

    He definitely wasn't going to confess that he had hundreds of millions of immortal lattice stones. Since the other party needed it urgently, then he would have to trade for it.
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