Chapter 653: Cunning Old Man

    Chapter 653: Cunning Old Man

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    "Ignorant..." Yu Minjiang sneered; but he quickly changed his words, "then are you able to get hold of this thing?"

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say, "I can get it..."

    Yu Minjiang responded with an 'En', then he said, "Since that's the case, as long as you are promise that you would bring immortal lattice stones the next time Gods Tower opens, I would guide you out. Of course, you need to convince me to believe your words."

    Mo Wuji jolted. So simple? He doesn't even want his green stone anymore? Could it be that this Yu Minjiang understands that he can't negotiate on equal terms; so he lowered his conditions?

    Regardless what was the reason, Mo Wuji wouldn't lose out. He responded promptly, "How about this, I will leave behind a strand of my spiritual will imprint. If I don't come back, you can find me if you ever manage to free yourself. Alternatively, you can get others that enter the immortal sealing array to come and look for me."

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel could easily simulate any spiritual will imprint. Even if he left it behind, Yu Minjiang wouldn't be able to locate him. Actually, even if he left behind a trackable spiritual will imprint, he knew that it wouldn't be enough to convince Yu Minjiang. But they were negotiating; so he would definitely start with the lowest option.

    When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he anticipated some bargaining from Yu Minjiang. Against his expectations, Yu Minjiang actually said, "Ok."

    So simple? Mo Wuji was slightly at a loss. He even started to suspect Yu Minjiang had some hidden methods up his sleeves. This shouldn't be the case. It was true that a cultivator could constantly monitor another cultivator through the spiritual will imprint. However, there was a limit to the effective radius of the imprint. The universe was so vast; if the cultivator were to walk past that limit, then the spiritual will imprint would no longer be able to track him.

    But this shouldn't be a trap. From the looks of it, this Yu Minjiang must be feeling helpless; so he lowered his conditions.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji modified the spiritual will in his spirit storage channel and injected it into a jade talisman. He then threw the talisman to the huge rock.

    The moment the jade talisman landed on the rock, it disappeared.

    A few instants later, Yu Minjiang's voice sounded once more, "Very good. You're very straightforward. I will give this genuine guide token to you."

    Thereafter, a jade token flew towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji left the jade token on the floor. He only picked it up after verifying that there was nothing wrong by using his spirit storage channel's spiritual will. When he picked the jade token up, he found that there was, indeed, a new route inside.

    "Follow according to that route and you would soon be able to walk out of the immortal sealing array. Remember our agreement. I hope that you would play your part, as I played mine."

    Mo Wuji frowned. It was so simple; that it was suspicious. However, he wasn't able to find a single loophole. Yu Minjiang wanted him to find some immortal lattice stones; so Yu Minjiang wouldn't want to trap him. However, the critical thing was that green stone; Yu Minjiang seemed to value it immensely, but he no longer asked about it.

    "Oh, it's best that you leave that green stone behind. Otherwise, you might get blocked when you try to leave the array," Yu Minjiang's voice coincidentally sounded as Mo Wuji was thinking of this.

    When Mo Wuji heard these words, he sighed in relief. That's more proper. However, it was impossible to ask him to leave the green stone behind. He had the Undying World. He did not believe that the array would be able to detect the green stone if it was placed in his Undying World.

    "Since that's the case, I will be leaving first." Mo Wuji didn't even mention anything about the green stone, as he opened his spiritual eye and carefully treaded forward.

    In just ten meters, Mo Wuji started to feel that something was amiss. Terrifying waves of killing intent continuously brush against him; some even slammed directly agains this Book of Luo. It could be said that without his Book of Luo, he would already be dead.

    "Yu Minjiang, you old man tried to lie to me." If Mo Wuji still believed that Yu Minjiang was trying to guide him out safely; then he would be a fool.

    He clenched his fists angrily, turning that jade token into dust.

    Even though he was raging, Mo Wuji was still wondering what went wrong? Why didn't Yu Minjiang believe that he was going to come back for him with the immortal lattice stones?

    While his spiritual will imprint wasn't the perfect promise, it was already considered a really honest method. For cultivators that weren't willing to make promises, leaving behind a spiritual will imprint was the best choice. Moreover, Mo Wuji definitely didn't believe that Yu Minjiang would be able to detect his spirit storage channel.

    He didn't let anyone else know about his spirit storage channel; it was his personal secret.

    Indeed, Yu Minjiang's voice suddenly sounded beside his ear, "Now, you have walked out of the area of safety. No matter where you go, you will be faced with killing intent. That page of the Book of Luo is not bad, but it can't guarentee your safety in the immortal sealing array for more than ten years. Also, you should give up any hope that you would be transported out when the Gods Tower closes. The Gods Tower's transfer doesn't affect the immortal sealing array."

    "What do you want?" Mo Wuji inhaled deeply and forced himself to calm down. At this moment, anxiety would only make things worse. From the looks of it, the reason why he could walk safely previously was indeed because of the Immortal Seeking Token. It had brought him to the safety zone that Yu Minjiang wanted him to be at.

    Yu Minjiang said flatly, "Firstly, leave behind all of your immortal lattice stones. Secondly, leave the green stone behind. Then, we would all go our separate ways. Of course, I will provide you with the genuine guide token."

    Mo Wuji startled. How did Yu Minjiang know that he had immortal lattice stones?

    This thought only briefly fleeted across Mo Wuji's mind before he came to an understanding. Previously when Yu Minjiang asked him whether he could acquire the immortal lattice stones, he did not hesitate to say that he could.

    It seems like that was the problem. If he didn't have any immortal lattice stones, he would have to contemplate before deciding that he could do it. Even a brief hesitation was a hesitation. However, he did not hesitate at all. Perhaps an average person might dismiss that. However, for a cunning old fox liek Yu Minjiang, he noticed it immediately.

    A sense of helplessness arose in Mo Wuji's heart. Facing this old man's plethora of schemes, he was tricked because of a slight carelessness. At least he was in a safety zone previously; so he could slowly deliberate on how he could leave the immortal sealing array. But now, he was facing waves of killing intent all around him.

    If the killing intent wasn't enough, he also needed to be cautious of any kinds of seals. A strand of grass, a wooden twig, a tiny stone...

    Anything that appeared in front of him could be a seal. If he was sealed in the immortal sealing array, then he could forget about leaving in his entire lifetime.

    As Mo Wuji controlled the Book of Luo to block the occasional killing intent that hit him, he also condensed his spiritual eye as he carefully manoevred with Da Huang.

    Yu Minjiang's voice was calling out continuously, calling for Mo Wuji to trade and to give him some immortal lattice stones. But now, Mo Wuji was more willing to be trapped in the immortal sealing array, then to engage in a trade with Yu Minjiang. He didn't even bother replying Yu Minjiang as he trodded away quickly.

    Yu Minjiang, this old thing, was far too cunning. No matter what he did, he wouldn't be able to get the upper hand. Since that was the case, then the trade wouldn't be fair and equal. And since the trade wouldn't be fair, then what was the need for the trade? Mo Wuji believed in that point strongly and decided to proceed on with his spiritual eye and his instincts.

    By now, he didn't have great hopes of leaving. He only hoped that he could find another safety zone. As for the Immortal Seeking Token, it was directly thrown into his spiritual ring.

    As expected, after a complete lack of response from Mo Wuji, Yu Minjiang started to get anxious. He was worried that if Mo Wuji got too far, even if Mo Wuji was trapped in the immortal sealing array, he wouldn't be able to get hold of Mo Wuji's storage ring.

    Unfortunately for him, his plans might have been meticulous, but Mo Wuji wasn't a fool. After two hours, Yu Minjiang knew that he had won the battle, but lost the war.

    Even though he might have many other methods and ideas up his sleeves, he was completely helpless if Mo Wuji ignored him. Yu Minjiang could only be filled with depression; he had never met a fella like Mo Wuji before. Not only didn't he not gain anything, he even lost a consciousness crystal and his important green stone.

    Fortunately, he still had the spiritual will imprint. As long as he had the spiritual will imprint, he would be able to locate Mo Wuji, then get his ring.

    That's not right.... Yu Minjiang quickly felt that something was amiss. Mo Wuji had given him the spiritual will imprint which should be able to feel Mo Wuji within the immortal sealing array. That's not right; even if he couldn't get Mo Wuji's location, he should at least be able to feel Mo Wuji.

    A wave of depression flooded into Yu Minjiang's mind. He had been played with by an ant twice.


    "Boom!" Another wave of killing intent slammed against the Book of Luo. Even though the killing intent was entire blocked by the Book of Luo, the powerful impact still left Mo Wuji's chest unsettled and his meridians circulating with difficulty. Fortunately, Mo Wuji was experienced by now. He knew that these waves of killing intent didn't come consecutively. As long as he defended against one, it would take some time before the next killing intent arrives.

    Actually, the killing intent wasn't the greatest threat here. The greatest threat was that he could easily get sealed if he was ever careless.

    If not for his spiritual eye, he probably would have been sealed over a hundred times.

    An exquisite stone arch bridge appeared in front of Mo Wuji; below the stone arch bridge was a relatively narrow, dried-up river. That stone arch bridge looked innocuous, but Mo Wuji decided to stop in his tracks.

    He had a premonition that if he stepped on that bridge, he would be sealed in the bridge forever.

    He wasn't going to step on that bridge. Just when Mo Wuji decided to skirt over the bridge, a faint red colour appeared on the white pearl in his hand.

    This was the bloodline seeking token that Ji Feiqian left behind. Did this red colour mean that Ji Li was nearby? Mo Wuji's heart started pounding as he hurriedly walked back.

    At the instant that Mo Wuji retreated, he saw some faint foot prints in front of him. These foot prints were clearly not his; they were bigger than his by an entire fold. Mo Wuji could catch a faint elemental energy and enigmatic runic energy from those foot prints. A layer of cold sweat instantly formed on his back.

    If not for the red colour on the bloodline seeking token, he might have stepped on those foot prints. According to his experience, those foot prints were definitely a seal in the immortal sealing array.

    "Thanks." Mo Wuji silently thanked Ji Li. If Ji Li wasn't in his surroundings, how could he have avoided that.

    From the looks of it, he still wasn't careful enough.

    [TL's thoughts] I'm rather confused about the Immortal Seeking Token, but here's how I think it actually is. Yu Minjiang created the Immortal Seeking Token, which was also an unsealing token. (But it needed the green stone for some array). Ji Feiqian also used this token as a bloodline seeking token, so that Mo Wuji could find Ji Li.
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