Chapter 654: Ji Li

    Chapter 654: Ji Li

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    Mo Wuji followed accordingly to the red spot on the bloodline seeking token as he started shifting his body cautiously. Mo Wuji spent a total of over four hours to travel along 10 metres as he carefully observed every stone that appeared. It was only at this moment that Mo Wuji knew he had been relying completely on good fortune that he wasn't trapped despite leaving the safe area for some time already.

    Within this immortal sealing array, Mo Wuji could not be sure whether there would be no dangers at all or numerous dangers over the same distance of a few metres. In other words, it meant that there were pits everywhere.

    After walking in this manner for over 20 days, Mo Wuji finally stopped as there was a willow about six to seven metres ahead of him. A haggard looking girl was tied onto the willow and even though only half her face could be seen, her astonishing beauty could no longer be concealed.

    Even though Mo Wuji had no idea how many years she had been tied up for, there was still a form of ethereal beauty from the space between her eyebrows. The haggard looking face didn't exude any aura of a strong expert but a grand and spectacular aura of intellectual instead.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on that willow was emerald green in colour and there was even a few droplets of dew on it.

    Mo Wuji had seen too many willows before but this was the first time Mo Wuji saw a willow hanging down mysteriously without its roots and body.

    However, he was within the immortal sealing array so Mo Wuji wouldn't be too surprised to see anything strange here.

    The girl was tied onto the hanging willow and she appeared to be unable to move at all. Mo Wuji continued walking a few metres forward and he came to a halt when he was about 4 metres away from the girl's position.

    The girl seemed to have sensed something as she suddenly lifted her head.

    Mo Wuji saw a pair of exhausted eyes but despite the weary eyes, they were still shockingly beautiful to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath and even before he could speak, the girl spoke, "The Gods Tower has been opened again? Where are you from?"

    Contrary to what Mo Wuji expected, this beautiful girl's voice was dry and hoarse while her elemental energy seemed impractical. Mo Wuji guessed that it was because she was trapped in the immortal sealing array for too long.

    Mo Wuji believed that this girl was unable to see him because in the immortal sealing array, spiritual will was rendered to be useless. Not only was the spiritual will useless, even the eyes were just as useless. He was able to see her only because of his spiritual eye which could see everything.

    "That's right, the Gods Tower is reopened and I am from Zhen Xing..." Mo Wuji answered calmly as she stared at the gorgeous eyes of this girl.

    Indeed, after hearing that Mo Wuji was from Zhen Xing, traces of excitement flashed across the girl's eyes as she looked longingly and hopefully in front of her.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief and as he realised that this girl must be Ji Li.

    "My father reached Zhen Xing? How is he doing now? Has he recovered from his injuries?" A series of questions were thrown at Mo Wuji.

    Decent. This girl was still considered to be decently unselfish who cared more about others. Mo Wuji's impression of this girl would have dropped to zero if the first question she asked was whether Mo Wuji could rescue her out. Of all virtues, filial piety is the most important and if a person is unable to display this virtue, nothing else mattered.

    This woman's first words were words of concern for her father which made her pretty filial.

    "May I ask if your name is Ji Li?" Mo Wuji chose to ask his own question instead of answering the woman's question.

    The woman calmed herself down before saying, "That's right. I am Ji Li while my father is called Ji Feiqian. Just before I entered the immortal sealing array, he said that he might head towards Zhen Xing.

    Mo Wuji exclaimed, "Your father had indeed arrived at Zhen Xing and even left a note with his last words to request for people to rescue you..."

    When she heard 'last words', Mo Wuji noticed that there were already tears flowing down Ji Li's eyes so he stopped talking.

    After a while, Ji Li stopped crying as she looked at the position at which Mo Wuji could be heard from, "Thank you for bringing the news of my father here..."

    Mo Wuji threw out the bloodline seeking token forward, "This token was the only item left behind by your father and now it shall return to its rightful owner. Even though your father requested for me to rescue you, the pity was that I am simply too weak so I could only bring this message to you. As for saving you, I am afraid I might not be able to do so.

    As Ji Li held the bloodline seeking token, she started bawling uncontrollably again as if she could sense her father standing right in front of her.

    Her talent was peerless and was doted by her parents since birth. As she grew older, her strength was even more outstanding and had even surpassed her father.

    After the war between gods started, she was worried for her father which was why she took the initiative to enter the battlefield to help her father. However, not only was she unable to help her father, she even caused her father to be plotted by someone in the dark while she ended up trapped in the immortal sealing array.

    "I am sorry, to have implicated you," What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that Ji Li actually apologised to him.

    Mo Wuji forgot that Ji Li couldn't see him as he waved his hand and said, "I have accepted the request on my own accord so it's okay. Regardless, that equipment spirit had also helped me so it's only necessary that I help him bring this message to you. Goodbye then, I have to leave now so do take care."

    "Didn't my father hand you his inheritance?" Ji Li asked curiously.

    Mo Wuji became furious when he heard this but he wasn't angry at Ji Li but that cunning equipment spirit. The equipment spirit is truly a stingy person to let him go through so many deathly dangers without even giving him any of the good items from Ji Feiqian. If he could obtain something good from Ji Feiqian back then, he wouldn't have needed to go through such hardships.

    "I didn't and I shall blame it on my unluckiness to have been fooled by that old fella," Mo Wuji said depressingly, "Other than the bloodline seeking token in your hands, I don't have anything else."

    It was true because Mo Wuji didn't have anything else which belonged to Ji Feiqian other than the bloodline seeking token.

    "I am so sorry. Why don't you have my own inheritance?" Ji Li said apologetically as she heard that Mo Wuji didn't receive anything even for risking his life coming into this dangerous place.

    Mo Wuji was only depressed for that second because this happened so many years ago which was why he didn't really put this matter to heart. Furthermore, this Ji Li's character was decent so at least he wasn't doing it for some vicious and black hearted person.

    "Forget it, I don't need your inheritance or anything. I have wasted too much time here and I needed to get out of here as soon as possible because once the Gods Tower is closed, I would really be trapped here," Mo Wuji answered so casually because he really didn't need it. If it was before he could deduce his own techniques, he would be jumping in joy if Ji Li offered him such a good deal. Now that he had his very own unique inheritance and technique, he wouldn't be interested in any other technique no matter how good they were.

    "I am truly so sorry..." Ji Li apologised once again.

    Mo Wuji sighed because this Ji Li might be tough but her character was very soft. In just their short conversation alone, she apologised three times.

    "I've already said that it's okay so goodbye then," Mo Wuji turned the moment he finished.

    "I meant that I am afraid you might not be able to leave now. As long as you have entered the immortal sealing array for more than three days, you wouldn't be able to exit anymore. You were here for at least half a month already right?" Ji Li asked.

    Mo Wuji was shocked because this was indeed a pit to trap people.

    "Isn't there any way to get out of here?" Mo Wuji was not willing to accept his fate of being trapped here so he asked Ji Li.

    Ji Li kept silent and after a few minutes, she replied, "There are indeed a couple of ways out. The first would be if you are a peak grade Gods Array Master, you might be able to escape. Also, I've heard that Minjiang was also trapped in the immortal sealing array so if you're able to find him before you're trapped, you might have a shot at escaping. Lastly, if you have the Universal Peak Token..."

    Just as Mo Wuji was still thinking about what was a Gods Array Master, he suddenly heard that the Universal Peak Token was a way out so he hurried to question, "Are you saying that I can escape if I have a Universal Peak Token? How do I use it?"

    As for Yu Minjiang, Mo Wuji couldn't trust that fella anymore. That fella might have a way out but have him guide Mo Wuji out of this place, Mo Wuji might need to shed some skin first. This Yu Minjiang was the most cunning person he had ever met and was even more deceitful than the old equipment spirit.

    While Mo Wuji was questioning, he had already taken out the Universal Peak Token. Following which, he suddenly smacked his own brain and said, "I am such a pig. This Universal Peak Token was definitely much more supreme than this immortal sealing array."

    Indeed, there was a clear path from the immortal sealing array displayed on the Universal Peak Token. This route would directly lead him out to the entrance of the 17th level. Whether or not the immortal sealing array was around or not, it was unable to stop the Universal Peak Token from displaying the route.

    "You even have the Universal Peak Token?" Ji Li asked astonishingly.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes I do have it but it was something I picked up because of fate. Fortunately, there is a clear route displayed on this. Ai, you could see my Universal Peak Token?"

    "The Universal Peak Token is like a star as it is unrestrained by any time or spatial array. Even in the immortal sealing array, I could see it the moment you take it out," Ji Li explained.

    Even though the Universal Peak Token was related to Ji Feiqian, Mo Wuji knew that this wasn't something that belonged to Ji Feiqian. After obtaining the Universal Staircase, he left the Universal Staircase in Zhen Xing which attracted the Universal Peak Token to it."

    Ji Li looked at the Universal Peak Token in Mo Wuji's hands before saying, "If you are able to refine the Universal Peak Token, you would be able to understand everything here in the immortal sealing array. I suggest that you don't refine this token because given your cultivation level, you might need about tens of thousands of years just to refine it."

    Ji Li was already toning it down because she was certain that Mo Wuji would never be able to refine this Universal Peak Token in his entire lifetime.

    "So I would be able to rescue you if I were to refine this Universal Peak Token?" Mo Wuji was suddenly in a dilemma because if he could rescue Ji Li by refining this Universal Peak Token, it seemed a little immoral to leave by himself now.

    "No, the Universal Peak Token only remembered the space around the surrounding and had nothing to do with breaking the arrays. Even with the route displayed to you, it would be extremely difficult for you to escape," Ji Li was surprised at Mo Wuji's fate but even she knew that the chances of escaping with the Universal Peak Token was extremely slim.

    One must know that within the immortal sealing array, even if everything was well illuminated, it would be difficult to leave let alone, a route filled with extreme dangers.

    "It's okay, I only needed a chance, no matter how slim..." Mo Wuji paused as he suddenly thought of something else. He had the route out but the Gods Tower was about to close so the moment the Gods Tower closed, even if he could escape the immortal sealing array, he wouldn't be able to leave the Gods Tower.

    Forget it. He shall leave the immortal sealing array before anything else because this place was way too strange. Mo Wuji couldn't wait anymore so he asked, "Senior Sister Ji Li, can I ask you two questions?"

    Ji Li's cultivation and age was far greater than Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji could it to awkward to address a person, who looked about the same age as himself, as an elder. This was why he chose to address her as Senior Sister.
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