Chapter 655: The Use of An Immortal Lattice Stone

    Chapter 655: The Use of An Immortal Lattice Stone

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    Ji Li wasn't too bothered by it as she casually said, "Please ask."

    "The first question was if you knew what this stone, which I obtained, was? And also its uses. The second question would be why was there a need for the Gods War? And also about the battlefield of the Gods War too," Mo Wuji threw Ji Li an immortal lattice stone after asking what he wanted to ask.

    This immortal lattice stone must be a peak grade treasure for Yu Minjiang to be this protective and concerned over it. The reason why Mo Wuji didn't ask Yu Minjiang about the uses and purpose of the immortal lattice stone was because Mo Wuji knew that Yu Minjiang would not speak the truth. Now that he had met Ji Li, Mo Wuji felt the urge to ask.

    "This is a consciousness crystal..." Ji Li said excitedly the moment she got hold of the immortal lattice stone.

    Mo Wuji remained silent because he knew that Ji Li would continue explaining for him.

    Indeed, Ji Li managed to control her emotions forcefully before taking a deep breath, "I have no idea what was the cause of the Gods War and the way the battlefield was divided isn't something I would know. Therefore, I am unable to answer your second question.

    The Gods War was not a one or two time event because I've heard that there were Gods War back in the ancient days too. There would be countless of experts who perished in each Gods War. These great power of these experts' Dao were boundless and even their body managed to condense and contain countless of laws between the Heaven and Earth. Their sea of consciousness was formed by the merging of the different laws of Heaven and Earth and after they perished, their sea of consciousness would dispersed. However, the energy of their laws of Dao would not disappear because of that and after many years of scouring against the accumulated Heaven and Earth's Dao spirituality, it formed a unique crystalise body which was called the consciousness crystal.

    Every consciousness crystal would contain the energy of the ancient Heaven and Earth as it possessed a supreme type of Dao spirituality. To every cultivator, this would be an invaluable treasure as it could even track down a single trace of energy of the purest origin. To cultivators who were trapped like us, the value of this consciousness crystal was even more staggering.

    This was also why he felt that something was wrong the moment he came into contact with a blackstone. It seemed as though it contained a mighty Heaven and Earth's spirituality and that it was mainly because this was formed by the sea of consciousness of many experts.

    "I would still like to learn from Senior Sister Ji Li as to how this consciousness crystal would be specifically useful like you," Mo Wuji clasped his fists.

    Ji Li continued, "The immortal sealing array was strong only because everywhere in the immortal sealing array would be constantly changing. For example, the path that you came in from might be a safe path when you came in but if you were to walk out from the exact same path, that path could have turned into a trap. Back then, many experts were also unable to find the way out and was eventually trapped just like everyone else.

    In the immortal sealing array, both the elemental energy and even the sea of consciousness would be locked. However, the laws of Heaven and Earth of the immortal sealing array would be unable to restrain the the laws of dao spirituality of the Heaven and Earth which ancient experts managed to enlighten. One example would be your Universal Peak Token and the consciousness crystal was a similar type of item just that its value was far lesser than that of the Universal Peak Token.

    As long as the trapped cultivator had sufficient amount of consciousness crystal, he would be able to borrow the spiritual will of these crystals to unlock his own sea of consciousness and eventually set himself free. Moreover, these crystals were extremely beneficial for us to enlighten our sacred art dao spirituality as well as enlightening the laws of our own world."

    Mo Wuji suddenly understood why the old fella Yu Minjiang was so desperate for the immortal lattice stone. So that old fella wanted to free himself.

    "So this is the main purpose of this consciousness crystal. Previously, a lot of my friends treated this item as an immortal lattice stone to condense their immortal lattice," Mo Wuji answered.

    Ji Li sighed, "It is simply a waste of the treasure if you use the consciousness crystal to condense the immortal lattice...What a waste of treasures."

    "Was it inappropriate? Could it be that these cultivators who used the consciousness crystal to condense their immortal lattice would be limited in their future progress?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Mo Wuji had heard about stories of many genius disciples choosing not to use the immortal lattice stones to condense their immortal.

    Ji Li explained, "The consciousness crystal was condensed out from the laws of the ancient experts' sea of consciousness so there would definitely be a restriction. That restriction would be the fact that you would be limited to the Dao's advancement of the ancient expert. In other words, cultivators who used the consciousness crystal to condense their immortal lattice would forever not be able to surpass the rightful owner of the consciousness crystal.

    However, do you have any idea how strong an expert would be if he could condense a consciousness crystal just from his sea of consciousness? Even without using the consciousness crystal, not many people could surpass these ancient experts. Furthermore, after using these consciousness crystals, their future enlightenment of the Heaven and Earth's Dao spirituality would be so much swifter and thorough which would be an advantage. Even without taking into account for all these, the consciousness crystal is still a treasure which could be used for smithing too."

    Mo Wuji shook his head as it seemed like he had unnecessary worries. It wasn't just him but also the rest of the fellas who had no idea what the true uses of the consciousness crystal. Would any other method of condensing the immortal lattice by as effective as using the consciousness crystal?

    "Did you use the consciousness crystal to condense your immortal lattice too?" Ji Li asked abruptly.

    "Nope," Mo Wuji didn't even condense his immortal lattice and not just the immortal lattice, he didn't even have the primordial spirit. He was after all only a mortal with no spiritual roots and the only reason he could cultivate till this day was because he managed to open his meridians for cultivation.

    Ji Li continued explaining, "The reason why using the consciousness crystal to condense the immortal lattice was a waste because every cultivator who used it to condense their immortal lattice would only extract out less than 1% of the immortal Dao laws from within the consciousness crystal. Once this portion of immortal Dao laws were extracted from the consciousness crystal, the consciousness crystal would be completely scattered away. Therefore, it is truly the greatest waste for one to use the consciousness crystal to condense one's immortal lattice.

    It was no wonder why Han Qingru used up so many of the immortal lattice stones while trying to condense her immortal lattice. She was actually ruining them all.

    "Furthermore, there would be an extreme hidden danger for cultivator with low cultivation level to use these consciousness crystals to condense their immortal lattice..."

    "What hidden danger?" Even before Ji Li could finish explaining, Mo Wuji couldn't help but to interject. His first few friends all used the immortal lattice stones to condense their immortal lattice so it would spell trouble if there was a hidden danger.

    Ji Li answered, "Even though it was already some time back since these ancient experts perished, some of the rather malicious experts would mark some of their thoughts onto some of the consciousness crystals. The moment a weak cultivator used consciousness crystals like this, they could end up becoming the slaves of these ancient expert and eventually seized upon."

    Mo Wuji fell silent because this was indeed a great danger.

    A long while later, Mo Wuji asked, "Senior Sister Ji Li, why didn't you ask me for the consciousness crystal?"

    Ji Li said remorsefully, "You didn't even take away anything from my father and even came to send a message to me so how could I be so shameless to ask you for a consciousness crystal? I do have a few items in my storage ring but I am unable to open my own storage ring at the moment. Even if I were to gift you my storage ring, you might not be able to open it in the next hundred years."

    Mo Wuji sighed at how different two people could be. If that Yu Minjiang treated him sincerely, it wouldn't be a problem for Mo Wuji to gift him some immortal lattice stones. To Mo Wuji, the immortal lattice stones were really not of much use to him.

    "How many immortal lattice stones do you need to be able to leave this place?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    "100,000 immortal lattice stones I guess..." Ji Li said with some uncertainty.

    Mo Wuji took out a storage ring as he threw it over, "This storage ring does not require spiritual will but only willpower to open it. There are about 1,000,000 immortal lattice stones in it, oh yes, hold on for a while..."

    After he said that, Mo Wuji retrieved a water crystal ball before carving a route from the Universal Peak Token onto it. After tossing it to Ji Li, Mo Wuji said, "this is the route out of the immortal sealing array and you can only depend on yourself if you want to leave this place in the future."

    Ji Li received the item and trembled slightly in disbelief because she had never seen a cultivator as generous as Mo Wuji. Exchanging of benefits would be the norm between a deal between two cultivators; a certain benefit in exchange for an item.

    She didn't even help Mo Wuji in any way yet he took out about 10 times more immortal lattice stones than what she stated. With this 1,000,000 immortal lattice stones, she was 100% confident that she could free herself from this willow and recover her original body.

    Ji Li suddenly felt as though she understood Mo Wuji's intention as she hurried to say, "If I am quick, I might need hundreds of years to free myself but if I am slow, I wouldn't take more than 10,000 years. At that point, I will bring you out..."

    Mo Wuji shook his hand and said, "I can't wait for that long so I shall make my move now. I wish you all the best and we will meet again if fate permits."

    Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye immediately after his sentence and left. By giving Ji Li more immortal lattice stones for her to escape, Mo Wuji considered it as accomplishing one of his intention of entering the Gods Tower. In fact, Ji Li was an ancestor of the Zhen Xing's cultivators so it should be necessary that he helped her.

    Ji Li's face turned warm as she realised that Mo Wuji didn't even harbour the intention of asking her for help. At the thought of this, she hurried to call out for Mo Wuji, "Hold on... I shall give you this star locket."

    She used her mouth to break apart the necklace on her neck as she threw it accurately at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji caught the star locket and he could instantly feel a faint, clear and warm scent. A vast and boundless type of energy seeped out of it and Mo Wuji knew in that instance that this was definitely a peal grade treasure. In his eyes, the immortal lattice stones which he gave Ji Li was not even worthy of a mention hence, it was certainly not of the same value as this treasure.

    Even before Mo Wuji could return the star locket, Ji Li said, "If you choose not to accept this star locket, I wouldn't have the face to accept your items too."

    Mo Wuji looked at this star looking star locket before replying, "Alright, I shall accept it then."

    "May I know what's your name?" Ji Li's tone became much more relaxed at the sight of Mo Wuji accepting the star locket.

    "My name is Mo Wuji and I am a rogue cultivator," Mo Wuji casually hung the star locket on his neck as he started to shift out cautiously.

    The immortal sealing array was filled with dangers everywhere so even if he knew the way out, he dared not move carelessly.


    Su Xi stood up as the great density of the elemental energy in the Gods Tower was simply too terrifying. She was only behind closed doors for a few years and had actually darted into the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage. Not only that, Su Xi didn't experience any lightning tribulation too.

    From her judgement, three years should be almost up and she would be preparing to leave now.

    Among all the cultivators who entered the Gods Tower, she was the only person who didn't enter the second level in these three years.

    Su Xi just walked out of her closed doors and an immense spatial tremble could be felt from somewhere not too far away from herself. If not for Mo Wuji's repeated nagging, she almost couldn't control herself and was this close to bringing out her Great Kun Buddhist Lamp.

    "Boom!" Half an arm dropped from the sky as it fell onto the ground which were only several feets away from her.

    Su Xi's first glance was the storage ring on the half arm that landed and as she scanned the surrounding using her spiritual will, she couldn't sense any suspicious trace.

    At this moment, the Gods Token on her body started to vibrate vigorously and faint light radiances were shot out.

    The Gods Tower was about to close so Su Xi hurried to the half arm as she picked up the storage ring before keeping it in her pocket.

    Just as she finished doing this, a faint and weak radiance swept her away.
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