Chapter 656: Possession

    Chapter 656: Possession

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    A faint gold coloured plaza was floating outside the Gods Tower and at this moment, the gold plaza was already filled with thousands of people standing around it.

    These people were not cultivators who came out of the Gods Tower but were there to await the return of the cultivators who had entered the Gods Tower. After the Gods Tower was closed, all cultivators inside the Gods Tower would be transferred onto this golden plaza before returning back to shore from this floating plaza.

    This golden plaza only existed for a short period of time and after a maximum of 2 hours, it would disappear completely.

    However, every cultivator who was transferred out of the Gods Tower would appear instantly here.

    Experts from the Great Kun Buddhist Sect like Hang Ke and Guang Xing were so impatient that they almost stepped onto the golden plaza. Besides them, Grand Emperors like Lei Guyun of the Lightning Sect and Yi Minghu of the Great Sword Path were also standing extremely close to the golden plaza. In fact, even the Grand Emperor of the Vast Ocean Immortal School, Jin Yusheng was here too.

    Further away from them, Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Head Xiao Lishi was standing with another expert in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage.

    As for the Six Paths Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Gai Ao, Gods Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Ou Gu and the Heavenly Chasm Immortal City's Castellan Ku Zhu were all accompanying the Very High Heavens' venerable envoy as they stood at the periphery of the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    Qing Yang of the Green Immortal House shook her head as she saw a line up of experts like this. Mo Wuji had simply offended way too many people and made too little friends.

    Any one person here would be able put him in his deathbed yet his dependable Zhuo Pingan was not here. She was certain that the instance Mo Wuji appeared on the golden plaza, he would have to die or even suffer so badly that he wished he was dead.

    No matter how Mo Wuji changed his appearance, he would definitely not be able to escape the watchful eyes of these experts. The pity was that if Mo Wuji hadn't offended so many experts and would most likely perish today, a young and talented expert like him would have such a bright future ahead.

    Qing Yang shook her head because she believed that Mo Wuji seeked death because he was a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. For a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, the attention and respect he received on a daily basis was simply too much that he forgot that he was still only a rogue cultivator. No matter how talented a rogue cultivator was, he would just be a floating cloud without any powerful backing.

    "Boom!" Radiances started flashing from the Gods Tower and people started streaming out one after the other.

    Every cultivator who appeared would be approached and protected by experts of his own sect. In actual fact, these cultivators would be protected all the way till they leave the Gods Heavenly Chasm safely.

    The instance Huang Sha came out, he stood by the side and stared intensely at the other cultivators. No matter how Mo Wuji disguised himself, he would still be able to recognise him.

    However, as his eyes glanced through every cultivator who appeared on the golden plaza, he didn't actually sense Mo Wuji's presence.

    "Huang Sha, could he have failed?" Yi Minghu's low voice could be heard because he had already glanced through the people here. Other than a slightly odd looking girl, he didn't notice Mo Wuji.

    "When I wanted to kill him, he was protected by the Gods Immortal Sect's Ling Lunan and surprisingly, even Ling Lunan is not out yet. I saw with my own eyes Ling Lunan and Mo Wuji walked away together so could it be that both of them had fallen in the Gods Tower?" Huang Sha said with a fearful voice. He promised to kill Mo Wuji yet he didn't manage to fulfil his promise.

    Yi Minghu suddenly asked, "Who else was with Mo Wuji and Ling Lunan when they left?"

    "There was also Qing Ruoyue of the Green Immortal House, Dao Feng of the Immortal Blade Path and one more person whom I don't recognise," Huang Sha clenched his fist as he started to regret. He wouldn't be satisfied even if Mo Wuji were to perish in the Gods Tower because he had said before that he would personally kill Mo Wuji.

    "Are you upset because you weren't the one who personally kill Mo Wuji?" Yi Minghu spoke with a faint voice.

    Huang Sha bowed, "Yes, disciple can't wait to burn his soul away."

    Yi Minghu's eyes swept through the cultivators who came out from the Gods Tower once more before saying, "There is a high chance that Mo Wuji didn't perish in the Gods Tower and he could even be one of the people here."

    "Ah..." Huang Sha stare blankly because he really didn't sense Mo Wuji's energy. He had slaughtered countless of people and the instance he was bent on killing someone, killing intent would burst forth from his heart the moment he saw the person regardless of the disguise he put on.

    Yi Minghu exclaimed, "If we could spot him so easily, this man wouldn't have been as accomplished as he is now. I've done my research on this person's origins and past and ever since the first time he appeared from the Lifeless River, this man had been increasingly experienced and cautious. Additionally, this person was extremely vicious and would never allow anyone to pry on his secrets. If my guess is right, that Ling Lunan would have died in his vicious hands because of some treasures."

    Huang Sha heard this and started shivering because if Mo Wuji was indeed this terrifying, how was he supposed to find Mo Wuji? Even though his Great Sword Path was reputable, it still wouldn't be qualified enough to search every cultivator who appeared from the Gods Tower. Of course, this was unless his Great Sword Path was willing to offend that many sects.

    Yi Minghu laughed coldly, "So what if he was alive? I would destroy every piece of land which he stepped in the Immortal World."

    Despite the countless of people he had killed, Huang Sha still shivered subconsciously.


    A few experts of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect were also here but they were well aware of Mo Wuji's predicament the moment he appeared. Therefore, there was no reason for them to defend Mo Wuji.

    While Yi Minghu was talking to Huang Sha, Lei Guyun was inspecting every cultivator who came out of the Gods Tower. At this moment, the quiet Hang Ke of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect suddenly stepped up to stop a long hair woman, "Miss, please hold on."

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would be panicking because this woman was Su Xi after altering her appearance and energy.

    "What's the matter?" The long hair woman's tone was icy cold as her entire body felt uneasy. Concurrently, a vicious killing intent surged out as if it was about to freeze the entire space around them.

    Hang Ke pulled back his glare as he hurried to mouth, "Amitabha, old man here almost recognised the wrong person. Please go ahead, Miss."

    The long hair woman grunted as she turned and dashed into the Gods Heavenly Chasm instantly.

    "Senior Uncle Hang Ke, why did you let her off? She was clearly wearing a disguise and I suspect that she is Su Xi. You must know that Mo Wuji is an honoured grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor so it shouldn't be impossible that he is able to concoct the Tier 8 Dry Wimple Pill," Guang Xing watched the woman's shadow disappear into the Gods Heavenly Chasm as he questioned Hang Ke's action.

    Hang Ke shook his head, "That woman is not Su Xi because even if she used the Dry Wimple Pill, it could only alter her appearance and energy but definitely not her aura and technique. This woman's body exude cold, vicious aura and her cultivation level is likely to be in the Immortal Emperor Stage. My Great Kun Buddhist Sect's top priority is to find the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp and not form feud with an expert like her."

    "Thank you Senior Uncle for your teachings," Guang Xing hurried to clasp his fist and said. Immortal Emperor would not be allowed to enter the Gods Tower but every time the Gods Tower was opened, some Immortal Emperors would enter it nevertheless. This was a known secret. If his Great Kun Buddhist Sect were to offend an Immortal Emperor who entered the Gods Tower, there would definitely be unwanted consequences for them.

    The truth was that many people were watching Hang Ke's act of stopping the woman and once they saw him let her go, everyone's focus changed instantly.

    Su Xi was from the Mediation Nunnery and her cultivation technique was from the same source as the Great Kun Buddhist Sect's cultivation technique. Additionally, Su Xi's cultivation level was low so no matter how she tried to disguise herself or alter the energy exuded from her, she shouldn't be able to escape the eyes of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. Now that even the Great Kun Buddhist Sect had eliminated the possibility that this woman could be Su Xi, this woman would naturally not be Su Xi.


    Su Xi felt like she just had a very long and odd dream because this dream seemed to be never ending as she couldn't wake up from it.

    How could I let this happen? How am I supposed to avenge my master like that? Furthermore, Big Brother Mo would be waiting for me outside so if I don't wake up from this dream, how do I avenge my master? What if Big Brother Mo waited for too long and was spotted by others?

    Su Xi forced herself to open her eyes and she instantly sensed that something was amiss. Her own body was no longer in her control.

    "Possession?" Su Xi was from a reputable sect and her master was a person who could match with a Grand Immortal so even if she didn't have much experience, she understood what was going on instantly. Someone was trying to swallow her soul and primordial spirit and then control her body,

    "No..." Su Xi started to resist.

    "Aye?" The escaping Su Xi came to an abrupt stop as she shot out an extremely cold radiance before grunting coldly with a hoarse voice like a dying old woman, "How dare a mere Grand Zhi Immortal like you resist me? It is your fortune that I picked your body."

    "Get out, get out, get out..." Despite going through her master's death, Su Xi was still rather pure and innocent as she had no idea what vile words could drive the old woman who was about to take over her body. In the end, all she could do was to shout repeatedly for her to leave.

    She had already regretted her act of picking up that storage ring. Nothing in this world comes without a price so was this the price of the storage ring which fell in front of her?

    "I was still intending to swallow you slowly but since you're unwilling, merge with my will and become a part of me..." An immense willpower landed in Su Xi's sea of consciousness as it tried to shatter Su Xi's soul will forcefully.

    Just like a jet-black ink, this energy which contained all sorts of wishful thoughts started to permeate intently towards Su Xi's soul.

    However, this broken soul was shocked in the very next moment. This was the first time she saw such a clean soul and if not for that tiny bit of obsessiveness for revenge, the broken soul might not be able to seep through it at all. Su Xi's soul and primordial spirit was like a white piece of paper and any sort of wishful thoughts would not be able to stay on it. Even the obsessiveness for revenge lasted for only a short while so it was still not suitable for the merging of her soul.

    "Since this is the case, I shall swallow you directly," The broken soul sighed helplessly because even though it seemed simple to possess and swallow her directly, she still had to merge the souls completely after swallowing her. This would waste too much time and treasures for it to be successful.

    "Soul Possession!" Just as this thought appeared, a buddhist lamp suddenly appeared in Su Xi's sea of consciousness. This buddhist lamp was like a shining bright tower in a pitch black area and this reignited Su Xi's dying primordial spirit.

    "Great Kun Buddhist Lamp? Why would you have such an item?" The broken soul exclaimed.

    Su Xi was currently standing under the light radiance of the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp as she directed overwhelming radiances towards the broken soul which was about to possess her.
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