Chapter 657: The Number One Villain In The Immortal World

    Chapter 657: The Number One Villain In The Immortal World

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    The highly anticipated Gods Tower was finally closed up but this was definitely not the end. Rumours spread that there were three immortal equipments that surpassed Grade 9 which made it out of the Gods Tower together with a wide variety of other peak grade techniques and treasures.

    Some of the weaker sects took the initiative to give away these already revealed treasures while the stronger sects would be more ambitious as they wanted more. Many of the killings happened after the Gods Tower was closed was mainly because of the treasures that were brought out of the Gods Tower.

    Concurrently, everyone was full of envy at the genius disciples chosen by the Venerable Envoy of the Very High Heavens. Everyone here was aware that any genius who was chosen to enter the Very High Heavens would definitely be a peak existence in the future.

    Other than the genius disciples chosen by the Very High Heavens, the other famous person was Mo Wuji. Rumours spread that Mo Wuji was now a legitimate Tier 8 Pill Emperor, concocted and used the Dry Wimple Pill on his way out of the Gods Tower without anyone noticing him.

    However, this was not the only rumour involving Mo Wuji. Everyone in the Immortal World was now aware that when Huang Sha of the Great Sword Path wanted to kill Mo Wuji in the Gods Tower, Ling Lunan of the Gods Immortal Sect stepped out to rescue Mo Wuji and chased Huang Sha away. However, Mo Wuji was ruthless and especially vicious when he saw an ancient treasure on his way out with Ling Lunan so he managed to plot against Ling Lunan before leaving with the ancient treasure.

    This news had already spread across every resthouse or immortal house in the entire Immortal World.

    Ding Po Immortal City was the number one peak grade immortal city of the Luo Ling Immortal Domain. The Waterfall Immortal Sect was located at the Ding Po Immortal City and back then, Immortal Empress Wen Lan underwent her realisation of the Immortal Dao at the waterfall which was where she established the Waterfall Immortal Sect.

    The Waterfall Inn was the number one inn in the Ding Po Immortal City and it was said that Immortal Empress Wen Lan came here for a drink before.

    Therefore, whether it was passersby, neighbouring sects or residences of the Ding Po Immortal City, they loved to visit the Waterfall Inn for a flask of Waterfall Wine. Even if they couldn't afford the best quality Waterfall Wine here, they would still opt for a slightly more affordable one here.

    Even though the Waterfall Inn had a very big hall, it was always crowded with people from everywhere. At this moment, the Waterfall Inn was indeed filled with people and a sharp chin man was blabbering about the incidents in the Gods Tower. He had just finished describing how Mo Wuji assassinated Ling Lunan, who rescued him previously, in the dark before snatching away the peak grade treasure.

    "That shouldn't be possible because I've heard that Pill Master Mo values friendship and loyalty. Grand Emperor Lun Cai only killed a few of his accountants yet Pill Master Mo dared to go straight up against him. Why would a person like this assassinate his benefactor?" One of the passerby asked inquisitively.

    Sharp chin man laughed out loud, "It is impossible to judge a man's heard from his face or acts because it is still possible for someone to do good in the morning before killing someone at night. Furthermore, under the temptation of an immortal equipment surpassing Grade 9, how many people could resist the urge? We might curse at Mo Wuji's character but we are also envious over what he had obtained."

    "I might not be envious but this person with the surname Mo is definitely a sc*mbag. Since I just returned from the Gods Immortal Domain, I shall describe something I saw personally," A man with a face full of meat stood up and said.

    Everyone in the hall fell silent as they focused on the words of the man. This man did enjoy having the spotlight to himself and even though he enjoyed it, he continued with a stern face, "Back then, I saw with my own eyes that Pill Master Mo rescued the master and disciple of the Mediation Nunnery. Initially, I was still applauding Pill Master Mo because he did something I would never dare to do. Afterwards, I finally understand his intentions..."

    "What intention?"

    "Senior Yuan Yi of the Mediation Nunnery was after all an expert near the Grand Emperor Stage so even if she was injured, how could she have perished? However, she mysteriously passed away and then her disciple, Su Xi, started following beside Mo Wuji. The pity was that because of that Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, Su Xi had mysteriously gone missing too," The man said furiously.

    "Are you saying that Mo Wuji assassinated both Su Xi and Yuan Yi of the Mediation Nunnery all for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp?" Someone exclaimed astonishingly.

    The man sighed, "I wasn't the one who said it but everyone knew that Mo Wuji was so vicious that he wouldn't even let an adorable and innocent girl like Su Xi off all because of the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. We could still forget about it if he simply snatched away the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp but why must he kill the girl?"

    "This matter was indeed true because I've also heard that Mo Wuji killed both Su Xi and her master over the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp," Yet another person commented.

    At the corner of the hall, a woman grabbed the wine flask in her hands as her face turned pale. She would absolutely not believe that Mo Wuji would do such things because nobody knew Mo Wuji's character better than she did. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji, she, Han Qingru, would have perished a long time ago.

    She didn't dare to step out to speak for Mo Wuji because she knew that if she did so, a puny Golden Immortal rogue cultivator like herself might be eaten alive leaving not even the bones.

    "I still don't believe these rumours because I've interacted with Senior Mo and I know that he is definitely not such a person," A voice suddenly interjected everyone's discussions.

    Just as the man telling the story was about to act out violently, he stopped in his tracks and shut his mouth when he saw who the person interrupting them was.

    Who was he kidding? The woman in front of him was Shen Muqing of the Floating Flower Immortal Valley. He was merely a tiny ant when compared to an expert of the Floating Flower Immortal Valley.

    The man didn't dare to talk back to Shen Muqing didn't mean that others didn't dare. A similarly icy cold voice interrupted Shen Muqing's words, "It is your problem if you don't believe but it didn't mean that Mo Wuji didn't do such things."

    The person speaking was also a woman and this woman looked soldierly and beautiful while the energy exuding from her was vast and boundless. In fact, she was even much stronger than Shen Muqing.

    Shen Muqing wrinkled her delicate brows because she recognised this person, Ao Yulu, a disciple of the Dragon Clan. After the Dragon Clan was rinsed in a blood bath by someone in the West Moat Ocean, all the disciples of the Dragon Clan scattered all across the world and they were not too different from a rogue cultivator.

    Despite so, nobody dared to look down on a disciple of the Dragon Clan because the Dragon Clan didn't only originate from the West Moat Ocean.

    "Senior Sister Yulu, it is sometimes best if we don't jump to conclusions about things we didn't witness personally. Senior Brother Mo is straightforward and upright and I've seen his character which was why I know he is definitely not a despicable and nasty person," Shen Muqing said calmly.

    "Haha, straightforward and upright..." Ao Yulu started laughing hysterically but there were only hatred in her eyes. "Shen Muqing, if someone were to slaughter your entire family and sect, would you still call him straightforward and upright? Would you still think that the person is not nasty and despicable?"

    Shen Muqing furrowed her brows even more, "Senior Sister Yulu, I am indeed sorry for the misfortune at the West Moat Ocean but what was Senior Brother Mo's cultivation level back then? You have to state facts if you're trying to make a point."

    Ao Yulu said word by word, "Everything I've said are facts because back when my West Moat Ocean was exterminated, I had just returned. I personally saw a fresh blood covered Mo Wuji walking out from the transfer array of the West Moat Ocean and that particular transfer array was towards the encampment of my sect. Moreover, the blood on his body were all fresh blood of the disciples of my Dragon Clan because I would never be able to forget that energy in the air."

    Ao Yulu was indeed unable to forget Mo Wuji even though she didn't know that the person she saw back then was Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's cultivation might be low but he was after all still a Tier 7 Pill Emperor and relying on just his status alone, he was already famous across the entire seven immortal domains. Even if she didn't wish to find out that was Mo Wuji, it wasn't possible because of the news about him. Also because she found out that the person who walked out of the Dragon Clan with a body stained with the blood of the Dragon Clan's disciples was Mo Wuji, she swore to find Mo Wuji and avenge her clan.

    Shen Muqing didn't say anything and even though she didn't witness any of this, she suspected that there must be a reason. However, now that Ao Yulu had witnessed it with her own eyes while she didn't, there was simply no basis for her to rebut.

    "Yes, Mo Wuji's cultivation level might be low but he is still a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. It is definitely logical for a Tier 7 Pill Emperor to hire others to exterminate my Dragon Clan. Moreover, a Tier 7 Pill Emperor could also make use of poison. Shen Muqing, do you still think that Mo Wuji had nothing to do with the incident of my Dragon Clan?" Ao Yulu said while clenching her teeth.

    If Mo Wuji were to hear of all these, he would feel so accused. Back then, not only did he not kill any member of the Dragon Clan, he even saved two fishes who escaped the net. Additionally, he only became a Tier 7 Pill Emperor some time later. Back when he was at the West Moat Ocean, he was still far from becoming a Tier 7 Pill Emperor.

    "I also believe that Pill Master Mo is vicious, malicious and ruthless. Back when the Mirage Mountain was trying to capture Mo Wuji, didn't they mention that he was perverse and didn't he obliterated the Mirage Mountain of the cultivation world too? What else could a person like him not do?"

    "Ai, he was simply too brutal. To think he would kill a benefactor, a small girl and even use unscrupulously methods all for his cultivation. No wonder he was able to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor at such a young age. His status as a Tier 7 Pill Emperor was actually the accumulation of fresh blood of innocent people."

    "Heng, if that person was here now, even if I, Li Rong, is not his match, I would attack him too. Why did I embark on my cultivation journey? Immortal Dao is still the Justice Dao and the Immortal World is only so corrupted because of a rubbish like that man."


    The discussions in the hall was relentless and unending and Mo Wuji had already turned into a figurehead of evil. He became the first villain in the Immortal World and all these people in discussions were suddenly the incarnations of justice.

    Afterwards, rumours of Mo Wuji f*cking his junior sisters, Mo Wuji killing his own mentor because of a legacy, Mo Wuji cultivating using the primordial spirit of other cultivators and other ridiculous stories started popping up everywhere.

    Han Qingru forced her urge to explain everything as she made her decision to visit the Gods Immortal Domain. Even though the path to the Gods Immortal Domain would be unimaginable for a mere Golden Immortal like herself, it wouldn't be enough of a reason to stop her from finding Mo Wuji.

    She still believed that Mo Wuji was not a person like this and at this point in time, Mo Wuji would need his friends with him. As for the few of them whom he considered friends, they hadn't been of much help to him after entering the Immortal World.

    She was certain that these rumours would definitely be spreading beyond the Ding Po Immortal City and even across the entire Immortal World.


    Mo Wuji's heart was palpating with fear at the sight of a small piece of broken knife blade. If he wasn't proficient in array dao, he would have fallen. This broken knife blade contained an immense energy of a sacred art which Mo Wuji didn't notice. He picked the knife blade and noticed a hidden array rune before letting it go immediately.

    Who would have thought that a broken magic treasure would be a trap in the immortal sealing array? After a huge war, wouldn't it be normal for there to be broken pieces lying around? This was simply too frightening and Mo Wuji made his decision to not pick up anything from now till he got out of here. This included the five elemental bead.

    At the thought of this, he really did see a bead. The bead was as big as two fists as its entire body was exuding a faint water energy.
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