Chapter 658: Immortal Physique Level 3 and Remnant Chasm

    Chapter 658: Immortal Physique Level 3 and Remnant Chasm

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    To Mo Wuji, if there was anything more appealing than being a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, it would definitely be the five elemental beads. There was clearly a Water Elemental Bead right in front of his eyes and if Mo Wuji were to find this bead in any other place, he would do everything in his might to obtain this bead. However, Mo Wuji dared not touch this particular Water Elemental Bead in this particular place.

    He was inside the immortal sealing array and in fact, just as he thought of the five elemental beads, the Water Elemental Bead appeared. This made Mo Wuji wary that he could be within an illusionary array. Even if there were no illusionary array around, Mo Wuji would still not dare to take this Water Elemental Bead away from here.

    Not daring to take was one matter and the appeal of the Water Elemental Bead was another matter. Even though he knew that he shouldn't bring this Water Elemental Bead away, Mo Wuji still used his spiritual eye to observe it.

    After observing it for over one hour, Mo Wuji was certain that there was no traps laid on this Water Elemental Bead. The initially resolute Mo Wuji started to be tempted yet again because once he obtained the Water Elemental Bead, his Undying World would have water and it would be one step closer to perfection.

    After a long while, Mo Wuji sighed once more because he was simply too weak. This meant that even if there were traps, he might not be strong enough to realise it.

    The most fearful thing about the human nature would be greed. It wouldn't matter how many five elemental beads he could obtain if he were to lose his life or was stuck in the immortal sealing array forever.

    After letting out a faint breath of air, Mo Wuji stopped looking at it without hesitation as he started to search for his way out. Regardless whether or not the Water Elemental Bead was real, he didn't want it anymore.

    One would definitely have to struggle throughout his journey of cultivation but it should be only within his means. If one had less than 0.5% chance of succeeding, it would be considered trying to defy death brainlessly.

    After a few moments, Mo Wuji suddenly felt that his mental state was much wider now and his thoughts were much clearer. At this moment, he was 100% certain that he could charge into the Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    Greed could really deceive and obstruct the mind from further progression.

    After a few hours, the Water Elemental Bead was no longer in Mo Wuji's mind.

    Mo Wuji had his spiritual eye and with the slight use of his spirit storage channel, he was still able to move gradually according to the direction stated on the Universal Peak Token. Mo Wuji dared not deviate from the stated direction because the grade of the immortal sealing array was simply too high. Without the Universal Peak Token, he could forget about leaving this place. Now that he had the Universal Peak Token, he would definitely not waste his only chance to get out of here recklessly.

    Just like that, Mo Wuji had been walking for over one year as he finally heaved a sigh of relief while walking out from the two massive swords.

    Looking back at the vast and hazy immortal sealing array, Mo Wuji still had lingering fears. He was able to escape from the immortal sealing array only because of luck, Universal Peak Token and his own spiritual eye.

    An ant like him was never supposed to enter such a huge array. Back then, that equipment spirit old man clearly didn't care whether Mo Wuji live or die when he asked him to enter the immortal sealing array to rescue Ji Li. Mo Wuji would never have agreed to the deal so casually if he had known how terrifying this peak grade array was.

    However, even Mo Wuji had some rewards while being trapped in the immortal sealing array for over a year. Firstly, he had reached a point where he could advance into a Grand Luo Immortal anytime now. Secondly, he had much deeper understanding towards array dao. He was confident that one day, he would be able to rely on his own ability to enter and exit this immortal sealing array easily. Perhaps, there would be a day where he could set up such a massive array too.

    The Gods Tower had long been closed so even Mo Wuji was self aware that he would no longer be able to be transported out. However, Mo Wuji still felt glad because staying elsewhere in the Gods Tower was much better than staying within the immortal sealing array. At least he could move freely from time to time and was even able to cultivate as he please. If he was stuck in the immortal sealing array, it would be equivalent to waiting for his death.

    16 days later, Mo Wuji managed to advance successfully into the Grand Luo Immortal Stage at the entrance of the 18th and 17th level.

    Just like when he advanced into the Grand Zhi Immortal, he didn't ignite any lightning tribulation.

    Mo Wuji had already searched through the entire 18th and 17th level but he didn't find any immortal herbs or broken pieces of magic treasures.

    After one month, Mo Wuji reached the first level of the immortal sealing array.

    Mo Wuji had already made plans to cultivate till he reached the Immortal King Stage if he couldn't find any exit on the first level. Once he reached the Immortal King Stage, he would start brainstorming for ideas to get out of here.

    What made Mo Wuji extremely surprised was that after reaching the first level of the Gods Tower, a path appeared on the Universal Peak Token and this path clearly indicated the existence of one more level below the first level.

    Whether it was true or not, Mo Wuji still left a water crystal guide ball on the first level. If Ji Li was capable enough to leave the immortal sealing array, she would be able to follow the path down too.

    One day later, Mo Wuji managed to appear mysteriously at the Gods Immortal Chasm. As he looked back, there was no longer the Gods Tower in sight. All he recalled was that after following the path indicated on the Universal Peak Token, he reached the end and his body suddenly felt weightless. Before he realised anything, he was already at the Gods Immortal Chasm.

    Just as Mo Wuji was trying to recall if there was transfer array on the first level of the Gods Tower, loud intense sound could be heard from above his head.

    In the next moment, an immense lightning bolt surged towards Mo Wuji.

    This was not the first time Mo Wuji was ambushed by a lightning tribulation so the moment the lightning fell, he finally understood what was happening. When he advanced to the Grand Zhi and Grand Luo Immortal Stage, he wasn't met with any lightning but the moment he left the Gods Tower, the lightning tribulations came to ask for their debts.

    If he hadn't tempered his body before, Mo Wuji would definitely draw out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and then absorbed the lightning source of the tribulation to weaken the lightning bolts.

    Presently, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he took out the Void Nirvana Root and at this moment, his physique was extremely close to becoming an Immortal Physique. It would be the best case scenario if he was able to make use of the Void Nirvana Root to transform his physique into the next level while undergoing the lightning tribulation.

    "Boom boom boom!" The first wave had about 10 continuous lightning bolts striking Mo Wuji as the suspended Void Nirvana Root started to dissolve under Mo Wuji's physique tempering technique. Purple fog started to permeate out of the Void Nirvana Root before being absorbed completely by Mo Wuji's body.

    Even though there were no changes to Mo Wuji's cultivation level, the energy exuded from his body was continually strengthening while his fleshly physique was also constantly becoming stronger.

    Initially, there were still traces of fresh blood and scars when the lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji. Towards the end, the lightning bolts were only able to leave behind black scars on Mo Wuji's body.

    Mo Wuji's bones were starting to produce the 'kaka' sounds as if it was all breaking apart as well as forming back together. Even his blood was continuously boiling inside while some impurities were being disposed out of his body. Eventually, even his meridians were starting to transform, expand...

    The combined tribulation of the Grand Zhi and Grand Luo Immortal Stage descended onto Mo Wuji and its might was incredibly powerful unlike any of the previous tribulation. These series of lightnings were relentless and unending.

    The good thing was that Mo Wuji was undergoing this tribulation in the Gods Immortal Chasm. The Gods Immortal Chasm was shrouded in dense fog all year round so even if there was such a huge activity going on, nobody would actually notice it.

    After an entire day of lightning tribulation, it finally subsided. Mo Wuji's clothings had already been burnt crisp while the Void Nirvana Root had disappeared completely.

    The surging energy within the body finally calmed down while his bones became much tougher. An energy surged from within his bones up to his mind and Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. Presently, his body was tending towards perfection and after a round of physique tempering, he was starting to look more like himself back on earth.

    It was only up till today that Mo Wuji might finally have a method to protect himself. Mo Wuji's physique tempering was aided by the ancient witch race's method but the majority of his technique was carved and polished up by himself. He divided his immortal physique into nine levels and after the use of the Void Nirvana Root, Mo Wuji felt that his body was at least in the Immortal Physique Level 3.

    In fact, not many Immortal Emperors would have a physique much stronger than Mo Wuji's physique presently. In the Immortal World, not many Immortal Emperor would temper their physique because they only cultivated their primordial spirit which was why most of their physique would never come close to Mo Wuji's.

    It wasn't because these Immortal Emperors didn't know about the advantages of physique tempering but because it was simply too difficult. The first difficulty would be finding time because cultivation itself would already take up 90% of their time so how were they supposed to find time to temper their physique? Additionally, immortal don't only focus on cultivation dao because with their spare time, even if they didn't learn pill or equipment dao, they would be occupied with array dao too.

    Secondly, techniques need to get on each other. Some peak grade technique would clash with the tempering of the physique so between these two, most cultivators had to choose one. The third difficulty would be the in finding resources. If not for the Void Nirvana Root, Mo Wuji would have to use the Undying Holy Bamboo. Using the Undying Holy Bamboo would result in his physique being one level weaker.

    Mo Wuji satisfyingly executed the clear water technique to clean himself him up before changing to a new set of clothes. To be able to advance into the Grand Luo Immortal Stage and Immortal Physique Level 3, why would he not be satisfied? He believed that his greatest reward this time round was not the chance to enter the Gods Tower but the Void Nirvana Root.

    Just as he was about contact Su Xi, yet another insight rushed up to his mind.

    As he opened up his palm, the Half Moon Weighted Halberd landed in his hand. Mo Wuji stood within the Gods Immortal Chasm as the Half Moon Weighted Halberd in his hand hacked an arc in space.

    "Kaka!" The space produced sound of explosions and a 100 feet clear and long halberd scar was hacked out in space by Mo Wuji. This halberd scar didn't scatter and after a few breaths, this halberd scar became even clearer than before. The killing intent from within was like a germinating seed as it suddenly rose up and rings and rings of ripples started spreading out.

    "Boom boom boom!" The spreading halberd scar killing intent struck several trash around the area and these trash in the Gods Immortal Chasm turned into nothingness the instance it was struck.

    Mo Wuji stared shockingly at the ripples of killing intent brought along by the halberd and he completely understood what was going on. His halberd shadow was actually able to leave behind killing intent and the instance the opponent was unfocused, the opponent would be hurt by the killing intent of the remnants left behind by his halberd. Other than this, this weapon would be best used to mass kill. The ripple like halberd intent could almost spread to outside of his domain.

    This halberd should be affected by the influence of the killing intent left behind by the ancient experts in the Gods Tower. After going through the details of the Dao Revelation Channel after advancing into the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, he would naturally be able to form his own killer move.

    In the future, this shall be called the Remnant Chasm because it was able to hack the Heavenly Chasm apart and leave behind killing intent. When this Remnant Chasm's energy reached the third dao, it wouldn't lose to his Setting Sun.
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