Chapter 659: Location Revealed

    Chapter 659: Location Revealed

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    A day later, Mo Wuji left Gods Heavenly Chasm worriedly. He had sent over ten messages to Su Xi, but he never received a single reply.

    He understood Su Xi, that young nun. If nothing had happened, she would definitely have replied him immediately,

    Did this mean that Su Xi's disguise had been seen through, and something had happened to her? The more Mo Wuji thought about it, the more likely he felt it was. The Dry Wimple Pill was not bad, but the people that had their eyes on them weren't bad either. In fact, there were a few Grand Emperors among them. Perhaps the Dry Wimple Pill might fool the unattentive eye. However, if a serious investigation was conducted, then the Dry Wimple Pill's disguise could have been exposed.

    When Mo Wuji thought about how Su Xi might have been taken away by the Great Kun Buddhist Sect, his heart immediately started to burn with anxiety. The monks of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect weren't benevolent and befitting of their title. If Su Xi were to end up in their hands, then things wouldn't bode well for her.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji urgently rushed towards Heavenly Chasm City. If the Great Kun Buddhist Sect got hold of Su Xi, then there would definitely be some news about it in Heavenly Chasm City.

    Compared to when the Gods Tower was about to open, Heavenly Chasm City wasn't as crowded. However, it was still bustling with activity.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was disguised as a middle-aged rogue cultivator. The moment he reached the city, he immediately headed to the nearest resthouse. For such matters, it was most suitable for him to obtain information from resthouses.

    Right when Mo Wuji entered Heavenly Chasm City's gates, a short man with a rogue cultivator hat on his head stood up. He stared coldly at Mo Wuji's disappearing figure as he gritted his teeth and said, "Mo, this old man just knew that you would return to Heavenly Chasm City. Do you think that I, Tai Shixiao, will simply let you go after you took my thing? Stop dreaming. This old man can't beat you, but I definitely won't make things simple for you."

    On his forehead, he actually had a spiritual eye similar to Mo Wuji's. However, his spiritual eye only flashed briefly before it disappeared.

    Mo Wuji really guessed it right; those Heavenly Desolate Grass and the Void Nirvana Root were indeed left behind by Tai Shixiao. Tai Shixao had two unique capabilities; they were his sense of smell and premonition. Don't simply look at the fact that Mo Wuji had left that void place for quite some time; the moment Tai Shixiao returned to that void place, he immediately knew that the person who took his stuff was Mo Wuji.

    To him, that Void Nirvana Root was his greatest fortune. Now that his greatest fortune had been robbed by Mo Wuji, how could he simply let it go?

    Ever since the Gods Tower closed, he had been waiting here for Mo Wuji. He was sure that after Mo Wuji left Gods Tower, he would definitely make a trip to Heavenly Chasm City. This was his instinct and premonition.

    Eventually, Mo Wuji had been trapped within the immortal sealing array, and didn't emerge for more than a year. However, this Tai Shixiao was truly too patient; he actually spent more than a year waiting for Mo Wuji. Originally, he had planned to ambush Mo Wuji after Mo Wuji left Heavenly Chasm City. As long as Mo Wuji didn't take out his immortal puppet, he would be able to take back his things after successfully ambushing Mo Wuji.

    But today, he felt that Mo Wuji's power had already vastly exceeded his. He decisively gave up on his idea of an ambush, and he even gave up on his Void Nirvana Root. He could tell that if he were to fight with Mo Wuji, he would definitely die.

    He could not deal with Mo Wuji, but there were others who could. He, Tai Shixiao, definitely wasn't the kind to simply swallow his grudges.

    An hour later, Mo Wuji emerged from an immortal resthouse. The look of worry on his face did not diminish. Su Xi hadn't been discovered, but this did not mean that Su Xi was safe. It was possible that Su Xi didn't even emerge from Gods Tower.

    Now, he was completely helpless regarding Su Xi's matter. Mo Wuji decided to make a trip to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. After all, that was the site of his first business. He wanted to make a detailed inquiry about whether there were any survivors after Lun Cai destroyed his Tian Ji Pill Court.

    There were very few transfer arrays from Heavenly Chasm City to the other Immortal Domains. There was only one transfer array, and it was built only three years ago.

    Actually, this transfer array was related to Mo Wuji. After Mo Wuji entered Gods Tower, Vast Ocean Immortal School and the Great Sword Path joined hands to provide the resources to build this transfer array from Da Yi Immortal City to Heavenly Chasm City.

    Da Yi Immortal City was situated on the edge of Zero Heaven Immortal Domain. By constructing a transfer array from Da Yi Immortal City to Heavenly Chasm City, it could shorten the journey from the other Immortal Domains to Gods Immortal Domain.

    If not for this transfer array, Mo Wuji would have to use his flying shuttle to slowly make his way to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    Now, he could first transfer to Da Yi Immortal City, then take another transfer array from Da Yi Immortal City. This way, he would save a few months of his time.

    Because this was the only array in Heavenly Chasm City that led to other Immortal Domains, this transfer array was constantly brimming with people. After Mo Wuji purchased the transfer tickets, he could only queue and wait.

    Unbeknownst to Mo Wuji, as he was queuing, a pair of eyes were fixed on him. At the same time, his location had already been revealed.


    Da Yi Immortal City was originally an ordinary, intermediate grade immortal city. But every since a transfer array had been erected from the city to Gods Immortal Domain, this place had gradually gotten lively, and it had the momentum to develop and become a high grade immortal city.

    Eight Point Immortal Resthouse, one of the three biggest immortal resthouses in Da Yi Immortal City.

    A woman in the resthouse's attendant uniform was carefully serving a jar of immortal wine. This woman looked ordinary. In reality, a few people of higher cultivation could tell that she had slightly changed her appearance. However, this matter was too trivial. Even if they knew that an attendant had altered her appearance, no one would really care about it.

    This woman was Han Qingru. She was heading towards to Heavenly Chasm City, but when she arrived at Da Yi Immortal City, she found that she didn't have enough immortal crystals to afford the transfer array. And with her power, it would be far too dangerous for her to fly to Heavenly Chasm City. Even if things go smoothly, she would have to take many years to actually reach her destination.

    Thus, she applied for a job at Eight Point Immortal Resthouse. On one hand, she could earn immortal crystals as an attendant. On the other hand, she could obtain news about Mo Wuji while in the resthouse. Han Qingru was serious and meticulous, and she was also very observant. She was soon able to obtain the acknowledgment of the resthouse. As a result, she was trusted to serve some of the primary, private rooms.

    Today, she was serving two immortal array masters in a private room. Han Qingru was rather compliant with her deacon's instructions. Her deacon had instructed her to be careful, and to not displease the customers.

    With the gourd of wine in her hands, Han Qingru interacted with the seal on the private room. The seals were released, and two men were seated within the private room. On the left, there was a man in grey robes with some spots on his face. Onm the right, there was a relatively short man, and he seemed like a lively person. Han Qingru first bowed towards them, but before she could place the wine on the table, a flying messenger sword whizzed over.

    Han Qingru hurriedly dodged to the side and the short and fat man received the flying sword. He only scanned it briefly with his spiritual will before a smile emerged on his face and he stood up, "Brother Yu, that Mo Wuji will soon be coming to Da Yi Immortal City. The Great Sword Path and Vast Ocean Immortal School have invited us to take part in the instalment of the grand immortal jar array... Er, you can take your leave first. There's nothing left for you here."

    As he was speaking, that short and fat man suddenly recalled Han Qingru's presence, and he immediately waved his hand towards Han Qingru.

    "Yes." Han Qingru suppressed the anxiety in her heart as she placed the wine gourd down and slowly walked out of the room. However, she did not reactivate the soundproof seals. Not only that, she walked especially slowly.

    Fortunately, the two of them didn't care about this mere attendant. That grey robed man said doubtfully, "Will we make it in time?"

    "It's not as if you don't know how long one would have to wait at Heavenly Chasm City's transfer array. It would take at least two hours. That Mo Wuji is cunning and sly, and he even has an Immortal Emperor level puppet with him. It would be hard to prevent him from leaving. Only by luring him into the grand immortal jar array, wouldn't things go smoothly? Moreover, according to the flying messenger sword, the person heading the installment of the grand immortal jar array is Seven Tune Array Path's grand array master, Senior Nuo Yi. If we participate in this installment, not only would we gain some pointers from Senior Nuo Yi, we would also receive great remunerations. Not only that, if we can help to catch that evil-doer, Mo Wuji, it would be great for our reputation," That short and fat man chuckled and said.

    Han Qingru's back was already drenched in cold sweat. Unfortunately, she had no means of contacting Mo Wuji.

    She had heard of that grand immortal jar array before. Even if a stronger person was trapped in the grand immortal jar array, he would become the turtle in the jar, and have no means of escape.

    Moreover, there were many experts overseeing the array. Even if Mo Wuji had some heaven-exceeding power, he would definitely die if he was lured into the grand immortal jar array.

    Even though the transfer array between Da Yi Immortal City and Heavenly Chasm City was outside the city, if Mo Wuji were to come here, he would definitely step into Da Yi Immortal City's city gates.

    Even though Han Qingru didn't know much about arrays, she could guess that Da Yi Immortal City would be the jar of the grand immortal jar array. As long as Mo Wuji stepped in Da Yi Immortal City, it would be equivalent to stepping into the grand immortal jar array.

    Moreover, by setting Da Yi Immortal City as the grand immortal jar array's jar, it would not arouse Mo Wuji's suspicion. After all, it was typical for an immortal city to be protected by all sorts of arrays. Which immortal city didn't have arrays?

    But she was merely a Golden Immortal. What could she do?

    The more she thought about it, she more she felt her hands turning weak. She didn't know how Mo Wuji could have revealed his location.


    At the same time, ten beams of light descended outside Da Yi Immortal City. A cultivator with an oppressive aura swiftly descended from a flying ship.

    Da Yi Immortal City's Castellan Wu Teng was personally standing at the entrance of the city. Such a huge event was going to happen in Da Yi Immortal City, how could he not know about it?

    As for the grand immortal jar array that Vast Ocean Immortal School, Great Sword Path, and Lightning Sect wish to build in his Da Yi Immortal City, he was showing his wholehearted support.

    Mo Wuji was an evil-doer that even dared to kill Immortal Emperors. A tiny castellan like him couldn't afford to offend Mo Wuji. However, he was even more worried about offending huge powers like the Great Sword Path, Vast Ocean Immortal School and Lightning Sect.

    Soon, he saw ten experts walk speed towards his city gate. Wu Teng hurriedly stood forward and bowed, "Da Yi Immortal City Wu Teng greets Elder Lei, Elder Jin, Sect Head Yi and Senior Nuo Yi."

    Lei Guyun, Jin Yusheng, and Yi Minghu were indeed Grand Immortals. However, Nuo Yi's reputation was no lower than theirs. Nuo Yi was the number one array expert in Seven Tune Array Path. When it came to status, he was only below a person like Xu Suren. Only a coalition of the Lightning Sect, Great Sword Path, and Vast Ocean Immortal School can invite such an expert in such a short period of time.
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