Chapter 660: Why?

    Chapter 660: Why?

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    Mo Wuji stood up. According to the number of people in front of him, it would take roughly half an incense's time till it was his turn.

    To a cultivator, half an incense's time was simply negligible. However, Mo Wuji could not help but feel a tugging on his heart; it seemed as though someone was watching him.

    But after scanning the entire hall with his spiritual will, he verified that no one was watching him. Could he have advanced too rapidly, and his state of his heart was left unstable? But after he gave up on the Water Elemental Bead, his mental state clearly improved. However, there was no other reason why he would feel so uneasy. Mo Wuji had absolute confidence in his Dry Wimple Pill. The only possibility was that a Grand Emperor was especially staring at him, and it was not a simple Grand Emperor at that.

    However, Mo Wuji immediately shook his head. Even if a Grand Emperor was staring at him, how could he tell that he was Mo Wuji? It could only be possible if the other party had a spiritual eye or some other special method.

    But how could there be such a coincidental situation? Even though he had a spiritual eye, it could only work after it was condensed. Mo Wuji forcefully calmed himself down. Regardless of what happened, he was prepared.

    "Can the people behind please enter the transfer array..." The cultivator controlling the transfer array announced. Mo Wuji knew that his turn had come.

    He followed a few cultivators and walked into the transfer array.

    The transfer array between Heavenly Chasm City and Da Yi Immortal City was considered a long-range transfer array. Even with Mo Wuji's cultivation, he felt some slight discomfort.

    However, this transfer array's speed was quite fast. In a mere ten breaths of time, Mo Wuji could feel his feet touching the ground. He knew that he had already arrived at Da Yi Immortal City's transfer array.

    Da Yi Immortal City's transfer array was constructed outside the city. The main reason was that of the huge flow of human traffic which would make things very messy in the city.

    The moment Mo Wuji left the transfer array, his feeling of unease became more apparent. He lifted his head to see Da Yi's city gates, and he was slightly filled with doubt.

    He had never come to Da Yi Immortal City before, but this place seemed incomparably calm.

    But no matter what, he would need to enter Da Yi Immortal City to get to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. Perhaps he was being too sensitive. Even if an Immortal Emperor dealt with him, so what? As long as he took Da Huang out, he could roam freely within a place like Da Yi Immortal City. What's there to worry about?

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, his heart seemed to calm significantly. His previous unease also seemed to gradually disappear.

    Ever since Da Yi Immortal City had this transfer array towards Heavenly Chasm City, it was constantly filled with a huge flow of cultivators. Mo Wuji squeezed into Da Yi Immortal City among the crowd. Nothing seemed out of place.

    A woman in a green dress was slowly walking out of the city with a haggard expression on her face. Even though this woman looked slightly haggard, her gorgeous features soon attracted the gaze of many in the crowd. The woman seemed to be engrossed in thought as she walked listlessly. Even if she didn't want to be noticed, it was impossible.

    A gorgeous beauty with only a Golden Immortal cultivation was walking within the crowd so conspicuously. Some cultivators with a higher cultivation already formed intentions to hit on her.

    As Mo Wuji was walking towards the city gate, the first thing he saw was naturally this green dressed woman.

    Han Qingru? Mo Wuji paused. He didn't expect to see Han Qingru in a fringe city like Da Yi Immortal City. What was Han Qingru doing here?

    "Senior Sister Qingru, what are you doing here?" Mo Wuji hurriedly walked in front of Han Qingru. At the same time, he transmitted a message to Han Qingru, informing her that he was Mo Wuji.

    Previously, she intended to tell Mo Wuji to flee the moment she saw him. But when Mo Wuji approached her, she knew that she had been too naive. A spiritual will had soundlessly enveloped her body. If she dared to tell Mo Wuji to flee, she might not even be able to utter a word before she got crushed by that spiritual will.

    Han Qingru took in a deep breath. She was still grateful to Mo Wuji for giving her so many immortal lattice stones to condense her immortal lattice. Even though her cultivation speed wasn't the fastest, her dao will was much stronger than other cultivators at the same stage. Other Golden Immortals might not be able to detect this sort of immaterial spiritual will, but she was able to feel it clearly.

    Han Qingru swiftly retreated a few steps, widening the gap between her and Mo Wuji. At the same time, she raised her hand, pointed at Mo Wuji and shouted angrily, "Mo Wuji, you ungrateful, maniacal b*stard. Just for some magic treasures, you killed your benefactors and murdered the innocent. I must have been blind to know a person like you. Everyone, come. This person ios Mo Wuji. It's that heartless Pill Master Mo. He is currently in disguise..."

    In that short period of time, Han Qingru blurted all these words. After she said those words, her back became drenched in cold sweat. She knew that that strand of spiritual will had shifted away from her body. Perhaps it was because she spoke too quickly, or perhaps it was because that spiritual will knew that killing her would only alarm Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji? The Immortal World's number one villain?

    In the Immortal World, you might not know all the Grand Emperors. You might not know of Xu Suren, and you might not even know who were the Heavenly Emperors of the various Immortal Domains. But in the Immortal World, no one didn't know the number one villain.

    It was Mo Wuji - the heartless and maniacal person. He killed Ling Lunan, the person that saved him. For the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, he killed the master-disciple pair from Meditation Nunnery. For a treasure of the dragon race, he sent his companion to slaughter the dragon race. It had even been revealed that the companion was the Cape of Peace's Zhuo Pingan.

    Such a notorious person had actually appeared outside Da Yi immortal City.

    Some of the cultivators that were beside Mo Wuji hurriedly moved to the side as they wielded their magic treasures and stared at Mo Wuji warily.


    "Pa!" Sitting at the resthouse right in front of the city gates, Yi Minghu slammed the wine gourd in his hand to the ground.

    "Who's that woman? She actually dared to reveal Mo Wuji's identity?" Yi Minghu's eyes seemed to be burning in fury.

    Ten more meters. Just ten more meters and Mo Wuji would have walked into Da Yi Immortal City. Even if he was a photon, he wouldn't be able to escape.

    But within this ten meters, he was actually stopped. If he was an average cultivator, then so be it. But was Mo Wuji an average cultivator? If he didn't enter the grand immortal jar array, no one would dare say with certainty that he could capture Mo Wuji.

    "We've already managed to find out about her. That woman is called Han Qingru. She got acquainted with Mo Wuji back in the Corner of Yong Ying. But after they ascended into the Immortal World, the two of them were no longer in contact. In just a little more than ten breaths of time, information about the relationship between Han Qingru and Mo Wuji had already ended in Yi Minghu;s hands.

    In reality, any news of Mo Wuji had already been investigated previously. Now that Han Qingru had stopped Mo Wuji with her original appearance, she was easily recognised.

    "This woman is blocking Mo Wuji from entering Da Yi Immortal City?" Lei Guyun's voice was slightly vicious.

    Lightning Sect's number one Immortal Emperor had already been killed by Mo Wuji. Unless he killed Mo Wuji, he would never rest.

    Vast Ocean Immortal School's Elder Jin Yusheng was also a Grand Emperor. He wasn't as hot-tempered as Lei Guyun. Instead, he was slightly gloomy. When he heard Yi Minghu's and Lei Guyun's words, he shook his head, "I'm afraid this might not be the case."

    Seeing everyone's eyes turn towards him, Jin Yusheng said calmly, "Everyone, think about it carefully. When did we join hands to install the grand immortal jar array? It was not more than four hours ago. Who is this Han Qingru? She is merely a Golden Immortal, how could she know about such matters?"

    "I understand. I just crushed my own feet while trying to move a rock." Yi Minghu rubbed his glabella as he said speechlessly.

    Yu Jinsheng nodded, "Brother Minghu was right. Now, who has the worst reputation in the Immortal World? It's Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji killed his benefactor, Su Xi - that cute nun, and even the dragon race. Even though an expert like Grand Emperor Lun Cai requested him for help, he would rather see Lun Cai's concubine die than to help her. Even his friends wouldn't be willing to stay with such a person. It was as Brother Minghu had said previously. Such a person no longer has a foothold in the Immortal World."

    The fact that Mo Wuji didn't have a foothold in the Immortal World was exactly orchestrated by Yi Minghu. Back when they found out that Mo Wuji had escaped by himself, he started to gather all of Mo Wuji's information and started to splash dirty water all over him.

    It could be said that no one in the Immortal World was willing to claim to be friends with Mo Wujil. Han Qingru's reaction was actually within reason.

    After saying this, Jin Yusheng paused slightly before saying, "So, I think that after Mo Wuji kills all those ants outside, he would still walk into Da Yi Immortal City. Such a person is maniacal with no limits. He definitely wouldn't place Da Yi Immortal City in his eyes. So we should not do anything unnecessarily, and alarm him."

    "Brother Jin is right. We will continue waiting. If that Mo Wuji really doesn't come into Da Yi Immortal City, then we will immediately employ our Plan B." Yi Minghu nodded. Da Yi Immortal City was right at the edge of the Immortal Domain. Mo Wuji had the help of his immortal puppet. If they alarmed him, he might actually escape.


    Mo Wuji's face turned cold. He stopped and stared calmly at Han Qingru. In his previous life, he had been plotted against by his love. How could such a thing happen again?

    Even though he didn't believe that Han Qingru was such a person, the reality was already presented right in front of him. Moreover, he had a slight inkling of his current reputation. Back in Heavenly Chasm City, he could faintly detect that someone had splashed dirty water all over his name.

    Mo Wuji didn't really care if his opponents splashed dirty water over him. But Han Qingru was directly exposing his identity. This really caused his heart to turn cold.

    From whatever perspective, he hadn't done Han Qingru anything wrong. In fact, Han Qingru was the one who owed him, not the other way round.

    But today, he had seen the second Xia Ruoyin; he had seen the second woman to harm him. Even though Han Qingru wasn't his dao companion, she was his trusted friend. Their relationship was even similar to that of siblings; how was that much different from being dao companions?

    "Why?" Mo Wuji's hands were slightly trembling as he uttered that word again.

    After saying that word, the scene of Xia Ruoyin plotting against him appeared in front of his eyes. Before he died, he had also said this word.

    Unfortunately, he didn't manage to get an answer then. Will he get an answer now?
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