Chapter 661: The Old Monk Had Been Waiting For You For A Long Time

    Chapter 661: The Old Monk Had Been Waiting For You For A Long Time

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    The Old Monk Had Been Waiting For You For A Long Time

    Han Qingru pointed at Mo Wuji with a trembling finger, "Mo Wuji, I admit that I had been blind. I never thought that you would actually be such a venomous person, to even kill the person who saved you. It was already enough that you take the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. But why must you kill the innocent Su Xi? It's true that you have a grudge with Grand Emperor Lun Cai, but his concubine is innocent. Why didn't you save her?"

    Every single word was like a needle, stabbing deep into Mo Wuji's heart.

    "Right. Kill this human scum." Waves of murmurs could be heard as hundreds of cultivators surrounded Mo Wuji. Many people even prepared an escape talisman. Mo Wuji had many great treasures, but Mo Wuji also had an impressive immortal puppet. The moment Mo Wuji brought his immortal puppet out, they would quickly escape.

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly. Even if Han Qingru despised his character, she wouldn't behave in such a manner. It was already peculiar that she exposed him. But she had actually scolded him twice. It was true that people change, but people wouldn't change to such a degree.

    "Kill!" A light from a magic treasure boomed towards Mo Wuji. In the blink of an eye, Mo Wuji was bombarded by countless of attacks.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in his palm. His domain had formed an elemental energy whirlpool; dissipating 90% of the attacks that came towards him. Boundless of halberd light slashed outwards. It didn't matter that he didn't know this people, or that this was all a misunderstanding. These people had tried to kill him, so why would he hesitate? Moreover, with his current cultivation, he didn't have the rights to hesitate.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The weighted halberd's haldberd light formed a ring of killing intent. Under this ring of killing intent, huge mists of blood formed. At this moment, Mo Wuji finally had a grasp of how strong he had bcome.

    Except for a few Immortal King experts, those with weaker cultivations would be damped by his whirlpool domain, then maimed or killed by his halberd light.

    Mo Wuji roared; the pent up depression within him had dispersed significantly.

    "Not good, he has advanced to the Immortal King Stage...." Someone immediately cried out. If Mo Wuji wasn't an Immortal King, how could he have such a terrifying domain and killing power?

    A few weaker cultivators had already started to retreat. However, there were more cultivators that came to surround Mo Wuji.

    It was rumoured that Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. Besides the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, Mo Wuji would also have the various treasures that he obtained from Gods Tower.

    If they killed him, how much rewards would they get? Even though Mo Wuji was an Immortal King, that wasn't enough to deter cultivators from attacking him.

    Countless of people cried out for the death of Mo Wuji, the human scum. However, in the back of their minds, they were only thinking about how they could get a share of the rewards after killing Mo Wuji. As for whether Mo Wuji was a human scum, that was only something that they heard from rumours. Who actually thought that it was true? In fact, it didn't matter whether it was true. Except for a minute number of cultivators, all the cultivators were only thinking about the rewards the could get from Mo Wuji.

    A few Immortal Reverents swifly flew in, sealing Mo Wuji's escape path. Among which, a thin and tall man shouted harshly, "Towards a human scum like this, everyone in the Immortal World has the responsibility to kill him. I suggest that everyone joins hands to kill him; so that he would no longer plague the Immortal World. If anyone gets injured, you will be reimbursed from this person's belongings."

    With that simple speech, the cultivators that surrounded Mo Wuji started to have order. Everyone understood the meaning behind this thin, tall man's words. He was telling everyone that as long as they took part in the encirclement, they would have a share of the spoils.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about these people. Even without Da Huang, he could still escape easily. He only cared about Han Qingru. At this instant, he found that Han Qingru was actually slowly retreated; she even retreated close to the city entrance.

    "Kill!" Yet another hoarse cry. Another tens of sharp light sped towards Mo Wuji.

    Compared to the first attack, this attack was stronger by multiple folds. Previously, with his halberd, he had killed at least ten weaker cultivators. Now, the weaker ones had already retreated, while the strong had come forward. This instantly raised the pressure on Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's expression hardened. He could finally see that something was amiss. At the edge of Da Yi Immortal City, there were signs of a newly installed array. Moreover, this array was a peak grade trap array; it even resembled the grand killing jar array.

    If not for his one to two years in the immortal sealing array, Mo Wuji wouldn't have recognised this grand killing jar array.

    But he had been trapped in a supreme array like the immortal sealing array for more than a year. In the Immortal World, what array couldn't he, Mo Wuji, see through? Perhaps he might not be able to install it himself, but were they trying to insult his intellect with this makeshift array? He was an immortal array master that was infinitesimally close to Grade 6 after all.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's heart actually relaxed significantly. Indeed, he didn't misjudge Han Qingru. He would rather have been trapped by the experts in the grand immortal jar array, than to be plotted against by Han Qingru.

    Even though he didn't know how Han Qingry got to know of this peak grade array, he was very clear of the reason why Han Qingru had blocked him previously.

    He even understood why Han Qingru didn't transmit a message to him. It was because Han Qingru knew that there was a peak expert here, and any transmitted message definitely couldn't be concealed. There was also one more thing, Han Qingru didn't want to a burden to him. If she were to transmit a message to him, then he would have to bring her away.

    Countless of magic treasures had already started descending down towards him. Mo Wuji swept his halberd upwards. This time, he wouldn't show mercy. He directly used his sacred art - Grand Desert.

    "Boom!" A huge halberd light slashed outwards, then it transformed into a boundless and vast desert. Anyone that was within his Grand Desert was instantly devoured.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji called Da Huang out. Even if he was any stronger, he wouldn't be able to fight with Immortal Reverents. He could only leave them to Da Huang.

    "Bang!" Da Huang had received Mo Wuji's instructions and began to punch out without restraint. Terrifying waves of Immortal Emperor elemental energy surged outwards. With Da Huang's fierce power, neither Immortal Kings nor Immortal Reverents could remain standing.

    At the instant Da Huang appeared, a few Immortal Reverents that were prepared to escape realised that it was time to do so as they hurriedly retreated. However, Mo Wuji's killing intent was already sky high. How could he simply let these people who encircled him to escape?

    Da Huang's overbearing spatial domain had enveloped the entire area. Mo Wuji's Grand Desert also went rampage in the area.

    "Pff!" Once again, blood mist started to fill the air as figure after figure fell.

    The cultivators that had decided to gang up against Mo Wuji, had now all seemed to have chosen to flee. Under Da Huang's domain pressure and Mo Wuji's Grand Desert, no one below the Immortal Emperor Stage was able to withstand it. Unfortunately, there was no Immortal Emperor here. Mo Wuji had killed one to two hundred people but he didn't even suffer a single injury.

    "Flee!" Some lucky survivors didn't get mired within Mo Wuji's Grand Desert and they all tried to escape. Not only didn't Mo Wuji chase after them, he turned to escape as well.

    In reality, Mo Wuji had another plan. As long as he charged to Da Yi's city gates and retreated immediately after grabbing Han Qingru, he had a 60% certainty that he could escape safely.

    However, he didn't dare to do so. Han Qingru had gone through such lengths and risks to warn him. That meant that if he dared to approach Da Yi Immortal City, Han Qingru might directly tell him the truth.

    If that happened, then he would be harming both of them. Not only would he harm Han Qingru, he might fall into a worse encirclement.

    By this time, if Mo Wuji still didn't know what was going on, then he wouldn't have lived for so long.

    Ever since he entered Heavenly Chasm City, he had been feeling uneasy. That meant that he had been recognised the moment he walked into Heavenly Chasm City.

    Moreover, it had only been half a day since he entered Heavenly Chasm City. In just half a day, such a peak grade array was installed over Da Yi Immortal City. Was this something that an average person could do? Besides the experts from Lightning Sect or Great Sword Path, who else could do this? Perhaps, they might even have joined hands.

    But now, there actually wasn't any Immortal Emperor expert that joined in to surround him. That meant one thing: those Immortal Emperors were constantly eyeing on him. If he didn't enter Da Yi Immortal City, then they would immediately act. Additionally, these experts were waiting for him in Da Yi.

    He wasn't facing any problems now. But the moment he retreated, something would definitely go down.

    But even if that something was huge, Mo Wuji could only retreat. At this moment, he did not dare to flee upwards. Even if he didn't look, he knew that the surrounding space would have already been sealed.

    Perhaps these seals might be crude and badly formed, but as long as it could delay him for even a single breath of time, then he would be screwed.

    Indeed, the moment Mo Wuji retreated, multiple overbearing auras shot out from Da Yi Immortal City. At the same time, multiple savage blasts of elemental energy shot towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about anything else; he held Da Huang closely and instantly teleported. Only by fleeing to the edge of Zero Heaven Immortal Domain, would he have a chance to survive.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Three blasts of elemental energy landed on Mo Wuji consecutively. Even though these three blasts of elemental energy were shot from relatively far away, they were still attacks from Immortal Emperor experts. Even though Mo Wuji had a Level 3 Immortal Physique, these three blasts of elemental energy still forced him to cough out three arrows of blood. At the same time, the bones in his body emitted cracking sounds.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's instant teleportation and his Wind Escape Technique were pushed to the max. He wanted to use the shortest time possible to charge to the edge of the Immortal Domain, and enter the void.

    When he reached the edge of the Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji actually paused. He suddenly thought of something horrifying. If he could tell that Han Qingru was helping him, then what about these Immortal Emperors?

    Even if they didn't think about it immediately, after this matter ends, would they think about it then?

    Even though he had only paused for a breath's time, he was already enveloped by the energy of death. Mo Wuji knew that when facing these Immortal Emperors, even half a breath's time was a luxury. If he were to return, not only wouldn't he save Han Qingru, he would be placing himself in a worse predicament. His only option was to escape into space. That would also give Han Qingru some time to escape.

    Mo Wuji directly ignited his life force. Even though he was heavily injured, his entire body instantly disappeared from his spot.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji vanished, three spatial forces locked onto his previous location. At the same time, a terrifying blast of elemental energy reduced that spot into nothing.

    "Benefactor Mo, how have you been? This old monk has been waiting for you for a long time." A warm voice could be heard. Guang Xing suddenly appeared and blocked Mo Wuji's path. He seemed to know that Mo Wuji wouldn't walk into Da Yi Immortal City as he stationed himself outside the Immortal Domain to wait for Mo Wuji.
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