Chapter 662: Surrounded In The Void

    Chapter 662: Surrounded In The Void

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    Surrounded In The Void

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He was clearer than anyone else how each single breath of time was incomparably precious to him. But it was just at this moment that he was blocked by Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Guang Xing.

    "Guang Xing, do you know that if I don't die today, your Great Kun Buddhist Sect and I will have an irreconcilable enmity?" Mo Wuji's tone was slightly cold.

    "Take the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp out and this old monk would let you go." Guang Xing did not even place Mo Wuji's threat in his eyes.

    Da Huang condensed his elemental energy and was about to attack.

    Mo Wuji, however, stopped Da Huang, "There's no need, Da Huang."

    If Da Huang's attack was going to be useful, then he wouldn't have talked nonsense just now, but simply let Da Huang attack. Even if Guang Xing was crippled, Guang Xing would still be able to delay him and Da Huang.

    Indeed, just as Mo Wuji's words were uttered, three waves of elemental energy rippled in the surroundings. Three figures and Guang Xing surrounded Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation was only at the early Grand Luo Immortal Stage, but his knowledge and experience was not low. He had worked with Zhuo Pingan before; so he was all too clear of a Grand Emperor's aura.

    The moment these three arrived, he knew that the three of them were all much more powerful than Monk Guang Xing. Clearly, there were all Grand Emperors.

    "Mo Wuji, if we let you go today, then I, Yi Minghu, no longer deserves to be the sect head of the Great Sword Path," An extremely graceful man with almond shaped eyes stared at Mo Wuji and said coldly.

    Guang Xing chuckled and chanted a name of Buddha. Then he said, "Sect Head Yi, Elder Lei, Elder Jin, this little monk has come here because I want to retrieve my Great Kun Buddhist Sect's core, the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp..."

    "Monk, we recognise your efforts. Later, we will return the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp to you. However, this brat is cunning and sly. You better not let him escape from your direction," Yi Minghu said calmly.

    What was the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp? It wasn't anything useful to his Great Sword Path. It was a magic treasure of the Buddhist Dao. Keeping it would only be creating a grudge with the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. Moreover, the Great Kun Buddhist Sect's roots were deep; there were no worse than his Great Sword Path.

    "Mo Wuji, you have commited many evil-doings, but we are not asking for your life. As long as you cripple your sea of consciousness and your spirit channels and follow us, it would be enough." Against Mo Wuji's expectations, the four didn't directly attack him after they surrounded him. Instead, it was a scholarly looking elder that tried to persuade him with kind words.

    Mo Wuji had the spirit storage channel and the breath scattering channel; so he was especially sensitive to any form of obscure energy. The moment the four surrounded him, he immediately felt the change in the surroundings.

    In that instant, Mo Wuji understood what was going on.

    It definitely wasn't because they feared his Da Huang, but these few fellas were secretly installing a seal around the area. There was no wonder why these three Immortal Emperors and a Quasi-Emperor would behave so idly after surrounding him. They wanted to create a congenial atmosphere, then leave him no room for escape.

    "You shamelessold things. Da Huang, attack." Mo Wuji said immediately, and at the same time, he instructed Da Huang to attack Lei Guyun.

    Lei Guyun's lightning aura was strong and overbearing. One look and you could tell that his combat power was definitely not weak.

    However, the thing that Mo Wuji was least afraid of was lightning. Mo Wuji also knew that Guang Xing had the lowest cultivation, but actually, the remaining three were diverting some of their attention on Guang Xing. If Mo Wuji dared to force his way through Guang Xing, then he would definitely suffer greatly.

    Da Huang also knew that any carelessness now would leave Mo Wuji dead. Thus when he attacked, he attacked with his full power.

    "Courting death!" When he saw that Da Huang had actually attacked him, Lei Guyun was enraged. He opened his hand and a huge lightning hammer appeared in his palm which he then used to smash towards Da Huang.

    At the same time, the other three made their moves.

    Three Grand Emperors and a Quasi-Emperor were acting against a Grand Luo Immortal. This might be the first time such a situation occured in the entire Immortal World.

    "Boom!" A violent burst of immortal elemental energy exploded. Even though he had Da Huang defending him from the front, Mo Wuji instantly knew that he was screwed.

    It was true that Da Huang was a Grand Emperor. But even if Da Huang was any stronger, it could only deal with one of them. He might even be in the disadvantage during that exchange. Now, three Immortal Emperors and a Quasi-Emperor were attacking them simultaneously. Even if Da Huang was an entire fold stronger, it still wouldn't be enough.

    "Kacha!" A huge crack appeared on Da Huang's body.

    "Pff!" Mo Wuji opened his mouth unconsciously as he coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. His internal organs had been ruptured, directly turning in dregs which were forced out of his mouth together with his blood. His previous attack was like throwing eggs against a rock; it didn't even cause a ripple. The immensity of a Grand Emperor's strength had thoroughly left Mo Wuji feeling helpless.

    Feeling Da Huang's energy gradually disappearing, and his own vitality slowly fading, Mo Wuji cried out in grief, "Da Huang..."

    Da Huang was an immortal puppet but he had long treated Da Huang as his friend. At this moment, Da Huang was dying because of him.

    "My lord, hurry and escape.... Da Huang can't beat them..." A hint of emotion actually appeared within Da Huang's low and muffled voice. It knew that it was soon going to depart from this world, and its voice contained a hint of reluctance.

    "Ka! Ka! Ka! Crack!" The bones in Mo Wuji's body shattered continuously. An undeniable death intent surged into Mo Wuji's mind. Even if he died, he wasn't going to let these bast*rds have a single thing of his.

    "He's going to explode himself!" The moment Mo Wuji firmed his conviction to die, Jin Yusheng cried out harshly.

    Yi Minghu scoffed, "He doesn't have the qualifications to explode himself in front of us."

    As he spoke, he had already retracted his longsword. He lifted his hand to form ten enigmatic hand seals. They each formed a rune which flee towards Mo Wuji.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji decided to self destruct, the star locket hung on his chest began to glow with warm light. It was like a star rising into the sky, circles of light wrapped around him.

    "Pff! Pff! Pff!" Mo Wuji continued to cough out blood; the bones and muscles on his body shattered inch by inch.

    The star locket's light completely defended against Yi Minghu's runic attack. Even the power of the Grand Emperor Domains were blocked by the star locket. Even if Mo Wuji was a fool, he would know that this star locket wasn't simple. It would be weird if this magic treasure which could defend against the attacks of three Grand Emperors was simple. He immediately retracted his decision to self destruct. If he could live, why would he be willing to die?

    "Crack!" Da Huang, however, exploded, forming countless bits of dust which dispersed in the vast void around them.

    "Da Huang!" Mo Wuji immediately felt Da Huang's energy disappear completely. He couldn't suppress the grief in his heart as tears streamed down his face. As for his previous mentality, it had already been thrown to the side.

    Da Huang didn't follow him for a long time, but no matter what happened, Da Huang would stay loyally by his side. As for 'abandon', that word never existed in Da Huang's dictionary.

    But now, Da Huang had been killed. It had been killed by these three Immortal Emperors and this Quasi-Emperor.

    "That's a god equipment!" When Jin Yusheng saw the faint light emanating from Mo Wuji's chest, he cried out in alarm.

    It wasn't just Jin Yusheng. Even Yi Minghu's and Lei Guyun's eyes had turned red. Mo Wuji clearly didn't know how to use this weapon. Otherwise, this god equipment's defensive capability wouldn't have been activated only when he was about to self destruct.

    "There's no need to worry. That's a defensive treasure; so it doesn't pose any threat to us. We just need to join hands and attack one more time. Even if we can't break through this treasure's defense's, we can kill him with the impact," Yi Minghu said coldly.

    Lei Guyun scoffed, "This animal really got off easy. I was originally intending to torture his soul."

    Mo Wuji controlled his grief. He stared at these Immortal Emperors coldly; he knew that they were right. Even with his star locket, he wouldn't be able to last through another attack.

    Four blinding light of immortal elemental energy were conjured simultaneously. Thereafter, they whizzed towards Mo Wuji, seemingly tearing the entire space apart on their path of wrath.

    Mo Wuji slowly lifted his own arm that still had an intact bone, and he said calmly, "Revolving Star Passage Technique..."

    This was the first sacred art that Mo Wuji obtained in the cultivation world. Unfortunately, he only had the first three stages and not the fourth stage. When Mo Wuji advanced to the Heavenly Immortal Stage, he didn't spend time to research on this sacred art; so he no longer cultivated it after reaching the Xing Stage.

    However today, besides this sacred art, all his other sacred arts were simply usless in front of this coalition of Immortal Emperors. Now, even with this star locket protecting him, his chances of escaping alive with this sacred art was extremely slim.

    "You're indeed courting death!" Seeing Mo Wuji condense his energy for this sacred art against the four of them, Jin Yusheng snorted in contempt.

    It didn't matter how strong Mo Wuji's sacred art was. Mo Wuji's cultivation wasn't even at the Immortal King Stage. In front of Immortal Emperors like them, he wasn't even on the level of an ant.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" Multiple blasts of savage immortal elemental energy landed on the light of Mo Wuji's star locket, causing intense waves to ripple across the star locket's light.

    But no matter how intense the ripples were, the light didn't dissipate by a single bit.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's sacred art energy crashed against the four experts' immortal elemental energy.

    A terrifying and violent force surged over. Even though Mo Wuji's Immortal Physique was at Level 3, and he had the star locket to help defend him against the Immortal Emperor Domains, he was unable to bear the force of the immortal elemental energy. Moreover, these Grand Emperors were holding back their strength as they did not want to turn Mo Wuji to mush.

    Not only did they want the things on Mo Wuji, they wanted to keep his head to brandish their might.

    Mo Wuji had provoked several huge sects. Did he think that the sects would simply kill him? That was simply too naive.

    "Crack! Crack! Crack!" Mo Wuji's bones, which already shattered, started to break into even smaller pieces.

    His flesh also started to disintegrate under this intense force. At this instant, Mo Wuji looked nothing more than a mangled skeleton with two eyes.

    Mo Wuji still didn't faint. He knew that he needed a bit of consciousness. If he fainted, then his previous Revolving Star Passage Technique would have been wasted. His body had been torn apart, but he still had his exceedingly strong sea of consciousness. As long as his sea of consciousness was still present, then he would be able to attack.

    The raging force was directed by Mo Wuji into the void right in front of him. With this power, Mo Wuji formed a tear in space which was only 30 centimeters wide.

    At almost the same instant this tear appeared, Mo Wuji swept up Da Huang's artificial equipment spirit and charged into the tear. The tear instantly closed up.

    The moment Mo Wuji disappeared, Yi Minghu and co. were stunned still. They all had unsightly expressions on their faces. They knew that it was now impossible to kill Mo Wuji.

    With their powers, they could join hands to force open another spatial tear. However, they might not form a spatial tear that would lead to the same world that Mo Wuji had just escaped to. One must now that just a slight difference in the spatial tear could lead to completely different places.
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