Chapter 664: God Physique

    Chapter 664: God Physique

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    God Physique

    Yu Jingfeng's grandfather was Yu Cheng. Compared to Yu Jingfeng, the experienced Yu Cheng had seen and heard much more about the pugilistic world. Ever since Yu Jingfeng brought back the heavily injured Mo Wuji, he had been preparing for the fateful moment to face off with Mo Wuji's foes and enemies, who had never once given up the idea of killing Mo Wuji before massacring the entire Divergent Immortal Village.

    Due to his age and experience, the seasoned Yu Cheng knew his place in the world. He realised that regardless whether one was a mortal or immortal, one needed to possess the consciousness of a mortal. He often told his grandchildren that being able to live in this very world peacefully was worth much more than all the riches and material possessions.

    Sometimes, when two immortals started duelling, their immense power could cause unimaginable destruction that would wipe out every bit of civilisation around them.

    A village in the mortal world was very different from a city of the immortals. A battle between immortals was unlikely to occur in a immortal city and even if there was one, the immortals had arrays to block attacks. Therefore, the immortals definitely had an upper hand. Despite being outnumbered, killing the mortals was akin to stepping on a colony of ants for the immortals. It was not the first time Divergent Immortal Village faced such a crisis. From Yu Cheng's recollection, there had been two previous instances and one of which led to an overwhelming 80% of the population dying.

    Months passed in the blink of an eye. Peace befell Divergent Immortal Village and no one came to seek revenge. The heavy rock hanging in Yu Cheng's heart was finally lowered.

    Heeding the words of his grandfather, Yu Jingfeng shifted to the storeroom and clear his room for Mo Wuji to recuperate in.


    Having successfully channelled the Breath of Hong Meng into his body, Mo Wuji knew that someone saved him.

    Similarly, Mo Wuji also felt a sense of relief and he immediately initiated the repair of his breath scattering channel which in turn sped up the recovery of his injured body.

    Even though Mo Wuji was still unable to gain full consciousness, he could clearly sense that the Breath of Hong Meng when combined with physical conditioning helped to facilitate the reconstruction of his skeleton, gaining back strength for his bones.

    After half a year of recuperation, the 108 meridians in his body completely healed. Likewise, his skeleton was also rapidly recovering. A pale golden hue constantly radiated from within his skeleton, penetrating deeply into the bones.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes and he could instantly feel the lack of immortal spiritual energy around him. Luckily he could utilize the Breath of Hong Meng, else his recovery would not have been possible in tens of thousands of years.

    However, using his spiritual will to control the Breath of Hong Meng to heal his physical body was too slow, the best bet was still to be enshrouded completely by the Breath of Hong Meng.

    After scanning out with his spiritual will, Mo Wuji quickly realised where he was in. From the faint presence of immortal spiritual energy, he was still in the immortal realm. However, seeing that many mortals are living here, the exact location he's in was probably a spot in the immortal realm where mortals without spirituals roots thrived, and it was a mortal saved him.

    Mo Wuji felt a sense of relief. Lady Luck must had been watching over him for him to be saved by a mortal. If he was discovered by a cultivator, he would have been erased from existence.

    Even though mortals lived here, the place was technically part of the immortal realm. Every day that his strength was not back, was a day of danger. He had to recover all his strength as soon as possible.

    Without hesitation, Mo Wuji grabbed 10 array flags and using them, he concealed his room and entered his Undying World.

    "Master...", the frantic Shuai Guo exclaimed and rushed over upon seeing the entrance of Mo Wuji.

    With an abundance of immortal crystals and pills, Shuai Guo had became a true Class 9 Demonic Beast and he was one step away from the immortal class.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji seemed to have miraculously recovered, but Shuai Guo still looked astonished. Shuai Guo could not imagine what Master had to go through, and what about Da Huang. Where was the Da Huang that he always fooled around with?

    Mo Wuji waved his hands gently and landed right beside the violet gourd. The rich Breath of Hong Meng instantaneously wrapped Mo Wuji before he threw the Undying Holy Bamboo into the Breath of Hong Meng. Even if he did not have the Undying Holy Bamboo, he could still heal his physical body, but now he had the treasure in his possession, there was no doubt that he would use it.

    Mo Wuji lay amidst the Breath of Hong Meng. The difference between the using his spiritual will as a guide and totally immersing himself in the Breath of Hong Meng was just too drastic.

    The 108 meridians that were on the road of recovery were constantly growing. Under this new mode of recuperation, the golden hue radiating from Mo Wuji's body darkened and gradually transformed back to the healthy glow before he sustained his injuries.

    In a moment's time, it could be clearly observed that Mo Wuji's physical body was healing at an unimaginable pace.

    As they recovered and fused, the bone and muscles started making faint crackles.

    Mo Wuji sat up upon complete recovery of his body. He could feel himself being physically stronger.

    Immortal Physique Level 4, Level 5... Level 7, Level 8...

    "Boom!" A thunderous boom was heard and it came from Mo Wuji's body. It was as if his body was going to be torn apart again.

    A circle of golden light surrounded Mo Wuji's body and was quickly channelled inside. A sense adrenaline that was never felt before rushed through his body.

    Mo Wuji unexpectedly stood up and howled towards the skies. His physical body that was initially torn apart had completed healed. Furthermore, he reached Immortal Physique and restored his strength all the way up to Grand Luo Immortal Stage. This howl into the sky seemed to have released all his frustrations.

    There were many Immortal Emperors in the Immortal World, but only a few could advance to Immortal Physique. Although Mo Wuji was still far from reaching to stage of becoming an Immortal Emperor, he was probably the first Grand Luo Immortal to advance to Immortal Physique since the beginning of time.

    Now, even if he decided to redirect the power of three Immortal Emperors and one semi-Immortal Emperor to make a spatial tear with the Revolving Star Passage Technique, he would still sustain serious injuries. However, these injuries would definitely not reduce him to a skeleton.

    "Master, are you feeling good? Where is Da Huang?" Shuai Guo rushed over frantically.

    There was silence for a long while before Mo Wuji took out a tattered equipment spirit. "Da Huang sacrificed himself to protect me. This equipment spirit is what's left of him."

    Shuai Guo sensed the frustration within Mo Wuji. He didn't want to probe further and could only sigh in the corner. Even though Da Huang was considerably strong, it wasn't enough to protect his life. This meant that Shuai Guo still had much training to do.

    Mo Wuji delivered Da Huang's equipment spirit into the breath of Hong Meng and then spoke to Shuai Guo. "Shuai Guo, the Breath of Hong Meng carries energy from the creation of the universe. I don't know if Da Huang's equipment spirit will gain its own consciousness if I leave it here. Help me look out for any signs of life while you cultivate in the Undying World."

    "Yes, Master,"Shuai Guo replied immediately.


    The moment Mo Wuji came out from the room, a lady in a grey dress barged into the room and rushed towards him.

    The beautiful lady had snow-white skin. Except for her rough hands, she did not look like a coast-dweller. At this moment, her hair was messy and her clothes were dotted with stains of blood. Even her face had red blotches and the blood-stained hair stuck to her face. It was a gory sight.

    Mo Wuji scanned the lady and he could tell that the lady wasn't really hurt and the blood was probably from someone else.

    "Who are you?" The lady asked as she stood in the centre of the room and stared at Mo Wuji

    Mo Wuji chose not to reply in such an awkward situation. Firstly, he did not know the lady and secondly, he could sense the return of his saviour.

    "Sister-in-law, what brings you here?" The blood-stained lady immediately caught Yu Jingfeng's eye.

    Yu Jingfeng was rather happy today as he caught a red snapper. Red snapper was considered as an luxurious treat well received and feasted by the immortals. Just this one catch was valued higher than all the other fish he caught for the past half a month.

    Therefore, Yu Jingfeng returned to the shore this morning and was greeted by unexpected visit from his sister-in-law, who has not visited him for the past year.

    "Jingfeng, where is Grandpa? And who is he?" The lady questioned in a shaky voice, as if she just went through some form of immense trauma.

    "My friend, you're awake!" Yu Jingfeng immediately recognised Mo Wuji.

    A few months back, Mo Wuji's room looked as if it was meant to be hidden from sight. Yu Jingfeng found it rather strange but kept his curiosity in check by obeying the advice of his grandfather. Few months later, after getting used to it, he finally saw the appearance of Mo Wuji.

    Yu Jingfeng scanned Mo Wuji from head to toe. Mo Wuji had completely recovered from his injuries and the recovery process was perfect.

    "Thank you for saving my life. I would have perished long ago if not for you." Mo Wuji wrapped his left palm around his right fist as he paid respects.

    "You're welcome, my friend. My grandfather always taught me...Oh, sister-in-law, what happened to you?"

    As he spoke, the image of his blood-stained sister in law flashed in the mind of Yu Jingfeng and he immediately started the probe.

    "I...", the lady stuttered and glanced at Mo Wuj, hesitating. Although she had not visited Divergent Immortal Village in recent months, she was very familiar with everyone living in village. However, she had never seen Mo Wuji before.

    "You guys go ahead and chat, I'll leave for a stroll." Mo Wuji said. He sensed that the lady was uncomfortable to speak in his sight.

    Yu Jingfeng immediately waved his hand. From his grandpa, he learnt that Mo Wuji was an immortal and it would be disrespectful to ask him to vacate the place in order for the conversation with his sister-in-law to take place.

    "Congratulations on your great recovery. Our humble shed is probably too tattered to be comfortable for a master like you" Yu Cheng's voice came booming from the door as he hurried his footsteps.
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