Chapter 665: The Grand Luo Immortal That Lived In A Mortal Village

    Chapter 665: The Grand Luo Immortal That Lived In A Mortal Village

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    The Grand Luo Immortal That Lived In Mortal Village

    "Immortal master?" Upon hearing the phrase, the woman subconsciously took a step back as her mind raced with fear.

    Although Mo Wuji was already at the initial phases of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, his attitude was unlike the other immortals as he was from Earth. To him, the mortals who lost their spiritual roots that stood in front of him were not much different from himself.

    "You're far too polite, it is I who have to thank you for saving me." Mo Wuji said with much gratitude.

    Yu Cheng was taken aback, he was different from Yu Jingfeng; he had met many immortals, and even worked odd jobs around a great immortal sect. Mo Wuji by far was the most polite immortal amongst the many he had met, being even more polite than low ranking immortals.

    Yu Cheng quickly sensed the difference between Mo Wuji and the other immortals. Immortals were usually surrounded by an immortal aura, making them seem like a proud and detached group. The immortal standing in front of him felt no different from themselves, it felt like there was nothing differentiating him from mortals who have lost their spiritual roots. Perhaps he was mistaken; Mo Wuji was not an immortal, but merely a mortal who has did not have spiritual roots?

    That did not seem right either. When Mo Wuji first arrived, he looked as if he was merely a head carrying a body full of damaged organs and broken bones. Within a year, Mo Wuji had almost recovered completely from his injuries. That was a feat only an immortal could accomplish.

    "You're too polite", Yu Cheng dared not accept Mo Wuji's gratitude, he hastily added: "The nearest immortal city is some distance away from here should the Immortal Master wish to go there. I only know the general directions to it."

    Mo Wuji still did not know where he is at. He concluded that he must be in a secluded area as he had managed to stay without disturbance from other Immortals for almost a year. During his year of unconsciousness, he used his spiritual will and the Breath of Hongmeng to nourish his body.

    He had a spiritual storage channel as he was different from others. The usage of spiritual will and the Breath of Hongmeng started from his spiritual storage channel and circulated his body day and night. This method of circulation ensured that there was no leakage.

    There was still some aura present despite the absence of leakage. He would run the risk of exposing his identity if an immortal got too close while his body was still recovering. It could only mean that this was in a very secluded location, as his identity remained unexposed for the past year.

    Comparing the current Mo Wuji to the Mo Wuji of a year ago, the current Mo Wuji possessed a different physical strength and attitude.

    Although previously Mo Wuji possessed an immortal puppet, and was a Tier 7 pill master; his strength had been insignificant in the eyes of the other strong immortals.

    What he needed was not aimless wandering, but a consolidation of his knowledge. A consolidation of his understanding of the martial arts, as well as knowledge gained from his development as a person.

    He wanted to take revenge on Lightning Sect, Great Sword Path, and Vast Ocean Immortal School. But he knew this was not the time, this was the time for him to consolidate his strength.

    "Is it possible for me to stay here for a period of time?" Mo Wuji asked respectfully.

    "Of course, my Lord Immortal Master" Yu Cheng replied.

    "My cultivation level is low, I can't be considered as an immortal, just call me Da Huang" Mo Wuji beckoned. "And how can you be addressed?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Yu Cheng immediately shook his hand in fear, he was interrupted by Mo Wuji before he had the chance to speak. "Just call me Da Huang, you should know the reason why I am here. I am just like the rest of you" Mo Wuji said.

    "Yes, yes..." Yu Cheng nodded his head in fear despite Mo Wuji's reassurance. After a few more 'yes's, he pointed at Yu Jingfeng and said: "This is my grandson Yu Jingfeng."

    Yu Cheng then pointed at the blood stained girl and said: "This is my granddaughter-in-law Lian Yingxian. My name is Yu Cheng and I have been residing in the Divergent Immortal Village"

    Granddaughter? Mo Wuji looked at Yu Jingfeng questioningly and then shot a look at Lian Yingxian. Liang Yingxian's eyes still carried shock even though she was covered in blood. Her beauty carried with it a sense of maturity, her presence alone granted the place a homely feel. Her rough hands seemed to be a reflection of her hardworking personality.

    Although Yu Jingfeng was physically big, his immaturity lead Mo Wuji to suspect that he might not even be 15 years old. How could a 15 year old have such a mature wife?

    As he was shocked, Yu Cheng explained: "Yu Jingfeng is only 13. Lian Yingxian was the wife of Yu Jingfeng's brother who met with an accident."

    Mo Wuji rubbed his face embarrassingly, he seemed to recall Yu Jingfeng calling Lian Yingxian his sister in law.

    "Immortal... Da Huang, please sit." Although Yu Cheng was still perturbed, he understood that it was probably better to listen to Mo Wuji.

    After everyone took their seats, Mo Wuji asked; "Liang Yingxian seemed to have encountered an incident, can I ask what it was?"

    He owed his life to the Yu Family and he wanted to help them. Although he had plans to distance himself from the society, he would not stand to do nothing while the Yu Family was bullied.

    Lian Yingxian could tell that Mo Wuji was different from the other immortals. His tone was gentle and did not look down on them either.

    "Yes..." Yu Cheng stood up and replied. It was only at Mo Wuji's cue, did he sit down and prompt Lian Yingxian to explain what happened.

    Yu Cheng became relaxed after talking to Mo Wuji for a while. He was assured that Mo Wuji was not like the other arrogant immortals.

    Lian Yingxian dared not sit down all this while, upon hearing what Yu Cheng said, she paid her respect to Mo Wuji before beginning to explain the situation. "Duo Sheng returned a year ago with heavy injuries. His sister Duo Cai went to the deep end of the Extreme Glade Sea to look for some immortal herbs to treat his injuries. In the process, Duo Cai too was crippled. I have been looking after the pair ever since" she explained.

    Yu Cheng was afraid that Mo Wuji could not understand the situation, and further explained: "Yingxian's house is less than 60km from here in Light Glade Village. The Duo siblings were her neighbors and they have been helping each other all the time. Light Glade Village is similar to Divergent Immortal Village in that its residents are all mortals that have lost their spiritual roots. The two village would often trade and have weddings, so everyone is familiar with each other."

    60km was not a great distance for mortals who lived in the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to sweep the area and indeed saw a village less than 60km from the Divergent Immortal Village. The village was in ruins, and carcasses littered the area. The culprit did not even attempt to destroy the crime scene.

    Lian Yingxian continued: "Duo Cai was originally be able to walk soon, but two immortals barged into Duo Cai's house today. They demanded Duo Sheng to hand something over, and he produced a jade box. The immortals then slaughtered the siblings right after they got the jade box."

    Yu Cheng looked at Lian Yingxian suspiciously and thought: "She was able to describe the scene in such detail. It was as if she was present herself. If she was there, why was she not killed?"

    Lian Yingxian's voiced quivered: "The immortals wanted to kill me after they killed the Duo siblings. Unexpectedly, one of the immortals killed his partner..."

    Mo Wuji sighed, such cruelty was common in the world of cultivation. The object produced by Duo Sheng had to be valuable enough to prompt such betrayal.

    "Who would have expected the immortal that was betrayed to be able to retaliate. The two immortals started to fight. I was so scared that I took this opportunity to slip away and ran all the way home. The blood on my body was the blood spilled by the Duo siblings when they were murdered." Lian Yingxian said in the single breath, her face white with fear.

    Unconvinced, Yu Cheng asked: "Yingxian, did the immortals pursue you?"

    Lian Yingxian shook her head and said: "I don't know. I had originally planned to tell grandfather and Jingfeng about it, before going to hide in the Extreme Glade Sea."

    Yu Cheng shook his head and remarked: "The distance between Light Glade Village to the Divergent Immortal Village is nothing to an immortal. They didn't pursue me, which means they must have left. Or..."

    Yu Cheng wanted to say that the immortals must have killed each other. Seeing Mo Wuji was here, he swallowed his words.

    Mo Wuji suddenly asked: "How did Duo Sheng get injured?"

    Lian Yingxian has calmed down since, hearing Mo Wuji's question, she replied: "Five years ago, Duo Sheng said that he wanted to find if he was fated to cultivate and become an immortal. He left and never returned up till a year ago, when he returned with heavy injuries."

    Upon seeing the frightened look on Yu Cheng, Mo Wuji smiled reassuring and said: "60km is indeed nothing to an immortal, based on the fact that they have not arrived, it could be very possible that they have killed each other. Or the stolen treasure was of such importance that the cultivator had to abandon everything and run away. It is a pity that I had not cultivated for long, and lack the power to fully recover from my injuries, or else I would be able to take a look at the situation."

    Yu Cheng hurriedly said: "Da Huang, please do not go. Let's just leave it at this. This incident was a blessing and not a disaster, otherwise we would not have been able to avoid it. Xian'Er, please stay here from here on out. Go to the room and change your clothes. We shall discuss this again after things have settled down."

    "Yes." Lian Yingxian bowed respectfully to Mo Wuji again before rushing off into the furthest room to change.

    Mo Wuji too stood up timely, back facing Yu Cheng and his grandson, he activated his spiritual eye. He saw flashes of spirituality race across his vision and disappeared. He sighed again. His guess was correct. On the surface, although Lian Yingxian's replies seemed to hold up, her body language and tone gave her away.

    He had suspected that Lian Yingxian was a cultivator, which was why he did not use his spiritual will. Mo Wuji had learnt much after being surrounded and attacked by a Grand Immortal Emperor, he was now more cautious when approaching matters. Using his spiritual eye, he confirmed that Lian Yingxian was a cultivator. Perhaps she was even of a higher cultivation level than himself, at least in advanced Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    If he had not owed the Yu family a favor, Mo Wuji would have wanted to leave immediately.
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