Chapter 667: Choosing A Location For His Sect

    Chapter 667: Choosing A Location For His Sect

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    "Jingfeng, please tell me the exact location." As soon as Mo Wuji saw the array flag, he made the decision to cross the Extreme Glade Sea.

    Although Mo Wuji's smithing skills were below average, after having practiced for some time now, his eye for the craft was not bad. The person that set up this defensive array, on top of his attainment in the Array Dao, his Equipment Dao was no worse than most people. An array flag made by a smithing expert of such calibre, how bad could its concealment ability be?

    Furthermore, this array flag came from the Extreme Glade Sea, which meant that the array had been broken, Mo Wuji had to move fast to reap any benefits. Once this news spread, it was unknown how many people would rush here. If those strong cultivators started to do battle here, the Divergent Immortal Village might very well be destroyed.

    "Brother Da Huang, I'm too am unable to discern its exact location, why don't I accompany you over." Yu Jingfeng immediately stood up.

    Mo Wuji had already guessed that Yu Jingfeng was a mortal, with only a rough idea of where they were headed. His could only reply saying "Alright, let's set off now."


    Even without an exact idea the direction, Yu Jingfeng was still very familiar with the Extreme Glade Sea. After travelling for half the day, he stopped the fishing boat and pointed towards an unremarkable point saying, "This is the place, previously a long white pillar soared towards the sky, which resulted in many fragments falling down, one of the fragments that I previously gave you came from here....."

    Before Yu Jingfeng finished what he had to say, streaks of whirlpools started forming in the direction that he was pointing at. Soon after, a white fog rushed out, even though it was not more than 10 feet high, it was at still a foot in length.

    A rich spiritual energy permeated the air, Mo Wuji realised that this was no ordinary location, and he immediately said. "Jingfeng, I am going down to take a look, wait for me up here."

    "Alright." Yu Jingfeng hurriedly answered.

    Mo Wuji's dashed forward, charging straight towards the ocean. Based on his current cultivation level, as soon as he entered the ocean, the water would immediately part for him.

    Even though there weren't any demonic beasts in the Extreme Glade Sea, the Yong Ying Immortal Domain was in fact a large, underwater domain. The location that Mo Wuji was at could only be considered in the periphery of the underwater domain, however it was still extremely deep. Based on Mo Wuji's current speed, it would take him more than an hour to descend to the bottom of the ocean.

    The moment he landed on the sea bed, a dense wave of spiritual energy blasted towards him. Given the density of the spiritual energy here, cultivating would definitely not be any less effective compared to Cultivating within the Gods Tower!

    Using his spiritual will to sweep across the seabed, Mo Wuji soon discovered a shattered array base. The dense spiritual energy was being released by this very array base.

    After coming out from the immortal sealing array, Mo Wuji's attainments in Array Dao was infinitely close to that of a Grade 6 array master. He didn't even need to use his spiritual will to scan the array base. With a look he knew that it was a spiritual sealing array.

    After confirming that there were no threats in his immediate surroundings, Mo Wuji entered the spiritual sealing array. A defensive water array then appeared in front of Mo Wuji, behind the water array was an array that blocked out spiritual will. As he looked past the arrays him, Mo Wuji saw a world of white crystals before him.

    After closely inspecting what the white crystals before him were, he was utterly stunned.

    Countless pieces of immortal crystal essence, streams and streams of spiritual energy flowing into the distance. The spiritual energy in this area took a physical form and flowed continuously into the depths.

    Mo Wuji sucked in a cold breath of air, just how much immortal crystal essences and spiritual energy veins was there in this place? Could there actually be someone storing all these resources in this location?

    Mo Wuji quickly threw this idea out of his head, this land of immortal crystal essences and spiritual energy veins continued for at least a thousand miles. Furthermore, there existed a spiritual energy vortex in the depths of this land, the source of these cultivation resources. Not only did this vortex not expel spiritual energy, it seemed to have been sucking in the spiritual energy from the outside world, storing it them in the depths of this spiritual sealing array.

    At this point, Mo Wuji thoroughly understood. The immortal crystal essence in this place and the spiritual energy energy were not hidden here by anyone, but were formed naturally. The spiritual vortex in this place had amassed all the spiritual energy in the surroundings into this area which, over time, led to the accumulation of immortal crystal essences and spiritual energy veins accumulating in this place. However, this also caused the quality of the resources to be of uneven quality. While good ones could be considered top grade products, there were some that could barely be considered low quality scraps.

    No wonder the Extreme Glade Sea barely had any spiritual energy or demonic beasts. All the spiritual energy had been accumulated into this one place, so having any spiritual energy on the outside would be surprising. The sparse amount of spiritual energy in this place would naturally result in fewer cultivators. With fewer cultivators, the chances of this area being discovered became smaller and smaller. If it had not been for the spiritual sealing array outside having been broken and discovered by Jingfeng, Mo Wuji himself would not have known that there would be so many treasures here.

    He began to suspect that the sparse amount of spiritual energy in the entire Yong Ying Immortal Domain was related to this place.

    It looked like the spiritual sealing array previously had been specially arranged by someone, Mo Wuji was not the first person to have discovered this place. This first person to have discovered this place had arranged the spiritual sealing array. Through the passage of time, the spiritual sealing array had gradually lost its effectiveness, resulting in the spiritual energy in this place flowing out.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual sense to observe the surroundings and immediately understood, the spiritual energy in this area should not be so haphazardly touched. All the immortal crystal essence and the spiritual energy veins had formed here, and they had gradually stabilised in this place. If anyone of them were to be taken away, this could cause the entire area to collapse.

    If this place were truly to collapse, the spiritual energy that had been accumulated here would gradually disperse, resulting in an immense waste.

    Given his current capabilities, he had no way to move this entire area into his own Undying World. Even if he could move this entire area into his undying world, Mo Wuji would not want to do so.

    This place was naturally formed, and even had a top grade, naturally formed spiritual vortex. This was not something that could be arranged by anyone. While this place did in fact cause the surroundings to have and extremely sparse amount of spiritual energy, truly destroying this place was also too much of a waste.

    Given his rate of cultivation, if he relied on this place to cultivate in the future, he would definitely be able to quickly step into the Immortal King Stage.

    The thought of cultivating suddenly made Mo Wuji's heart tremble, was he not looking for someplace to set up Ping Fan? In his heart, Ping Fan was not only a sect, if not, he might as well have just named it the Buddhist Sect. He wanted to create a glorious and all-encompassing symbol for it, much like the Tian Ji Sect.

    Since he wanted to make Ping Fan become a symbol, then why couldn't he just establish the sect in this underwater domain?

    Once he became stronger, he would eventually obliterate Great Sword Path, Lightning sect, Vast Ocean Immortal School. He would eventually sweep these sects off their domains, leaving the greatest symbol of the Immortal World in this Extreme Glade Sea, Ping Fan.

    The more he thought the more emotional Mo Wuji got. As started to visualize the endless, glorious sect that he would create, Ping Fan. In this place, the only difference between the immortals and mortals were their life spans. This was a tough road to walk; Mo Wuji knew that he did not have the ability to make the entire Immortal World like this. But at the very least, he could do so in his own sect.

    After some time had passed, Mo Wuji gradually calmed his emotions and began to mend the spiritual sealing array with array flags.

    Even though he did not have the ability to establish his own sect now, he knew that this was the place he would establish his sect in the future and he could at least reserve this place for then.

    As he laid down the array flags one after the other, the spiritual energy that was previously dissipating from the area gradually stopped, once again being sealed in the array.

    Two days later, Mo Wuji finally rushed out of the sea.

    "Brother Da Huang...." As Yu Jingfeng saw Mo Wuji coming out of the water, he hurriedly rowed his fishing boat over.

    Mo Wuji landed on the boat and gave Yu Jingfeng a pat on his shoulder, he greatly appreciated Yu Jingfeng's gesture. The Extreme Glade Sea was extremely dangerous, even more so if one tried to stay the night. From what Yu Jingfeng had told him, Mo Wuji learnt that many villagers living in the Divergent Immortal Village had lost their lives in the Extreme Glade Sea.

    Hence, very few fishermen would stay overnight in the Extreme Glade Sea. Yu Jingfeng did not know that Mo Wuji had left an imprint on the boat to protect him, yet he still remained here and waited for Mo Wuji for two days, showing his excellent character.

    "Jingfeng, would you like to follow me to cultivate?" Mo Wuji finally asked.

    If he had not seen the vast amounts of immortal crystals essence and the spiritual energy veins, and had Yu Jingfeng not brought up the matter of cultivating, Mo Wuji himself would not have broached the subject. After having seen the vast amounts of the spiritual energy veins, and even having spiritual energy veins gathering in this place, Mo Wuji resolved to establish his own sect here.

    Since he wanted to establish his own sect, all the mortals in this area would be under his Ping Fan. Therefore, there was no harm in getting Jingfeng to start cultivating earlier.

    "Ah..." Yu Jingfeng stared at Mo Wuji with an expression of shock, and asked in a state of utter disbelief "Big Brother, I have no spiritual roots."

    Mo Wuji spoke in a grave tone, "Jingfeng, my path of cultivation just so happens to require people with no spiritual roots. I myself do not have a spiritual roots, but still managed to cultivate to this level today."

    Yu Jingfeng had no idea what level Mo Wuji had cultivated to, but the moment he heard that it was still possible to cultivate without a spiritual root, he immediately knelt on the floor and exclaimed "Brother...no, Master, I am willing to have you as my master to cultivate."

    Yu Jingfeng had a simple character, yet was not naive or foolish, very quickly changed the way he addressed Mo Wuji to 'Master'.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head and said "The way that we cultivate may be shocking to others, but once this news spreads, it would be hard to know whether it would be beneficial to us or not. So if you follow me to cultivate, you cannot let anyone else find out, even if it's your grandfather or sister in law. This is the first condition, can you agree to this?"

    "Yes Master, I can definitely fulfill this condition." Yu Jingfeng agreed without any hesitation.

    "Ok, the second condition is that as long as your life is not in danger, you absolutely cannot use your techniques. The third condition is that you have to maintain your current state of mind, do not become like some cultivators and think of mortals as ants, something that you can kill on a whim. The fourth condition, this place that we are at and everything that you have seen, cannot be told to anyone." Mo Wuji continued.

    The moment that Yu Jingfeng used his techniques, he would expose his method of cultivation. This was the reason why even when Mo Wuji himself cultivated, he had to be extremely prudent, never daring to say that he did not have spiritual roots, he always lived with the reputation that he had trash spiritual roots.

    "Yes Master, disciple will do as you say." Yu Jingfeng resolutely replied.

    "Good, since this is the case, let us return first. Come to my place in two days time and I will help you open your meridians." Mo Wuji was also very satisfied, since Yu Jingfeng was the first official disciple he had accepted since the time that he himself had started cultivating.
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