Chapter 668: A Situation Arises

    Chapter 668: A Situation Arises

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    Before Mo Wuji could reach ashore, his spiritual will swept through the numerous villagers who were pacing nervously at the front of Yu Jingfeng house, while apparently Yu Cheng and Lian Yingxian were still not back home.

    According to Yu Jingfeng, Yu Cheng and Lian Yingxian would only need two days to go Extreme Glade City, however, they should have been back since it had already been the third day. Furthermore, with the nervous villagers pacing around Yu Jingfeng house, Mo Wuji guessed that something was amiss.

    He immediately took a Dry Wimple Pill and altered his appearance. In this present life, Mo Wuji's resembled himself in his previous life, but as his cultivation level rose, his skeleton got restructured, and he advanced to God Physique, his new appearance became even closer to what he looked like on Earth

    In terms of aura, Mo Wuji had always been a mortal and the biggest change he had was this unchanging aura.

    "Master, your appearance..." Yu Jingfeng commented as he saw that Mo Wuji's appearance grew to become more rugged, showing a close resemblance to a fisherman who spent most of his time fishing at sea.

    "It is common for a cultivator to change his appearance, for I have offended a number of people, therefore, I have to change my appearance in order to prevent them from seeking revenge." Mo Wuji explained.

    Mo Wuji chose to be more cautious, even though he believed that people from either Lightning Sect or Great Sword Path would not dare to chase him till Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Each time he was severely injured meant a time he grew.. The restructuring of his bones and flesh as he advanced to God Physique meant not only a transformation of his body, but also in his life experiences.

    "Jingfeng, I guess both your grandfather and sister-in-law has met with some trouble. You have to remember, regardless whatever happens, you must not panic. As a cultivator, it is important to stay calm." At that moment, the fishing boat reached the shore, as Mo Wuji comforted and pat Yu Jingfeng's shoulder while he was anchoring the boat.

    This was from Mo Wuji's personal experience. Ever since he entered the cultivation world, he had always been constantly reminding himself to stay calm. As a matter of fact, due to his ability to stay calm, this aided him to escape several disasters. The last time he failed to keep his cool, it almost caused his demise at the outskirts of Da Yi Immortal City. If he was calm enough, he would have noticed something was wrong and stopped before he continued his journey towards Da Yi Immortal City.

    He has always thought that his change in appearance would not be noticed, but in fact, there was someone who has noticed it. This showed that there was no absolute thing in the world. Therefore, it was best to plan for the worst before committing any action.

    "Ah..." Yu Jingfeng exclaimed, "Master, what could have happened to my grandfather and sister-in-law?"

    "Let's head back first before we talk about this, and next time address me as Brother Da Huang when there are people around, you will address me as Master only when there is no one else." Mo Wuji exhorted.

    "Jingfeng!" Someone at the beachside shouted out before Yu Jingfeng could reply Mo Wuji. After which, a tanned skin and strong looking youth trotted over.

    Yu Jingfeng replied hastily, "What is the matter, Brother Ju Cai."

    The strong youth briefly gazed at Mo Wuji before he eagerly replied, "Jingfeng, something happened to your grandfather and sister-in-law..."

    Yu Jingfeng was in a daze, as he started to panic. What his master has mentioned previously was turning out to be true? He subconsciously looked at Mo Wuji, immediately he remembered that his master was an immortal master, therefore, it was not surprising for him to know beforehand. As he thought of this point, Yu Jingfeng started to calm down.

    "Brother Ju Cai, what actually happened?" Yu Jingfeng asked calmly while suppressing his nervousness, as he remembered what Mo Wuji had taught him.

    The youth, Ju Cai, was suspicious of Yu Jingfeng's calmness,and he was slightly stunned for a moment before he hurriedly replied, "Both your grandfather and sister-in-law offended Seaside Trade Union of Extreme Glade City, and they were detained by the people from the Seaside Trade Union."

    Upon hearing the news of both his grandfather and sister-in-law being detained by Seaside Trade Union, Yu Jingfeng could no longer keep his cool, and began displaying a panicked expression on his face.

    Before he could ask Mo Wuji for help, a few others came running along, and eagerly said, "Jingfeng, you have to hurry to Extreme Glade City, your grandfather and sister-in-law have been detained by the people from Seaside Trade Union."

    "Brother Da Huang..." Yu Jingfeng who was trying to keep calm became flustered, as he looked to Mo Wuji. It would have been okay if something minor happened to his grandfather and sister-in-law, but Seaside Trade Union was the largest trade union in Extreme Glade City, and according to rumors, this trade union was linked with Immortals, even the union head and managers were all Immortals. It would be impossible to save anyone who had been detained by them.

    "Jingfeng, who is he?" A middle-aged woman asked hesitantly after seeing Mo Wuji.

    Yu Jingfeng could not hear other people's words as he could only think about his grandfather and gister-in-law. Mo Wuji took the initiative and said, " I came from Light Glade Village, and due to some mishap that happened in Light Glade village, only both Yingxian and I managed to escape. As I do not have a place to go, I could only stay at Jingfeng's house."

    After knowing how it turned out to be, the people around felt relieved.

    Everyone knew what happened to Light Glade Village, even the people from Divergent Immortal Village knew about the fact that Lian Yingxian managed to barely escape. Lian Yingxian was Yu Jingfeng's sister-in-law, and because she hardly came out, the people did not know whether there were only one or two survivors from the Light Glade Village.

    "Everyone should head back first, Jingfeng and I will have a look in Extreme Glade City." As Yu Jingfeng did not know what to do, Mo Wuji had taken initiative and spoke.

    Yu Jingfeng started to recall what Mo Wuji taught him, and the panic on his face also started to ease up a little, but he felt a little uneasy too, as he did not know whether his master would be disappointed in him for his failure to keep calm. But he could not help but feel anxious. If both his grandfather and sister-in-law were gone, what use would that be for him to cultivate.

    "Yes, Brother Da Huang and I will head over to take a look, Brother Ju Cai, Uncle Kui, Aunt Ping, you guys should head back first, I doubt anything will happen to them." Yu Jingfeng was still trying to keep calm while replying with a shaky voice.

    Some of the people could only sigh, as they could not be of any help. Seaside Trade Union was not somewhere they could negotiate at. They heard that people who were taken away by Seaside Trade Union would most likely die.

    "By the way, does anyone of you know why would Seaside Trade Union detain people?" Mo Wuji asked.

    He was thinking since Lian Yingxian was a advanced Grand Luo Immortal, whose strength is better than his, therefore, how could she be detained by a trade union. Even though Mo Wuji had not been to Extreme Glade City, yet he knew that there was no high level cultivator in this city.

    Ju Cai, the strong looking youth who came the earliest, replied, " I do not know the details, but I heard Sister Yingxian took something from the trade union."

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He thought that Lian Yingxian was a Grand Luo Immortal, and he suspected whether this was the thing that Duo Sheng brought back. If that was true, it would only mean trouble. This expert must be at Immortal King level, as Lian Yingxian, a advanced Grand Luo Immortal, could not handle him. He himself had already offended a few Grand Immortal Emperors, and things were starting to stabilise, therefore, if he were to mess with this expert, he was afraid that he would be exposed soon.

    This area had a location for cultivation where nobody could disturb him. For Mo Wuji this was the most suitable place for him to cultivate. He did not wish to be on the run anymore, and nor was he willing to expose his identity.

    "Brother Da Huang..." Yu Jingfeng could only look at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji tried to speak gently, "Let's go take a look at Extreme Glade City, whether the situation is good or bad, eventually we will have to make a trip there. Furthermore, no matter what, do not panic, this is my second and final warning to you."

    "Yes..." Yu Jingfeng hurriedly lowered his head.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned Extreme Glade City. A mortal city like it, unexpectedly had a defensive array that blocked out all spiritual will.

    Although Mo Wuji's spiritual will could penetrate through this defensive array, he did not do so. If his spiritual will entered the array and spied on the situation inside, the cultivator who was controlling this defensive array would be alerted immediately. Right now he was on the run, and hence could not afford to expose himself. Once he did, who knew how many ruthless men would come to kill him.


    The distance between Extreme Glade City and Extreme Glade Sea's beach was not too great. By beast carriage, it would only take half a day for mortals to arrive there.

    Mo Wuji along with Yu Jingfeng, definitely would not require half a day. After he left Divergent Immortal Village, he immediately teleported to the outskirts of Extreme Glade City.

    "Master..." Yu Jingfeng shockingly cried out, as he looked upon Extreme Glade City.

    A few moments ago, both Jingfeng and his master were still at Divergent Immortal Village, but moments later, both of them were standing right outside of Extreme Glade City.

    "This will be an easy feat for you in the future." Mo Wuji said.

    Yu Jingfeng took a deep breath, with both his fists clenched. If he did not have any ideas about cultivation previously, well now he definitely

    The walls of Extreme Glade City were all stacked by huge black rocks, the riot of colors for the sign 'Extreme Glade City' that was placed on the exteriors of the walls showed that this was a city with a long history.

    In fact, Mo Wuji knew the history of Extreme Glade City and compared to the other immortal cities, it could be said that it had been set up. The reason for such a mottled appearance was because, other than the hidden array, there were no protective array and immortal spiritual veins.

    Given a few hundred years duration, everything could be mottled by the elements of nature.

    What led Mo Wuji to be surprised was the two guards that are situated at the entrance of Extreme Glade City. The two guards seemed to be guarding the entrance, and they do not charge any fees into the city.

    Even though this may be a common mortal city, Mo Wuji did not utilize his own spiritual will. With the presence of the protective array that is shielded against spiritual will, this has already stated that there was an immortal. He had long-term plans in mind and would not expose himself over such a trifle matter.

    Even without the use of spiritual will, some of the low-level immortals' cultivation could be clearly seen by Mo Wuji. Even Golden Immortals were not the strongest, as there were advanced Heavenly Immortals around. Most of them are just common mortals, normal cultivators, whose cultivation were not at the immortal realm yet..

    Mo Wuji actually planned to find and question a person on the whereabouts for Seaside Trade Union, however, he knew he did not need to look any further after entering Extreme Glade City.

    The huge words of Seaside Trade Union could be seen clearly within 10 meters.

    The words that were erected up in the sky, clearly displayed the power of Seaside Trade Union in Extreme Glade City. The city's government might not even be as powerful as Seaside Trade Union.
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