Chapter 669: Seaside Trade Union

    Chapter 669: Seaside Trade Union

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    When Mo Wuji walked into the first level hall of Seaside Trade Union, he thought that he had walked into a modern office building.

    The first level hall was very spacious, and towards the interior, there were a row of counters. There weren't items on sale on these counters. Instead, there were various signs. For example, there was the Sea Commodity Trade Counter, the Grain Trade Counter, the Fishing Gear Trade Counter, etc.

    Within every counter, there was a sales attendant. Behind the counter was a door that led to a different room.

    Such a clear demarcation ostensibly had a huge effect on their efficiency.

    Within the hall, there were several people waiting for their turn. Mo Wuji listened in to their conversations briefly and he found that most of them were doing wholesale.

    On the path towards the second floor, there was a huge sign. The sign wrote: Immortal Crystal Trade and Treasure Trade on the 2nd Floor.

    "Is this friend interested in a trade?" Noticing Mo Wuji wait at the second floor sign for a long time, a sales attendant approached him.

    Mo Wuji said, "Is your manager here? I want to ask about how to trade immortal crystals."

    Immortal crystal trade? When this sales attendant heard Mo Wuji's words, he jolted slightly, then he hurriedly said, "Friend, not everything can be traded for immortal crystals. Why don't you let me take a look at your item first? If it's truly worth it, then I can bring you to the second floor."

    Mo Wuji's face sunk, "What kind of thing are you? You dare to see my precious? Go call your boss. If he doesn't come, don't blame me for finding some other person to trade with."

    As Mo Wuji was speaking, he had already sent his spiritual will throughout Seaside Trade Union. As expected, Seaside Trade Union was filled with different spiritual will inhibiting seals. Not only was the spiritual will unable to invade the second floor, it wasn't even able to penetrate into the ground.

    "What's your precious?" A low voice sounded over. Thereafter, a middle-aged man in golden robes walked over.

    This was a late stage Heavenly Immortal. Mo Wuji didn't even need to use his spiritual will to discern this middle-aged man's cultivation.

    "Who are you?" Mo Wuji asked.

    The sales attendant hurriedly said, "This is our Seaside Trade Union's Deacon Wu. The immortal crystal trade on the second floor is managed by Deacon Wu."

    Mo Wuji casually took out a Tier 4 immortal herb, a Green Perch Wood, and said, "This is an immortal herb that I managed to obtain. I'm not too sure what tier it is, but I know that it releases a comfortable sensation when I hold it in my hand. Clearly, it is not simple."

    Seeing Mo Wuji's Green Perch Wood, this Deacon Wu's eyes shone. Immediately, he nodded calmly, "That's right. This is indeed a Tier 2 immortal herb, the Green Spiritual Grass. It can be exchanged for immortal crystals. Follow me up then.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. This fella was truly shameless, a Tier 4 immortal herb had been instantly reduced to being a mere Tier 2 herb. Moreover, the Green Perch Wood was a pretty good Tier 4 immortal herb. This herb could be used to concoct the Deadwood Pill. The Deadwood Pill was a cosmetic pill. After using the pill, your facial appearance wouldn't change.

    Even to immortals, it was a rather valuable pill. As for the Tier 2 Green Spiritual Grass, Mo Wuji had never heard of such a herb even though he was already a Tier 8 Pill Emperor.

    "I'm not selling this immortal herb. I just want to exchange it for two people." Mo Wuji placed the Green Perch Wood back in his pocket. When he did that, his hand trembled slightly, making it seem as though he was feeling afraid.

    When Deacon Wu saw Mo Wuji's actions, he frowned slightly and said impatiently, "Exchange for who?"

    "My Grandpa Yu Cheng and my sister-in-law Lian Yingxian," Yu Jingfeng, who was behind Mo Wuji, said hurriedly.

    Deacon Wu's face sunk. His tone immediately turned cold as he said, "The two of them have committed a grave crime. We are temporarily unable to allow them to leave Seaside Trade Union."

    "Then Lord Immortal Master, can you allow us to see them?" Mo Wuji asked in a seemingly worried tone.

    Deacon Wu suddenly revealed a smile, "Of course you can. Our Seaside Trade Union is a reasonable place. Moreover, Yu Cheng and Lian Yingxian wouldn't be confined for long. Once we complete our investigation, we will let them off."

    "Then we will have to trouble Lord Immortal Master to lead the way." Mo Wuji smiled fearfully.

    "Alright, then follow me." Deacon Wu didn't say anything further as he started walking.

    Mo Wui was clear about what was on this Deacon Wu's mind: he wanted to lead them to Yu Cheng and Lian Yingxian, before bringing them away and taking his Green Perch Wood. However, he acted ignorant as he brought Yu Jingfeng to follow Deacon Wu in.

    After a few minutes, Deacon Wu had brought them in front of the deepest room in the building. Then, he opened the door.

    The moment they entered the room, Mo Wuji saw a seal. Deacon Wu then took out a jade token and tapped on the seal.

    A dull and gloomy staircase appeared in the center of the room. Deacon Wu casually said to Mo Wuji and Yu Jingfeng, "There're down there. Follow me then."

    As they headed down the staircase, the air got increasingly moist. After walking for two whole minutes, they finally arrived in an underground prison.

    There wasn't any spiritual will inhibiting seals in this place. With a quick sweep, one could see that there were tens of steel jail cells, and almost all these cells were housing prisoners.

    A nauseating smell filled the air. Mo Wuji saw that there were some decomposing corpses within a few of the cells.

    Mo Wuji's eyes soon came to Yu Cheng and Lian Yingxian. Lian Yingxian was at the corner of her cell and a jailer was standing in front of her, seemingly forcing her to do something. This jailer seemed to be really into it; even after the three arrived, he didn't even notice it.

    Even after Lian Yingxian's repeated rejection and shaking of her head, he extended his hand and ripped off Lian Yingxian's top.

    Lian Yingxian shriekd in fear as she cowered deeper in the corner. At the moment, Deacon Wu grunted. This jailer finally became aware of the situation and he urgently ran out and bowed towards Deacon Wu, "Lord Deacon."

    "Go and empty a room. The prisoners' family has arrived," Deacon Wu said calmly.

    "Yes." After this jailer responded, he swept his eyes across Mo Wuji and Yu Jingfeng, a hint of disdain could be seen within them.

    The two of them were suddenly thrown into a cell. Yu Jingfeng looked at Deacon Wu in fear, then turned to Mo Wuji and asked in disbelief, "Brother Da Huang, we... we're going to be trapped here?"

    When they entered, Yu Jingfeng already saw the conditions here in this prison. He knew that if he was imprisoned here, then there was no other way out other than death.

    Mo Wuji was also speechless. He thought that Deacon Wu would only want the Green Perch Wood. He didn't expect that this fella would be so evil, to simply bring them down here and lock them up. Indeed, in the eyes of these immortals, mortals weren't even worth as much as ants.

    "Jingfeng, why are you here?" When Yu Cheng saw Yu Jingfeng, anxiety started to fill his heart. It was true that Mo Wuji was an immortal masters, but the entire Seaside Trade Union was full of immortal masters.

    Mo Wuji also asked in shock, "Lord Immortal Master, we are also going to be imprisoned here?"

    Even though he was speaking, Mo Wuji was actually inwardly filled with confusion. Lian Yingxian was a late stage Grand Luo Immortal. Even if she had intentionally allowed herself to be captured, she wouldn't be bullied to such a degree, right?

    Before the middle-aged deacon could reply, a wave of tremors could be felt. Thereafter, a thin man dragged a relatively fat man in.

    "Union head..." When Deacon Wu saw the person being dragged by thin man, he cried out in astonishment.

    Mo Wuji was thinking: So this relatively fat fella was the union head. His cultivation was indeed higher than Deacon Wu; he was already at the intermediate Golden Immortal Stage. However, the thin man dragging him was even more powerful, he was a early stage Grand Yi Immortal.

    A Grand Yi Immortal actually appeared in a tiny mortal city.

    Deacon Wu could also easily tell that this thin man was very strong. Even the union head had been captured. For this thin man to kill him, it was even easier than flipping his palm.

    He subconsciously started to retreat. But just on his third step, this thin Grand Yi Immortal casually shot out a radiant blade. Deacon Wu was directly cut in half; even his primordial spirit didn't have a chance to escape.

    "Who's from Light Glade Village?" After this Grand Yi Immortal killed Deacon Wu, he seemed as though nothing had happened as he calmly asked that question.

    Mo Wuji immediately transmitted a message to Yu Jingfeng, instructing Yu Jingfeng to speak the truth. Thus, Yu Jingfeng hurriedly said, "Answering Lord Immortal Master, my sister-in-law is from Light Glade Village."

    Lian Yingxian seemed to just regain her countenance and she hurriedly said, "I'm from Light Glade City, ah..."

    Hearing Lian Yingxian say 'Ah', this thin Grand Yi Immortal asked, "Do you know this person?"

    As he was speaking, he brought the fat man in front of Lian Yingxian.

    Lian Yingxian nodded, "Yes, he is the person that went to Light Glade Village and killed Duo Sheng and Duo Cai..."

    "Explain what happened in greater detail." The thin Grand Yi Immortal's eyes shone, while his voice became laced with a hint of killing intent.

    Lian Yingxian did not dare to hide anything. With a hint of caution, she said, "He came to Light Glade Village with another person. They forced Duo Sheng to take out a jade box. After Duo Sheng took that jade box out, he killed Duo Sheng and Duo Cai. At this moment, he was betrayed by the other person, and they ended up fighting."

    "Union Head Rong Xu, I didn't think that you would be the thief that cries thief. You took the item, but you actually imprisoned the witnesses here, then acted as though nothing happened? I give you three breaths, tell me where's the item?" The thin Grand Yi Immortal laughed coldly and threw the fat man onto the ground.

    The cracking sounds of bones shattering could be heard, and that Union Head Rong Xu hurriedly cried out, "Senior, please show mercy. Indeed, I have kept the item for myself. I will take it out for you..."

    "There's no need for so much nonsense. If you don't take it out, I will directly kill you. If you take it out, I will spare your life, but I will cut off one of your limbs." As this thin Grand Yi Immortal finished speaking, he had already formed a radiant blade and sliced off one of Rong Xu's arms.

    "I will take it out, I will take it out..." Rong Xu knew that if he delayed any further, the other party would definitely kill him.

    As he was speaking, Rong Xu had already retrieved a jade box. Even Mo Wuji didn't see where this fella got the jade box from. He sighed in his heart: All this fellas have their own unscrupulous methods.

    This Rong Xu had been betrayed by his companion, but he was the one that survived. Seeing that his companion was already dead, this fella started to cry thief. Cleaarly, he knew that the news of this jade box would be revealed. Mo Wuji even suspected that he intentionally let himself get betrayed.

    And this Grand Yi Immortal was even more impressive. He was actually able to track it all the way to Rong Xu.

    The thin Grand Yi Immortal opened the jade box, and a rich water-type energy was immediately detected by Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's eyes sparkled; even in his dreams, he never thought that he would encounter a Water Elemental Bead in a mortal city.
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