Chapter 670: Primal Water Crystal

    Chapter 670: Primal Water Crystal

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    Mo Wuji didn't intend to massacre everyone here; so he didn't extend his spiritual will, but secretly used his spirit storage channel's spiritual will.

    Spiritual will from the spirit storage channel was different from that from the sea of consciousness; the former was extremely obscure. Moreover, Mo Wuji's cultivation was vastly higher than the other party; so when his spirit storage channel's spiritual will landed on the jade box, that Grand Yi Immortal didn't even notice it.

    However, when Mo Wuji saw what was in the box, he immediately became disappointed.

    The item inside was indeed valuable enough to topple cities; it was a treasure that even Xu Suren wouldn't be willing to casually take out. To water-type cultivators, even Immortal Emperors, this treasure was simply too hard to find. But to Mo Wuji, this thing wasn't anything much. Because in the jade box, there was a primal water crystal.

    No matter how valuable the primal water crystal was, it would never be enough to replace a Water Elemental Bead. Mo Wuji also had 11 primal fire crystals, but wasn't he still lacking the Fire Elemental Bead?

    However, Mo Wuji soon recalled that the primal fire crystals were born together with the Fire Elemental Bead. Could this be the case for this primal water crystal as well?

    Since this Grand Yi Immortal was able to track the crystal here, he should have been following some clues. Since there were clues, then he might know exactly where the primal water crystal came from. He would not dare to ask Xu Suren about the origins of Xu Suren's primal water crystal for fear of revealing his Undying World, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't dare to ask a mere Grand Yi Immortal.

    Just as Mo Wuji thought of this, he heard a loud explosion. Immediately, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will detected three figures sprinting into this basement. As for the seal outside the basement, it had been forcefully destroyed by these three people. Mo Wuji hurriedly left a spiritual will imprint on the primal water crystal, then onto this Grand Yi Immortal, before he finally retracted his spiritual will.

    The three figures had already landed in front of them. The one in front was actually a beautiful and young girl. This young girl had a slender figure; her long hair was tied into a bun; her eyes were big and bright; and her skin was looked so delicate, it seemed like it would break with a simple blow. As she stood there releasing her young and vigorous aura, it gave a sense of comfort and solace. The moment Mo Wuji saw this young girl, he was reminded of Su Xi. He wondered whether Su Xi was doing well. And there was Han Qingru; did she manage to escape Da Yi Immortal City? Unfortunately, his cultivation was too low. He was completely helpless to do anything.

    This young girl's cultivation wasn't very high; it was only at the late Xuan Immortal Stage. The two people beside her, however, were rather powerful. The cultivator on her left was a Great Circle Grand Luo Immortal, while the black faced elder on her right was a true intermediate stage Immortal King.

    The young girl's gaze quickly swept through the crowd, and it soon landed on Rong Xu. Her tone was especially cold as she said, "You should be Seaside Trade Union's Rong Xu, right? Tell me, where did you lock Zhe Sang up in?"

    Mo Wuji quickly understood the reason why these people were here. There were like him; they came to find a person. Seaside Trade Union had committed far too many evil deeds; they were bound to face their retribution. This time, they didn't only offend him, but they also offended a fella that had the backing of an Immortal King. Originally, Mo Wuji intended to exchange his friends for his herb and leave, then he would secretly come back to raze the entire Seaside Trade Union. But from the looks of it, this wasn't necessary.

    When this young girl asked about Zhe Sang, Rong Xu was instantly at a loss. Even though this Rong Xu looked very blank, Mo Wuji could clearly feel his fear.

    "I know!" A man in the cell by the side suddenly shouted loudly. "Zhe Sang had been imprisoned in the cell opposite mine. However, he died a few days ago, and his corpse hasn't even been removed yet."

    As he was speaking, this man was already pointing towards the cell across of his. Within that cell, there was a corpse shackled to the wall. That corpse had already started to turn black.

    Rong Xu started shivering and he said anxiously, "It's none of my business. I didn't even know that he was being locked up here. It was Deacon Wu..."

    Before he could even finish speaking, the Grand Yi Immortal closest to him had already sliced downwards with a radiant blade. At the same time, he shouted harshly, "Human scum! Including my nephew, how many people have you killed?"

    The radiant blade contained some fire type energy. As it descended, both Rong Xu's body and soul burned into ash.

    Mo Wuji sighed inwardly. This fella was decisive and smart. He knew that if this matter continued any further, Rong Xu would expose the matter of his primal water crystal. Thus, he directly eliminated Rong Xu.

    As expected, this pretty and young girl turned to this Grand Yi Immortal and said, "Your nephew has also been imprisoned by this person?"

    That Grand Yi Immortal nodded and said through gritted teeth, "Yes. This person is simply a scum of the Immortal World. He's an immortal but he actually goes around slaughtering mortals. He even built himself this evil, underground prison."

    That young girl nodded, "Not bad. You were right to kill him."

    The Grand Yi Immortal then clasped his fists and said, "Lu Tong will take my leave now then. We will meet again if fate permits."

    When he finished speaking, he shot Mo Wuji and co. a vicious glance, then turned and left swiftly.

    Mo Wuji was slightly speechless. This young girl was truly too inexperienced. That Grand Yi Immortal revealed so many loopholes in his words but she didn't even detect a single bit of it.

    There should at least be ten thousand holes in that Grand Yi Immortal's words right? Perhaps even more. His nephew's father was his brother, who should also be an immortal of considerable cultivation. Usually, unless there were unique circumstances, the direct descendants of immortals would have spiritual roots. However, this fella actually said that his nephew was a mortal. Just that sentence alone was already problematic.

    Let's take a step back. Even if his nephew was truly a mortal, his nephew's longevity would be limited and he probably wouldn't have lived till this day. It wasn't that this was impossible, but the possibility of that was incredibly rate.

    Moreover, was his nephew an idiot? He simply remained silent after being caught by Seaside Trade Union? He only needed to say that he had an uncle that was a Grand Yi Immortal. Would Seaside Trade Union still dare to touch him then?

    "Little miss, that man that just left seems to have lied to you." After that Grand Yi Immortal left, that Immortal King suddenly uttered.

    That pretty, young girl frowned slightly, then she immediately snorted angrily, "Father was indeed right. There are truly too many insidious people in the world. If we were to meet again in the future, I would definitely teach him a lesson."

    In that simple sentence, Mo Wuji knew that this pretty girl was relatively kind. If it was an average person, he would not have taught a lesson, but directly killed that Grand Yi Immortal. He might even have called the Immortal King to chase and kill that Grand Yi Immortal.

    "Who are you?" The young girl's gaze then turned to Mo Wuji and Yu Jingfeng.

    Yu Jingfeng hurriedly said, "My grandfather and my sister were caught. Brother Da Huang and I came to see them, but these people also wanted to imprison us here."

    The young girl nodded, "Not bad. Ecen though you know that Seaside Trade Union has immortals, you mortals still came to save your relatives."

    When she finished speaking, this young girl raised her hand, conjuring multiple radiant blades which swept through the prison and sliced the steel bars of the prison cells. After doing that, she said, "Everyone, leave. Next time, try not to interact with such venomous trade unions."

    After the people in the cells obtained their freedom, they immediately fled. Even those that were immobile struggled to drag themselves out.

    Yu Jingfeng hurriedly went to support Yu Cheng. On the other hand, Lian Yunxian held her chest closely, not daring to stand up. That young girl casually threw a set of clothes to Lian Yingxian, and at the same time, formed a concealment seal over her. After some time, Lian Yingxian emerged from the seal wearing those clothes and bowed gratefully towards that young girl.

    That young girl sized Lian Yingxian up, then she suddenly said, "Are you willing to follow me to the immortal city?"

    Lian Yingxian had already regained her spirit by this time. When she heard these words, she did not hesitate to shake her head, "Immortal master, many thanks for your appreciation. However, I am more used to life by the sea."

    A hint of disappointment appeared on the young girl's face, then she promptly said, "Where do you stay at?"

    "Divergent Immortal Village." Lian Yingxian replied respectfully.

    "I understand." With that, the young girl then turned to the two other immortals, "Let's go then."

    In a flash, the three had already disappeared.

    Yu Cheng knew that Mo Wuji was an immortal. He was not surprised that Mo Wuji had changed his appearance. He hurriedly tried to thank Mo Wuji, but Mo Wuji raised his hand to stop him, "Let's head back first."

    At the same time, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will landed on Lian Yingxian's body. Soon, he felt that something was amiss.

    Lian Yingxian's cultivation seemed rather peculiar. When he first saw her, she was a Grand Luo Immortal. But when he used his spiritual will to observe her, it looked as though she had never cultivated before.

    Could his spiritual eye be wrong previously? Lian Yingxian truly never cultivated before? As he thought of this, his spiritual will directly entered into Lian Yingxian.

    After a few breaths of time, a strange expression appeared on Mo Wuji's face. Lian Yingxian did not have a cultivation; she was as ordinary as a mortal.

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji directly condensed his spiritual eye, and Lian Yingxian's cultivation soon reappeared. It was truly the late Grand Luo Immortal Stage. Her spirituality had been completely restrained within her, and not a single bit leaked out. If you were to merely observe her physical body, it really looked as though she had never cultivated.

    From the looks of it, Lian Yingxian's body was indeed rather peculiar. However, Mo Wuji was still thinking about that primal water crystals; so he decided to go look for it first. After that matter ended, he would return to Divergent Immortal Village to ask Lian Yingxian about this.

    Many people already knew that a calamity had befallen Seaside Trade Union. No one found it weird that Mo Wuji and co. escaped from Seaside Trade Union. In fact, there were many people standing outside spectating the scene. As for the counters on the first floor hall, they were long emptied; there were no longer any sales attendents within them.

    "Jingfeng, don't look around. Hurry up." Seeing Yu Jingfeng look at the gathering crowds in curiosity, Yu Cheng called out to him.

    Yu Jingfeng hurriedly lowered his head, and the four of them swiftly left Extreme Glade City. After experiencing all that, Yu Cheng didn't even mention about how his Thousand Fusing Rice had been taken away by Seaside Trade Union. To him, it was more important to get back to Divergent Immortal Village.

    "Jingfeng, Uncle Cheng, I have some matters to tend to. When I'm done, I will return," Mo Wuji said the moment they left Extreme Glade City. He felt his spiritual will imprint getting further and further. He was worried that something might go wrong.

    "Good, good. Go on then. We're fine here." Hearing Mo Wuji call him Uncle Cheng, Yu Cheng felt some slight fear. Today, he personally witnessed how terrifying immortals were. With two simple waves of their hands, Seaside Trade Union's union head and Deacon Wu were sliced in half.
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