Chapter 671: Lake of Poison

    Chapter 671: Lake of Poison

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    The moment he left Extreme Glade City, Mo Wuji reverted back to his original appearance. From a seaside fisherman, he turned into a white faced scholar. He then radiated his spirituality; so at first glance, he seemed to be a Grand Yi Immortal.

    Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique had already reached the third level - Wind Teleportation. Thus, even without using a flying treasure, his movement speed was in no way slow. In merely half a day, Mo Wuji caught up to that Grand Yi Immortal's flying ship.

    The seals on the flying ship were merely decorations in front of Mo Wuji. With a single flip of his hand, Mo Wuji directly tore the seals on the flying ship apart.

    "Who are you?" The thin Grand Yi Immortal, who was sitting on the main deck, sprang up in surprise. He stared warily at his sudden intruder.

    He was concentrated on controlling his ship; so he didn't even detect it when Mo Wuji approached him. Moreover, his ship was supposed to have seals. However, he didn't even feel anything when they were destroyed by Mo Wuji.

    "Take it out." As Mo Wuji was speaking, he had already formed ten enigmatic hand seals, reinforcing and modifying the ship's previous seals.

    A hint of astonishment fleeted through the thin Grand Yi Immortal's eyes. Based on that action alone, he knew that he definitely wasn't a match for Mo Wuji.

    "Immortal friend, may I ask?" This Grand Yi Immortal forcefully suppressed his fear as he asked in confusion.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and a radiant blade sliced outwards.

    This Grand Yi Immortal clearly saw Mo Wuji sending the radiant blade towards him, but he was unable to even dodge. He could only stare as one of his arms got sliced off by Mo Wuji.

    "I will take it out." Before Mo Wuji could do anything further, this Grand Yi Immortal retrieved the jade box with the primal water crystal and threw it to Mo Wuji. He was sure that Mo Wuji was here for the primal water crystal.

    If he continued to feign ignorance, it would only bring his death closer. However, his heart was filled with reluctance and resentment. He went through great lengths to obtain this primal water crystal, but in the blink of an eye, it was taken away.

    When Mo Wuji received the jade box, how spiritual will directly erased the existing imprints on the box. Thereafter, he threw the primal water crystal into his Undying World.

    Feeling his imprints disappear without a trace, this Grand Yi Immortal knew in his heart that this primal water crystal was no longer his. Now, he could only worry about how he was going to preserve his own life.

    "Immortal friend, I've already handed the thing over to you," This Grand Yi Immortal said as he saw Mo Wuji keep the primal water crystal, seemingly reminding Mo Wuji of the matter.

    Mo Wuji maintained an indifferent expression as he said calmly, "How did you find out about this primal water crystal. If you dare to miss out a single word, I will slowly roast your primordial spirit and your soul."

    As he was speaking, Mo Wuji flashed out his Scholar's Heart.

    The Scholar's Heart was already a Grade 7 immortal flame. Just from its aura alone, this Grand Yi Immortal could feel the impending feeling of death. He stared aghast at the Scholar's Heart. He knew that Mo Wuji only needed a single thought to burn him in his body and soul. How could a Grand Yi Immortal possess a Grade 7 immortal flame? He immediately knew that Mo Wuji wasn't a Grand Yi Immortal, but something much higher.

    "I'll speak, I'll speak," This Grand Yi Immortal did not hesitate to say. He was very clear that Mo Wuji wasn't bluffing. He, himself, had always been doing such things. He knew that was the method to quickly force a person to reveal the truth.

    Mo Wuji was currently using this method.

    "One year ago, because I was heavily injured, I entered seclusion in Mount Kongji. Two cultivators happened to battle in the vicinity. I recognised one of them, he was Seaside Trade Union's Rong Xu. The battle was very intense, and eventually, Rong Xu managed to kill his opponent using a talisman. He retrieved a jade box from his opponent's storage ring, which was this primal water crystal. During that time, I thought of snatching it away. It was just that my injuries hadn't healed fully; so I could only leave it as that. Not long ago, my injuries had healed fully. That's why I immediately went to Seaside Trade Union to snatch this primal water crystal away."

    If Mo Wuji didn't witness the event personally, and knew that Light Glade Village's Duo Sheng was the one who brought the primal water crystal, and that it was robbed recently, Mo Wuji might have really believed this fella's words.

    When this Grand Yi Immortal finished speaking, he stared at Mo Wuji worriedly. He seemed worried that Mo Wuji wouldn't fulfil his side of the agreement.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and another radiant blade shot forward. This Grand Yi Immortal clearly saw the blade coming, but he was completely unable to stop it. It seemed as though the surrounding space was within Mo Wuji's control, and he could only stare as his other arm got sliced off.

    That wasn't the end of it. Mo Wuji's Scholar's Heart began to creep towards this Grand Yi Immortal's back. As he felt the terrifying flame breathing down on him, he seemed to smell death itself.

    "Immortal friend, you..."This Grand Yi Immortal was truly scared now.

    "I will give you another chance. If you dare to fabricate another story, don't blame me for killing you. Let me give you a reminder, this primal water crystal was brought back by a mortal." Mo Wuji's words were tinged with killing intent.

    When he heard Mo Wuji's words, this Grand Yi Immortal's face turned pale white. He finally understood why Mo Wuji was able to chase him. It turns out that Mo Wuji also knew about where this primal water crystal came from.

    "I'll speak," This Grand Yi Immortal quivered, "this primal water crystal came from the Lake of Poison. My friend, Xi Zhen, and I received news that there was a peak water-type treasure in the Lake of Poison. During that time, we didn't know that the treasure was the primal water crystal; so we joined hands to go to the Lake of Poison to search for the treasure."

    "What kind of place is the Lake of Poison? How is it dangerous?" Mo Wuji interrupted this Grand Yi Immortal's words. To him, the origins of the primal water crystal was more important.

    This Grand Yi Immortal did not dare to hide anything. He replied carefully, "the Lake of Poison is not far from here. It's north of Wind Plains Immortal City. The water in the Lake of Poison is extremely toxic. No antidote pill is enough to clear this poison."

    "Since there's no antidote for the poison, why did you and that Xi Zhen dare to enter the Lake of Poison?" Mo Wuji snorted unkindly.

    This Grand Yi Immortal hurriedly explained, "I managed to obtain two antidote pills. I told Xi Zhen that we would each take turns to enter the Lake of Poison to search for two hours. We had exactly two pills for the two of us. Because I was the one who obtained the pills, he would go down first. In less than an hour, he returned with a primal water crystal. Back then, he was already heavily poisoned; his entire body had turned black and even his primordial spirit had started to corrode. He said that I lied to him and that the antidote pill didn't work. Because of that, he suddenly attacked me. I was heavily injured and I fled to Mount Kongji to heal my injuries..."

    Mo Wuji sneered, "You probably already know that your antidote pill wouldn't work for the Lake of Poison's water, right? So you lied to Xi Zhen and got him to search for the primal water crystal for you. You're truly an insidious man. Tell me, how did that primal water crystal end up in a mortal's hand, and eventually with Seaside Trade Union's Rong Xu?"

    This Grand Yi Immortal seemed to know that he no longer had any hopes of living pass this day. He directly said, "I'm willing to speak. I only plead that you give me a chance to reincarnate."

    "Alright. If you speak, I will give you a chance to reincarnate," Mo Wuji replied. It seems like this Grand Yi Immortal knew that Mo Wuji was definitely going to kill him.

    "Because that mortal has pretty good spiritual roots, he was accepted by Xi Zhen as a disciple. Back then, he was also by the lake. After Xi Zhen heavily injured me, he passed that primal water crystal to his disciple. His disciple was a mortal; so even though he didn't touch the toxic water, he was infected by the poisonous air. I estimated that he wouldn't last much longer. I'm not too sure about how Seaside Trade Union's union head found out about the primal water crystal, but because I left a spiritual will imprint on that primal water crystal, I was able to track it to Rong Xu." That Grand Yi Immortal spoke quickly, seemingly not hiding anything.

    "Who is Xi Zhen?"

    "He's a person from Frosty Immortal Lake. I could somewhat be considered his friend," The Grand Yi Immortal replied swiftly.

    Frosty Immortal Lake? Mo Wuji found that name rather familiar. He soon recalled that a girl, Xi Li, was also from Frosty Immortal Lake. Back then, he had just entered the Immortal World through Lifeless Secret Domain. That was where he met Xi Li, and Xi Li even helped him. He never thought that he would hear Frosty Immortal Lake's name again today.

    "It was Xi Zhen's misfortune to have befriended someone like you." As Mo Wuji finished speaking, he sent his fist downwards. This Grand Yi Immortal's body instantly shattered and his primordial spirit was destroyed.

    Only his soul was left behind. This was Mo Wuji's promise of reincarnation.

    After doing all this, Mo Wuji directly swept up this Grand Yi Immortal's storage ring and flying ship. His figure flashed and he disappeared.

    Feeling Mo Wuji disappear, that soul cursed hatefully; when he reforged his body, he was definitely going to kill Mo Wuji a thousand times over.

    "Kacha!" A light crisp sounded from within the soul. If he could still curse, this soul would definitely swear at Mo Wuji for being so evil and shameless. Instants later, all the remaining memories and willpower within the soul dissipated.

    Only a soul without a single memory left the area and flowed towards where souls went to reincarnate.

    Mo Wuji had already experienced all sorts of things. How could he simply allow a soul that had enmity with him retain its memories? If this Grand Yi Immortal really thought that Mo Wuji would do that, then Mo Wuji could only tell him that he was overthinking. Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't make the mistake of allowing this soul to retain its memories.


    When Mo Wuji was returning, he did not even travel for half an incense's time when he felt violent vibrations in the air. Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept outwards and he found six cultivators battling. He recognised three of them: they were the three that went to Seaside Trade Union not long ago. There was the young girl, the Grand Luo Immortal and the Immortal King.

    Supposedly, in Yong Ying Immortal Domain, this trio were already considered very powerful. But in reality, these three people were in the disadvantage. That black faced elder was being blocked by another Immortal King. Even though he wasn't being suppressed, he couldn't suppress the other either, much less help his companions out.

    That female Grand Luo Immortal also didn't need any help. But she was also being tangled by her opponent. The one that needed help was that pretty, young girl.

    That pretty, young girl was going against a Grand Zhi Immortal. If not for her peak grade defensive treasure, she would probably have long been eliminated. However, she could only get trashed around. Clearly, she couldn't last much further.
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