Chapter 672: Lian Yingxians Secret

    Chapter 672: Lian Yingxian's Secret

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    Mo Wuji didn't specially avoid the battle. He simply continued with his own journey. Seeing Mo Wuji pass by, all six of then turned to face Mo Wuji. When they discovered that Mo Wuji was merely a Grand Yi Immortal, most of them no longer paid attention to him. It was that Immortal King that called out, "He Jian, kill this passing ant..."

    When this Immortal King said those words, he immediately felt that something was amiss. Why would a Grand Yi Immortal have the guts to pass by?

    Before he could say anything else, that Grand Zhi Immortal already threw his magic treasure towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't even take notice of that Grand Zhi Immortal's attack. He simply punched forward.

    This punch wasn't meant for that Grand Zhi Immortal. Instead, it boomed towards the Grand Luo Immortal.

    Mo Wuji was used to battle. He naturally knew that the key to breaking the balance wasn't by killing this Grand Zhi Immortal that was suppressing the young girl, but the Great Circle Grand Luo Immortal.

    "Boom!" The violent pressure of immortal elemental energy pressed downwards. The two Grand Luo Immortals could feel the sheer might behind Mo Wuji's punch.

    One of the Grand Luo Immortals discovered in shock that he was the one within the fist's attack sphere.

    Mo Wuji was already an early stage Grand Luo Immortal. Even Immortal Kings would have to be careful towards his punch. This punch was still far from being able to deal with Immortal Emperors, but it was more than enough for a mere Grand Luo Immortal.

    "Bang!" This punch directly shattered the domain of the Grand Luo Immortal that was fighting the female Grand Luo Immortal. This Grand Luo Immortal was just thinking about escaping when he felt a terrifying spatial pressure.

    "Pff!" Blood splattered as the immortal elemental energy from the Domain Smashing Fist exploded, maiming this Grand Luo Immortal. That female Grand Luo Immortal hurriedly grabbed the opportunity to attack with her full power, enveloping that Grand Luo Immortal with her magic treasure.

    If not for Mo Wuji's punch, that girl would only be an even match for that Grand Luo Immortal, at the very most. But now, Mo Wuji's punch directly shattered that Grand Luo Immortal's domain, and even heavily injured him. Now, with this girl's full powered attack, no matter how impressive this Grand Luo Immortal was, he wouldn't be able to escape death.

    The Grand Zhi Immortal's attack only just reached Mo Wuji at this instant. Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to kill this fella. His figure flashed and he vanished without a trace.

    By killing that Great Grand Luo Immortal, the balance of the battle had already been broken. He didn't even need to stay here any longer.

    Indeed, just as Mo Wuji left, that girl killed that Grand Luo Immortal. And with a twist of her magic treasure, the Grand Zhi Immortal that tried to attack Mo Wuji was completely tied down.

    Against a Great Circle Grand Luo Immortal, a Grand Zhi Immortal completely had no means of resistance. In merely a breath of time, that Grand Zhi Immortal was killed by the girl.

    "This immortal friend, please wait. We have yet to thank you for your saving grace..." When the pretty young girl called out to Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji was already long gone.

    "Senior Sister Xiao Yu, who is that person? Why did he suddenly help us and leave without saying a word?" That young girl asked in confusion.

    That other girl said hurriedly, "Wait, let me first help Uncle Yu..."

    Just as that girl called Xiao Yu had finished speaking, that black faced elder transmitted, "There's no need. That person has already escaped."

    When the Immortal King that was battling Uncle Yu saw the tides change, he did not hesitate to escape.

    "Little miss, let's hurry back. It seems like someone has eyes on us," The elder walked over and said.

    The young girl frowned and said, "That person talked about some water crystal. We had never seen such a thing before. Where were we supposed to have gotten it from?"

    Xiao Yu also shook her head and spoke in a solemn tone, "We seem to have been caught up in a conspiracy. The best thing to do is to rush back to the manor. Uncle Yu, did you see that person that helped us? Is he in the Immortal King Stage?"

    She believed that Mo Wuji was definitely in the Immortal King Stage. After all, Mo Wuji was able to heavily injure a Great Circle Grand Luo Immortal in a single punch. The other party didn't even have a chance to resist. If Mo Wuji wasn't an Immortal King, then what was he?

    Uncle Yu shook his head, "I only know that someone offered help. As for his cultivation, I was too busy to take a look. There's only one thing that we can confirm: his cultivation definitely isn't as simple as a Grand Yi Immortal."


    By the time Mo Wuji returned to Divergent Immortal Village, Yu Cheng, Yu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian had also just returned.

    When the three saw Mo Wuji, they were all very happy. This was especially the case for Yu Jingfeng. Even though his grandfather and his sister-in-law was not ultimately saved by his master, his master had followed him to save them. Moreover, his master even almost got imprisoned by the Seaside Trade Union because of him. How could he forget this goodwill?

    "Sister Yingxian, can I speak to you privately?" Mo Wuji smiled at Lian Yingxian and said.

    When Yu Cheng heard Mo Wuji's words, he hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Yu Jingfeng also rushed off claiming that he needed to pack the nets. Mo Wuji knew what they were doing, but he didn't mind.

    Lian Yingxian lowered her head and responded with a soft 'En'.

    "Let's go to my room and talk." Mo Wuji led the way to the house.

    Seeing Mo Wuji walk into the house, a hint of conflict flashed across Lian Yingxian's eyes. However, she still followed Mo Wuji in. To her, Mo Wuji was a venerable immortal. Offending an immortal would result in the extinguishment of her entire family; that was worse than defying Heaven's will.

    Mo Wuji waited for Lian Yingxian to enter the house. Thereafter, he casually formed a few seals, then he stared at Lian Yingxian. His spiritual will was also observing Lian Yingxian's spiritual roots. He really wanted to know whether Lian Yingxian was a subsidiary body of an expert, or whether there was some other reason.

    Feeling Mo Wuji's gaze, Lian Yingxian's face turned deep red. However, she found that Mo Wuji didn't say anything after some time. She could only take the initiative to say, "Brother Da Huang, as long as you don't do anything to Grandpa and Jingfeng, I'm willing."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Sister Yingxian, I don't have such intentions. Come pass your hand to me."

    This time, Mo Wuji directly grabbed Lian Yingxian's wrist and sent his spiritual will in. Instants later, Mo Wuji also sent his spirit storage channel's spiritual will to enter her.

    After some time, Mo Wuji finally identified the source of Lian Yingxian's cultivation. Within her mind palace, there hid a crystal point which was even smaller than a tenth of a sesame seed. The crystal point contained vast and boundless cultivation energy. The reason why his spiritual could see it was because his spiritual eye could see through the falsity. It was able to detect the power hidden within Lian Yingxian.

    The reason why his spiritual will wasn't able to detect it was because this terrifying power was being shrouded by a layer of some indistinct thing.

    Mo Wuji retracted his hand. He didn't dare to confirm what that crystal point was. It wasn't a primordial spirit, and it seemed to belong to Lian Yingxian. He also didn't dare to touch it. With his cultivation, he would likely ignite that terrifying energy, turning Lian Yingxian into dust.

    Seeing Mo Wuji retract his hand and frown, Lian Yingxian began to feel uneasy. She didn't know what was this immortal thinking; did he want her or not?

    After a whole half an incense of time, Mo Wuji finally asked, "Sister Yingxian, can you tell me about your past?"

    When Lian Yingxian heard Mo Wuji's words, she hurriedly suppressed her panic and said, "Lord Immortal Master, I have never performed any skinship with Yu Jingshan even after we got married. He wholeheartedly wanted to become an immortal and he was worried that losing his virginity would affect his cultivation foundations..."

    Mo Wuji said, "I'm not talking about that. I'm asking about your childhood. We can talk about your parents, and did you receive any sort of external shock while your mother was expecting you?"

    When she heard Mo Wuji ask about her parents, Lian Yingxian knew that she might have misunderstood this immortal master. After interacting with Mo Wuji for some time, she felt that Mo Wuji was different from other immortal masters. For instance, he was especially calm every time he spoke. She gradually let go of her fears and her voice became calm, "After my mother gave birth to me, she suffered a severe blood deficiency. My father constantly went out to Extreme Glade Sea to search for various items to nourish my mother's body. However, one day, my father didn't return."

    As she got to this point, Lian Yingxian's eyes were already red and swollen. She rubbed her eyes and continued, "After my father left, my mother wasn't able to push any longer, and she followed my father. I was only seven years old then. The reason why I survived was because Grandpa raised me."

    Mo Wuji nodded, he was sure that Lian Yingxian's cultivation was related to her birth. Lian Yingxian might even be the transmigrant of some powerful expert, and this powerful expert had concealed his cultivation and memories in that crystal point. On the surface, Mo Wuji's spiritual eye saw Lian Yingxian's Grand Luo Immortal cultivation. However, he knew that it was possible that her cultivation was vastly above that.

    This matter sounded hitherto unheard of, and before this, Mo Wuji would never have considered such a possibility. However, there were many more people stronger than him in this universe. What he thought was unimaginable might not be impossible for others.

    "Yingxian, there's no need for you to think too much. I had merely examined your body, especially your spirit channels and your bloodline. Your body is rather peculiar, and I an unable to determine anything now. At the same time, I feel that you might have spiritual roots. If you are willing, I can accept you as my disciple..." Mo Wuji said and looked at Lian Yingxian expectantly.

    He had a feeling that Lian Yingxian had exceptional spiritual roots. It was just that it had been sealed by that crystal point in her Mind Palace. If Lian Yingxian gradually releases her spiritual roots, her cultivation speed might be higher than anyone else in the Immortal World. Moreover, researching on Lian Yingxian's cultivation legacy would be an important part in his pursuit of the Grand Dao.

    "Ah..." Lian Yingxian stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief, her mouth was slightly agape.

    Mo Wuji was also feeling awkward. He could only continue speaking, "Yingxian, it's fine if you aren't willing to be my disciple. You can treat me as your senior brother, friend, or even a senior..."

    If Lian Yingxian wasn't even willing to become his friend, then he could only forget about it.

    "I'm willing, I'm willing..." Lian Yingxian's voice was quivering slightly, it even sounded like she was about to cry.

    Seeing the way Lian Yingxian looked at him, Mo Wuji could tell the agitation and emotions deep in her heart. He hurriedly said, "Since you're willing, then we're family now. There's no need for you to hold yourself back, and..."
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