Chapter 673: Complicated Relationships

    Chapter 673: Complicated Relationships

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    "Master..." Before Mo Wuji managed to explain that Jingfeng was also his disciple, Lian Yingxian suddenly rushed forward and hugged him; her face was streaming with tears.

    A soft feeling assaulted him. Mo Wuji instantly understood Lian Yingxian's emotions, and he didn't have the slightest impure thought. Lian Yingxian looked very resolute, and she had always been silent and disciplined when she did things. But in reality, she was lacking familial love. Her parents died when she was young, leaving her no choice but to mature. Yu Cheng didn't provide her with that love, but merely the essentials to survive.

    Mo Wuji's guess was right; Lian Yingxian was indeed inundated with emotion. She had never known what was pampering, nor what was support. When she was seven, she worked hard to be mature. At least in the eyes of others, she was an independent and hardworking woman.

    Besides his relationship with her parents, Grandpa had provided for her largely because he wanted to wed her to Jingshan. This caused her to develop this resilient attitude. However, her resilience did not signify insensitivity. She could feel the sincerity and lack of ulterior motives when Mo Wuji said he wanted to accept her as his disciple.

    When she had been caught and thrown in prison to be humiliated and bullied, she felt herself becoming increasingly insignificant. She yearned for some form of support. The moment Mo Wuji said those words, she could feel that Mo Wuji wasn't lying to her. Thus, she could not help but release her years of pent up emotions and hardship.

    "Kacha!" The seals over the room were suddenly torn apart. A slightly ugly youth stood at the door. By this ugly youth's side, there was a relatively tall man. This relatively tall man's arm just lowered to his side. Clearly, he was the one that forcefully opened the seals.

    The moment the seals were touched, Mo Wuji immediately turned to face the door. The first thing he saw were these two people. The reason why he formed the simplest seal, and why he didn't spread his spiritual will outwards, was because be didn't think that anyone in Divergent Immortal Village would be strong enough for him to need to do so.

    The two people standing at the door were cultivators. The slightly ugly youth's cultivation was very low; it was merely in the Nihility God Stage. On the other hand, the relatively tall man was an early stage Golden Immortal. In Mo Wuji's eyes, he was also an ant-like existence.

    "Yu Jingshan?" Lian Yingxian jumped out of Mo Wuji's embrace like a frightened chick. She stared at the ugly and enraged youth by the door in astonishment, and she subconsciously cowered behind Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji finally understood. So it turns out that Yu Jingfeng's brother hadn't died, but had actually gotten himself into a sect and had even cultivated to the Nihility God Stage.

    In just a short ten years, Yi Jingshan went from an innocuous fisherman to a Nihility God. Even though this was the Immortal World and he was cultivating with immortal spiritual energy, it could be seen that Yu Jingshan's spiritual roots and temperament were startlingly high.

    "Lian Yingxian, you slut. To think that I came back just to bring you to my sect. Go and die..." Yu Jingshan shouted angrily as he prepared to make a move.

    "Stop." Yu Cheng rushed over and stepped in front of Yu Jingshan.

    "Grandpa, you're helping this outsider? My woman is having intimate affairs with another man, but you're helping that man?" Veins could be seen popping out from Yu Jingshan's forehead.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. If not for the fact that Yu Jingfeng saved him, he would have directly left with Lian Yingxian.

    No matter how talented Yu Jingshan was, he could not compare with Lian Yingxian. Moreover, it was very possible that Lian Yingxian was the reincarnation of some expert, and her memories were even concealed within her. If Yu Jingshan were to ruin her innocence, then something unforeseen might happen.

    Mo Wuji's head ached slightly. He was already prepared to accept Yu Jingfeng as his disciple. The moment Yu Jingfeng becomes his disciple, then he would be Mo Wuji's direct disciple. Today's misunderstanding might cause Yu Jingfeng to develop hatred towards him. On behalf of Yu Cheng and Yu Jingfeng, he definitely mustn't kill this Yu Jingshan.

    Not killing Yu Jingshan didn't mean that he was still going to accept Yu Jingfeng as his disciple. It would be going against his principles to accept the brother of an enemy as his disciple. He didn't believe that these brothers would truly grow to become unrelated to one another. If he didn't consider this fact, then he would only be causing trouble for himself in the future.

    That Golden Immortal by the side said blandly, "Why is there a need for so much nonsense, Junior Brother, just kill them. You can sleep around with slutty women like her, but you definitely can't take it too seriously. You can kill that man, have a good time with that girl, then kill her afterwards. There's no need to worry about anything. If there's any problems, I will take it for you."

    Yu Jingshan understood the meaning behind his companion's words. He was saying that even if Mo Wuji was a cultivator, he would help out.

    A Golden Immortal was actually giving a Nihility God advice. Very clearly, Yu Jingshan had an esteemed position within his sect.

    "Brother, you aren't really going to kill sister-in-law, right? The people in the village said that you met with a mishap outside. That was why Grandpa and I decided to allow Brother Da Huang to marry sister-in-law..." When Yu Jingfeng heard those words, his heart raced with anxiety. He hurriedly joined his Grandpa Yu Cheng to stand in front of Yu Jingshan.

    His brother had flown over. When his brother descended from the sky, his heart was incomparably shocked. Previously, Mo Wuji had teleported with him. However, he didn't know that teleportation was infinitely harder than flight. He believed that flying looked much more impressive, and it represented greater strength.

    In his eyes, as long as he cultivated, teleportation was simply a beginner skill.

    "Little b*stard, f*ck off to the side. If not because of Grandpa, I would have crushed you with a single step," Yu Jingshan scolded angrily.

    "Shut your mouth," Yu Cheng pointed at Yu Jingshan with a slightly pale face, "do you still have your parents and I in your eyes? You actually dared to say such unfilial words?"

    "Grandpa, am I wrong? He IS a b*stard." Yu Jingshan snorted coldly, but he didn't make a move. It should be on the account of Yu Cheng.

    Yu Cheng, "Jingshan, I know that you've become a cultivator, and I really admire that. An immortal master finally came from my Yu Family. But Jingfeng's words were not wrong, you shouldn't have scolded him."

    "Grandpa?" Yu Jingfeng stared at Yu Cheng in confusion. He didn't understand why his own brother would call him a little b*stard.

    Yu Cheng sighed, "I had hoped that such a day would never come when I have to explain the truth. But since things have already gone this far, I have to explain things clearly. Jingshan, I hope that you don't blame Yingxian. This has nothing to do with her."

    The time that Yu Jingshan became an immortal master wasn't very long. He clearly didn't develop the habit of treating mortals like ants yet. When he heard Yu Cheng words, he gradually calmed down.

    "Back then, your father's life was saved by Yingxian's parents. Even though they weren't able to save your mother, Yingxian's mother had also become severely affected because of that event. It was because of this, that she had been lying in bed ever since Yingxian was born. If you lay your hands on Yingxian now, then you would be an ingrate. Didn't I often teach you? A man needed to be resolute and principled. Otherwise, what's the meaning of any form of success? Moreover, I have also agreed to Yingxian's matter..."

    Hearing Yu Cheng's words, Mo Wuji secretly nodded. Yu Cheng was of high moral character; Yu Jingfeng should have inherited these values from Yu Cheng. The reason why Yu Jingshan was able to withstand his companion's instigations should also be because of Yu Cheng's past teachings.

    "Grandpa, my mother..." Yu Jingfeng immediately noticed an anomaly in that story. If Yu Jingshan's mother had died a long time ago, then where did he come from?

    Yu Cheng stroked Yu Jingfeng's head and sighed, "Jingfeng, if it was possible, Grandpa really wanted to continue living with you peacefully here in Divergent Immortal Village. But the recent matters have shown Grangpa that the trees long for peace but the winds never cease. You won't attain peace just because you ask for it. Sometimes, you have to take a look at the weather..."

    Ai, it's time I told you this. When Jingshan's mother died, Jingshan's father had been cheerless and listless. Eventually, your mother came to Divergent Immortal Village. She was already expecting you then. Jingshan's father saved her, and after she delivered you, she continued living here with Jingshan's father..."

    When he finished saying that, Yu Cheng turned towards Yu Jingshan and said, "Jingshan, you are indeed my only biological grandson. You should know that I am no longer able to go out to sea. Those years ago, after you left, Yingxian singlehandedly supported all of us. Jingfeng also started to go out to sea when he was just 11 years old. If not for Yingxian and Jingfeng, I would already have turned to bones.

    Moreover, Yingxian and you never went through any formal marriage rites. When news of your mishap spread through our village, shouldn't I have helped Yingxian find a dependable person to support us? Jingshan, since you have become an immortal master, your future is bound to be bright. A woman is not allowed to have a second husband. Since I have already made the decision to wed Yingxian to Da Huang, I will also make the decision to end your relationship with her."

    Yu Jingshan was indeed a filial grandson. When he heard his grandfather's words, he lowered his head. Actually, cultvation was the most important thing in his heart. Everything else was secondary. This time, he came back to bring his Grandpa and Yingxian away. As for Yu Jingfeng, he never had any intentions of bringing him away.

    The reason why he wanted to bring Lian Yingxian away was because he never found another girl that was prettier than Lian Yingxian back in his sect. Even if Lian Yingxian didn't have any spiritual roots, he was already rather satisfied with her. Moreover, he could still find another dao companion in the future.

    When Yu Jingfeng heard this story, he was shocked still. He never thought that he actually wasn't from the Yu Family, and he didn't even know who was his father.

    Mo Wuji was also speechless. An ordinary family was actually so complicated.

    But this was also for the better. Otherwise, he would really have to consider not accepting Yu Jingfeng as his disciple. The reason why he wanted to take Yu Jingfeng in wasn't due to Yu Jingfeng's talent, but his character.

    Moreover, his desired disciple was a mortal. It might be heard to find immortals with exceptional talent, but ordinary mortals were everywehre. Even if he didn't accept Yu Jingfeng as his disciple, he could still use other means to repay Jingfeng's saving grace.

    "Grandpa, are all your words true?" After some time, Yu Jingfeng finally stammered and asked this question.

    Yu Cheng nodded, "Sorry Jingfeng. Everything I said was true. And I am not your grandfather."

    "No, you will always be my grandfather," Yu Jingfeng said immediately. In his heart, Yu Cheng was his grandfather. If not for Yu Cheng, he wouldn't have lived till this day.

    Yu Jingshan was frowning. He really wanted to kill Mo Wuji. As for Yu Jingfeng, it didn't matter if he was killed. As for Lian Yingxian, he definitely had to take her away.
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