Chapter 674: Sects First Disciples

    Chapter 674: Sect's First Disciples

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    Right at this instant, that Golden Immortal suddenly transmitted a message to him, "Jingshan, why don't we bring your grandpa and leave first. Later, I will secretly come back and get rid of this ant Da Huang. As for you b*stard brother, I can easily slaughter him too."

    A mere early stage Golden Immortal actually dared to transmit a message in front of an expert like Mo Wuji. He simply wouldn't know what death is until death is placed in front of him. If not for the fact that Yu Cheng would be losing his support, Mo Wuji would have already killed these two fellas.

    "Grandpa, I came here to bring you away with me. Let's leave this place first then. Rest assured, I am a core disciple of a big sect. No matter what you want, I will be able to get it for you. Yingxian, I can forget about what just happened. Follow me back to the sect and I will make sure that you will not suffer any unjust. And Jingfeng, I was too rash with my words. Don't take them to heart. It doesn't matter where we came from, we all share the same "Yu" surname." When Yu Jingshan heard his companion's message, he immediately made his decision.

    At the start, Yu Jingfeng didn't really care about Yu Jingshan's words. He never really interacted much with this brother of his. When he first started to walk, Yu Jingshan had already left Divergent Immortal Village.

    But when Yu Jingshan called him a b*stard, but then said that they both shared the same 'Yu' surname, he could not help but take it to heart.

    Yu Jingfeng walked in front of Yu Cheng and kneeled, "Grandpa, if not for you, Jingfeng would already be dead. Jingfeng is genuinely happy that Grandpa now has someplace to live safely. I won't be following Grandpa. I want to follow Brother Da Huang. Grandson is unfilial. I no longer have the face to bear the 'Yu' surname. Grandpa, please tell me what was my mother's surname."

    Yu Cheng gave a long sigh. If he could choose, he would rather continue staying in Divergent Immortal Village with Yu Jingshan than to live blissfully in that immortal sect. But he was also very clear that if he didn't follow his biological grandson and chose to stay with Yu Jingfeng, then his grandson would lose all his face. That might even harm Jingfeng and Yingxian.

    He extended his hand and stroked Yu Jingfeng's hair. He said with a trembling voice, "Your mother's name is called Yu Lan. Your name Jingfeng was also given to you by your mother. In the future, you will be called Fu Jingfeng. Let Grandpa make this decision for you."

    "Yes Grandpa, grandson will be called Fu Jingfeng from now on." After Yu Jingfeng changed his name to Fu Jingfeng, he kowtowed multiple times before he finally stood up. From this moment on, Yu Jingshan no longer had the rights to call him a b*stard.

    Fu Jingfeng wouldn't be following him back back to the sect; so Yu Jingshan didn't really care. He only hoped that his grandfather and Lian Yingxian would leave with him.

    Seeing Yu Jingshan's gaze on her, Lian Yingxian walked in front of Yu Cheng and bowed, "Grandpa, from now on, Yingxian would also follow Brother Da Huang. Grandpa, take care."

    Hearing Fu Jingshan call her master 'Brother Da Huang', Lian Yingxian swallowed the word 'Master', and called Mo Wuji by Brother Da Huang as well.

    "Yingxian, you're not following me back to the sect? By following this rogue cultivator, you will eventually die without a proper grave." When he heard that Lian Yingxian wasn't going to follow him, Yu Jingshan's heart started to pound and he questioned her severely.

    Lian Yingxian pursed her lips and kept silent. If this was before Mo Wuji appeared, and even if Yu Jingshan didn't call her a slut, she also wouldn't have left with Yu Jingshan. She had already repaid the goodwill that Grandpa Yu Cheng had showed to her. After Yu Jingshan's parents died and after Yu Jingshan left the village, she was the one that took up the role of a man to go out to sea to support Yu Cheng and Fu Jingfeng. She had suffered many difficulties and hardships but she didn't talk about them, nor did she intend to talk about them.

    It was only until Fu Jingfeng was able to go out to sea that she returned back to Light Glade Village. Even so, she would often bring gifts for Grandpa Yu Cheng and Jingfeng. Back when she agreed to marry into the Yu Family, it wasn't because she had fell in love with Yu Jingshan, but it was purely because she wanted to repay Grandpa Yu Cheng.

    Now, she had already repaid this favour, and she already knew the truth that Yu Jingshan's parents were the ones that owed her parents, why would she still choose to follow Yu Jingshan?

    "Jingshan, since Yingxian isn't willing, then leave her be. Immortal Master Da Huang, I treat Yingxian and Jingfeng like my very own grandchildren. In the future, I will have to trouble you to take care of them." Yu Cheng walked in front of Mo Wuji and bowed.

    "Grandpa, I am already a core disciple of a big sect. There's no need for you to do such things." When Yu Jingshan heard that Lian Yingxian wasn't going to follow him, his heart already started to brew with anger. Now, his grandfather even bowed to a mere rogue cultivator. He really couldn't wait to murder this Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about Yu Jingshan. He only said to Yu Cheng, "Rest assured. Even though it might be slightly dangerous for Jingfeng and Yingxian to follow me, they definitely wouldn't suffer."

    Even though he didn't like the way his grandson spoke, Yu Cheng knew that he couldn't casually reprimand his grandson since he had already become an immortal master. He could only say, "Since that's the case, Jingshan, let's go."

    That Golden Immortal stared at Mo Wuji in disdain. Then he waved his hand, "Let's return back to the sect."

    A soft cloud zoomed appeared in front of them. Yu Cheng and Yu Jingshan stepped on that cloud, and in an instant, they shot into the sky and disappeared.

    When she noticed Fu Jingfeng's looks of envy, Lian Yingxian suddenly said, "Jingfeng, stop looking. There's nothing much to be envious about. Everyone has their own way of living."

    Fu Jingfeng hurriedly said, "Of course. Master is much more capable..."

    Seemingly noticing that he had uttered the wrong words, Fu Jingfeng awkwardly scratched his head.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "In the future, Yingxian will also be my disciple. Even though Jingfeng entered the sect earlier by a few days, Yingxian is slightly older; so Jingfeng will call Yingxian by senior sister."

    "Ah..." Fu Jingfeng stared at Mo Wuji in astonishment. Then he turned to look at Lian Yingxian. After some time, he finally said, "Master, aren't you going to marry Sister Yingxian?"

    In his perspective, if master accepted Sister Yingxian as a disciple, then his master wouldn't be able to marry Sister Yingxian.

    Lian Yingxian also suddenly thought about this matter. She stared at Mo Wuji in shock. If Mo Wuji wanted to marry her, then would she still be his disciple?

    Mo Wuji patted Fu Jingfeng's head, "What are you thinking of. I already have a wife. In the future, Yingxian will be your senior sister. Let me tell you, if you don't work hard to cultivate, your senior sister will overtake you."

    "Master, rest assured. I will definitely cultivate hard. I definitely wouldn't lose out to senior sister by much," Fu Jingfeng patted his chest and proclaimed.

    When Lian Yingxian heard that Da Huang wasn't going to amrry her, an indescribable emotion flashed across her eyes. It was unknown whether it was joy or disappointment. However, she soon cheered up. When she thought that Da Huang was going to be treating her like family, her spirit immediately uplifted.

    Mo Wuji knew very clearly that no matter how hard Fu Jingfeng worked, or how talented he was, as long as he was able to help Lian Yingxian release her cultivation, then it would be very hard for Fu Jingfeng to catch up to Lian Yingxian.

    Lian Yingxian originally wanted to ask Mo Wuji about how Jingfeng was going to cultivate without spiritual roots. However, when these words got to her mouth, she chose to swallow it down. Since her master was an immortal, he should have his ways.

    Little did she know that even Immortal Emperors didn't know how to allow a person to cultivate without spiritual roots.

    "Master, are we going to stay here and cultivate?" Now that his grandfather had left, cultivation was the most important thing to Fu Jingfeng.

    Once again, Mo Wuji formed a few seals around the room. This time, not only did he form a sound inhibiting seal, he even formed a defensive seal. With this seal, even a Grand Yi Immortal wouldn't be able to break it, much less a Golden Immortal ant.

    After forming these seals, Mo Wuji gestured for Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian to sit down.

    Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng also noticed that their master's attitude had suddenly turned serious. They hurriedly sat down and listened to Mo Wuji closely.

    Mo Wuji said solemnly, "Yingxian, Jingfeng, now that you've become my disciples, I need to tell you about my predicament. Whether you choose to follow me after this is up to you."

    "Master, no matter what, I will follow you." Before Mo Wuji even managed to explain his situation, Fu Jingfeng proclaimed loudly.

    Lian Yingxian also hurriedly said, "I will also follow master."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, indicating for them to quiet down. "My real name is Mo Wuji. It hasn't been long since I first ascended into the Immortal World. Including the time I spent in the cultivation world, the time I spent cultivating would only add up to a few decades. So, that means that I'm not much older than the two of you..."

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, Lian Yingxian's and Fu Jingfeng's mouth went agape. They stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief. Even though Divergent Immortal Village was a mortal village, they weren't unfamiliar about immortals. After all, they could go to Extreme Glade City and be exposed to all sorts of books about immortals. They might even be able to meet immortals in Extreme Glade City.

    For an immortal to have a certain level of power, he would require thousands or tens of thousands of years. The two were clearly shocked when Mo Wuji said that he was not much older than them.

    Immediately, Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng understood that their master's cultivation might be very, very. However, the two of them didn't mind. The level of Mo Wuji's cultivation wouldn't affect the way they felt about Mo Wuji.

    "Then master, is your cultivation..." Fu Jingfeng had a pure and unblemished heart. The moment he thought of it, he immediately uttered it. Even Lian Yingxian wasn't able to stop him.

    Mo Wuji didn't hide anything. He nodded and said, "Yes, my cultivation is indeed very low. Previously, I was heavily injured because of my low cultivation. I had to depend on my friend to escape to Extreme Glade Sea where Jingfeng saved me. That friend of mine died while saving me."

    In Mo Wuji's heart, Da Huang was his friend. As for Da Huang's death, Mo Wuji had always been keeping in close to his heart.

    Sighing, Mo Wuji said, "My dao is the Mortal Dao, because I was originally a mortal. So if you cultivate under me, you must not reveal our Mortal Dao. Under normal circumstances, try not to casually get into conflicts unless people really try to climb on top of your heads."

    "Yes." Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng responded harmoniously.

    Mo Wuji continued speaking, "I was the one that created my own dao. I could be considered a progenitor; so I don't have a master, and you guys don't have other references."

    "Then master, are Senior Sister Yingxian and I the first generation of disciples?" Fu Jingfeng asked elatedly. Like Lian Yingxian, he didn't have any concept about the difficulty in creating and forging one's own dao.
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