Chapter 675: Im Really Worried That I Would Regret This

    Chapter 675: I'm Really Worried That I Would Regret This

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    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "In theory, the two of you are indeed the first generation disciples of my Ping Fan Sect. However, in the cultivation world, I did accept several disciples. They are Pan Wu, Pan Jie and Lou Yueshuang. If they have the chance to ascend to the Immortal World, they will require your care."

    The Pan siblings' talents were not bad. The same could be said for Lou Yueshuang. However, Mo Wuji was clear that no matter how amazing their talents were, they couldn't compare to Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng. Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng by his side and could receive his pointers. Naturally, their speeds would be remarkable. Morever, this was the Immortal World. There was no need to compare talents; the spiritual energy in the cultivation world could never be compared to the immortal spiritual energy of the Immortal World. Moreover, Hai Yi Continent couldn't really be considered a good cultivation world.

    "Yes master," Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng responded.

    "One final thing, because I have many powerful enemies, don't reveal that I am your master. At the very least, don't do so until I establish the sect," Mo Wuji instructed.

    Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian were fishermen by birth. Naturally, they wouldn't be arrogant because they could cuiltivate. Thus, these instructions by Mo Wuji were already natural to them.

    "Master, then what should we do now?" Fu Jingfeng asked.

    Mo Wuji contemplated briefly before he said, "We will temporarily leave Divergent Immortal Village and head to Extreme Glade Sea."

    Lian Yingxian asked doubtfully, "How are we going to cultivate in the Extreme Glade Sea?"

    Mo Wuji explained, "Even though that Yu Jingshan is considered rather filial, he will definitely return with that senior of his to kill Jingfeng and I after they helped to settle Uncle Yu Cheng down. I am not willing to have a conflict with him so we will temporarily head to Extreme Flade Sea. After the two of you have a certain foundation, we will return."

    "Then what if he comes again?" Lian Yingxian asked worriedly.

    "There's no need to worry, they will not come again." Mo Wuji smiled and said.

    The reason why he said that wasn't because he was sure that Yu Jingshan wouldn't make another trip. It was because if they did come again, they can't blame him for killing them. He wouldn't kill Yu Jingshan. After all, killing Yu Jingshan was equivalent to killing Yu Cheng. However, he would kill that companion of Yu Jingshan.

    Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng didn't think too much on Mop Wuji's words. Compared to the complex relationship between cultivators, they were considered relatively pure.

    "Let's go. We will head to Extreme Glade Sea now." Mo Wuji stood up.

    Four hours later, it was exactly as Mo Wuji predicted. That Golden Immortal that came with Yi Jingshan secretly came back to Divergent Immortal Village. However, Mo Wuji and co. had already went to the Extreme Glade Sea and this Golden Immortal was only greeted by an empty house.


    The moment they entered the Extreme Glade Sea, Mo Wuji kept his fishing boat. He whipped up a cloud of immortal elemental energy which he used to carry Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng towards that sea domain with that immortal spiritual vein.

    Yu Jingfeng's heart was racing excitedly. His master could actually fly. When he cultivated and became an immortal, he was also going to fly across the seas to catch fish. It did not occur to him that he wouldn't need to catch fish after he became an immortal.

    Mo Wuji sped up. In half an incense's time, he brought Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian to the bottom of the sea where the spiritual vein was.

    "Heavens, what place is this, why are they so many white crystals? Standing here makes me feel comfortable all over." Fu Jingfeng stared in against at the immortal essence crystals and the immortal spiritual vein. His voice was slightly emotional.

    Lian Yingxian was much more experienced than Fu Jingfeng; she had seen immortal crystals before. But as she stood here, her mouth also went wide. After some time, she asked in disbelief, "Master, could these be immortal crystals and the legendary immortal spiritual vein?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right. But these aren't immortal crystals. They are the purer immortal essence crystals. It was because of what Jingfeng told me taht I was able to find this place. In the future, I will build a sect here. Before the sect is established, we will need to cultivate here. Moreover, I am a pill refiner. It could be said that when it comes to cultivation resources, core disciples of huge sects, elders and even sects heads can't compare to the two of you. Thus, your future success only depends on the two of you."

    The two didn't have any concept of what a pill refiner was. But when they heard that they would have better cultivation resources than sect heads, the two of them became filled with confidence.

    "Master, how are we going to start cultivating?" Fu Jingfeng asked impatiently.

    Mo Wuji grabbed ten array flags and started to install arrays. In merely two hours time, MO Wuji stopped. Then, he said to Lian Yingxian, "Yingxian, wait for me outside. I will first teach Jingfeng how to open meridians."

    With that, he grabbed Fu Jingfeng and entered the array. Thereafter, he pointed to the area filled with dancing lightning and said, "This is the meridian opening lightning pond that I created. This lightning pond has three different levels from high to low. After you open your first 36 meridians in the low level lightning pond, you can enter the intermediate level lightning pond. After you open your 72th meridian, you can enter the high level lightning pond. Remember, the power of the lightning gets increasingly powerful as you move from the edge to the center of the lightning pond. Be careful not to lose your life."

    After explaining this, Mo Wuji raised his hand and patted Fu Jingfeng's head. Then, he transfered his meridian opening experience, his cultivation technique and some simple cultivation knowledge into Fu Jingfeng's mind through his spiritual will.

    When Mo Wuji finally released his hand, Fu Jingfeng was filled with shock. He never thought that his master was constantly dancing on the line between life and death when he first started cultivating. He never knew that the first step in the Mortal Dao was so hard.

    Mo Wuji waited for his transferred knowledge to slowly assimilate into Fu Jingfeng's mind. Then, he said, "This was what I did those years ago. Whether you are able to open your meridians, and how many meridians you are able to open all depends on you. I am unable to help you. Of course, if you find a better method, feel free to experiment it."

    It wasn't that Mo Wuji wasn't able to help Fu Jingfeng open his meridians. But doing so would lose the core intentions of accepting Fu Jingfeng as his disciple. In Mo Wuji's perspective, he had already provided Fu Jingfeng with all the conditions required. If Fu Jingfeng wasn't able to open his meridians, that would mean that Fu Jingfeng wasn't suitable for the Mortal Dao. Forcefully opening meridians for Fu Jingfeng wouldn't have any meaning.

    It would only allow Fu Jingfeng to become a low grade cultivator that had to continuously fight for cultivation resources. He would rather have Fu Jingfeng live peacefully as a mortal.

    "Master, rest assured. I will definitely do it." Fu Jingfeng had started to go out to sea to catch fish ever since he was 11. He wasn't a fool; he understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words.

    "Good." Mo Wuji then took out ten over jade vases and placed them on a table next to the lightning ponds, "These jade vases contain my meridian opening solution. After you open your first meridian opens, the first few levels of my Immortal Mortal Technique will appear in your memories. When your willpower becomes strong enough to open this ring, you will find that there are some cultivation pills. The uses of these pills will appear in your memories when you open your 4th meridian. During your cultivation, if you don't need to use pills, try not to use them."

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to inscribe his cultivation method and technique into Fu Jingfeng's memoeries. The moment Fu Jingfeng reached Channel Opening Level 7, he wouldn't have any memories from Mo Wuji. Instead, Mo Wuji will get Fu Jingfeng to browse through some books.

    Fu Jingfeng knelt on the floor, "Master, I will definitely do it."

    Mo Wuji nodded, then he retrieved ten over Fasting Pills and placed them on the table, "When you are hungry, you can eat one of these pills. Exactly how far you can go is entirely up to you."

    After passing everything down, Mo Wuji stepped out of the lightning array. He had never accepted any mortal disciples; Fu Jingfeng was the second one, besides him, to open meridians. As for whether or not Fu Jingfeng would succeed, even he didn't know.

    "Master, Jingfeng has started cultivating?" The moment Mo Wuji emerged, Lian Yingxian asked hurriedly.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Jingfeng doesn't have spiritual roots; so he can't cultivate yet. He would have to open his meridians first. Whether or not he could cultivate is entire dependent on him. Your condition, however, is much more complicated than Jingfeng. Let's go to the side and I will explain your condition in greater detail."


    A few thousand meters away from Fu Jingfeng's cultivation spot, Mo Wuji installed another defensive array and brought Lian Yingxian in.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a huge futon and indicated for Lian Yingxian to sit.

    After Lian Yingxian sat, Mo Wuji finally said, "Yingxian, before I officially accept you as my disciple, I have to tell you something."

    "Master, please speak." At this instant, Lian Yingxian didn't have any barriers with Mo Wuji. She frequently went to Extreme Glade City. Even if her master didn't teach her how to cultivate, how could she not know the intentions behind her master bringing her here?

    This was a cultivation holyland; it was filled with immortal crystals and immortal spiritual veins. Other immortals couldn't wait to hide this place for themselves. Who would behave like her master, to openly bring her and Jingfeng here?

    When her master brought her here, she knew that she was right. Her master had truly treated Jingfeng and her as his own family.

    Mo Wuji organised his thoughts, then he said slowly, "Yingxian, I have been suspecting that you are the reincarnation of an ancient expert. Within your Mind Palace, there hides an extremely powerful cultivation."

    "Ah..." Lian Yingxian stared at Mo Wuji, "Master, I..."

    Mo Wuji gestured Lian Yingxian to keep silent, then he continued, "You may not have a concept of this now. There's no need for you to worry. On the other hand, I am worried that you are truly the reincarnation of an ancient power and that you might regret it if you accept me as your disciple. So, I am mentioning it upfront. Of course, even if you don't take me as your master, I will still teach you how to cultivate."

    Lian Yingxian took a long time to regain her composure. Her eyes turned bright and her lips suddenly curved into a smile, "Master, I'm really worried that I might regret it..."

    Mo Wuji was stunned. Even though he said that, he was sure that Lian Yingxian wouldn't regret. He only said that as a form of precaution; he wanted to make sure that Lian Yingxian wouldn't come to hate him when she regained her memories. What left he unexpected was that Lian Yingxian really said that she would regret. He was temporarily unable to find the right words to say.
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