Chapter 677: Deciding To Enter The Lake

    Chapter 677: Deciding To Enter The Lake

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    "Let me see the antidote pill." Mo Wuji licked his lips as he spoke, finally understanding why this woman was knocking on his door. While he seemed like a guy that did not care about anything while performing a task, she had already taken his personality into consideration.

    Although making a Tier 7 antidote pill was simple for him, but Mo Wuji did not believe that this woman could produce such a pill.

    It would take at least a Tier 7 Pill Emperor to concoct Tier 7 antidote pills. Moreover, antidote immortal pills were much harder to make than ordinary immortal pills, hence a person at the peak of Tier 7 Pill Emperor or Tier 8 Pill Emperor would be required to concoct such good quality Tier 7 antidote pills.

    However, she was a mere Grand Zhi Immortal, so what treasures could she produce to compel a Tier 8 Pill Emperor to refine pills?

    The woman smiled slightly, and placed a jade bottle in front of Mo Wuji, who reached out to take it, opening it up.

    Without pouring the pill out into his hands, Mo Wuji knew that this was a Heart Questioning Pill. Heart Questioning Pills were authentic Tier 7 immortal pills, and she wasn't wrong. This was a Tier 7 antidote immortal pill indeed.

    The most important thing to note was that the Tier 7 antidote immortal pill in Mo Wuji's hands was also an intermediate grade pill.

    Soon after, the woman took the pill back from Mo Wuji, smiling as she spoke, "I'm Leng Yulin. If you're willing to cooperate with me, then I'm yours for today. After you've enjoyed yourself, I'll give you the pill and we'll go to the Lake of Poison. How does that sound?"

    "There's so many people around, why did you choose me?" Mo Wuji regained his cool, and asked calmly. This kind of woman actually had the name Leng Yulin...

    "Because I found you pleasing to the eye. Someone that looks as fierce as you, is the kind of person that will keep to his word. As long as you agree to work with me, I won't go back on my word."

    Mo Wuji couldn't even distinguish whether she was speaking the truth or not, hence he smile and replied, "Sure, we can work together. But what you're offering is not enough. The antidote pill is indeed rather rate, but in reality even you can't guarantee that this pill will be effective, can you? You've an antidote pill that might not really be an antidote, but I still have to risk my life to cooperate with you?"

    After speaking, he stood up and prepared to leave.

    "Immortal friend, wait up. I still have a map here. Take a look at it." Leng Yulin stopped Mo Wuji, taking out a jade sliip to pass to him.

    With a sweep of his spiritual will, Mo Wuji stared at Leng yulin in shock, "This is a map of the interior of the Lake of Poison?"

    Although there were restrictions placed on the surroundings, Leng Yulin kept her voice low, "Yes. Spiritual will can't be used in the lake, so I put my life on the line to obtain this map. You must know that there's no benefits to gain from sitting around. If you don't need to risk anything, then why would I take out this map and antidote pill? I believe that you know too. Since ancient times, which expert standing at the peak didn't climb up from a pile of the dead. If you have the heart of an expert, we should work together. If you don't, then everything I said would have been for naught."

    "We can work together. " This time Mo Wuji replied decisively, since spiritual will couldn't be used in the lake, and he wasn't sure that he could see through his spiritual eye either. The Lake of Poison was a poisonous place after all, so while he had a detoxification channel, he still hoped to get out as soon as possible.

    A look of joy appeared on Leng Yulin's face, "How should I address you immortal friend?"

    "My name is Fan Lin, let's go now." Mo Wuji wanted to enter and exit the lake as fast as possible. After all, Yong Ying Immortal Domain was a place without many experts, and if news of this place spread, there would be Immortal Emperor level experts coming here for the Primal Water Crystals, which wasn't good news for him.

    "You don't want to sleep with me?" Leng Yulin asked quizzically.

    "Must I sleep with you? If that's the case, then I'll do it." Mo WUji spoke as he stared coldly at Leng Yulin.

    While he said such a statement, but in reality he wouldn't have done it. Why would he waste his first time on a public bus like her that everyone could ride?

    Upon hearing this, Leng Yulin was stunned, and shook her head, "No. Since immortal friend wants to go there quickly, we'll head over now."

    By then Mo Wuji had already walked out of the resthouse, using his actions to tell Leng Yulin that it was time to go. At this moment, he had withdrew his spiritual will, but still kept his spirit storage channel tracking Leng Yulin's surroundings.

    What puzzled Mo Wuji was the absence of any tricks from her, instead she just followed closely behind him.

    There were man shophouses and resthouses set up around the Lake of Poison, but there weren't many cultivators around. The moment Mo Wuji and Leng yulin reached the lakeside, a commotion was stirred up.

    Within a few breath's time, hundreds of people surrounded the Lake of Poison, and more were still coming. Apparently, someone entering the lake was a very big thing to them.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the crowd, before he suddenly spoke, "Immortal Friend Leng, there's so many people surrounding the lake, can you ensure my safety after I come out?"

    Immediately, Leng Yulin responded, "Immortal Friend Lin Fan, rest assured, I will make sure you are safe. As for how I do it, please don't ask."

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji gestured, "Give me the antidote pill."

    A jade bottle was passed to him, and Leng Yulin added on, "Remember, this pill must be consumed quickly after it leaves the bottle, otherwise its effectiveness will drop significantly."

    For the unique characteristics of Heart Questioning Pill, Mo Wuji knew much more than Leng Yulin. This pill indeed had to be consumed as soon as possible after being taken out.

    As he used his spiritual will to scan through one last time, Mo Wuji confirmed that it was still a Heart Questioning Pill in the jade bottle. He poured the pill out, but got a shock when it landed in his hand.

    A Tier 7 Heart Questioning Pill was clearly just in the bottle, but after he tilted the bottle, it had turned into a Tier 4 Cleansing Pill. This Cleansing Pill seemed to have been processed to possess an identical appearance and aura as a Heart Questioning Pill.

    Whether the Tier 7 Heart Questioning Pill could counter the liquid poison in the Lake of Poison, Mo Wuji was still unsure, but he was confident that this Tier 4 Cleansing Pill would not work.

    Spreading his spiritual will into the jade bottle, he instantly found out what was going on. There was actually a hidden mechanism in the jade bottle. A transfer array was concealed in the center, so once he tried to pour the pill out, the pill in the jade bottle would be transferred away, while another pill would be transferred to take its place.

    Mo Wuji was equivalent to a Tier 6 Immortal Array Master, and was locked up in the Immortal Sealing Array for over a year, so what kind of high level array techniques had he not seen before? A mere transfer array, no matter how concealed, would not escape from his eyes.

    It was this woman named Leng Yulin that was the most impressive, to be able to perform such a switch in an instant. Under normal circumstances, pills that had been inspected by spiritual will in the bottle would only be checked for a short instant before being consumed. However, she probably did not expect that Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, so disguised pills were useless in his eyes.

    What a pity it was for her to have met him. Not only was Mo Wuji an excellent array master, but also a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, hence there was no use in playing such tricks in front of him.

    Surprisingly, Mo Wuji did not expose the ruse. Instead casually popping the Cleansing Pill into his mouth, while using the spiritual will in his spirit storage channel to sent the pill into his Undying World.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had taken the antidote pill, Leng Yulin happily passed a jade slip to Mo Wuji, "Look at this."

    After receiving the slip, he looked at Leng Yulin with a puzzled expression.There was a map on the jade slip, but it was completely different from the one that she had shown him previously

    Apologetically, Leng Yulin explained, "Immortal Friend Fan Lin, because it was the first time that we met, I withheld some things from you. The map I gave you previously was a fake, while this one is real. There's a gap in this jade slip, and I recommend that you place your rings in there for the time being, as the Lake of Poison not only corrodes a cultivator's flesh and primordial spirit, but also various kinds of immortal equipment. This jade slip was made from special materials, so it won't be corroded."

    As Mo Wuji let his spiritual will seep him, indeed he saw a gap. But there was a similar transfer array concealed at the side, so once he place something in there, it would be transferred away.

    What a cunning woman. Not only did she want him to throw away his life, but she also wanted his ring, and whatever he got from the Lake of Poison. No matter how strong the poison was, he would not let it seep into his rings, much less dissolve them.

    Mo Wuji then smiled as he replied, "No wonder Immortal Friend Leng isn't afraid that I take everything for myself, since there's such a measure in place."

    Leng Yulin stared at Mo Wuji with a pair of apologetic eyes, while flirtatiously smiling, "Immortal Friend Fan Lin please don't be offended, after all we're partners. Once you come out, I will open up the gap in this jade slip."

    "Ok, no problem with that." After Mo Wuji finished speaking, he took the jade slip, and went to the side of the Lake of Poison.

    There was a thin layer of mist at the surface of the lake, which was no different from an ordinary lake.

    "Go in, go in!" Seeing Mo Wuji stand at the side, the onlookers started to edge him on.

    "You can't go in, the water of this lake is extremely toxic. Even if you have antidote pills, you can't counter it." A crisp voice sounded out from afar.

    When he looked up, Mo Wuji realised that he knew the owner of the voice. It was the beautiful girl that he rescued. An old Immortal King stood by her side. This girl was not very street smart, and she was the only one that was willing to point out that the lake was very poisonous, so no one should enter, despite everyone being aware of the fact. On the other hand, the rest of the crowd not only kept their mouths shut, but also hoped that Mo Wuji would jump in sooner.

    Leng Yulin sighed, "The antidote pill is only effective for a limited period of time, so I recommend that you jump in sooner. Otherwise once the pill loses effect, it wouldn't be good."

    However, Mo Wuji didn't bother with Leng Yulin anymore. His spiritual will tried to enter the lake, but couldn't penetrate it as expected. The only thing his spiritual will could see was a blurry scene.

    Without hesitation, Mo Wuji dove headfirst into the Lake of Poison. Since spiritual will was useless in the lake, he obviously couldn't part the lake's 'water' either.
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